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Conservative commentator Steven Crowder vs. comedian Christopher Titus re: gun control. Nick reckons no one wins this one. Dan says it’s MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). I say it’s fun. What say you? Props to anyone who can make it all the way through, including both participants.

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  1. Crowder could have done better, pro gun arguments where a little weak, anti gun arguments were lukewarm warm, overall kinda felt like I was watching monkeys humping a football, kinda funny and disgusting and sad too

    • To me, he looked like he had a bit of coke or meth in him.

      Until I saw this, I used to like Titus as a comedy act, not any more…

      • I’ve never even heard of ‘Titus’ at all, but that’s irrelevant.

        I could take 10 minutes of Crowder brutally sodomizing this Titus chuckle-head with reasoned logical counters to all of his nonsensical ‘questions’ before I turned it off. I do understand that one does not just just poison Rasputin, one must also shoot him, stab him, wrap him in a carpet, and throw him into River Neva. I just get bored watching a borderline retard get handed his ass.

        Titus is just another complete flaming moron of the first order, and would be trampled in frosh HS debate. He can’t hold a point, moves the goalposts, commits so many logical fallacies that any judge would have put down his pen to quit flowing after first cross-x, and just given the round to Crowder.

  2. Question from Titus: “How will the Government take our guns?”

    Crowder should have answered: “When guns are registered where the law demands all gun transfers be recorded, when they decide to outlaw guns, they go to the address where the guns were last registered and demand they are turned over. If the registered owner cannot provide the gun demanded, the registered owner is hauled off to prison for violating the transfer law.”

    It ain’t rocket science, folks…

    (I admit, I’ve never seen anyone tap-dance like that since Fred Astair…)

  3. He did a good job. People like Titus are hard to control in debates, especially when they talk over you, put words in your mouth, and claim false authority to justify their positions. Frankly, Titus sounded like one of my repeat criminal clients who can’t take no for an answer and think they can bully you into agreeing with their alternate reality.

    Resounding Crowder win in my book.

    • They were talking over each other. I think it was an inherent delay in the connection. If they both took an extra few sentences instead of being way too anxious to shut the other’s argument down the whole exchange would have been much less annoying.

      • The reason he did that was because in the actual podcast, which had the 10 minutes of arguing before the start of this video, Titus was getting rather angry and yelling over Crowder all the time so he had to start muting his microphone.

  4. Don’t you have to be funny to be called a “comedian”? Or is Titus the new Dick Gregory? Sorry I can’t watch stupid sh#t like this…

  5. Crowder had so many opportunities that he squandered. It was so frustrating! I was sitting there like “PUT ME IN COACH!!!”

    I felt like Steven should have been better equipped for this. Why don’t people point out clear examples of registration leading to confiscation. Heck, NYC? Connecticut? California? New York? Canada? England? Australia? Come on! It isn’t that hard.

    And why not commit to your argument and just admit that you think the military, or at least some in the military might be asked to enforce these laws? Or at least say this will be a policing issue.

    • …Or like Hurricane Katrina….Where the New Orleans city PD “declared ” all 2nd amendment rights *(privileges)* canceled. Subject to extreme use of brutality against US citizens by police, and US military personnel to disarm them! Suspending all Constitutional-Bill of Rights by Authoritarian rule…See the NRA videos or citizen videos….Watertown, Ma . Long arm of Law enforcement over-extended into entire neighborhoods for the “Boston MA Marathon Bombers…With Warrantless house to house searches….and seizures of residents guns….Of Massachusetts citizens who NOT even remotely involved! Ma. Residents were removed from there dwellings under force of arms by Law Enforcement personnel, and subjectes to unlawful detention….Libertarians in Massachusetts sued the state to no avail. Massachusetts courts, government, AG, Police*(-State ), etc… Sited ” exigent circumstances” , the legalese term that magically makes the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights disappear into Liberal progressive Fascist drivel…. Recently, Massachusetts AG declaring by decree “whatever she says is an assault weapon ” is now banned at retail, etc….Meaning , I guess all semi-automatic firearms under an all encompassing act of authoritarianism….Next, in Massachusetts “Box trucks…” And the loophole for ” easily accessible sticks and stones !!!” Later, the local police going house to house to file down residents teeth.. And remove their nails !!!! Then your disarmed……..

    • Probably working his new job at the range and discovering the costly joys of owning a near 50 year-old aircraft.

      (Fix that water leak, Nick, before it gets *very* expensive…)

  6. Props to Chowder on this one. I wish I had the quick wit to instantly redirect someone elses’ segway insanity. He did great bringing Titus back on point, several times, over and over again. He also prevented the dialog from going down the theoretical rabbit hole, which is always where anti’s go full retard. Lastly, his ability to keep calm and call Titus on putting words in his mouth, which Titus did every chance he had.

    Make no mistake, a comedian, at any professional level, is a “practiced” public speaker. They know just how to belittle people and their points of view, its what they do for a living after all.

    Very refreshing to see someone with the gift of gab like Chowder take on heavy hitters and come out victorious. I am envious of his ability. Kudos to him.

    On a personal note I truly hate it when people do what Titus did, in excess: play dumb. “How would the government take your guns”? Seriously? Chowder’s use of the Australia buy back was spot on, hell Obama and Hitlery have already given speeches praising the Austrailian “model”. Its just as dumb as someone arguing the point “Why is Obama opening America’s borders”? Then being completely unable to accept the truth that its all about votes for the democratic party. Anyone truly believe Obama gives two F*#ks about Jose’s well being? I bet Titus does…

  7. As a staunch 2A supporter who would be proud to see open carry in NYC, Crowder was weak.

    Titus’s claim of Australia as an island and it’s borders being easily “controlled” should have drawn an immediate retort on Jamaica’s violent firearm crime rate, among other tinier island nations that have similar problems.

    Crowder would be wise to watch oratory of the like of Christopher Hitchens, Thomas Sowell and Milton Freedman (available on on fine YouTube channels everywhere) and co-opt some pro-tips.

    I got bored and could not finish the video.

  8. Mr. Farago would also be wise to revisit the definition of the word epic:

    a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation.
    synonyms: heroic poem; More
    of, relating to, or characteristic of an epic or epics.
    “England’s national epic poem Beowulf”
    synonyms: heroic, long, grand, monumental, Homeric, Miltonian
    “a traditional epic poem”

    Cheapening the word is no different from the antis cheapening the meaning of the 2A.

    • RF likely picked up ‘epic’ from his teenage daughter.

      The Millennials are the ones who have twisted the meaning of that word into a general superlative…

  9. Titus is the typical anti gunner………he believes in more paperwork, more bureaucracy will somehow keep criminals under control….and mass shooters…..they pass all of the controls…then go shoot people……

    The only way to stop gun crime…arrest and lock up gun criminals…

    Japan does this by putting 30 year prison sentences on gun criminals…this measure has kept the Yakuza from starting the next gang war last year…yakuza leaders told the press that a 30 year sentence for carrying a gun as a criminal has kept them from using guns……..

    • There’s an ‘understanding’ between police/gov/Yakuza. The Yakuza has plenty of guns and ammo. But, if they actually use them there will be hell to pay. Raids, confiscations, the full Monte.

      It’s an interesting arrangement.

  10. Mr. Crowder missed a few opportunities here. The car gun thing? I don’t have to register my car…
    Breaking down those 32,000 deaths.
    I’d give it a 60-40 to Mr. Crowder. Don’t know who Mr. Titus is. I’ve honestly never heard of him.
    Oh, and I watched the whole thing. (The wife had some hallmark thing on the tube)

    • This. I’ll give Crowder a little wiggle room because I dont think he’s a major gun guy. He’s like my friends who are into guns and support the 2A, but focus on other things.

      Titus was a giant cunt though. Dude seems mentally ill.

    • Titus kept going back to the same old things – We should register guns like we register cars…and then, How would the government possibly take your guns away?

      Well, if the government couldn’t or wouldn’t take the guns away based on knowing where all the guns actually are (in theory), what’s the point of the damn registry in the first place? Oh yeah, they could set up a four-tier system of gun ownership permitting (…shall not be infringed) based on government established criteria. And by the way, if you didn’t meet the criteria YOU COULDN’T OWN OR CARRY certain guns. How would they enforce that? They would have to figure out how to confiscate your damn guns!

      Crowder’s response to Titus claiming that “I know people in the military and they would NEVER agree to assist in gun confiscations.” was spot on: Fort Hood, the Naval Yard, Orlando, Dallas, all former military. Knowing a few who would not participate in an unconstitutional gun confiscation program does not mean that no one in the military would comply.

      I am slightly concerned by Crowder’s failure to argue against government permission slips for exercising Second Amendment rights, but that’s a 2A Absolutist viewpoint that can be discussed at a different time. All in all he held his own and made Titus look like a raging, narrow-minded statist jerk.

      • The very best retort for long gun registration is Canada.

        Canada had universal long gun registration.

        It proved useless, so they dropped it…

  11. I watched it already earlier when crowder posted it. Crowder is a fast talker and his verbal Kung fu is fast, but not strong. He could have made so many very strong points against Titus’s psychotic alternate reality, but did not. Crowder is logical and sees cogent disruptions and fallacies right away, but lacks the experience necessary to really hit them hard with solid concrete examples.

    He could have used Japanese encampments in the US when Titus spoke about the military not going to disarm the public. He could have used the Katrina disarmament example, he could use present day assault weapons bans + registration as an example. He could have asked if his colonel relative supported assault weapons bans and then build on that. There is an amazing number of examples to use, but instead they just interrupted each other with nonsensical noises. You pretty much needed a monitor to silence each other’s mics when the other was talking and provide 5/10 min for each one to talk, since one couldn’t shut up to let the other talk and the other couldn’t stop pulling a staw man or purposely and dishonestly misrepresenting the others statement instigating the other to interrupt.

    • I would agree that he could have wrecked him harder. And should have. No mercy, no quarter.

      That said, a win is still a win, and he still left this Titus character without a leg to stand on. Granted he should have killed him and then skull-effed the corpse, but as it was Crowder thoroughly destroyed his pathetic arguments with his own objectively ‘weak’ answers.

  12. But… The bottom line is, Titus lacks the intellectual depth to see future chess moves or he’s a conniving deceptive liar.

    Titus wants to know where in the constitution does it mention gun registration. So his implicit argument is – if it’s not in there then it’s allowed. Which is dumb shit. It’s so obvious its self explanatory. Mandate a registry of gun owners and guns to establish direct traceability of all firearms and their owners. Ban whatever you want. Send military (like Titus’s relatives) or police to go get those guns. Or alternatively ban the transfer or sale of a thing so it may not be passed down to relatives, friends, etc, and must eventually be turned in to the state for destruction. Titus is either a dumb f*ck, or a dishonest liar. It systematically happened in every f*cking nation except this one. How many examples does he need?

  13. Crowder missed some easy ones:

    Confiscation: England, Australia, New Orleans (Katrina).
    32,000 Americans killed – C’mon!
    Japan – pacifists after two nuclear bombs, not before.
    Cars vs Guns: Car Accidental Deaths: 32,000+ Gun Accidental Death < 600.

    • Yeah the easy comeback to the 32000 number is within the last century there have been more than 118 MILLION innocent men, women and children murdered by tyrannical governments/leaders. All of which used gun control to disarm their population in order to create nation wide “gun free” zones for soldiers and police to exact the will of their leaders with little resistance.

      Hitler – 17 Million
      Stalin – 23 Million
      Mao – 78 Million

      No doubt of the 32000 there were some innocent victims, but the simple truth is inescapable.

      When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
      When the government fears its people, there is liberty.
      and, of course…
      Freedom isn’t Free…

      • There’s a term for that, now: democide. Literally, death by government.

        262,000,000+ lives lost, just since 1900 — and counting.

  14. Normally, Crowder is on point, very well spoken and articulate. This train wreck however, was just that. Neither one could shut up long enough to get any point, good or bad, across. Big fan of his normally. Today/yesterday was a disappointment.

  15. If that was or is paid radio OH boy.
    I hadn’t realized Titus was that much of a lunkhead.
    He should stick to comedy and classic cars.
    Guns aint his thing.

  16. When you consider all the other things people can do like sit on the porch with a glass of bourbon at sunset or make whoopie with their lady friend or play with their dog you wonder why anyone would bother slamming their face into a wall like this over and over and over. This went on for half an hour? Ungh…

    Just leave each other the hell alone. Why is that so @#$%ing hard?

  17. Crowder makes sense… I just think he was too soft on the lunatic guy. He didn’t wanted to hit him hard, so he was only responding but I have to admit that when a guy keep asking again and again and again the same question when it has been replied 4 or 5 times already, I would probably not have been as soft as Crowder and would have reply way harder to this idiot.

    Crowder just let go few very obvious lies, but it was probably because he wanted to have some constructive debate, but unfortunately it would lead nowhere with someone that claims “common sense” without having any.

  18. Let me guess, a man with a black belt in some martial art who was accused of assaulting his ex-wife who admits his family is prone to violence is trying to argue for gun control. You would think that the liberal fascist would come up with a better spokesman.

  19. “You just hate guns because your mom washed her mouth out with buckshot.” Dude would’ve had an anureism. Not saying it’s right, but that’s the level anti’s stoop to.

  20. He missed a major opportunity in relation to the gun licensing/registration scheme. This becomes very much like a poll tax. It can easily be used to keep people of lower means from acquiring a firearm. Let’s not forget about the racist roots of gun control. It could be seen as a continuation of that heritage.

  21. I don’t see how anyone can think Crowder lost or failed. His reasoning was logical and well thought-out. He danced around Titus’ nonsensical arguments like Ali. Titus was grasping at straws and failing. This was a brutal win for Crowder.

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