Nashville Police Release Video of Audrey Hale Shooting Her Way Into the Covenant School

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By Jonathan Matisse, Travis Loller and Holly Meyer, AP

The former student who shot through the doors of a Christian elementary school in Nashville and killed three children and three adults had drawn a detailed map of the school, including potential entry points, and conducted surveillance of the building before carrying out the massacre.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake did not say exactly what drove the shooter to open fire Monday morning at The Covenant School before being killed by police. But he provided chilling examples of the shooter’s elaborate planning for the targeted attack, the latest in a series of mass shootings in a country that has grown increasingly unnerved by bloodshed in schools.

“We have a manifesto, we have some writings that we’re going over that pertain to this date, the actual incident,” he told reporters. “We have a map drawn out of how this was all going to take place.”

He said in an interview with NBC News that investigators believe the shooter had “some resentment for having to go to that school.”

The victims included three 9-year-old children, the school’s top administrator, a substitute teacher and a custodian. Amid the chaos a familiar ritual played out: Panicked parents rushed to the school to see if their children were safe and tearfully hugged their kids, and a stunned community held vigils for the victims.

Police gave unclear information on the gender of the shooter. For hours, police identified the shooter as a 28-year-old woman and eventually identified the person as Audrey Elizabeth Hale. Then at a late afternoon press conference, the police chief said that Hale was transgender. After the news conference, police spokesperson Don Aaron declined to elaborate on how Hale currently identified.

Authorities said Hale was armed with two “assault-style” weapons as well as a handgun. At least two of them were believed to have been obtained legally in the Nashville area, according to the chief. Police said a search of Hale’s home turned up a sawed-off shotgun, a second shotgun and other unspecified evidence.

The victims were identified as Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, all 9 years old, and adults Cynthia Peak, 61; Katherine Koonce, 60; and Mike Hill, 61.

The website of The Covenant School, a Presbyterian school founded in 2001, lists a Katherine Koonce as the head of the school. Her LinkedIn profile says she has led the school since July 2016. Peak was a substitute teacher and Hill was a custodian, according to investigators.

Founded as a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church, The Covenant School is located in the affluent Green Hills neighborhood just south of downtown Nashville that is home to the famed Bluebird Café – a spot typically beloved by musicians and songwriters.

The school has about 200 students from preschool through sixth grade, as well as roughly 50 staff members.

Monday’s tragedy unfolded over roughly 14 minutes. Police received the initial call about an active shooter at 10:13 a.m.

Officers began clearing the first story of the school when they heard gunshots coming from the second level, Aaron said. Police later said the shooter fired at arriving officers from a second-story window and had come armed with significant ammunition.

Two officers from a five-member team opened fire in response, killing the suspect at 10:27 a.m., Aaron said.

Late Monday night, police released approximately two minutes of edited surveillance video showing the shooter’s car driving up to the school from multiple angles, including one in which children can be seen playing on swings in the background. Next an interior view shows glass doors to the school being shot out and the shooter ducking through one of the shattered doors.

More footage from inside shows the shooter walking through a school corridor holding a gun with a long barrel and walking into a room labeled “church office,” then coming back out. In the final part of the footage, the shooter can be seen walking down another long corridor with the gun drawn. The shooter is not seen interacting with anyone else on the video, which has no sound.

Aaron said there were no police officers present or assigned to the school at the time of the shooting because it is a church-run school.

President Joe Biden, speaking at the White House on Monday, called the shooting a “family’s worst nightmare” and implored Congress again to pass a ban on certain semi-automatic weapons.

A reeling city mourned during multiple vigils Monday evening. At Belmont United Methodist Church, teary sniffling filled the background as vigil attendees sang, knelt in prayer and lit candles. They lamented the national cycle of violent and deadly shootings.

“We need to step back. We need to breathe. We need to grieve,” said Paul Purdue, the church’s senior pastor. “We need to remember. We need to make space for others who are grieving. We need to hear the cries of our neighbors.”

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  1. No one shooting back until after half a dozen people are killed.

    How did all this end? It ended by people WITH GUNS!

      • RE: “Hale added: “This is my last goodbye. I love you … See you again in another life.” She signed the missive “Audrey (Aiden).”

        I hate to rain on its parade of atheism but the born a woman and dude wannabe purchased a one way ticket to hell.

        Do not expect the azzhats behind Gun Free Zone Signs to have the intellect to install bullet proof doors or have the means necessary to confront the perp. And it does not matter if the perp’s weapon is a fist, toothpick, firearm, knife, vehicle, etc.

        There is no excuse for violent perps to succeed in murdering defenseless men, women and children in the same manner the Gun Control kkk roamed around and murdered defenseless Black men, women and children and nazis roamed around murdering defenseless Jewish men, women and children.

        And to add insult to injury here comes Jim Crow Gun Control joe sniffing your 2A Rights…with little to no pushback.

        The reason joe and his ilk are free to call for Gun Control is because most Gun Owners could not define Gun Control according to its HIstory-of-Rot if their lives depended on it. And if anyone thinks otherwise they can man up and ask the next 10 Gun Owners they pass to Define Gun Control.

        • “The reason joe and his ilk are free to call for Gun Control is because most Gun Owners could not define Gun Control according to its HIstory-of-Rot if their lives depended on it.” – No, its because media is overwhelmingly urban-based and has a bias in favor of gun control. gun owners can argue the racist history of gun control all they want (or they can keep posting the same rant about racism on every TTAG post), but it doesn’t move the needle if the media (including social media) suppresses their voices so the general public doesn’t get to hear them. Stop blaming the victims.

      • “unlike the Uvalde PD they engaged the murderer.”

        I have to think there were many cops who were outraged at the lack of testicular fortitude of the Uvalde PD for letting children die why they ‘secured the scene’.

        I hope that was what motivated those two cops to do what was necessary…

      • actually he?, she?, it?…engaged them first…and remained in that location until being shot down…notice no kids in that video…which means somebody other than the cops was doing something right….

      • In the dimness of the shadows
        Where we hairy heathens warred,
        I can taste in thought the lifeblood;
        We used teeth before the sword.

      • It started with a highly disturbed, mentally ill person and Red Flag laws did not work.

      • Not hardly. It began with a mental illness that the Democraps and fellow leftists like to call transgenderism. It is without a doubt a mental issue that they support and promote every chance they get. Until they call it such and treat it as such, nothing will change. Instead, we get laws being passed in leftist states to support and promote this sickness.

        • Mr. Ghost
          THAT is the problem. However the leftists try to frame is all bs. It’s a mental illness that they keep promoting. Until people realize it and deal with it as such most of this planet is in real trouble.
          They want several generations of insecure, dumbed down people that they can control

        • It wasn’t that long ago that the American Psychiatric Association lister transgender as a mental disease. Most think it still is.

      • So let’s end it with people throwing their Bibles at the mentally ill woman.
        You Idiot!

      • The problem, miner, was just one person with a gun. Had more people in the building been armed there might have been a different outcome.

        But you’re one of the religious fanatics that believe ‘Gun Free Zone’ talismans will ward off evil spirits.

      • See that red hat the demented bitch was wearing? Did it say MAGA? Still waiting for you to blame this on Trump. Come on man! Spin it!

      • nope, it began with someone with mental problems and wanting to be known, to be seen.
        so infamy is what they went for.
        the used firearms for it but she could just as easily used her car to run people and kids over or tossed firearms bombs.

        stop blaming the object for the actions of the person who has misused the object.

      • Utopians like you were pushing people into Gas chambers in 1944. They wanted to make a perfect world, too.

      • This whole thing was started by a mentally ill lunatic.

        The real question is how do we put these dangerous people into treatment facilities without turning the entire country into a police state?

        Answer that question and you solve the problem.

      • it began with some hate-filled creature with guns..and murderous intent….perhaps that tranny “Day of Revenge” came early?

      • It began by the leftist liberals not wanting to protect schools with armed AND TRAINED people. This nut case originally had a second target but nixed it due to it being hardened (i.e. there was someone with a gun there). Trained good guys with a gun deter bad guys with one.

      • Joe perceptive of you. Actually, it was ONE person with gun. An unknown gender. Is it a woman, a man, a woman who thinks she is a man, a man who thinks he is a woman? Who knows? He/she/it would have been better off if it thought it was a furry.

      • That’s quite the observation there moron 49er. Here’s another one for ya, water is wet…

  2. How likely is it that the religious community which operated that school, to say it politely, “eschewed” trans-gender students and gave the shooter a VERY hard time while he was attending the school?

    • He? What he? The woman bled every month, unlike any he you have ever met.

      And, if the Christian school disapproved of Audrey’s life choices, then WTF was she even there? If I were a student who was being harassed by faculty, staff, and fellow students for my choices, I would leave. Before anyone asks, let it be known that I was a runaway in my youth. I saw no reason to stick around where I wasn’t wanted/appreciated, and the law couldn’t make me stay in an environment where I was unhappy.

        • That’s what I was also going to point out. This was a PCA (Evangelical) not PCUSA (woke) Presbyterian church.

          The evil deranged murderer probably resented the fact that they didn’t support her lifestyle.

      • There’s Two Presbyterian Church Denominations. PCUSA is about as Woke as you can get. They don’t even believe in Christ’s divinity. Ordain male, female, Gay and Lesbian.

        PCA is more inline with the Original Scottish Presbyterian Church, and subscribe to many of the earliest beliefs when Episcopalian and Presbyterians split. Covenant School is owned and ran by the PCA. They are very Conservativs. Don’t ordain women and don’t believe in LGBTWTF Ideology.

    • Not enough to deserve this, I’m sure that the 8-9 year old children had nothing to do with it. Homosexuality is an abomination to GOD. If you repent,confess, and turn away from your sin, GOD is faithful to forgive.

    • The only person responsible is the individual that pulled the trigger, not the gun not Christians.

    • The school only goes up to 6th grade. After that SHE went to an ‘art’ high school. former class mates from there are saying SHE wasn’t trans then. The Trans thing was recent.

    • If the school only goes up to 6th grade, and the mass shooter was 28 years old at the time the police shot and killed her defending lives of other innocent 8-9 year olds and adults, you really think there was even such a thing as “transgender” 20 some years ago?

      • No where near as common as it is today.

        There are comments that teachers boast about how many transgender students they have in their classes. It must be a wokeness score. I wonder how much is encouraged?

    • She was 28 years old. One report is that she attended in 2005. That puts her at 10 years old at the time. The “transition” was apparently started very recently, something like 2 years ago.

    • The evil bitch was 28 years old. She most likely hadn’t been to that school in 20 years. They didn’t fucking “eschewed” anything to an 8 year old. And even if they did they didn’t deserve to die you fucktard.

    • you do understand that the school is grade 1 to 6 ??
      that is way before kids can even understand sexually conditions and she was 28 years old.
      so she probably was not in that place for over 16+ years.

      skip what the school might have done as I doubt it had an effect.

  3. *sigh*

    Twitter, twitter, twitter. Those links just don’t load for me. So frustrating . . .

  4. A good combat veteran or seasoned off duty cop could’ve ate fruity’s lunch with a simple 1911 or .357 magnum …it was obvious that sissy didn’t have much tactical experience…Any school too cheap to pay for armed security should be liable!

    • It’s a small private Christian school. I’m sure they can hardly afford to hire full time security officers.

      I will suggest that in this day and age it is irresponsible not to have at least several armed staff members at a school.

      A maintenance man, school administrator, or teacher with a compact 9mm/.380acp/.38sp on his or her person might have saved the day.

      At least the police seem to have done a good job when they arrived.

  5. Looked like one arm was an AR-15 Brace in 5.56mm and the other arm was a 9mm large format AR pistol. No rifle. I did not see the handgun.

    • Other photos show a kel-tec rifle, probably in 9mm. That seems to be the one held in the footage.

      • An M&P EZ no less. Also known as the girl/old person gun. She failed at pretending to be a dude.

        • Yeah I noticed that EZ right away. Pretending to be a “Dude” doesn’t make you one(sorry). And it(MY preferred Pronoun) shot through the door. Once again my rifle shot no one. And yet all semiautomatic gat owners are blamed🙁

        • Not trying to start anything with you.
          I have to dismiss your comments regarding the S&W EZ.
          Have you shot one? They are excellent firearms, end of story.
          Your misplaced anger is probably the source of such an uneducated, misguided and bigoted comment.
          Be better than that.

        • Just Sayin (OG),
          The only thing I’m angry about is some loser shooting up innocent people. As a matter of fact, I’m pissed, so maybe you can find it in your heart to forgive me for taking a cheap shot at the pe_nus envy girl.

          I have a Shield Plus and an M&P 2.0 full size. I’m sure the EZ is a fine gun. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the EZ stands for an easy to rack slide, which is marketed to people that might struggle with a more difficult to rack slide. That usually means people with limited hand strength, you know like girls and older people. You misused the bigot word, which you tossed in my direction. I’m going to avoid the cheap shot of comparing you to they type of people who do that on a regular basis.

          P.S. I never said there was anything wrong with those guns.

        • Dude, we’re good.
          The way you structured your comment threw shade at girls and old people, and secondarily diminished the EZ.
          Perhaps bigoted was the wrong adjective. Nonetheless, throwing shade at females and old peeps is not acceptable.
          Derogatory comments need to be done on an individual basis, directed at specific individuals. Sweeping generalizations of an entire class of humans is what raises the red flag. The Dims/Socialists are great at marginalizing entire populations because that is their daily practice.

          And yes, I know writing that last sentence puts me in the middle of my own diatribe. In my defense, I do not practice or manifest that on a regular basis. My experiences as a firearms instructor has broadened my horizons working with a spectrum of populations. In that capacity I am here to serve others, and I have been richly rewarded in many ways for it.
          Regarding your PS on the EZ: the implication was that it was “less” because it was used by groups of people of which you do not belong to.

          BTW- my experience has shown me that in most cases, if the firearms backgrounds are equal, females out shoot males the majority of the time. And the EZ is one of my main training pistols; because of its design it is perfect for newbies and is accurate as all get out.

        • I see nothing wrong with females or older people. I don’t fault them for being more likely to have limited hand strength.

          I wouldn’t mind having a 380 EZ on hand for newbies, and myself as a spare 380. My only 380 is like 11 oz with a 2.7” barrel. I wouldn’t have a use for it in 9mm.

  6. If only there was some way to identify the mental illness, anger, potential for suicide and depression this person had.

    If only she hadn’t hid herself so well behind the perfectly normal, well-adjusted and healthy mask she wore.

    These people aren’t any different from the incel crowd. They sit, jacked up on medications, in front of their online echo chambers getting fed 24/7 “you’re special and perfect, they’re evil and out to get you” and sooner or later one of them does this.

    The internet has done so much more than any 50’s era CIA mind control program ever could. They participants find themselves, program themselves, act by themselves and in acting reaffirm the programming to their peers and the cycle repeats. All enabled by a society that refuses to notice.

    In all these decades the guns haven’t changed one bit.

    • There is little need to ‘identify’.

      It should be common understanding across the spectrum of human existence at this point in our evilution. A spouse that is being cheated on usually gets angry. That’s the biggest reason why the phrase…gotta keep’m seperated. A drunk is going to have lowered motor skills as they get closer to being a stumbling idiot.

      Our youth cannot be subjected to all this crazyness without becoming crazy. Most especially when we are talking about changing them chemically on a perminent level. What is being done to them is inhuman imo.

      • It’s a social contagion. Social media is helping to fuel the fire. I don’t have to list how weird all of this is for the normal people here. Let’s not beat around the bush. This destructive ideology is being pushed here by Democrats.

      • “Our youth cannot be subjected to all this crazyness without becoming crazy.”
        Nailed it.
        Evilution… It’s a thing.

  7. Sadly the people that make the decisions regarding our lives, will blame firearms (which they’ve already done) and will refuse to see the TRUTH of the matter. All their supposed Brilliant Minds will continue to rain down legislation INFRINGING upon the rights of Law Abiding firearm owners; without addressing the apparent issues behind these morally broken souls, and what motivates them to steal the lives of others. The Voice of FREEDOM needs to be heard with Brilliance not Violence, and it needs to be heard above those Stealing our Freedom.

  8. I am very happy this tranny got her/his/it’s ass kicked and died! This was an insane person with no moral values. What a shame but they got their just reward – too bad it did not happen before they killed 6 innocent people.

    We should probably look at making some laws in America to define some folks as mentally ill – mostly folks who don’t understand genetics and that a Man is born a Man and a Woman is born a Woman and that no once can change that – it is pure science! So when a Man thinks he is a woman it appears to be a mental illness and requires substantial psychological repair. Same for a Woman believes she is a Man. Not possible – check your pants – if you were born with a penis, YOU ARE A MAN. If you were born with a vagina, YOU ARE A WOMAN. No exceptions! These folks should be labeled “mentally ill” and treated accordingly. Never to be allowed to interfere with normal people in society. Perhaps put in mental institutions to avoid them being dangerous to our NORMAL society!

    • And no matter what you do to butcher those outside manifestations, your chromosomes remain as proof that you’re crazy (or just plain lying), just like every “nice” idiot who plays along with your “preferred pronouns”, etc.

      Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. No one is entitled to his own facts.

    • this was “death by cop”…that person was suicidal…and stated as much before it all started….shot multiple times as the video shows…

      • Vast majority of mass shooters are suicidal. unfortunately, the gun control lobby works very hard to dismiss addressing mental issues as a solution.

  9. Western civilization has become a freak show. We live in the Age of Mental Illness. It will end, but not before much more damage is done.

    • a confused sexual identity has become trendy…where were all these people when we were young?

  10. Have to defeat the U.S. before 1 world government, that’s what disarmament is all about.

  11. Bring back physical mental institutions and put people who have mental illness in them on a case by case basis.

    Yes, gender dysphoria is a mental illness.

    • It’s a voluntary mental illness, perpetrated by one particular political party.

      That needs to be pointed out to the public at large…

  12. “We need to step back. We need to breathe. We need to grieve,” said Paul Purdue, the church’s senior pastor. “We need to remember. We need to make space for others who are grieving. We need to hear the cries of our neighbors.”

    No, you need to confront reality and arm up. Sell your cloak and buy a sword, as you were advised to do centuries ago.

  13. A Twitter message from the killer :

    “She added: “My family doesn’t know what I’m about to do. One day this will make more sense. I’ve left more than enough evidence behind. But something bad is about to happen.””

    Oh, boy… 🙁

    On a lighter note, see what happens when a drone hovering above drops a live grenade that comes to rest near your crotch : (Ouchies!)

  14. You should read the comment on the other news sites, especially (ugh) the Daily Mail. All of them calling for Americans to give up their guns, because of so many mass shootings. Never mind that schools are already gun free zones in the first place.

    • Yeah…Fuck You No! You can’t protect children in school and want to take away my means of self defense? Bite me Mother Fucker! Not you Joe, the assholes pushing to disarm us.

      • The UK folks willing gave up their guns without a fight a long time ago. My Aussie friends are warning us not to do the same thing. So folks like Albert Hall can piss up a rope for all I care about his opinions. I am old, and have been there, done that. Like you, Muckraker, they are going to have to shoot me before I give up my guns. I refuse to give up my right to defend myself, simply because some mentally ill freak shot up innocent children who had a right to live. I wish folks such as yourself lived closer to the rest of us who feel the same way, because I think we are getting to that point where we WILL have to stand up and defend ourselves. We have too many idiot Dacians, Alberts, and the like ready to go to the extreme to disarm those of us who do not go around shooting people like this transgender freak did.

  15. Don’t forget Trans Day of Vengeance this weekend. Wear your mask. #stoptransgenocide

    We did this. We didn’t affirm hard enough.

      • Oh man. I didn’t even think about that. The supposed organizer has locked it’s social media accounts.

      • Why do they always think going commie will result in uptopic acceptance of their broken minds?

        Was the USSR really into tranny coddling? Is China super nice to groomers? The various south American leftist states really love homosexuals?

        As far as I can tell there is no evidence of communism=tolerance and quite a bit of evidence to the contrary which makes me think their draw to communism is yet another manifestation of their mental illness.

        Maybe this is one of those amorphous and ethereal cases on “not true socialism/communism/free shit ism.”

        • You would be surprised how conservative and reactionary the Soviets were. Combined with Russia’s macho culture (eg: Putin’s propaganda videos about himself), anyone on the alphabet spectrum would be barely tolerated at best and hated and despised at worst. East Germany was reported to be a little more tolerant than Russia but not by much.

        • Southern from what I have read all the various feminist/rainbow/other weird present day woke stuff was for the most part present during the Russian revolution and was very quickly killed/gulaged off the moment the reds consolidated power often before going after reactionaries. I would have to reread about the French revolution but I think some of their more extreme branches suffered a similar fate. Terror tools outlived their usefulness I guess.

  16. So where were the Red Flag laws to prevent this horrific attack?
    If you are born a female, but think you are a male, shouldnt that send up some warning signs?

    • The only red flags that aren’t racist or phobic are being Catholic and reading Chaucer.
      Everything else from heavy drug use to violent rants to suicidal ideation to actually committing crimes can be excused with social justice jargon. But if you’re Catholic or read Chaucer you need to be locked up.

  17. Thirty Mexican men died a horrible death in a fire last night, and yet this is the top story because it involves an AR. Rifles of all kinds are used less often than hands and feet to kill people. Why do we fixate on an object when the responsibility is human? Mental Health is an issue here, but most people are loathe to “Red Flag” an individual.

    • An estimated one third of Americans suffer from some sort of mental defect. Look at the two people to the left and right of yourself, Dale. Do they appear normal?

    • These people were protesting the fact that they may be deported. So they piled mattresses against the doors and lit them on fire. I’m thinking they also had a mental illness.

  18. “Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake did not say exactly what drove the shooter to open fire Monday morning at The Covenant School before being killed by police.”
    he couldnt say it
    but all the smartest people in the room know
    that what drove her
    to do what she did
    was democrat party inc

  19. The government officials involved here need to stop playing this silly game and tell the truth about this person. All they have done from the start is put out misleading information.

  20. If there can be a upside to all of this, the Nashville PD, located, closed and terminated the threat 14 minutes after 911 was called.
    Other reports say the mass shooter, she had scouted out two other schools, but deemed them to be too hard of a target. I would like to think that bit of evidence will lead to more schools with armed guards or armed teachers to prevent this kind of tragic event.

  21. Strange that this murderer’s Facebook page was tagged with “He/Him” pronouns yet the MSM overwhelmingly refers to the killer as “Her.”

    I thought it was transphobic not to buy into a persons sexual identity delusions.

  22. It was a monster. Going along with a nutcase pretending to be something they aren’t is cruel and just feeds into the delusion they suffer from.

  23. i have to agree with the taxman’s statement—-why are some folks crying for gun control—-the shooter was somebody’s child—-one would assume there were ‘strange’ upbringing during the child’s early days—–why blame an object for the fault of the parent figure, or lack of?—ye i know some might say ‘it’s a person’s right on how to bring up their child, but hat about the rights of the people killed —-too many adults have been taking “that little yellow pill’ to help them thru the day, — i bet this side effect was not on the bottle.

  24. “…the latest in a series of mass shootings in a country that has grown increasingly unnerved by bloodshed in schools.”

    No, country is unnerved by the constant media scare-mongering and overhyping the danger of “school shootings”/”mass shootings”, not by the actual rare events themselves.

  25. It’s always the same with these people. “I’m planning to die”…. so do it already. Kill yourself. Stop taking others with you. Of course, the media is filled with lies and politicians smell blood in the water – always a way to benefit their next move no matter what it’s towards.

    • But these LOSERS want to make a statement. So simply offing themselves quietly is not an option.

  26. That one AR that appears to be of rifle caliber has one of those arm braces! OMG no wonder the ATF changed the rules. I’m shocked and horrified. I can’t tell if the barrel is under 16″ and it’s considered a pistol but enough is enough!

    Oh wait, I have two of those, skip that first part!

    • And how many see the attention their teacher gives to their “special” students and decide to want into that too?

  27. Drove , drove, had driven.
    How many more deaths have to happen before America bans vehicles. In almost every instance a vehicle is used in the commission of a crime.
    He -drove- to the bar and got drunk then went home and beat his wife.
    Soccer mom was driving some of the team to practice when they were killed in an ACCIDENT.
    Gunms dont kill as many people as motorized vehicles do and yet America continues to condone the use of these deadly instruments of destruction.
    How did Dale Earnhardt die?
    The list goes on for ever.
    Ban motorized vehicles, hasn’t Americans seen enough death caused by these mindless vehicles.
    The Car manufacturers should be sued out of existence.
    We need more vehicle control.
    Red flags and background checks.
    My goodness I actually know someone who is mentally unfit to own a firegunm yet the state has issued them a license to drive. The insanity is beyond me.

  28. If this does not provide an example of why gun ownership should be restricted I do not know what does The only one relevant eeapon here is a 9mm handgun. There is no possible justification for either a SUB-MACHINE gun or a SEMI-AUTOMATIC Rifle.

    I want, I want, I want is NOT sufficient reason for GETTING. I’ll make aprophesyher.Sooiner or later draconian guncotrol measure WILL be introduce and the commitmentof the mad-men who tell us that they will commit murder rather than give up multiple gun ownership will be put to the test Either you will co-operate or you WILL go under And it would be far better if you started co-operating NOW when you still have some control over outcomes.

    • no sub machine gun used in this you moron.
      it’s the bill of rights, not of needs.
      what drugs are you on thinking that 40+ million people should lose there rights and property for the actions of a few dozen people ??

    • a 9mm pistolcaliber carbine is neither a submachinegun nor an assault rifle. Since the term assault weapon is nebulous at best, farcical at worst, and means nothing as it’s used to cover whatever firearm is currently being debased. The MSR used is just like tens of millions currently in the hands of lawful Americans just as your vehicles in your driveway, other people, criminals, use the same model in committing crimes. Should your vehicles be taken to prevent others from committing crimes? Remember, you have no Constitutional Right to own a vehicle!

    • Prince among kings Albert has awoken from his hibernation. And after a damned good thrashing from Madam Lash’s spiked paddle is now full of righteous indignation.

    • “You should have to use a less effective weapon to defend yourself so that a mass murderer will have to work a little harder.”

  29. Normally, they would avoid this. In fact, they would call you a h0m0ph0be. But I’m sure the alphabet community will jump to the mental illness excuse.

    I suspect that we will find this 28 year old biological female is just as evil as the 17 year old Adam Lanza. Both seem to have done an extensive amount of planning, before they committed these massacres.

    We don’t live in a “pre crime world”. The only way to deal with this is to ensure, that guns and training are in the hands of those that want it.

    Unfortunately evil always gets the 1st shot. It’s up to the good people react quickly and accurately.

    • And, the evil person has ample time to plan and work around any limitations on available guns, magazine capacity, etc., while those defending themselves are limited to what they have on hand. Magazine restrictions and similar laws will ALWAYS have more impact on law abiding citizens using guns for self defense than on would-be mass murderers.

  30. I know I’ve commented before but there is no bloody room for levity about this shooting.

    What trans-sexualism has got to do with it I have no idea but there a lot of provocative quotes about it associated with this shooting on Social Media. Only a American could possibly make the association. There are calls for ARMED SECUTITY in all schools =what a reflection of American Society that is+ and more policing. No amount of policing can stop the mad buggers who engage in any kind of mass shooting ibcludingthe ever increasing SCHOOL SHOOTINGnot when the obvious cause is the sheer availability of all types of firearms both legal and illegal and and criminal would be able to access any firewarm of chboice withing an hour if they have the cash in their pocket soo banning ownership doesn’t work either. Neither does incarceration because the USA has the highest % of it’s citizens incarcerated in the developed world and by a fair marginb,Nether does the Death Penalty becauseMURDER Rates have increased exponentially DESPITE the death penalty especially those that resulted from firearms.

  31. “Only a American could possibly make the association [between a transsexual murderer and trans-sexualism]”

    I appreciate the compliment, but there must be at least a few Brits who recognize the obvious.

    Also, “a American”? Aren’t you subjects supposed to be all about the King’s English? There’s probably a camera somewhere mailing you a citation.

  32. There’s a Lie being told, and the current Regime repeats the Lie as truth, that Trans are being attacked by the Right, Christians and Transphobes. It’s a Lie because there are No Statistics that back the Lie. What is known, is that Trans have a higher percentage of Domestic Partner Violence than Heterosexuals and Homosexuals. Two to Three Times Higher depending on which study. So the reality is the violence perpetrated against the community is coming from the community itself, not from outside the community.
    Main Stream Christianity does not believe in Trans Ideology. Catholic or Protestant, the vast majority of churches believe LGBTWTF is a Sinful Life, and they don’t condone it.
    The Trans Community views that as a Threat, and they are the ones actually striking out violently, because they are all Mentally Unstable to begin with.
    You won’t here that from the Left, because they’ve jumped into backing this non0sense 100%.

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