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Our guns are killing, not protecting, us – “Not a single European citizen with whom I discussed current events – college students, hotel clerks, bus drivers, university professors and people in pubs – demonstrated the slightest bit of annoyance at being denied the “freedom” of instantaneous access to high-powered firearms. Rather, to a person, they expressed wonder at our enslavement to and acquiescence of a violent gun culture that claims tens of thousands of innocent lives each year.” You probably didn’t even realize that you’re enslaved, did you?


Why are anti-gunners so sexist? Here’s An Idea: Only Women Should Have Guns – “James Garbarino, a psychologist from Loyola University who has extensively researched human development and violence, has even said that female mass killers are “so rare it hasn’t been studied.” This leaves no argument—women are extremely less likely to kill someone with their guns. It’s difficult to even find data about women killing people with guns in cases that aren’t in self-defense. In that sense, I agree with Chris Cox. More women should have guns. And since it’s abundantly clear that they’ll commit less violence than men and be vulnerable to violence committed by men, let’s take all the guns away from men and give them to women.”


Rally Against Rogue MA Attorney General – Bay Staters are rallying tomorrow. against AG Maura Healey’s assault weapon ban diktat. “This Saturday, July 23rd the MA Legislature will be in a rare weekend special session to handle other matters – plan to be at the State House at 10:00 AM Make your voice heard – Meet with your legislators – Protest the anti–freedom actions of Attorney General Healey.”

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UNT prepares for guns on campus with safes – “‘The only thing that would open that safe would be the code they put in,’ Reynolds said. The lock box isn’t for a wallet, or even jewelry. It’s for a gun. ‘Accessible only by the licensed-to-carry holder,’ Reynolds said. Starting Aug. 1, students and staff with concealed handgun licenses will be able to take their guns into school buildings and classrooms at public universities.” OK, but making people handle their guns more often is inherently more dangerous. Just saying.


‘I’m Petrified For My Children’: Will Racism And Guns Lead To America’s Ruin? – “Part of the heartbreak of watching the nightmare up the highway from me in Dallas was seeing, like a story’s dramatic conclusion, several of America’s greatest inherent conflicts coming together in one moment: fatally disastrous policing; our unresolved racial legacy dating back to the original sin of slavery and the century of socio-economic disenfranchisement that followed it; our love of guns and our reoccurring shame of the mass murders made possible by them.”


Stolen Guns, Male Prostitutes, Booze Binges & More! New Secret Service Scandal Exposed – “’A male Secret Service Agent assigned to Puerto Rico had his issued firearm stolen by a male prostitute who he solicited online,’ reads one sensational report dated May 2, 2014. Inspectors conducted a review of his issued laptop and discovered the solicitation was made using his government computer…The weapon has not been recovered.” Top men. Top men. 

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Scenes from California’s gunpocalypse: Los Angeles County Destroys More Than 7,000 Seized Guns – “More than 7,000 weapons seized or collected by Los Angeles County law enforcement were destroyed Thursday in the agency’s annual gun melt in the furnace of a steel mill. The handguns, rifles and semi-automatic weapons were trucked to the Gerdau Steel Mill in Rancho Cucamonga, 40 miles east of Los Angeles, where bulldozers scooped up loads from a huge pile and dumped them into the furnace.”

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    • Yep, the Evil Gun Industry only gets paid for the first retail sale. Reducing the supply of used guns funnels more money into the industry as they’re replaced with new guns, as they can’t do anything about demand.

      • Most of those long guns were likely old, rusted, busted shotguns and rimfires. Now they’ll be replaced by plastic wonder nines and other more modern firearms.

    • “…where bulldozers scooped up loads from a huge pile and dumped them into the furnace.”

      California is using bulldozers, because touching guns with your bare hands leads to cooties.

    • I wish California was nuked from orbit, and I would even stay on the telephone to confirm it for you all.

      (Yet another Californian)

      • Used to feel the same way would sit at work staring out to sea praying for the big one…… then I was able to move to a free state

        • I figure if we just remove warning labels from stuff, the problem will sort its self out….

    • as a fellow Californian, I do feel the weight of the shackles. Been tempted to run north to Idaho or Montana more than a few times. Even Nevada for short term, but long term with the influx of CA to the greater Reno area and others, it will fall soon enough. To bad I have a stable job with decent pay, other wise it would be a done deal. Might have to send my AK and what few standard capacity mags I have north via the underground railway….


      • I used to thing the same thing. Now I wonder why the heck we didn’t pull the ejection handle sooner.

        Find a place you want to be, network, and be patient. An opportunity will present itself.

        • As a fully reformed and cured former Californian I cannot agree more. When the changing demographics of the voter base in California decided it was a good idea to recycle that old political joke named Jerry Brown we realized the tipping point had been passed and California is doomed to a bleak political future. We are in Texas now and couldn’t be happier. We both grew up in and lived through the heyday of California but it will never come back. Just sorry we didn’t leave sooner.

  1. “Not a single European citizen with whom I discussed current events … demonstrated the slightest bit of annoyance at being denied the “freedom” of instantaneous access to high-powered firearms.

    Good for them. So, the point is?

    I’m OK with “They get to do things how they like; we get to do things how we like.” 10’s of millions of Americans have expressed a very different preference from the obviously free of sampling bias set of interviews this “journalist” with an agenda is referring to.

    We are, however, a bit more egalitarian in the US. We tend to count “murders” not “gun murders”, and “violence” not “gun violence.” We don’t care how someone is killed. If they’re murdered, we think it’s wrong. (Even in France with a truck. Yeah, I went there.)

    • As they have more 18-year-old German-Iranian rampage around Europe, they may change their minds.

      • Nah, they’ll still say “someone needs to protect me” rather than “I need to be able to protect myself”.

      • Germans are totally screwed by Godwin’s Law. They have foolishly allowed themselves to be invaded by Muslim immigrants who truly desire to take over their country and destroy it from within. The instant Germany officially attempts to do anything substantive to resolve this issue the Muslims will cry out, “You are discriminating against us only because of our religion! You are attempting genocide on Islam the same way you did against Jews! You are evil racists stifling our freedom of religion! MURDERERS!”

        As much as the Mohamedans HATE the Jews you can bet this will be part of their strategy in Europe and in the U.S. when the western countries have finally had enough. The question will be how to respond to this tactic.

        The truly sad thing is that the invading Muslims seem to be in many respects EXACTLY what the Nazi propaganda claimed the Jews were (but actually were not).

        • Exactly my thoughts.
          The stage was set for the invading hajis by the leftist-controlled education system.

          New generations of Germans after WW2 were indoctrinated with a national-guilt mentality; the prevalence of & support for youth antifa organisations in Germany are prime example of the left’s success in that regard…. except I don’t think they anticipated millions of muslims beating them to the punch.

          Contrast that with Japan, though. Since the end of WW2, Europe (along with pretty much everyone else) has been scolding the Japanese for not being suitably contrite and embracing the globalist agenda. And in the last few decades, the EU has been crying about the increasing nationalism & restrictions on immigration in Japan.

          Yet now Japan is the only country in the world not having problems with islam.

          I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

    • Do you suppose you could find a European who wished they had that gun TODAY in Deutschland? I bet I could(I won’t go to uncle Adolph and THAT disarmed population)…Iranian-German my azz. I support Gals with Guns. Buying the wife a gat next week…

    • I’m OK with “They get to do things how they like; we get to do things how we like.”

      Oh my friend, this is why the progressives hate us. We can’t be allowed to do things how we’d like because we wouldn’t do what the progressives think we should go. They have a solution though: government coercion under penalty of law.

    • In my 20’s, I was a military cop stationed in Germany. We worked and actually socialized with the German Polzei (police) quite often. I learned rather quickly that although German society avoids talking about their embarrassing crime, it is fairly rampant. I remember my amazement that polizei carried MP-5’s as standard issue when US police were only issued pistols and shotguns, but later learned they needed them. I am often frustrated because these no-nothing liberal fascist make wild claims that Europe is this crime free oasis, and I know from personal experience that is complete BS.

  2. Wow. We aren’t Europeans. And the point is? Only a statist Progressive looks at Europe and wants to be more like them. I have no issue with Europeans being their progressive selves over there. It’s the over here that I am committed to fighting. I’m guessing that few parents in Europe ever had a parent reply to them when they were children, “well you don’t want to be like everyone else do you? I mean what if they were jumping off a cliff? Would you just jump off with them?” I used to think that was a stupid parental response, but damn, the longer I live the more I think there’s some true American individualism in that chiding.

    Did anyone else have a flash of a rather nasty thought when looking at the guns being scooped up for melting, something along the lines of “wouldn’t it make more sense to do that with the scumbags who use them to commit crimes?” Not saying I want to return to blood sacrifices, but I admit the thought raced through my mind for an instant.

    • Blood sacrifices usually involved virgins. Kinda in short supply these days.

      But, I’m willing to bet our trolls are still virgins. Maybe some merits to your idea if we work out the logistics.

  3. “Will racism and guns lead to America’s run?”


    Safe spaces, microagressions and centralized government will though. If you deny; as your defense mechanism, that the human being is not as civilized or as decent as you project him or her to be, you will find ruin in your collective naive wake.

    • NoScore Teeball has resulted in two generations of Americans who are incapable of competing for jobs and futures. The most fundamental Law of nature is that the meanest smart dawg always wins in the long run. Nannified twerps will be always be devoured by the toughs of the planet, it cannot be avoided.

      • so unchecked population increase of those “invaders” and those incapable of working within or participating in a civil society is the answer? if we contniue to ingnore increasing (world) popularion at current rates+ as a huge problem, things will get much worse very quick. the more people are added to the mix, the more they will want, or despise, what they cannot have – that is human nature. there are limits to everything.

      • Let us not forget the participation trophy and the 16th place ribbon…

        When mediocracy holds sway.

  4. “Not a single European citizen with whom I discussed current events demonstrated the slightest bit of annoyance at being denied the ‘freedom’ of instantaneous access to high-powered firearms.”

    I visited Europe last year. One of the “warnings” the tour guide gave us was to be careful of thiefs & pickpockets and not do anything if you catch the scumbacks in the act.
    Perplexed, I asked for clarification. It was explained to me thus: If you lay a hand on a pickpocket, even if you caught them in the act of stealing YOUR property, and engage in any “aggressive behaviour” (by their very subjective definitions) towards the thief, the police will throw YOU in jail while letting the thief go.

    That right there told me more about the EU sheeple and the indoctrination they’ve received for years than anything else.

    It’s quite pathetic, really. The EU is political-correctness running amok and is killing them, literally.

    I’ve traveled quite a lot, and Europe is the only place I’ve seen this, though there is something similar in Japan but it is mostly because of their racial-purity attitudes (Gai-jin are always presumed guilty/uncultured/lazy/uneducated by Nihon-jin unless shown otherwise).

    The EU is in for a very nasty ride, and so are we if we don’t get rid of the political-correctness yoke that is suffocating and slowly killing (figuratively and literally) our nation.

  5. So they’ll provide you a safe for your pistol but God help you if your RA catches you with a hot plate, coffee maker or microwave.

    • I was an RA once upon a time, long ago…..oh, the stories. Good times! 🙂


  6. I am sure Europeans are happy they aren’t enslaved by guns but will they be happy when they are shot by Muslims?

  7. I say we offer to take James Garbarino’s idea and run with it.

    I have hereby bequeathed all of my guns to my wife. Now she owns all the guns, and I own none. I’m trying to convince her to change the combo on the safe, too. I hope Mr. Garbarino doesn’t mind if she lets me go out target shooting every once in a while.

    Seriously though, let’s see this through. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get 75% of women to buy a gun and learn how to use it?

    As for the NPR guy…original sin? Really? The progtards really love their collective guilt, don’t they.

  8. “…tens of thousands of innocent lives each year.”

    Well, if you consider gangbangers and meth dealers to be “innocent”, sure. But the overwhelming majority of lives that are “claimed by our violent gun culture” are criminals being shot by other criminals, police, or their intended victims. I won’t shed too many tears for them.

    But most of all, I’m just surprised to learn that there’s a steel mill in California.

    • I am pretty sure there are plenty of steel mills in California. I am also pretty sure most have been closed due to high taxes and over regulation. I am also sure that Progressives would have carve outs in the law to open one back up for “government” biz, such as melting a bunch of confiscated guns.

    • I currently work in a steel mill that is owned by the same company. I don’t know if I could let the furnace operators arc on that charge if they tried that where I work.

  9. Ha. I have a free education waiting for me at Loyola University. Only problem is that their dorms are located in gang territory and I couldn’t qualify for the FOID card.

  10. “Not a single European citizen with whom I discussed current events – college students, hotel clerks, bus drivers, university professors and people in pubs – demonstrated the slightest bit of annoyance at being denied the “freedom” of instantaneous access to high-powered firearms.”

    Perhaps because a European citizen voiced her or her Wrong Think he or she would be penalized for it.


    http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/25/world/europe/spain-europe-protest-free-speech.html -Wrong Think puppetering


  11. (Play music from that bit*h showing all the starving dogs while reading this).
    I have opened a safe haven a preserve so to speak for outlawed guns and accessories. Instead of hiding these poor unloved neglected once prized parts of your family send them to me in the free state of Arizona. Here they will live out their days being loved with others like them so please do it now. You can always come to visit and spend time reliving fond memories. Hurry before it’s to late.

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