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It’s absurd to state — as if it’s a fact — that the pandemic “fueled” the surge when there were riots and the police stood down and did not protect the citizens! I personally got trained to use a gun last summer, and I fired a gun for the first time in my life. That had nothing to do with the pandemic. It was about civil disorder threatening my [Madison, Wisconsin] neighborhood and the manifest unwillingness of the city to keep order. You’re on your own, we were told, quite plainly.

Let’s see how obtusely the article avoids taking self-defense seriously. Guns aren’t a way to defend yourself from the pandemic, so we look like idiots arming ourselves against that. I’d like to see if the NYT respects those of us who are actually thinking rationally about self-defense.

Paragraph 3 of the article alludes to the riots, but look how the NYT strains to undermine the rationality of [the] decision to own a gun:

While gun sales have been climbing for decades — they often spike in election years and after high-profile crimes — Americans have been on an unusual, prolonged buying spree fueled by the coronavirus pandemic, the protests last summer and the fears they both stoked. 

Not “riots,” not even “disorder” — “protests.” As if the gun purchasers are afraid of ideas that were expressed. Buying guns was a “spree” — “spree” sounds irrational — and it was “fueled” — as if it’s a fire — by “fear” — and that fear sounds irrational, because it’s a reaction to “protests” and the pandemic — 2 things that are not properly addressed by owning a gun.  

In the sixth paragraph, we see some very interesting facts:

New preliminary data from Northeastern University and the Harvard Injury Control Research Center show that about a fifth of all Americans who bought guns last year were first-time gun owners. And the data, which has not been previously released, showed that new owners were less likely than usual to be male and white. Half were women, a fifth were Black and a fifth were Hispanic…

I’m a woman, and I was a first-time gun user last summer. 

“Americans are in an arms race with themselves,” said Marqueece Harris-Dawson, who represents South Los Angeles….

From my perspective, I think it seems that people who want peace and safety got forced into some new practical thinking as the traditional idea of calling the police suddenly looked shockingly weak. 

— Ann Althouse in Pandemic?! Don’t you mean the riots?

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    • You are correct as did Harvard University. Which even worked to legitimize the Nazi Regime in the 30’s

      • The NYT is a fading propaganda outlet of the enemies of the American people.

        They have been working to legitimatize Soviet communism from day one.

  1. One year ago today(my birthday!)I stood guard with my door open awaiting the hoards of BlackLootersMurder scum invading my town. AR & pistols locked n loaded. My city did little to stop the thieves & looters. And I’ve bought 2 more guns…I don’t give a dam if the lamestream thinks differently!!!

    • @ former water walker

      …but, that makes you An Enemy of the Biden State…abbreviated as the B.S.

      I went and visited a friend earlier today who passed away last year (WWII veteran)…I miss his wise counsel.

      The ribs are marinating, awaiting their turn on the grill later this afternoon.

      A peaceful Memorial Day to you Sir.

    • “I stood guard with my door open awaiting the hoards of BlackLootersMurder scum invading my town.”

      So how did it go when the hordes of BLM scum invaded your town? Were you able to use your AR 15 and defend yourself and your family?

      What? You say there were no violent invaders attacking your home or your family? Are you saying you didn’t fire your A.R. 15 even once in anger or fear?

      So apparently your fears were unfounded.

      • Funny how it isn’t needed when it is present. Almost like it chills ‘exuberant free speech’. How many riots happened where the citizens were armed and let the savages see it?

  2. The white guilt simply oozes from the pages of the New York Times so the hyper-liberal rag simply views the riots as as peaceful protests. To do otherwise would be unthinkable.

    • They shame those who “keep law and order” for using too much force, then shame them for not stopping riots because they fear for their jobs when they have to use force required to stop such unlawfulness. To make it worse, if you stop it, you will not only face mob justice, but also the full extent of the law. They are allowed to show up and riot, but you show up to prevent it and you are a “vigilante”. The hypocrisy is astounding. Even this writer admits to having bought a gun because of riots, which were the cause of police defunding movements. It’s amazing how their narratives and agendas gloss over the simplest form of problem solving and allow their masters to continue the grip around these slaves necks so they can further their careers in politics, or, political influence. If you believe a diverse group of law enforcement is “racist”, I have some snake oil to sell you. Police force? Sure, wed all love to mitigate that one, but not for the liberal agenda. So “we” stand back, and do nothing. Sitting indoors hoping they don’t target is next. Stupid.

      This is why getting both these shithole parties out of office is so important. Their polarization of the world, not just the us, but the influence America has on world politics, has gotten out of control, and who pays for it? You and me. The “law abiding” tax payers working for a living. The middle class. Btw, the middles range, is the definition of “wealth inequality” – not the low class not making enough for shit “essential” jobs. Just more reason to vote 3rd party.

      • I’d suggest that before you “vote 3rd party”, make sure said party can actually deliver on what it claims. One thing Americans seem to forget is that the current anarchists now controlling the democrats used to be a “3rd party”. Democrats were conservatives, primarily in the south when I was growing up, the roots of woke-ism began in CA during the late 60s and spread like a cancer as fat, comfortable people in the burbs started feeling compassion for them, spread by whackjobs like Phil Donahue and his ilk.

        There is presently NO 3rd party in the US that can effectively combat either the woke progressives or the “active” inactivity of the mainstream republicrats in Congress- none. Not in the individual states, either. There is no organization, no network, nor direct connections to the mainstream people- zip, nada. Look at how much trouble the MAGA movement encountered and it, with remnants of the Tea Party have been the most effective organized response yet to the “Frenching” of the US- the attempt to turn us into a 3rd world dictatorship.

        If we truly want to restore this nation, we’ll need to continue to take over the country through one of the 2 parties. With 3 parties, the “winner” can rule with a 34% “majority”. No thanks…

        Best bet is to move forward with the Tea Party/Trump agenda and continue to boot out the progressives from the republicans who’ve gotten rich and fat from their constant acquiesence and compromising away of our rights for their own enrichment. By the time yet another movement begins it will likely be too late for us, our liberties, our personal defense, and our children and grandchildren.

        • Third party is not necessary and would not help, the answer is term limits, no guaranteed lifetime wealth for fooling the rubes. Two terms in either house, unless you have already served in the other house, then only one term. “Citizen legislators” rather than professional liars.

        • Agree, no third party will work.

          Takeover of a party starts at the citizen level. Make sure every elected position is held by a real conservative from dog catcher to POTUS.

          The problem with that is vetting the candidates. Don’t go by anything published by the campaign, they all lie.

          Keep in mind that democrats (communist party USA) run candidates as conservatives who are dedicated communists and campaign as conservatives. When those are elected they will work to move the ball toward the communist goal line even to the point of “coming out” if necessary.

          It happened here and I know it has happened in national elections because they side the the left. Example, the RINOS who sided with democrats to investigate the “insurrection” at the capital.

          If possible investigate every candidate for office for their full life. Their actions are what counts, not words. Were they registered democrats who “converted” to republican? Don’t trust them.

          And now days you best “Be Prepared!!!”

  3. Seemed pretty obvious to me that a pandemic would cause riots. We’ve seen this pattern before. People in jeopardy get angry. Economics is the best predictor of violence.

    • But the pandemic didn’t cause the riots. Brain dead left wing woke ideology caused them. The media and Democrat politicians continued to promote the riots throughout the year, just as they continued to promote stereotyping people based on the color of their skin, also known as racism. Were you in a coma last year?

      • We all knew this is the way it would play out.

        They are finally in office, so now the virus goes away, now they can “investigate” the source.

        It’s not their fault, it’s ours.

        At this rate, it will get worse every 4 years. Nobody has any fight left in them. Everyone’s too worried about the fallout and we are NOT organized enough.

        All it takes now days, is one hacker. One article to spark a riot, one idiot. One big ass government with limitless control over it’s subjects.

        We have no rights. There is no such thing.
        We have no rights.

        We are either free, or not. Unless you are in a “terrorist group”, you ain’t free. And even the “militias” pay taxes.

  4. We are taunted by the anti-gun people that we were foolish in buying guns in the face of the pandemic. We need to be clear about this in our response.

    When the pandemic hit it was clear that there was a looming threat to both the supply chain and civil order.

    People who couldn’t go to work couldn’t earn a living. It was by no means guaranteed that the Feds would dump enough money on the unemployed to enable them to pay their bills and buy groceries.

    Even as fears about the unemployed going hungry abated, we couldn’t be sure that food could be produced, distributed and sold during the pandemic. Meat processing plants have workers shoulder-to-shoulder; precisely what was forbidden by CDC guidelines. We couldn’t know where bottle-necks would form or even whether grocery stores would be allowed to remain open.

    Under the foregoing circumstances there was a clear-cut threat to food supplies. Just exactly the major threat to civil order in human history. Some of us had some stocks to see our own families through disruptions. We would have to defend those stocks from others who were not prepared. Police could help in isolated cases; but the threat was one that would be widespread if it occurred at all.

    Fortunately, the supply chain held up reasonably well despite the pandemic. While the BLM/ANTIFA riots were spread throughout the country each area was relatively small. Supply was disrupted in isolated neighborhoods; not for entire cities or counties. Nevertheless, no one could be sure that his own neighborhood was safe. If Kenosha, Wisconsin, could have a major riot just about every municipality had some risk.

    • “Fortunately, the supply chain held up reasonably well despite the pandemic.“

      Yes, despite the fear mongering propaganda, everything worked out just fine, no food riots or massive starvation.

      And now that the pandemic is effectively over, it turns out that there were apparently no hordes of hungry gang bangers invading rural areas like plagues of locusts, raping, pillaging and stealing food from good Americans.

      In fact, effective action by the government in providing relief and subsidies to individuals and local governments prevented any major disruption of food supplies or medical care.

      I love it when a plan comes together.

      • Thank you for your recognition that the Trump Administration’s effective planning and subsequent actions prevented major disruptions in the food and medical supply chains in the USA during the height of the pandemic.

        45’s plan did come together for the benefit of all residents of the USA….black/white, rich/poor, straight/ LGBTQ …citizen, LAPR or unlawfully present persons.

        • It was more in spite of trumps actions rather than because of them that our systems worked. If you look at the stimulus packages you will see that the Republicans opposed many of the programs, voting against the help that citizens needed.

          But the Republican politicians were all to ready to take advantage and claim credit for the programs once they were passed.

          A perfect example would be representative Carol Miller from WV, she voted against the Stimulus payments to individual citizens, but of course once it passed her five car dealerships received over $3 million in PPP funding.

          Another would be Republican Governor Jim Justice, who has cut off unemployment support for out of work West Virginians, but received as much as $24 million to support his elitist resort, the Greenbrier in Lewisburg.

          Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.

        • Good story, Minor, but if you note, Joe Biden is advocating immense increases in tax rates, yet he normally pays about 3%!!! And Bernie Sanders wants far higher tax rates than Biden is advocating, yet he made millions in one year and absolutely LAUGHED at the idea that he should have paid taxes on that amount at the rate he personally was advocating as his “fair share”. If he understood so clearly what a fair share would be, why did he not pay it? The IRS does not recognize a maximum amount of taxes a person can pay, only a minimum that he must pay.

      • Minor doofus, it is clear to those who think that it is better to be prepared and not need to be, than to be an ignorant and unprepared doofus when the looters *DO* come to call.

  5. Good behavior should be rewarded. The NYT admitted Americans are buying guns in record numbers. They lied about the cause, but they published the fact. All of their leftist readers must be trembling with fear about the millions of newly armed civilians….but….gasp!!!….maybe some of those new gun owners read the NYT….maybe they saw the article that tells them they purchased their new guns because of….gasp!!….Covid!!!….maybe they will remember they purchased their weapons because of rioters and the threat of riots…maybe they will recognize that the NYT lied and simultaneously told an actual truth….maybe, just maybe, their trust in the Times will erode, just a little.

    Nonetheless, kudos, NYT, for publishing an actual fact. I am sure it hurt, like passing a kidney stone, but you did it, and we are proud of you.

    • Mixing truth with lies in a deliberate attempt to deceive is not good behavior. Every newscast will have some event that did happen, integrity is how the facts are laid out. Tabloidism and yellow journalism should never be rewarded as it is speculative at best and catering to special self interest at worst. Its called putting a spin on things or damage control. The alternate is to outright lie and make up stories which frankly is harder and they are too lazy for that.

  6. They see what they want to see. While a large portion of the population looks to them for staying informed. The average reader does not understand how they are being manipulated into submission.

    Who is the more foolish?
    The fool or the fool that follows them?

  7. I agree with MarkPA’s comment above: many people purchased firearms to mitigate the risk of potential civil disorder due to rioting as well as food supply disruption.

  8. I have never given a good goddamn what the fucking ny times or any other liberal cocksucking organization thinks, says, prints or shits out. They can all suck a bag of frozen dicks.

    • Congratulations! You are the first today to bring up Homo-erotic sex on TTAG, bravo!

      It is not exactly my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat is fine by me as long as it’s with consenting adults.

  9. I think it’s hilarious how they are trying to talk themselves into a ‘safe space’.

    No matter what you do, what you say, what laws are passed. Doesn’t remove the fact that there are over 400 million known guns in the country. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the cork cannot be put back in on that one, the genie is out of the bag, the ship has sailed, etc…..yet these fools still think they can have ‘gun control’.

    • The best they can get is 15% compliance, and that is in looney leftwing Kommiefornia.

      Connecticut, NY, NJ and the like have about a 4-5% compliance rate for registering “Assault” weapons, magazines, etc.

      We are America; we will not comply.

      • They don’t even want to to register anything. They have endless redtape to make the process pointless. Its like give up on the process and don’t even bother registering but hope we don’t find you having something we made difficult to register.

  10. theyre the palace guard for the biden administration
    and as such theyre not in the business of legitimizing the 2nd amendment

  11. What do you expect the propaganda outlets of the Left to do? Were the live correspondents talking to the cameras be about “mostly peaceful protests”, with buildings literally burning in the background, not enough to demonstrate their complete commitment to denying and minimizing last summer’s violence? If they can deny the cause of burning buildings, denying the cause of increased firearm sales is a cakewalk.

  12. I can’t wait til the day it all goes to shit and we are truly free.

    This writer thinks the summer of love was scary enough to buy a gun, but won’t admit why it happened and won’t prepare for when governments topple.

    Some trees will be ripe for the picking. I predict 3 months after SHTF, those cities will have TONS of good stuff floating around.

    • “I can’t wait til the day it all goes to shit and we are truly free.“

      I’m not sure I share your sense of glee contemplating the possibility of our civilization falling.

      Apparently, some people have a need for death and destruction, it seems to fulfill some need within their psyche.

      • BLM/Antifa certainly fit that description unless we are still going with the mostly peaceful trope. Either way they will be irrelevant until the next election.

      • Our civilization is *currently* falling, he is describing that being checked, and the rot being removed.

  13. “Why Doesn’t The New York Times Want to Admit That Riots Fueled Record Gun Sales?”

    Most likely because the NYT also doesn’t want to admit that an armed American public can adequately protect themselves from both civilian oppressors and their own government. And it would be so much more so if the same Americans would somehow organize their efforts.

    God, how these Leftists hate independent anything- independent people, independent thought, independent finance, independent living, etc., …

  14. The author states she is a new gun owner. She’s outraged by the language choices used by the New York Times. While outrageous and irritating, those of us that have been following guns in the media know this is nothing new or extraordinary. Welcome to the club, and hopefully more new gun owners eyes are opening as well.

  15. NPR is on the same bandwagon.
    Then they try to make a link between the increase in sales with gun violence.
    No mention where the violence is occurring (e.g. Chicago, New York City, San Fran, all Blue cities or cities that are pro-defund the police). No mention of criminal activity (gang related).
    No, just that law abiding citizens buying guns is the reason for the increase in gun violence.

    • Lots of gun owners moved out of NYC (waiting on stats but actually trackable) and few if any permits approved so yeah gun control totally works out well.

      • Works? No, if it worked the crime rate would reflect as such. Not the rate that citizens flee because they can’t defend themselves.

        • Oh wait we were talking public safety and not setting the stage for greater levels of authoritarianism weren’t we………….sorry gets confusing working up here. Joking aside NYC should be required reading for what does not work re public safety.

  16. They lied about the cause because NYT are pathological liars.
    They advocate a microchipped disarmed society.
    You can stop being polite when the opposition proves it has no desire in the truth.

    First try diplomacy and eloquently state your position.
    In the face of reason and demonstrated fairness they mock or ridicule you into silence under excuses like sarcasm or hyperbole they have crossed the line into treachery.

    They want to take advantage of peoples benign nature.
    The greater the abuse the greater the willingness to fight more aggressively.
    They beat me up and I didn’t even do nothing. They are bullies.

    Who should be armed according to the Democrats, because it sure isn’t Blacks.
    They quote MLK as an example of what to be but who choose MLK as the leader of Blacks? Was it Blacks or Whites? A lot of his tactics were questionable to say the least.

    They say the people with guns are the bad guys and so Blacks should be disarmed to prove they are the good guys (Die Hard 3). They say Blacks are beat up by police or shot by white men (Trayvon Martin and his mom) so in response ban the victims from owning guns or embracing gun culture. Then when blacks willingly disarm portray them as looters who pose a threat to armed whites.

    How does violently looting while disarmed protect Black people if whites will shoot them?
    Its like they want blacks disarmed so that white people can shoot them.

    If there is civil injustice then protest. If their is civil unrest then riot. But under no circumstances have a foot in “guns are bad” but “lets engage in warfare unarmed”. Its suicidal. Its lambs to the slaughter. With tactics like this you don’t need white supremacists as enemies just white liberals as leaders.

    If people with guns are the bad guys then the ultimatum by liberals is this: Be a dead good guy like MLK or a living bad guy because you choose to arm yourself. That’s not fair and akin to emotional blackmail (a form of dark psychology).


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