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Imagine a Harvard man who can’t seem to write three sentences without contradicting himself. If you’re thinking of inveterate attention whore called David Hogg, you win a cookie. The awardee of an undergraduate place at Harvard has taken to Twitter to opine that the Second Amendment isn’t an absolute right.

“None of our rights are,” he continued.

Then he declares that “We have a right not to be shot.”

Clearly the First Amendment doesn’t restrict an Ivy League seat-warmer from dishing out inane dorm room “wisdom” about topics he clearly doesn’t understand. We hate to break it to you, David, but enumerated rights limit what the government can do, not citizens.

Oh, and no one has a “right” not to be shot. Unlike keeping and bearing arms, “not being shot” doesn’t make an appearance in the Bill of Rights. Or anywhere else in the Constitution for that matter.

You have no exemption from being perforated. Not by criminals. Not by the government. Not even by yourself, if you’re careless enough.

Americans with IQs above room temperature increasingly understand that nothing stops bad people with evil in their hearts like a good guy with a gun. That’s why, even in states with extremely restrictive gun control laws, firearm sales remain at or near record high rates.

In places with a dearth of good guys legally carrying guns – where the police have been defunded and concealed carry permits are rationed – crime flourishes. Places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. And even Cambridge.

Yet Hogg spouts ignorant hot takes as he occupies his parents’ basement on Christmas break, desperately seeking relevance via his Twitter account. He’s blissfully unaware that, by his logice, if the right to keep and bear arms isn’t absolute, neither is his imagined right not to be shot.

Mr. and Mrs. America have seen the competing world views on gun rights vs. gun control.  And they’re voting with their wallets. That’s a reality even Hogg can’t deny. And it drives him crazy.


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  1. David Hog don’t have a pot to piss in.
    To begin with he was not shot. If he has the right not to be shot do he feel that he doesn’t have the right to self defense? He had been on ground 0 and still had no clue

  2. The ABSOLUTE of a right is the power of the citizen to enforce the Constitution and all laws that are enabled by it!
    The RIGHT to bare arms is one of those powers that will enforce the Constitution!
    It it the duty of the citizen to protect our rights and the Constitution!

  3. David Hogg is a punk and coward who has exploited for personal gain a horrendous situation. Anyone trying to take a tragedy and turn it into issue for personal gain is to be summarily dismissed. He knows nothing about the Constitution nor firearms. If you are going to be a critic it is important you know something about which your are offering a criticism. Seems like Harvard will admit anyone these days. School has demolished its reputation in recent years.

    • “If you are going to be a critic it is important you know something about which your are offering a criticism.”
      Good point. Unfortunately most of the MSM who elevates these idiots, have no expertise or knowledge on most of the BS crap they also push on us.

  4. David Hogg is a lot like my mentally-ill demented troll.

    He doesn’t yet realize his 15 min. of fame expired years ago, and now all he is, is a stale fart.

    Right, Pee-Gee? 😉

    • At least Mr. Hogg and I have had 15 minutes of fame. You on the other hand are an angry anonymous boomer who subsists off the labor of others.

      Plus you want a vaccine mandate.

      And to think you pretend that you’re not a prohibited person. SMH…

      • Yeah, nameless, gutless troll – you’re a legend in your own mind. Oh, and you suffer from delusions of gender.

        Just so it’s clear, your so-called 15 minutes of fame??? We’re laughing AT you, brainless troll, not with you. You may be one of the few people on the planet dumber than David “Camera” Hogg – OK, and the world’s dumbest bartender probably qualifies for your club, too.

        • Lol. Well, on the plus side: every minute this insufferable asshole spends here is a minute he isn’t beating his soon to be ex-wife.

        • Insufferable?

          What a joke, we are going to keep you suffering, every day, until you slink away like a dog that gets kicked.

          You’re nothing, little boy, and I own you. I’m living in your head rent-free for *years* now, and you haven’t put 2 and 2 together yet.

          Who sane does that, anyways? You’re a paranoid psychotic obsessive, and you’re my personal punch-toy to play with, any time I want. Go tell your imaginary wife and kids that, and see what they will have to say about it… 😉

        • Well, nameless and brainless troll, the fact that you seem to believe that I give a s*** about anything you post, other than as an opportunity for mockery, amuses me.

          Continue performing, clown. I shall laugh when (if) you are ever amusing. Still, there is some enjoyment in watching you strive for relevance . . . and consistently fail.

      • hmm. So Hail has been here on TTAG long enough to not only know who ‘PG’ was, but also know know not to spell that username in its original form, or else the site’s filters would bar your comment from being posted. ‘PG’ hasn’t been on TTAG for two years now.

        So we now know Hail has been lurking here for at least that long, and keeping creepily detailed notes on other users here.

        • “So we now know Hail has been lurking here for at least that long, and keeping creepily detailed notes on other users here.”

          Yeah, conclusive proof “that boy just ain’t right, in the head”… 🙂

      • “You on the other hand are an angry anonymous boomer”

        Joke’s on you, I’m not a boomer.

        “Plus you want a vaccine mandate.”

        Wrong again, as usual.

        I want only you personally to be vaxxinated at gunpoint, 3 times daily.

        “And to think you pretend that you’re not a prohibited person.”

        Pretend not to be a prohibited person? Then why has the BATF processed my silencer application and issued me a tax stamp then? They don’t do that for prohibited people, little boy… 😉

        • It’s a suppressor, not a ‘silencer’. And you don’t have one. Because, again, you’re under disability, and a prohibited person. So stop with the lies…

        • Geoff,

          Like you said earlier, “That boy just ain’t right in the head”.

          But, as you and I have frequently noted on this site, he (and dacian the stupid and MinorIQ) remain entertaining in much the same way a squeak toy is fun to my dog – fun to abuse.

  5. At least he’s staying on brand. I would’ve thought he’d have abandoned the mess he made with his anti-gun rambling and jumped over to something more contemporary like covid, racism or why men in skirts erasing women from society is a good thing.

    Eh, who am I kidding? I’m sure he’s tied all of those things into gun control rants.

    • The Hogg Boyy made a big deal about going into the pillow business. I guess that didn’t pan out so well, so he’s back to gun control.

        • Score one for Southern Cross!! That was savage, funny . . . and, unfortunately, probably true. As they said on Seinfeld, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Don’t care if “Camera” Hogg is a tight end or a wide receiver. What bothers me is that he’s an imbecile with a big mouth and no self-awareness.

  6. i , i have tha right to shoot a paper target at the range provided i can pay for tha range time .


  7. David Hogg is 100 percent correct. Constitutional Rights are not unlimited nor ever meant to be that is why we have a Legislature in Congress as well as a Supreme Court.

    You cannot build an atomic bomb or make and use poison gas on your neighbors dog because he pissed on your lawn. Poison gas drifts with the wind and kills everyone not just your neighbors dog and ditto for constructing and using a “dirty” nuclear bomb which can fit into a suit case.

    It is against the law to yell fire in a theater because it will often result in people being trampled to death. I have had far right nut cases on this forum argue to the contrary but I guarantee you if you try it they will slap you in prison faster than a cat can scratch his ass even if no one is hurt in the stampede, which is highly unlikely I might add.

    Try and slander someone of importance in the Media. The nut case Chris Kyle slandered Jessie Ventura and got his ass sued in court and lost. Again 1st Amendment Rights are not unlimited.

    Try and promote racism on Social Media and you get banned because Social Media knows they would end up having laws eventually passed that would severely regulate free speech on their website especially if it was proven it led to violence and death of innocent minority people.

    Major News Papers outlawed such hate speech in their political columns long ago and nut cases that sued them were told by the courts to take a flying leap off the nearest cliff. Again tell me freedom of speech is unlimited when it results in death and injury of innocent people.

    The Courts have been restricting 2A rights for decades. Try and buy a brand new machine gun, its outlawed by the Republican President Reagan.

    Try and buy a silencer without paper work, it falls under the NFA laws.

    Try making and selling a “street sweeper shotgun” or a “Spas12 shotgun”.

    Try and buy a piece of empty leather called a “wallet holster” without NFA paperwork. Now that one was really absurd but its the current law.

    In reality the shotguns mentions above are no different than a ubiquitous pump 12 gauge shotgun with an extended magazine but the Feds outlawed them so try and tell me 2A is not unlimited.

    Ghost guns are in the process of being outlawed and if put into effect try and manufacture an 80 per cent receiver and then sell it on the internet some time. You will be slapped in jail in minutes.

    One can rant all he wants about Constitutional Rights being unlimited but reality dictates that is false. Doubt it and break the law and you will be slapped in prison and no one will be able to get you out.

    Words of Wisdom I learned decades ago “The Constitution does not mean what it says it means, rather it means what the legislature or the courts say it means”. In other words the Constitution is and always has been a joke to all but the uneducated or the insane, that is Historic reality like it or not.

    As Mao Zedong once said “Power comes from the barrel of a gun” and he meant that since the government has the most guns they rule and you obey “or else”.

    And I say to the Far Right “Forget another revolution because the French will not be here this time to win your revolution for you”.

    • There is no law against shouting “fire” in a public theater. In fact, it would be reasonable, if there happens to be a fire.

      • You are correct if there is a fire and not correct if there is not, which is what I was referring to originally. That is common sense.

        • @dacian

          it is not against the law to yell fire in a theater at any time. Its a myth.

          The myth arose due to a SCOTUS case in 1917, Schenck versus United States. It was an ‘example’ quote from Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes about what is protected speech and what isn’t. It wasn’t about fires or a theater. In the case it specifically rules on the limitation of freedom of speech (first amendment): The original ruling is this: The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic.

          Schenck was charged with violations of the Espionage Act because he was a member of the socialist party and he was speaking out against the draft.

          The rest of your stuff is just as ignorant and uninformed as it was for this.

        • To Booger Brain

          You really are a first class nut case. I say again to you try and yell fire in a theater and see if they do not slam your sorry ass in jail in less time than a cat can scratch his ass. That would happen even if the entire audience laughed at you for doing it as the on duty cop would nail you on at least a half a dozen charges. And if you ever showed up again at that theater they would again slam your ass in jail.

    • Lol. Who are you fooling? It was government sanctioned hate speech against Muslims that was used to gun up support for invading sovereign Muslim nations, gunning down their people and stealing their natural resources .

      And they’ll roll out the same hate speech again, once things turn sideways for them in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

      Just like they did when they sent mercenaries into Syria. They even made sure to attach an American POC image to it.

      Imagine that! Attacking a country on behalf of the countries that laid waste to Iraq, and claiming it was some sort of higher calling. Essentially passing the blame onto the religion of your victims. Hate speech, indeed !

    • “It is against the law to yell fire in a theater because it will often result in people being trampled to death.”

      It isn’t against the law to yell fire in a theater. It’s against the law to cause people harm. Words can cause harm. Only a fool would try to equate that to limits on the second amendment. The 2A doesn’t give anyone the right to go around shooting people. Murder and assault are illegal. That takes nothing away from the second amendment. This is nothing more than a silly, meaningless tweet meant to elicit emotion in his low IQ followers.

      • to Dud Brain

        quote————– Only a fool would try to equate that to limits on the second amendment. ————-quote

        Only a mentally ill fool would fail to realize that the evidence I gave you proved it.

        I have in the past interviewed some highly intelligent mentally ill people but you only qualify for the latter.

        Now for just one example of many, try and buy a brand new machine gun that was just manufactured. Now put up or shut up the nonsensical rants. Again I realize I am not dealing with a sane person.

        • I’m talking about the tired, nonsensical argument (which you used) of, “you can’t have [fill in the blank] because you aren’t allowed to yell fire in a theater.” I said we are limited in what we can do, in that we aren’t allowed to harm people. People like you and Hogg think people are harming others merely by owning certain inanimate objects.

    • Gee, dacian the stupid, I see your knowledge of chemical weapons and “weapons of mass destruction” is as pathetic as your “knowledge” of firearms – and all are equal to your “knowledge” of the Constitution, history, and the concept of “inherent rights”.

      Blow on, discordant horn. Or blow yourself; either works for the rest of us.

      • Lol. Well, on the plus side, every minute Lamp spends policing this site is a minute he’s not whomping on his poor wife and kids. What an angry red flag clown he is. Even worse than Geoff, as the only thing that bummer beats is his microscopic member.

        • SC,

          Knowing some small amount about the subject, it would amuse me greatly to see dacian the stupid essay to manufacture his own ammonium iodide . . . as long as I didn’t have to clean up the aftermath.

    • Idiot. You confuse the right to keep and bear weapons with limitations on the use of weapons. I have a right to keep and bear arms, but I do not have the right to murder my wife or go on a shooting rampage. But I do have a right of self defense and for other lawful uses. A right of possession has nothing to do with limitations on my use of those possessions.

      • Mark N.,

        Yes, but our resident nitwit Leftist/fascist, dacian the demented, doesn’t recognize that, or understand it, because that would require some knowledge, a smidge of common sense, and the ability of ratiocination. dacian lacks all three; three strikes, you’re out!

        • tHrEe StRiKeS, yOu’Re oUt! Writes the ‘man’ who has no knowledge of baseball, guns or anything else. I’d encourage you to go away and do something else, but I know that will lead to some poor woman getting smacked around. What an insufferable coward you are…

        • nameless, brainless troll,

          Well, it appears that, although you have utterly failed in being amusing, original or thoughtful, thus disappointing me, I have managed to set up residence in your otherwise-empty cranial cavity. Now that is amusing.

          I hope you enjoy the fact that nothing you say to or about me matters to me. Your utterances and flailing attempts at use of a keyboard are, as the Bard said, ” a tale told by an idiot”. But keep flailing; it is as close as you are likely to come to relevavnce.

    • David Hogg subscribes to your personal version of Marxism, so that makes him correct? I suggest community college, and Logic 101.

      You say “The Courts have been restricting 2A rights for decades. ”

      Back to that logic class – the fact that courts have been restricting rights for decades does not make those restrictions constitutional. DERP!

      You say “Words of Wisdom I learned decades ago”

      So, you resort to outright lies? Got it.

      You say, “As Mao Zedong once said “Power comes from the barrel of a gun” and he meant that since the government has the most guns they rule and you obey “or else”.”

      Understood. You approve of tyrants, because tyrants control the guns, and you see that as legitimate. You’re just another Marxist.

      FYI, power does indeed grow from the barrel of a gun. I won’t surrender my power, thank you very much.

      • unreformed,

        Yep. Pretty much, dacian the stupid’s idea of “fascism” is “anyone who disagrees with me, that has the power to prevent me from compelling them to submit”, thus making him the literal definition of a fascist. It SLIGHTLY amuses me that he continues to at least profess the old Leftist trope that “fascists” are definitionally on the right (which is both gramatically and historically stupid and untrue), but that he can look in the mirror and not see that prominent “FASCIST” tattoo on his own forehead is comedy gold.

        • I find it interesting, nameless, brainless troll, that you seem to find it necessary to comment about what I post, without EVER addressing the substance of such posts. Could it be, perhaps, that you lack the wit to even comprehend the substance, and therefore have to limit your responses to ad hominem (and I freely admit that I always use ad hom with respect to dacian the stupid, MinorIQ, and your worthless self, but y’all have EARNED it). Even my comments that do descend to ad hominem include actual substantive content. Try it, sometime. (Oh, sorry . . . I forgot that it’s not nice to make fun of the handicapped. Forget I suggested that you actually think.)

    • ” One can rant all he wants about Constitutional Rights being unlimited but reality dictates that is false. ”

      Basically you’re right about that But that does not mean the gubmint has a totally free hand in setting the boundaries, which is what you seem to by implying (or wishing for). Rights are unlimited as the default position. The gubmint has to (or should have to) prove beyond any doubt that any restrictions serve the public good, and they should be able to demonstrate that with incontrovertible data and evidence. Relying on dumb statements like “can’t yell fire in a theater” leaves the door open to the gubmint doing whatever they want, and relying on the legislature or the courts to keep this in check is a fool’s errand. You can, in fact, yell fire in a theater is there really is a fire

  8. “Mr. and Mrs. America have seen the competing world views… And they’re voting with their wallets. That’s a reality even Hogg can’t deny.”

    I beieve it’s doubtful that Hogg is even aware of the reord numbers of guns sold over the past 2 years, let alone why. I wouldn’t assign anything to his intelligence, awareness, or lack there of. Like Biden, he is being coached all along the way.

  9. I thought Hogg was from S Florida. People down there don’t have basements. Water table is too high. Down there the troll offspring live in the garage.

  10. There are no absolute rights.
    We have a right not to shot.

    Flawed in his own reasoning, if in fact there were a right not to shot, which there isn’t, then that right also wouldn’t be absolute.

    • But but but the Declaration of Independence says I have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

    • “ There are no absolute rights.”

      Of course there aren’t if we as beneficiaries of those rights aren’t willing to strive, work and fight to keep and maintain them. How do you think the US ever arrived at the GCA ‘68?

      If you weren’t around then, it was because a majority of Americans thought our government was incorruptible and would always act on our behalf. Probably no other legislation in the history of this great nation exposed every government for what it really is: A system that operates primarily to increase and enhance its own power and existence.

      Damn- our Founders understood this very well when they scrapped and argued to create the Constitution. As bad as some of us think we have it today, we’re not even close to Boston in say, 1774, particularly if one happened to be a Tory.

  11. If they aren’t absolute, then the aren’t rights. They are privileges, subject to change by the whims of our masters.

    I think Hogg, and most people, are confused because they can’t imagine a world where the government actually honors their own codified limitations. They have been born under an overbearing parental-figure of a government and can’t imagine living without it.

  12. Well, at least Mr. Hogg is not an armed, right wing extremist who hates women, like our latest right wing gun nut mass murderer.

    “His Instagram and Twitter accounts show he harbored misogynistic hatred, and reveled in alt-right conspiracy theories.

    McLeod quoted characters and lines from his books to comment on current events, such as a COVID misinformation meme on Twitter featuring Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft founder Bill Gates discussing ‘an injectable nanoworm’.”

    • Gee, impressive, MinorIQ. Now do all the other mass shooters. You know, like Connor Betts, or Timothy Simpkins, or Nidal Hassan, or James Hodgkinson. Or is it that you Leftist/fascists prefer bombs??? Like Ted Kaczynski, or some of your Weather Underground buddies.

      Or maybe, just maybe, you ignorant, Leftist/fascist t***, crazy people come in all stripes? Go micturate up a cable, you Leftist loser.

      • My team is better than your team because this one guy from your team is a big baddie! So there!

      • To the Lamp that went out in his head.

        My real satisfaction of seeing you on this forum is that you in Australia cannot enjoy the firearms rights we have in the U.S. and I just love reminding you of that. Eat your heart out.

        • Wait a minute, one comment your condemning the USA and its citizens for being able to buy AR’s and in this comment your rubbing in Aussie’s faces they cant.
          It took awhile, but I’ve got you figured out.

        • Well, dacian the stupid, it also appears that your list of subjects about which you are abjectly ignorant continues to grow. I am confident that it will continue to do so.

          That you think that I define my rights and behavior by the diktats of ANY regime of authoritarians, anywhere, speaks volumes about your own issues with accepting agency and personal responsibility. I would suggest you read some mid-late Heinlein, but then I come up against the barrier of your illiteracy. Maybe you can find it on Audiobooks . . . nah, even if someone read it to you, you still would fail to understand it. Like you do everything else.

  13. Wow Lamp, I don’t know the last time I heard someone told to go fuck himself with such eloquence. Well done.

    • Hogg boy is still a thing? Raise yer hand if a degree from Hah-vaad don’t impress you much✋

    • Glad that I could brighten your day. While I would prefer to interact with folks such as yourself, Geoff, possum, and a number of others, I find I cannot resist playing whack-a-mole with the idjits like dacian the stupid, MinorIQ, the nameless troll, and enuf. It pleases me that others enjoy my efforts in that regard.

      • In fact the only thing that pleases Lamp more is beating women. Seriously this guy is a bigger loser than Geoff, and that’s saying something 🤣🖕🤡.

      • nameless, brainless troll,

        When I go to renew my lease on the empty space in your head, do you need me to put down that I’m paying you a penny a year, or is it OK to be honest and say I’m living rent-free??? Wouldn’t want to cause you any difficulties.

        Really impressed with the banal emojis, too!! (Not!!)

    • OK, possum, that was just savage. You are consistent in finding creative ways to (as our Brit colleagues would put it) “take the piss” out of idiots.

        • nameless, brainless troll,

          I’ll make you an offer: post a comment offering a vote of the members of these comment threads (I will defer to you to pick the thread) and let everyone vote about which of us they’d rather see depart. I will be happy to abide by the outcome of such vote, however it goes. Will you????

          You are even more pathetic than dacian the stupid, and that is an . . . accomplishment, I guess. Being that pathetic and useless is akin to being the world’s tallest midget. Glory in your “accomplishment”, nameless and brainless . . . after all, it is ALL you have, or ever will have.

  14. quote——————Oh, and no one has a “right” not to be shot. Unlike keeping and bearing arms, “not being shot” doesn’t make an appearance in the Bill of Rights. Or anywhere else in the Constitution for that matter.————–quote

    “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence.[1] The phrase gives three examples of the unalienable rights which the Declaration says have been given to all humans by their Creator, and which governments are created to protect. Like the other principles in the Declaration of Independence, this phrase is not legally binding, but has been widely referenced and seen as an inspiration for the basis of government.

    Except in the rather strange mind of John Boch you will not find many Americans both on the Left and the Right who would not say or not believe that their Government is required to guarantee and give them the ‘Right to Life”. To refute that would be to totally nullify everything else stated in the Constitution. Also common sense and sanity makes this undeniable.

    As far as 2A is concerned not many Americans who are sane and therefore not among the Far Right 3 per centers, as they call themselves, would argue that there should not be any restrictions on deadly weapons, especially those of mass destruction like machine guns, grenades, poison gas and artillery and semi-auto assault rifles to name just a few of the rather obvious.

    • Given that we should have restrictions on weapons of mass destruction, I expect that your lips will be sewn together, along with all other progressives/liberals/democrats. Hmmm – parsing my own sentence, it might be good to stipulate that all of your lips are sewn together. You can smooch Nancy Pelosi, all of the Squat Squad, and all the rest of the old hags on the left. Extra points if all your lips can then be sewn to Creepy Joe’s scrotum.

    • You still fail to understand the significance that both the Declaration and the Constitution were written as limits on governmental authority. And as to governmental authority, you DO NOT have a right to be free from the government killing you, as long as you are afforded due process of law and capital punishment is still allowed. What Jefferson meant was that citizens have a right to go about their lives essentially unhindered by governmental restriction and interference. So if some non-governmental wacko comes to your house and blows your brains out (assuming he can shoot a spot that small), he has not violated any of your constitutional rights.

    • dacian the stupid,

      Just for a thought experiment (oops, sorry, I overlooked your inability to engage in thought – I will try not to mock your disability in the future), please explain to me the legal barriers to my creation of a thermonuclear (fission) device (I know what they are; I suspect that, like all other issues, you are wholly ignorant). Now, compare and contrast those (meaningless) barriers to the ACTUAL barriers to creation of a thermonuclear device, and expound.

      Oh, wholly ignorant on that, too? Quelle surprise!

      dacian, is there actually anything you DO know???

      ‘Splain to me, Lucy, how you would go about manufacturing the “poison gas” that you so fear (and that is relatively useless as an instrument of war, being largely useful only as a tool of terror). Or an improvised explosive compound. Or a biological. Oh, totally ignorant on all those, too.

      The “barriers” to creation of any or all of those, you absolute mouthbreathing moron, are not your alleged “governmental restrictions” (which largely don’t exist, other than a few pathetic efforts to regulate access to materials), but (i) the knowledge of the process (which you obviously lack . . . but, then, you obviously lack knowledge, PERIOD), and (ii) access to materials (which is a barrier to the ignorant – like you).

      Let me put it this way, dacian the stupid – while I have little to no fear of your potential threat as the bearer of a firearm, my fear of that SLIGHT risk is infinitely greater than my fear of your use of an improvised nuclear, chemical or biological weapon. The “barrier”, you complete drooling moron, is NOT the diktats of the “gummint”; it is the ability of the potential perpetrator.

      That you and your fellow ignoramuses fail to recognize that point might be mildly amusing, if it weren’t so completely pathetic.

  15. When the Constitution was written,and the Bill or Rights, added, it was completely legal, if an individual, or business chose to do so, own, outfit, and operate armed warships or armed merchantmen. They could even become ad hoc agents of government forces as privateers.
    Both local municipalities and private individuals owned cannon. With no restriction of the types of shells or shot used. Private individuals could own Gatling guns or other heavy crew served weapons.
    While an individual has the reasonable expectation of being safe going about their day to day life, there is no Constitutional right to be free from harm. And no way to gaurantee that no harm will befall anyone. Fact is, the threat of harm is 1 of the reasons we have the right to keep and bear arms.

  16. “We have a right not to be shot.”
    We have the right to not be: “. . . deprive[d . . . ] of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; . . . “.

    In Utah you may be shot upon the judgement of your peers, UPON due process of law.

    If, and to the extent, that there may be a right not to be shot, the author is correct. There ARE exceptions.

    Governments have powers delegated to them by their sovereign peoples. Individuals have rights; precisely what they are and to what extent they may be limited is difficult to determine.

    What we can know with certainty is the words that have been inscribed in the Constitution, as ratified by the States. That’s our system; unless and until we dissolve it and form a new system more to our liking.

    It is incumbent upon us to understand what these words meant, and today mean, and to resolve ourselves to uphold these rights and restrain these powers to the best of our ability to determine what they meant/mean.

    For once we choose the easy path of ignoring some provision, no matter our rational, (e.g., to tax exports instead of imports) the entire covenant among us dissolves. This, we can not afford to risk.

    • OK, MarkPA, I am impressed. That was one of the most thoughtful, historically-grounded, logical comments I have read on this (or any other) site.

      I salute you, sir. Your knowledge (and more important, understanding) of the logical underpinnings of the republic our Founders were TRYING to create (“A republic, my dear – if you can keep it!”) commands my deep respect.

      Sir, it would be my pleasure to buy you a beer (or other beverage of your choice). Well played, Mark. Well played, indeed!

      Unfortunately, we’re WELL past the point of ignoring one issue. We’ve ignored the basic structure of the Constitution (and the philosophical basis of the Declaration) pretty much from day one. That it is getting more obvious is . . . kinda the whole concept of “slippery slope”, isn’t it???

  17. Pencil Neck, I don’t read your shit anymore, but I do notice as I scroll down you sure do write a lot of it. For an audience that doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you think. Don’t you think that’s a bit sad? Maybe you should ask your therapist about it next week.

        • And he suffers from delusions of gender. And delusions of adequacy. And delusions of relevance. And delusions of intellect.

          That boy is a walking delusion. “That boy ain’t right in the head.”

  18. David Hogg says “We have a right to not be shot.”
    Does he not understnd that not getting shot is exactly what the 2nd A was written for.
    If you have a gun your chance of being shot is reduced by at least 50%. Follow the science.

  19. Oh, and no one has a “right” not to be shot. Unlike keeping and bearing arms, “not being shot” doesn’t make an appearance in the Bill of Rights. Or anywhere else in the Constitution for that matter.

    WRONG on principle.

    IX: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

  20. I must confess when I read, “inveterate attention whore called David Hogg,” I initially read that as “invertebrate attention whore called David Hogg.” Works either way.

  21. This is exactly what you expect from a public school graduate attending a public school that no longer teaches American Civics and History!! When you don’t know what the Founders said or their intentions you make uneducated statements like his!! Read the damn document you moron. Our Rights come from God and ARE Guaranteed!! Government doesn’t decide your rights unless you live in Europe or a totalitarian state!! (Oh yeah, also Canada)

  22. It is illegal to shoot someone without cause, but you are still shot. While you don’t have a specific right not to be shot, someone who shoots you should be prosecuted. But, don’t count on it happening in LACO, or Chicago, or any other metro area in the US.

  23. Why is it when rights are discussed, and the 2nd in particular, some commie SOB will immediately pipe up with what they dont mean or what rights you dont have.
    It never fails. Free men terrify tyrants.

  24. The only right that is absolute is the right to abortion. It is right there in Amendment 4 2/3. So if no other rights are not absolute, then the right to vote isn’t and states can impose reasonable regulations to avoid fraud – right? And the right to free expression of religion is not absolute so you regulate religious views that are anti-American? And the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment can be suspended when “in the national interest”, O.K.? And free speech isn’t absolute so you can censor idiots?

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