DC Project: Common Sense Is Not Stealing the Right of the American People to Protect Themselves

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From the DC Project . . .

The DC Project, Women for Gun Rights, a nationwide grassroots organization of women dedicated to safeguarding the Second Amendment, today released a new video titled, We’re on Offense Now. The educational video explains the truth about the demonization of gun owners and that misinformation about responsible gun ownership will no longer be tolerated.

“I have listened to their lies, and I have taken their punches, but I refuse to stay silent any longer,” declares Dianna Muller, Founder of the DC Project, at the beginning of the piece. “If we expect to preserve our Constitutional rights, we cannot continue to sit on the sidelines. We must speak up and have conversations today. The truth is powerful, so please share this video.”

DC Project Advisory Board member Beth Walker discusses the organization’s reach and how it reflects every facet of women in America who own guns. “The individuals who are vocal gun control proponents have no idea what responsible firearms owners look like. They are surprised to learn that women own or even want guns. They simply cannot imagine that moms, daughters, and grandmas exercise their freedom to choose firearms as a way to defend themselves. Help us show them the truth with this video,” she asks.

We’re on Offense Now also features professional shooter and Venezuelan immigrant Gabby Franco. She saw first-hand what happened in her country when the right to bear arms was stripped from its citizens. “Anti-gun messaging drove the people of my homeland to accept the lies that convinced them to relinquish their freedoms. Their consent left my people unable to protect themselves from tyranny.”

Common sense is a theme often parroted by gun control groups. “Tragically, we again witnessed the results of common sense and soft on crime policies in Sacramento last week. Letting violent criminals out of jail, against the recommendations of the District Attorney, led to more lost lives,” said Walker. “Common sense is not stealing the right of American people to protect themselves.”

“The new policies outlined by the Biden administration yesterday will not save lives,” Muller said. “From violent riots and defunding the police to Ukrainian citizens arming up, the past two years have really highlighted the importance of gun ownership. We suggest the White House work with us instead of demonizing us.”

Muller concludes by spelling out what the DC Project is doing to preserve our fundamental rights as Americans to defend ourselves and our families. “We refuse to let gun control win with so much at stake,” she said. “Therefore, we promote firearm safety education in schools, equip our friends and communities with the truth about responsible gun ownership, and work hand in hand with lawmakers by providing the armor they need to stand up to the gun control lobby.”

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  1. Women are empowered by the right to bear arms. Predators like biden and dacian are afraid of independent, strong women that can protect themselves.

      • He’s a well known troll that used to be called peegee2. He’s anti gun and he’s admitted to being on the payroll from big pharma hired to make anti vaxxers look insane.

        Pretty typical leftist prog.

        • Clown face. You have no credibility. Who, outside maybe dacian, would believe a word you printed?

        • ” . . . a keen wordsmith like me . . .” Oh, nameless, brainless , d***less troll, you are a comedy riot!! Your BEST attempt at sarcasm or insults fall short of even dacian the stupid’s pathetic efforts!! You are a worthless halfwit, with delusions of gender. Hie thyself off to the theological place of eternal punishment. You are of no value above the ground; you should be beneath it, inspiring the cabbages.

    • Shannon Watts and the rest of the gun-control industry would prefer that women remain defenseless victims.

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          I imagine being a stupid as you are, and then bust out laughing uncontrollably, so hard that tears pour out of my eyes.

          You have zero clue as to just how pathetically-stupid you look to anyone else… 🤡 😉 🤣

        • Imagine, the only people who are laughing as dumbass Leftists like you with the brain the size of an amoeba.

  2. Seems the gun control people are afraid of women that can defend themselves and not allow themselves to be victims of rapists, domestic abusers, or tyrants and bureaucrats.
    In fact, the disarmament crowd seems to thrive on fear mongering and being afraid to be resposible adults.
    Bet my wife would frighten most of the anti gun soy boys. A woman who doesn’t need their “Protection” or help to take care of herself. I’ve watched her shoot more accurately than most police officers on their range.

  3. Well if your gonna fight the cops learn how to fight.
    Same goes for law enforcement.
    I like the dead guys sweater.
    And the meat wagon that pulled up to haul the dead guy off was painted up like a rolling Taco stand. That kinda pisses me off on account of no matter who shutes who the cops always wind up with the carcass.
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