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Going long on pizza delivery: Papa John’s upgraded on belief civil unrest is encouraging more pizza delivery – “Papa John’s International Inc. was upgraded to overweight from sector weight at KeyBanc Capital Markets with analysts expressing the surprising view that diners, concerned about political and civil unrest, are choosing to stay home for pizza delivery rather than head out for a meal.” So does this mean more concealed carriers will be good for the restaurant business?

Duck season’s coming:

“In the sport of competition target shooting, malfunctions are not allowed. Harsh recoil is not tolerated and a gun must incorporate features that make it easy to shoot precisely. It’s from this world that the XLR5 Waterfowler is born. With a history of over 115 years of innovation, FABARM engineers have incorporated a long list of advantages that have never been available to hunters – until now. To find out how this technology can work for your next hunting season, visit our website and learn why this is not the same old thing.”

Balls for democracy! Ban Guns, Not Tennis Balls: As NRA Addresses RNC, CodePink Protests Ohio’s Open-Carry Law – “For the first time ever, the National Rifle Association sent its chief lobbyist to the Republican National Convention. According to the NRA, Chris Cox became the group’s first official to ever speak at a political convention. Cox warned that a Hillary Clinton presidency would endanger one’s right to own a gun. While Cox spoke inside the convention on Tuesday, anti-gun activists held their own protest just outside the security gates against the fact that civilians are being allowed to carry military-grade weapons in downtown Cleveland this week but can’t have items such as tennis balls, cans or umbrellas. Democracy Now! was there when antiwar group CodePink teamed up with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to deliver 500 tennis balls to the front steps of the Republican National Convention.”

Nice shootin’ Tex:

What if we get rid of guns in America? – “Would America be OK with passing a law to do away with all guns? What if only military, law enforcement and certain professions such as security and bodyguards were allowed to carry firearms? Any other civilians would lose their right to carry a gun. Would this reduce the amount of incidents that result in deadly force? Possibly. That way, if a person is carrying a weapon you would be able to know that more than likely it is illegal.”


The Bill of Rights: Speech and Guns in the Private Workplace – “It’s doubtful that the architects of the Second Amendment ever meant to sow confusion with awkward grammar. One ill-placed comma – what grammarians degradingly call the “comma splice” — has confounded historians and legal experts for years. It’s also galvanized decades of debate over the actual interpretation of citizens’ rights when it comes to owning and carrying a gun.” It’s really not that complicated…unless you’re an academic.


CCI Ammunition Introduces Accurate and Reliable Copper-22 – CCI Ammunition is proud to announce a new 22 Long Rifle offering with new Copper-22. Its non-lead bullet is suited for plinking, target-shooting and small game hunting. Shipments of this new product are now being delivered to dealers. The Copper-22 projectile is constructed from a unique mix of copper particles and polymer compressed into a potent, 21-grain hollow-point bullet. Combined with CCI’s reliable priming and propellant, Copper-22 loads achieve a muzzle velocity of 1,850 fps and provide superb accuracy.


A memorial to victims of gun crime has been made with residue from the concrete streets where they died – “Teresa Margolles, whose work has predominantly focused on violence from organized crime, has built a 20-foot-wide concrete memorial in Echo Park, Los Angeles. The memorial honors the 100 homicide victims in Los Angeles killed on public streets since January 2015. The memorial, called La Sombra (The Shade) offers visitors a place to rest and reflect. Margolles and her team researched and visited homicide sites, then poured buckets of water on parts of the street. They then sponged the residue from the drenched street.” That’s a lot of residue.

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  1. I was curious to know where they got that much material, but this sounds like a homeopathic memorial.

  2. Of those killed on the streets, how many were bangers, banging?
    …………..This tribute for them?……………

  3. If that memorial isn’t officially the most retarded gimmicky feel good bullshit of the millennium then I give up.

      • Hahahaha
        I think it would be drank dry overnight, then spray painted in protest over being a dry fountain.
        This gives me an idea… We, (those of us who work and support the welfare system), should chip in and offer free beer and booze to anyone with a welfare card the night before elections.
        All the “D” voters would be home sleeping it off instead of voting for Hernie!

        • That is in fact the reason elections are held on Tuesday, to give the weekend Democrats….I mean drunks a chance to sober up enough to remember to vote.

    • With 900-odd years left, I’m sure they’ll come up with something “better.”

      Although hopefully the human race will become rational sooner than later, and this will be known as a memorial at the end of the Participation Trophy epoch.

  4. Here in CA we can’t hunt with lead ammo. That copper .22lr is interesting. I wonder how much it will cost?

    Ca is maybe the 2nd largest gun market in America. Makes sense to cater to our needs.

  5. You guys have some good duck recipes? I’m really looking to make my duck taste better.

    • Delta Waterfowl website has some good ones . Finding a good recipe is a tough one especially when it’s late season and I’m seeing mostly Shovelers.Not too tasty

    • You can cover the taste with marinades, preparation, and sauces. The root problem is over cooking.

      Treated loke steak and cooked to Medium (or Medium-Rare) the taste and texture is excellent, even shovlers. Balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper is a good base to start with.

      Any recipe for steak can easily be adapted for duck. At least that’s been my experience with cooking it with success since I’ve treated like red meat instead of poultry. Be aware of warnings and admonitions of eating “undercooked” game meat as weigh the risks accordingly.

  6. I love people that talk about the no fly issue as if it’s a good thing when applied to guns that would have totally thrashed on it when it was made. Then again I thought it was a bad idea from the getgo.

  7. The text about the monument is missing one salient detail from the original source:

    “Her project is part of the city-wide exhibition Current: LA Water, a new biennial organized by Los Angeles’s Department of Cultural Affairs with the help of a $1m grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

  8. Yeah let’s get rid of guns. From some dude named Sauping…did they get the memo in the Philippines? Duh…ummmm duck season (the closest I’m getting is the pressed duck from the Chinese restaurant nearby)…

  9. Papa John’s Pizza is too greasy and, having worked for them in the past, I can tell you that they have a strict “no weapons” policy for their drivers.

    • Papa Johns is good delivery. Not greasy at all. The sauce is delicious and they throw pepperoncinis in the box. I bite the ends off and dribble the juice all over the pie. Good stuff! Damn. I’m hungry now.

      • Drink yourself a 12 pack of beer, eat one of their pizzas using the garlic dip and call me tomorrow afternoon when you get off the can.

        Besides, they’re anti 2A entirely including, but not limited to, knives or any other “weapon”. We had a kid get fired for having T-Ball bat in his car while delivering to the seedier parts of Aurora, CO after dark. It was in a fucking bat bag in his trunk. He still got canned. Corporate “no weapons” policy don’t-cha-know?

        I worked there for three days and quit because they intentionally endanger the lives of their drivers to placate fat-assed libtards who hate guns but scarf a large “The Meats” pizza, cheese sticks, shitty chicken and wash it all down a 2L of Coke and pay extra for delivery (of which the driver sees not a penny). Three days and not one of the more than 100 people I delivered to could be described by any term other than “morbidly obese”.

        If you saw that shit get made or ever delivered for them to the slobs that tend to order that crap you’d understand why bulimia is a thing.

        Look, taste, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you like it, more power to you I guess. However after working there I can tell you PJ’s is not a worker friendly company, pays absolute shit, lies to it’s employees at all levels, intentionally endangers their driver’s lives to score political points and like sausage, you don’t wanna know how it’s made.

        • Congrats most of your comment makes you sound like one of those libtards whining that the government needs to regulate portion size and that rolling pizza dough should be considered a proper career you should be able to raise a family on. If a driver makes no extra cash that means 1 or 2 things the people in his area act like tight wad euros who don’t tip or he is late making deliveries. And who expects to eat an entire pizza and down a 12 pack in one go and not not get their lower GI messed up?

        • *raises hand slowly*
          I can down an entire large pizza and a 2-liter in about half an hour to 45 minutes, and I’m not fat. Heck, I went from 210 to 185 over 4 years of eating almost nothing but pizza in college, but at least it was good local pizza and not national chain pizza.

          Also, I could have sworn Papa John’s was shilling for Bush and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan a few years back. It doesn’t surprise me that they’re antigun, though.

      • You poor people outside of CT who have no idea what good pizza is like. Perhaps that is CT’s one remaining positive attribute…

  10. How long before La Sombra is sporting some nice, colorful gang tags?

    Such a blank canvas of unblemished concrete is a siren call…

    • Considering that a large majority of those 100 homicide victims they pretended to sponge up to make the thing were gangbangers, it’s only fitting that the thing be covered in gang graffiti.

  11. The new CCI copper ammo looks like it might work like frangible ammo on steel targets.

    • I’d wager so. It’s injection molded copper/polymer, just like several of the other steel-safe frangibles.

  12. “Tuesday, anti-gun activists held their own protest just outside the security gates against the fact that civilians are being allowed to carry military-grade weapons in downtown Cleveland this week but can’t have items such as tennis balls, cans or umbrellas.”

    And yet the streets are not awash with the blood of the innocent, strange that huh?

  13. On that, “should we get rid of the 2A” article, the first comment from a J. Huelett, is really a fantastic comment. It sums up the issue concisely without calling the article author a d-bag. Just the sort of voice that we could use here in this thar community.

  14. The new CCI looks like a .22 version of Ruger/Polycase ARX. Which sounds freaking awesome.

    I’ll definitely buy some if I can find it. Fast light bullets are the most fun.

  15. Having all those tennis balls just lying around on the ground looks like a tripping hazard…

  16. Triplepundit.com must not have consulted any grammarians in writing their article.

    The Second Amendment does not contain a comma splice. That comma is properly placed and doing a very important job — separating two clauses in a sentence.

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