The Marines are testing this crazy machine gun-wielding death robot – “Just last week, infantry Marines from 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines were taking the robot out on training patrols at Camp Pendleton. Later this month, they’ll head to the Marines’ desert training site at 29 Palms, California to fire off plenty of live rounds. If it were actually fielded, MAARS would complement the 12-person infantry squad that typically carries small arms, offering up a tracked vehicle that can zone in on targets with a mounted M240B machine gun firing 7.62mm NATO rounds.” Wonder if they can pack it with C4 like the Dallas bot.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.45.01 AM

An Iowa football player’s Pokémon Go game ends with four police guns pointed at his face – “Faith Ekakitie, a defensive end for the University of Iowa, described in harrowing detail an encounter he had with police as he played Pokémon Go in an Iowa City park last week. This story, sobering as it is, ended not in tragedy but with Ekakitie thanking police. ‘Today was the first time I’ve truly feared my life,’ the 23-year-old senior wrote Wednesday on Facebook, ‘and I have the media to thank for that.’” Yes, well the media does so much for us these days, it’s hard to thank them enough.

‘I felt like taking a bullet to the face’: Rapper films himself shooting a hole through his own cheek and then spitting blood because he wanted to feature it in a music video  [GRAPHIC CONTENT]


Oral argument in “Docs v. Glocks” case – “As far as the doctors’ arguments, the Court seemed most concerned with the provision of the law prohibiting discrimination by a doctor against a patient based solely upon the patient’s exercise of their right to own and possess firearms—a situation that according to the record, has not happened. Counsel for the doctors, Douglas Hallward-Driemeier, did not dispute that a decision by the court striking down all provisions except the anti-discrimination provision would be acceptable. The remainder of the questions fleshed out the impact of the remaining provisions on constitutionally protected speech, and the tone of the discussion was mostly favorable to the doctors’ and PLF’s argument that the law violates the First Amendment.”

Clinton Delegate Explains How Democrats Will Ban All Guns:

“You say sh!t like that, and people will buy into it.”


Passengers try to get pink guns through airport security – “The owner of the pink .380 Ruger Ruger semi-automatic pistol told TSA agents that they could have it and toss it, but she wound up booked into the Clayton County jail instead and her gun taken into evidence at the Atlanta Police Department. She told agents that she had a weapons permit but could not produce it, an Atlanta police report said. ‘I was running really late to the airport, so I was throwing a lot of stuff into my purse so I could get there and the gun is really small and it was in the bottom of my purse,’ she said during an interview with tooFab. ‘I just forgot it was in there. I couldn’t see it, so when I went through security check, they pretty much found it.’” Yeah, pretty much.


      • Marines are used to carrying POS equipment. Just make about 20,000 of them and we can have “Treads on the Ground” remote control them from Las Vegas.

      • That thing is 369lbs for the unit, nearly 28 for the unloaded M240B plus the ammo.

        You ain’t humping that shit anywhere, even if you want to.

      • If the battle bot was designed right, it could call triple A for a flat bed to come pick it up, that or call in a Predator strike on its location based on GPS coordinates.

    • “Wonder if they can pack it with C4 like the Dallas bot.”

      Seems like an expensive use of what should a “durable” piece of TO&E. Better to mount it with a LAW or TOW and have a little stand-off room.

      My concern is that the thing is undoubtedly slow and attracts attention. Once it breaks cover every BG in range is going to be targeting it with every thing at their disposal.

      I am reminded of a “Willie & Joe” cartoon from WW II (“Up Front” by Bill Mauldin, a collection of his cartoons for Stars & Stripes). In this ‘toon Willie & Joe are digging a foxhole as a Sherman tank passes by behind them. One says to the other (I forget which one was speaking, “I’d rather dig. A movin’ foxhole attracts the eye.”

      • Maybe a Mk19 or Mk47 would be a better choice, and then also have the 240 be able to move independently of that, so you could be taking out baddies close in while laying down some serious hurt farther out with the grenades. If it breaks down, a self-destruct mechanism could be activated by the squad assigned to it (possibly after they strip it of the 240). Maybe they could also make it lighter by equipping it with a 249 (where penetration is an issue) or a Mk48.

        Update: maybe a M32 could serve as the grenade launcher, but with only 6 rounds it would have to be reloaded often and that would take a lot of time.

        • It currently can add four individual 40mm tubes that are based off the M203 to the gun…

          It’s redeeming capabilities are that it can tell where it’s being shot at from and has IR an NV capabilities.

          I’m not against it, but at 369lbs, it’s heavy and with a top speed of 7-8 MPH,not what I consider useful for wide application.

  1. Wollschlaeger is not about “discrimination”. It’s about targeting people for anti-gun indoctrination (based on bogus “research”) once they reveal themselves to their doctors to be gun owners.

  2. That ‘rapper’ missed about 4 inches low.

    Why do all these people make these videos from their cars?

    So ‘rapper’ is the new word for unemployed drug dealer, have I got that one right?


  3. Damn boy. That’s NOT how you get street props…”I need that like a hole in the head”. And the chick with the raspberry gun-seriously?

  4. I can finally say l’m old Corp…Marines with a robot…carries 400 rounds and shoot grenades…has to be the biggest circle jerk this side of Quantico. So someone is assigned to drive the robot, another to fix the robot, load the robot, recharge the robot. Meanwhile baddies shoot the robot and poof more tax dollars are wasted in the name of modern warfare.

    Lord…just take me now because when stupidity takes over the finest fighting force on the planet, it’s no longer worth watching the sun come up.

    As for rapper dude, hardcore but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Good luck with passing lead.

  5. The football player thing is understandable, but it also looks like another example of ‘stop ignoring us or we’ll shoot’, which sometimes happens to people who are so oblivious that they don’t know they’re targeted for extinction.

    OTOH, ignoring them might be safer than turning to see who’s doing the yelling and who they might be yelling at.

    • ” ‘Today was the first time I’ve truly feared my life,’ the 23-year-old senior wrote Wednesday on Facebook, ‘and I have the media to thank for that.’” Yes, well the media does so much for us these days, it’s hard to thank them enough.”

      Did TTAG totally miss the sarcasm with the thank the media comment?

  6. ‘I felt like taking a bullet to the face’

    One can only hope that most of the MSM will have the same notion.

    • What the hell did he shoot himself with? He only penetrated the right cheek and at the end of the video he claims that he swallowed the bullet! He obviously does not watch Shooting the Bull videos because whatever he’s using doesn’t have much penetration.

      I suspect that he actually had the bullet exit through his open mouth and swallowed a tooth. Even so, I might have been impressed if the bullet went through both cheeks. Or not.

      • Who cares? If you’re gonna shoot yourself to prove a point at least have medical supplies on hand to deal with it.

      • That appeared to be the mighty Phoenix 22 with the extended barrel. To bad he try it with a Desert Eagle 50 AE.

    • Was he legal to own a gun? Was he in city limits? I bet if we looked there might be a couple dozen things he could be charged with.

      He might live longer in jail. He don’t seem to do well in an unstructered environment.

  7. “You say sh!t like that, and people will buy into it.”

    That is pretty much how politicians get anything they want done — they use emotions and lie. The MSM then repeats the lie instead of vetting the veracity of the comments.

    The majority of voters are too busy, indifferent or do not care to actually check the facts.

    • You haven’t given the legacy media enough credit. They vet their stuff — Kenneth Vogel from Politico had Hillary Clinton’s team carefully vet all the lies before he published them as “news.”

      James O’Keefe is unethical and also kind of a jerk, but he’s also providing an important service. Somebody needs to expose the slimy prog/left for what they are, and it appears he’s the man for the job.

      • “James O’Keefe is unethical and also kind of a jerk, but he’s also providing an important service.”

        Very true, and I’m damn glad he’s doing it. The Left has no problems making ethics disposable in the interest of Progressivism.

        Turnabout is fair play as far as I’m concerned…

  8. I so want to build my own version of that Marine Combat drone and patrol my yard with it. Armed only with paintball guns, of course. #disclaimer

    • Get one of these, and as an added bonus, any attacking death sq-, I mean, S*W*A*T teams, will kill each other before they get to the house.

      • Exactly. Even better if you can either get or make some of those paint-balls loaded with Capsicum. That, or even just water cannons, at the end of the day. ^,,^

  9. If that robot doesn’t have a button that bellows out “YOU HAVE TWENTY SECONDS TO COMPLY”, then somebody f*cked up.

    • Hey, I know! Let’s issue smart guns to the police. When you pull the trigger the first time, the gun yells ‘you have 20 seconds to comply’ and deactivates itself for 20 seconds.

      The way it is now, you’re lucky if you get two seconds between hearing a confusing order and hearing the gunfire.

  10. Won’t be long before these bots are smaller and cheaper and trickle down to the local PD’s.
    Then when people make bold statements like “our local cops won’t go around collecting guns from us” the reply will be “we’ll just send in a robot with orders to collect or shoot.”

    No more pesky morality, ethics or human bias to interfere. No need to ship in a bunch of UN blue helmets. Just a cold robot with very simple orders: comply or destroy.

    Having a robot partner is better than a supervisor partner. Takes good cop bad cop to the next level. Man I want to help you but this robot here has no choice. It’s running on a set program.

  11. Shot himself in the face. For what? To prove he’s a dumbass? Next time he should just volunteer for Marine Corp robot target practice.

  12. I know you guys are going to harass me for this comment ,but every time I’ve used the RAWR (battle bot) in battlefield I can attest that every weapon, R.p.g, and grenades get thrown towards it and everyone runs . I will say it doesn’t favor in stairwells

  13. 1). DNC Battlebot…USES …A future NRA member Terminator Robot…Killary “13 hours ” Clinton’s Urban pacification beserkers! ED -209’s little brother….ED-29…

    2)* Hillary “Benghazi “Clinton….nough said…See (1). Vote accordingly….

    3.) Rapper? WFT…? Well he missed…Should have aimed for the temple…”Darwin award issued !”

    4.) Pokemon Go….Not interested….Bad JU-JU seams to haunt it….rather play Minecraft, or Terraria….

    5.) “Doctor heal thy self…..”

    6.) Play Pokemon go at your own risk… may result in accidental death, or injury. Could lead to being murdered for being the wrong place, at the wrong time..Robbed…Raped… Or put out of one’s own misery just for playing it….Play Minecraft instead…..


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