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Living in California and writing for TTAG has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know Ms. Callie Wolverton, the PR manager for Girls With Guns.

Callie’s new endeavor is a show called Universal Huntress. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that she referenced the word ‘gun’ in the title of her show. But when she tried to run it on Facebook and pay to boost it (sending it out to more viewers) she was denied. Facebook told her that her live video violated their standards, labeling it “violent”.  The apparent problem: she said the “g-word” a few times, thus promoting violence.

You can hear her side of the story here.

(Courtesy of Callie Wolverton)

More social media outlets are attempting to disallow speech with which they disagree politically. In this case, Facebook wants to limit her ability to get the word out about women in the shooting sports, such as hunting. Sadly, this is happening more frequently. It’s often difficult to be an outspoken advocate of not only shooting sports but gun rights in general anymore on social media in general and Facebook in particular.

Often women are met with more disdain in social media than men. I was threatened because I dared to disagree with an “assault weapons” ban. But like me, Callie’s outspoken and stands firm in her support of women taking up hunting and engaging in the shooting sports. I have a massive amount of respect for her and the companies she works for. Keep keepin’ it real, girl!

For those interested in the Universal Huntress show, the all new season started July 2nd 10:30 pm est. You can also watch watch live at the Pursuit Channel or click here for information about the show. 

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  1. TTAG get off facebook or STFU and stop bitching that a private company that you indorce hates are people.

    • Here’s a tidbit of information for you. TTAG is read by millions of people. An infinitesimal small number of those readers actually comment here. I comment infrequently as my fisking skills are not on par with some of the more prolific commentators on this sight.

      That said, when you post vitriolic nonsense like you do, the prolific commentators of the TTAG forum thoroughly fisk all your statements. All your arguments are debunked. You may believe that you are in the heads of TTAG commentators, but that is not the case.

      What is actually happening is that the millions of readers whose consume this content yet do not comment on it get to see this. This is a net gain for gun rights advocates. you are playing into our hands.

      • I think you missed the point of TroyBilt’s comment. He’s not anti-gun. He was pointing out that if pro-gun people want to use Facebook, they shouldn’t whine that Facebook is anti-gun. It’s common knowledge, and FB isn’t even trying to hide it. So, either accept that, or stop using Facebook.

  2. Yet they allow people to post videos of muslim beheadings, BLM shooting cops, drug deals, etc.

    Should be called LeftFacebook.

  3. Yeah facebook and twitter have no problem with ISIS selling firearms or coordinating Jihadist messaging.
    It’s good to have awareness that political censorship is happening but they are a private company and can censor whatever speech they want.

    They have zero credibility with me.

  4. Really? I see all kinds of gun vids on Fake book-oh wait dead critters. BREAKING NEWS :Tim Kaine picked for the hildebeast’s running mate. From what I see-mainly ’cause he HATES GUNS and my Rights. TRUMP 2016!

  5. Quit Facebook earlier this year because of Zuckerberg’s left-wing censorship.Goebbels would be proud of the way he’s turned Facebook into a propaganda tool for the fascists in DC.

  6. When can we stop acting like it’s news that Facebook really, really dislikes guns and doesn’t want gun content on their site? Even the slow kids should have figured it out by now.

  7. “More social media outlets are attempting to disallow speech with which they disagree politically.”

    … which they have every right to do, since they own the microphone, the amp and the speakers. Not sure what you’re whining about. Extolling the virtues of the shooting sports on faceplant is like walking into a mosque and proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord! You’re in enemy territory and you’re going to be thrown out, even if you throw a fiver in the collection plate.

    So, for the love of humanity, get out of the mosque already! Every time to log onto a faceplant page, you become the product that Zuckerturd sells. Wake up to the fact that he needs you more than you need him.

  8. This is exactly why I don’t use fb anymore. They’re using their power to snuff out political opposition. It’s a fucking joke, and a bad one at that.

    Besides, I couldn’t care less what some douche from high school had for lunch today.

    • Google+ is a decent alternative. Mostly because they allow community building which can police content to their own standards. Yea you can imagine what a hell hole echo chamber left leaning communities are, but you don’t have to go there unless you want to go trolling.

  9. I closed my FakeBook and Nitwitter accounts a year ago when it was clear they were censoring conservatives. Didnt use them for much but seeing how it worked, and it wasnt worth the effort and risk to privacy. But thats me.

    If TTAG and crew want to get the page views and ad revenue that are generated, fine by me- its their BBQ, and besides, how else are you going to get through to the SJWs and PTA Moms stroking their egos, not to mention the bot accounts, and fake Chinese brokered accounts, which by FBs own admission is upwards of 20% or more.

  10. I think we need to keep posting to Facebook, the more stuff they don’t like, the more they have to censor it, and they can’t catch everything. Same reason I’m going to stay in Virginia as it turns blue. Just to be a pain in the butt to all the libs.

    • You should be aware that they censor “offensive” material without human interaction. This is 2016. Not only can computers automatically search and destroy keywords, they can recognize words in audio and detect shapes (like guns and other icky things like nipples) in images and videos.

      As I type, this comment is awaiting moderation because of a word that refers to an infant’s favorite food source. Imagine that!

      Their power to censor will always exceed the human power to create material.

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