Tennessee Governor Bill Lee
Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (AP Photo/George Walker IV)
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Tennessee Governor Bill Lee was particularly peeved that the GOP-dominated Volunteer State legislature didn’t succumb to the usual post-tragedy outcries by all of the usual suspects to DO SOMETHING following the Covenant school shooting. Lee fully expected the aftermath of a school shooting to be enough to get them to pass a due process-free red flag confiscation law. But that didn’t happen.

Translation: The legislature didn’t take the opportunity to surf the usual wave of left wing anti-gun outrage and refused to let an atrocity committed by a random, mentally ill individual goad them into restricting the rights of all lawful Tennessee gun owners in a politically-driven show of concern, futilely intended to somehow mollify the loudest activist and media voices.

Governor Lee, a Republican, really really wanted the Tennessee legislature to do some legislatin’. When the General Assembly adjourned without any hint of action in that direction, he balled up his fists, stamped his feet, and called for a “public safety” special session, which will begin tomorrow.

As Lee promoted his push for more gun control over the summer, he said . . .

“I think most lawmakers agree with that and agree that we should be continuously improving public safety. That’s what the special session is about,” Lee said. “We propose a framework but the General Assembly at the end of the day will decide what happens in that session.” 

After encountering months of furious pushback from people on his own side of the political aisle in the months since the shooting, here are the priorities he laid out when he officially called for the session earlier this month.

      • Codifying his executive order dealing with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and background checks. The proposal requires reporting of accurate, complete and timely records from court clerks to the TBI within 72-hours and requires electronic submissions of dispositions and expungements to the TBI.
      • A TennCare mental health coverage waiver to allow federal matching funds for Medicaid to cover mental health and substance abuse services;
      • Budget initiatives prioritizing hiring and retaining mental health professionals in the state;
      • Eliminating certain practice requirements for psychiatric nurse training to expand access to mental health treatment;
      • Greenlighting DNA collection at the time of arrest for felony crimes;
      • Directing TBI to report on the state of human trafficking in Tennessee;
      • Eliminating taxes on firearm safes and other safe storage initiatives.

It seems The Gov’s desire for red flag confiscations has been muted. To literally no one’s surprise, these non-confiscatory priorities didn’t satisfy the most virulent anti-gun voices in Tennessee . . .

House Minority Leader Karen Camper, D-Memphis, said she was disappointed with the exact scope of the special session. She said she was hoping for a “serious discussion about gun reform in Tennessee.”

“The number of firearms in our state is staggering and has been since we passed the open carry and guns in trunks laws. But simply focusing on safe storage alone does not truly solve the problems we face in this state and that our constituents were begging us to debate after the Covenant school shooting in Nashville and the Prive restaurant shooting in Memphis this past March,” she said.

Who could have possibly seen that coming?

We’ll see what, if anything, actually comes from this political dog and pony show. To paraphrase a wise man, no one’s rights or wallet are safe when the legislature is in session. In the mean time, the staunch gun rights supporters at the DC Project are keeping their eyes on what’s going on in Nashville this week and they’ve issued this announcement . . .

DC Project-Women for Gun Rights will discuss the upcoming special session on gun control. Hear from moms, a law enforcement professional, survivors of violence and experts in firearms safety on why they oppose the calls for more gun control. Several House Republican leaders will attend.  

WHAT: Press Conference 

WHEN: Monday, August 21, 2023, 12:30PM CST

WHERE: Please contact Dianna Muller [email protected] / www.dcproject.info

The DC Project is a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment. A non-partisan initiative of daughters, mothers, and sisters that believe education is the key to firearm safety and violence prevention, not legislation. 

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  1. I would recommend that Republican members of the legislature start IMPEACHMENT proceedings against Governor Lee immediately. This clown needs to be removed from office. No more niceties with RINOs or democrats. There should be a price to pay for attempting to abrogate the rights of American citizens, no matter in which state they may reside.

      • That is the citizens of Tennessee’s responsibility. By any and all means necessary. For violation of his oath of office.

  2. Increasingly the issues these perpetrators have are delisted from the DSM and reframed as choices rather than mental illness.

    So what’s the point of increasing mental illness treatment or funding when it’s (whatever it is) is no longer viewed as a mental illness? I know the long term dystopic answer of course but in the meantime, what’s the point?

    • You mean, things like an obvious woman, possessing certain specific body parts that clearly indicate her status as woman, masquerading as a man, claiming to BE one in spite p=if physical evidence conslusively proving oterwise, getting a gun despite being mentally unstable as described above) and shooting up a school? And the management of that school being sufficently naif as to think “it can never happen HERE” thus maintaining a totally disarmed and defenseless facility?
      Yeah, I thought that’s what you were on about…….

  3. Dumb guvner seems to fail to remember his job IS NOT to “keep me safe”. Nope. His job is to protect MY RIGHTS so I can keep MYSELF safe.

    The “security of a free state” rests upon THE PEOPLE

  4. DOJ major concession in SCOTUS RAHIMI 2A case, basically, doesn’t try to use analogous (because such regulation doesn’t exist under the Bruen test)

  5. The Legislature should meet, call the session to order, and immediately adjourn.

    Without the release of the Nashville shooter’s (tra)nnyfesto, there isn’t enough information available to justify making any new gun laws — hence, no reason for this special session.

  6. The Second Amendment does not hinge on what criminals do. The days of perps doing something evil and somehow law abiding citizens all across America are to pay is changing.

    To run to Gun Control the agenda History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide is as mentally deranged as it gets…Apparently no one stepped up in TN and told the governor.

  7. Interesting that once certain governors win their elections shortly thereafter are heinous school shootings in the state which in turn prompts more draconian gun control. If this doesn’t lend to the big picture of false flag operations I wonder what else does. Now this RINO governor of TN is pissed at the GOP for not following HIS lead. The enduring success of the GOP only extends to refusing the give RINO(s) their platforms.

  8. It continues to amaze me how out of touch politicians are with reality. I was not too long ago a licensed mental health professional in Tennessee. I am probably wasting my breath as far as being heard, but this it’s the reality you’re dealing with:
    1. As far as Medicaid goes, you’re not going to have licensed professionals working with Medicaid clients. In 2016, Obamacare eliminated most licensed professionals (salary cut amounting to 30% forced me to leave) in Tennessee leaving inexperienced unlicensed professionals in their place who don’t have the experience etc to work with the mental depravity shooters or potential shooters have. Most licensed professionals that remain rarely work with Medicaid, only Medicare. Medicare as far as I know still does not pay for unlicensed professionals.
    2. Governor, do you really think that a person who is mentally and spiritually ill enough to contemplate planning a shooting (they are smart enough to choose gun free (to kill) zones) will actually enter a community mental health center looking for help? That window of opportunity passed a long time previous to the shooting.
    3. To House Minority Leader Karen Camper:
    On the “number of guns in Tennessee being staggering”: The amount of inhumane unconstitutional and immoral actions of the Marxist Democratic Party (that means “you”) against the people of Tennessee and this country is beyond “staggering.” So why are you surprised that people are buying guns to defend themselves from the likes of you and your Marxist cohorts whose ultimate goal is to eliminate us? Don’t deny it. Every Marxist regime has done this through history. And if you deny being a Marxist, look at the ways you violate the people’s constitutional rights and how your behavior aligns with the tenants of Marxism. You are lying through your teeth. Go back to D.C. and take Bill Lee with you. Nothing you have ever planned has done anything at all to decrease violence. Notice that I didn’t say “gun violence.” More people are killed with knives than guns.

    • JRB,

      The overwhelming majority of politicians are very much in touch with reality. It is their TRUE agenda that is very difficult to acknowledge. (You captured their True agenda in your own words, “… the likes of you and your Marxist cohorts whose ultimate goal is to eliminate us …”.)

      Once you understand and acknowledge the TRUE agenda of the overwhelming majority of politicians, their actions make perfect sense and align with reality quite well.

    • This:

      “2. Governor, do you really think that a person who is mentally and spiritually ill enough to contemplate planning a shooting (they are smart enough to choose gun free (to kill) zones) will actually enter a community mental health center looking for help? That window of opportunity passed a long time previous to the shooting.”

      Having dealt with a family member that sufferers from mental illness, no matter how much begging, pleading, and reasoning we do with this person to seek help and no dice as the person does not want to.

  9. Governor RINO Lee can go to hell and so can all his Fudd supporters. If the residents of that state can’t primary his toasty ass out before the next general election they deserve him. They can all sit next to him and.cool their heels on the banks of the River Styx for all I care if they can’t boot him out. Burn for all eternity in heck.

    Here I thought having a RINO POS weak tea on the 2A Governor like DeSantis here in Florida was bad enough. Lee is closer to Hochel of New York squank City-state than even a loser like DeSantis.

    Primary them ALL out and elect some real pro RKBA 2A candidates.

      • Term limits might explain his apparent recent enthusiasm for enabling Deep Blue’s campaign to cancel the Bill of Rights.

        Two possible reasons for withholding the manifesto I have not noticed being mentioned – it might prove that Tennessee laws were already adequate to disarm the shooter, just not enforced – and/or that the schools lack of security was both totally inadequate, and known to the shooter.

        • Further – something similar to that last bit happened in Florida after Parkland – a) there was opportunity to Baker Act Cruz – but it was not acted on – and b) Cruz was well aware of the oh so politically correct weaknesses in the facility’s security – including interaction with Peterson.

          Smothered by MSM…

    • “Here I thought having a RINO POS weak tea on the 2A Governor like DeSantis here in Florida was bad enough.”

      Asserting facts without evidence — otherwise known as “lying.” Are you one of Liar69er’s sock puppets?

      “DeSantis signs bill banning gun regulations by local governments”

      “DeSantis addresses NRA Convention”

      “DeSantis signs bill to carry concealed guns without a permit”

      Gimme some more of that “weak tea!”

      • I like DeSantis, even trust him, considering he is a politician. Definitely would vote for him again.

        That said – last I checked, Florida’s (Rick Scott- signed) Red Flag Law is a terrifying abomination, perfect for the worst kind of abuse. It needs fixing, ASAP…

  10. The Dems want gun control but don’t want the police to release the trans shooter’s manifesto!! I have to ask and the legislature should push for the release of that manifesto. There is no further criminal investigation ongoing yet the State and Federal law enforcement agencies do not want a “protected group’s” member and her ramblings as to why she did what she did! Funny how every white offender’s manifestos are released shortly after their crimes have been committed yet the government (both state and federal) are protecting this criminal and her group for some unknown reason. I believe that her “manifesto” was an anti-religious rant because of her belief that religions as a whole were anti-trans!!! Therefore, there should be mass killing of anyone who was practicing any religion!

  11. So far, so good.

    “…even after hundreds of community organizers, families, protesters and many more spent months asking lawmakers to consider passing gun control measures in response to the shooting, the GOP-dominated Statehouse is unexpected to do so.

    “Instead, Republican leaders are focused on advancing proposals that would toughen penalties for violent criminals, arguing that placing limitations on weapons would do very little to deter those who want to cause harm. Other GOP members have introduced proposals to boost mental health resources and school security measures.” — https://apnews.com/article/tennessee-gun-control-republicans-c6bb937eb0f36b6613f078ae5d564ddf

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