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What sort of mind virus leads simpletons to think that banning America’s favorite rifles and other similar guns, along with the magazines that feed them and other popular self-defense firearms will somehow make good guys safer? Colorado Democrats are the latest to propose an “assault weapons” ban, following the lead of other blue states like Minnesota, Maryland, New Jersey and Illinois.

Interestingly, Illinois’ gun ban has already been blocked by a judge. So has New Jersey’s.  Yet that hasn’t slowed other states…the lates of which is Colorado.

The bill, HB23-1230, is your typical “assault weapons” ban with a side helping of gun parts, like flash suppressors, and collapsible stocks thrown in.

KDVR has the story:

DENVER (KDVR) — Democrats on Friday introduced a bill to ban so-called “assault weapons” in Colorado.

Sponsored by Rep. Elisabeth Epps and Sen. Rhonda Fields, the bill “prohibits a person from manufacturing, importing, purchasing, selling, offering to sell, or transferring ownership of an assault weapon,” as well as rapid-fire trigger activators, according to the document.

It’s written to take effect upon passage, with penalties to kick in after July 1.

The idea of a ban on certain firearms in Colorado was on the minds of demonstrators at the Capitol on Friday. Hundreds of high school students, who are mourning a fellow classmate gunned down outside of school, marched to the statehouse to demand action on gun violence.

Rep. Meg Froelich, who is sponsoring other gun legislation this session, was at the Capitol on Friday and told FOX31’s Gabrielle Franklin about Democrats’ strategy on such a weapons ban.

Colorado’s ban doesn’t seem to stand any better chance of surviving court challenges as the others in a post-Bruen world. But that doesn’t seem to matter to anti-gun politicians and their cheering sections in the media and the gun control industry.

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  1. Colorado pols didn’t introduce anything. This was introduced by Colorado Democrats.

    At what point do Black Democrats in Nebraska, Colorado, and all across this country come to the realization that it IS the Democrats that push to keep them disarmed, helpless, and under their control? This is NOT coming from Trump and any other republican. This is ALL about the Democrat party and their hunger for power.

    • RE: “At what point do Black Democrats in Nebraska, Colorado, and all across this country come to the realization that it IS the Democrats that push to keep them disarmed,”

      At the point when Black Americans realize belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as Jews belonging to the nazi party.

    • It’s not about gun control. It’s about total control.
      The Welfare Iindustrial Complex is about control. It has never been about “helping” people. And if you are “in the club”. Then you’re one of those who thinks “those other people” need to be controlled.

      Gun Control is about race control. But it has also become about class control and controlling other groups.

      • Amen, Chris in KT. It’s always been about control of one group or another. It has absolutely nothing to do with safety or crime control or any of the other platitudes that they mouth.

    • Unfortunately, Colorado has been kallyfornicated by all the folks who moved there after screwing up Kallyfornikadia.

  2. This blog doesn’t even support the First Amendment, so why the hell should anyone think you actually support the Second? Ad revenue, and nothing more.

    • It’s not about understanding. It’s about refusing to abide by the Constitution. By simply ignoring the Rights enumerated within the Constitution. As long as politicians with this agenda are allowed to rule. They will always be a threat the the Constitutional Rights of Everyone under their control. No different than the British crown was 247 years ago. The only difference is it only took the Founding Patriots about 15 years to realize what was needed to stop the Tyranny. While the Citizenry of today refuse to do what is needed to ensure their freedoms and Liberties are no longer under the threat from those political Elites who who wish to hold Control over them. Rather than govern in their stead, to ensure their Freedoms and Liberties are protected as their Oath demands.
      You get the government you allow and all the consequences that come from it. As well as the society you deserve, because of the choices you make

      • You have to understand that, just like the abortion debate, both sides are dug in and unlikely to be persuaded to change their views.The banners are absolutely convinced that eliminating “dangerous assault weapons” will lead to less crime and fewer “gun violence” deaths, and the fact that they are so rarely used in crime (except gang shootouts and the occasional mass shooting event) is not relevant in their minds set. Just think Dacian and MMiner49: nothing you say will change their opinion that we are all murderers waiting to come out of the closet, and we need to be disarmed for the good of the country.

        • I don’t waste my time trying to convert people. I let that happen when they become victims of their own delusional ideology.

        • Mark,
          Sorry, but I must disagree. Gun control is marketed as public safety in order to sell it. But its failure isn’t a bug, it’s a FEATURE. It’s SUPPOSED to help generate bodies so they can demand still more restrictions on our Rights. The actual purpose is to further empower the State. And the State will gladly sacrifice other’s lives and children to get what they want.

  3. How totally cool and hip of them to jump on the “ban guns” bandwagon . . . that is in the process of going over the ‘Thelma and Louise’ cliff, along with NY, CA, NJ, HI, etc. SCOTUS sent three of KKKalifornia’s stupidest ‘gun laws’ back for “reconsideration in light of our holding in Bruen”. Back to Judge Roger Benitez. Judge Benitez now has all the briefs, from both sides, and it just about to take a fat, steaming DUMP on CAs AWB, magazine limits, and ‘state registry’ of guns legal to sell in CA.

    And these idjits are just doubling down on stupid. Almost like idiot Leftist/fascists lack higher brain function, innit??? MinorLiar, dacian the demented, y’all want to think about this, perhaps?? Nah, that’s crazy talk; for a Leftist/fascist, the answer to any problem is to double down on failure.

  4. Someone should be interviewing students to see who is leading/financing them. This is not a grassroots movement.

  5. Never interrupt when your (idiot) opponent is making a mistake. Let them all try this BS. After each gets smacked down, let it be a lesson they won’t forget.

    • The “lesson they won’t forget” is that the only people with any chance of being “smacked down” in any meaningful way are POTG (until and unless the laws are overturned, at which point they just pass a new one – again with zero possibility of consequences for themselves).

      “Best” case scenario / closest thing to “smacking down” the antis is court costs, but they just get passed on to taxpayers (i.e. non-Dems).

      • I have yet to be smacked down. A whole mess o folks have tried. My employer told me I had to take a jab that’s useless. I said I will not. JESUS Christ will take care of me, even if I die. I will take a bullet first. I’ve never slept so soundly @ night as I did in all of 2021, kinda miss it. JESUS did take care of me, Tennessee passed a law saying that employers can’t inquire about vax status. I had no idea that would happen.

        • Context is everything. I wrote a comment on an article about a Colorado law, specifically in response to a previous commenter who asserted that the legislature of Colorado had made a “mistake” and would get “smacked down”.

          In that context, I wrote that “POTG” (Coloradans who violate the BS law – obviously not residents of the free State of Tennessee) would be “smacked down” (prosecuted, financially and socially ruined even if they “win”) until and unless someone beats the law in court; while, conversely, there is zero possibility of any Colorado legislators experiencing any negative consequences of their actions.

      • What is “POTG”? I googled the term and came up with at least TEN meanings. Please explain? Common clarity is our friend..

        • People Of The Gun. Sorry, I forget that I never saw it myself until visiting this site, but people here use it all the time.

    • My home state has become Calirado. Denver, Boulder, and others in that vicinity are destroying our state. It wouldn’t surprise me if this becomes law, just like UBCs and mag limits. All we can do is keep fighting. The question that keeps coming to mind is where is the nra???

  6. I will say it again, why is this not a crime? It appears certain politicians and civic groups are conspiring to knowingly deprive citizens of their constitutional rights. Why is this not hate speech, attempting to portray legal gun owners as deranged criminals.
    The only way this will stop is to sue individuals as a civil rights violation and demand punitive damages.

    • Wally1,

      I came to express the same sentiment.

      If Colorado passed a law making it illegal for black people to vote–citing how that would make society much safer–is that copasetic? Should that just be a law for the courts to weigh-in on? And if the courts overturn it, should that be the end of it?The obvious answer to all of my previous questions is a resounding, “NO!”

      When legislatures pass laws which violate our inalienable rights, we should view that for the criminal action that it is and treat those violators accordingly. The fact that they are government employees, wear fancy suits/dresses, and won an election is irrelevant.

  7. I remember visiting Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary in Ft Collins when I was a kid. Went to the Buffalo Bill Museum. Had to drive to Wyoming. It was very small then. I was most interested in the firearms display. Besides the visit it was three days driving each way. West through the SW. East across the plains. Damn Disney World! That was a vacation for a ten year old. Thing is, It looks like to me that Colorado, and other Western states, are suffering what Florida has for decades. It starts out as, “Isn’t this a nice place to visit.” Then it’s, “This is a nice place for a vacation home.” Then it’s, “Why don’t we move here?” That’s when the real trouble starts. Because, no matter where you live, especially if you have real roots there, you don’t give a shit how they did it back where the asswipe you’re talking to came from.

    • Yankees are like hemorrhoids, if they come down, and go back up, they’re no problem. It’s when they come down and stay down that they’re a problem.

      • I take exception to that, not all from the north are bad.
        if I listed what I owned and how much ammo the limey would have a heart attack.
        and the Thompson owners group out of CT has a beautiful collection of full auto Tommy guns.

        • Realistically if most gun owners (read more than just a hunting rifle/shotgun) were to move from the north to the south the biggest arguments they would typically have would be what constitutes barbecue and accents. While the proportion of those kinds of northerners moving south has increased unfortunately they do get mostly our stereotypes.

  8. So much wasted time and money.
    If they want to virtue signal so badly they could send checks to the Ukes or toss a few taxpayer dollars to Bidens promise to cure cancer. Funny, haven’t heard anything about that since his claim. Pumping up perpetual war in Eastasia must be more important.

    • Think of all the terrible things the Dems could have passed during this time. They’re the ones wasting time that could have been spent on some ridiculous law that wouldn’t be overturned.

  9. “ Your princes will have the minds of children.” Reckon what time it is? They will turn the nation’s against each other. Reckon what time it is? They will worship the creation, not the CREATOR. Reckon what time it is? Colorado until the last 30 years was conservative Christian.

  10. As a reader of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, I would recommend reviewing rule 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”

    Now, the details recommend constantly changing tactics, doubling down when losing is a derivative. Double down long enough, and the enemy will lose heart, and give up.

    Another way of saying it is, “They can’t stop all of us.” Jamming the courts such that the courts are almost unable to function is a third tactic. Even if the SC should unanimously declare the Second Amendment absolute, the Leftist would continue to pass laws restricting exercise of the Second Amendment.

      • “Then throw it right back at them and challenge every existing gun law possible.”

        That would satisfy their plan; clogging the courts, delay, delay, delay. And look how Californication is trying to bully Judge Benetiz; investigation for misconduct.

        Each and every gun control law must be challenged; Leftists have more billionaires than do the “Right”.

        • Perhaps I wonder if they can pass laws in red dominated states that further overturn laws and create circuit splits though.

  11. @Darkman
    “I don’t waste my time trying to convert people. I let that happen when they become victims of their own delusional ideology.”

    That makes you responsible for negative outcomes. If you were a fine person, you would join others in preventing any inconvenience, discomfort, injury, death happening to them.

    You are evil, wicked, mean, bad, and nasty; own it.

  12. The simplest thing to do is not comply. When they tried this type of nonsense a number of years back in NY, CT and NJ noncompliance won the day. Besides these acts are unconstitutional under Bruen and will be overturned in court. It’s time to make a choice of either to acquiesce or fight back. They cannot enter your house without a warrant and Red Flag laws are unconstitutional because you do not get due process when they are used. No warrant, no entry, and invoke Make MY Day if they try to enter without a warrant.

    • Im sure that’ll work. As they’re loading me into the paddy wagon I’ll just tell the copper hey that guy on TTAG said I could just ignore (this or) that law

      Sure sounds easy. I wish but just sayin…

  13. @SAFEupstateFML
    “…wonder if they can pass laws in red dominated states that further overturn laws and create circuit splits….”

    State legislatures can install laws repealing every gun control law, process, procedure, regulation; maybe even with only one piece of legislation. Remember: legislation that repeals, can be repealed by a subsequent legislature.

    Of course, laws repealing gun control will be challenged by the Leftists, and the result is highly dependent on the federal circuit covering a state.

    ABTW, the SC may deal with circuit splits, but it is an option, not a constitutional demand. Even with taking splits to the SC, the SC sets the schedule, not the parties appealing.

    • Well till we move to methods of warfare outside of the legislature and courtroom those are our better options after increasing the number of gun owners who don’t trust the government. Unless I am missing some big ones.

      • Yes, legislatures and courts are all we have. Just noting that those are not long-term solutions. “Bruen” came as close to “the Second Amendment is absolute”, as we are likely to see, yet the SC ruling is stymied in leftist courts (and even in Judge Benetiz’s court).

        Manage expectations.

        • I say we are just prolonging the inevitable. It’s gonna come down to violence. On the upside with all the guns sold in the last few years it gives the ccp something to think about. Brandon is too stupid to realize you can’t hold territory without infantry. Shove your F16 up your ass Brandon!

        • I live in NY if my expectations get any more managed it would involve a union meeting. We will miss every chance we do not take and likely will not have anything close to as fair reading of the constitution that we do now to try cases and infringements in their merits so managed or not time to push forward.

        • Redneck you may be correct but if so have you been around Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, or even Bosnia? At best we may only go as badly as Argentina did in the 90’s to early 2000’s. Nobody who is not engineering the situation is prepared for something like that.

  14. You may have noticed that these states did not have the votes to pass these laws, but now that they know they will be overturned by the courts, they do not need to answer to their constituents. In other words, they can satisfy their rabid base further enforcing Liberals disgust for those hicks who own guns.

  15. “In other words, they can satisfy their rabid base further enforcing Liberals disgust for those hicks who own guns.”

    Yes. Losing gun control legislation is a badge of honor, an effective fund-raiser.

    • “Losing gun control legislation is a badge of honor, an effective fund-raiser.”


      It’s for firing up their base for the next election.

      In the meantime, it’s gonna be hilarious to watch them flop around and sputter and fume and stamp their little feet like a petulant 2 year-old that cant get what they want… 🙂

  16. The states know such ban are almost assuredly unconstitutional and just as assuredly to be tossed out. That’s inconsequential. The point they are smearing all over is they DID SOMETHING. “WE TRIED to stop gun violence but those icky courts stopped us” We have to do something about THAT along with that pesky 2nd A.

    The states are playing the long game.

  17. @Redneck.45lc
    “I say we are just prolonging the inevitable.”

    We are, but not the way many think. The US will become an unimportant third-world nation; out with a whimper, not a bang.

      • “Subjugation of the nation through stagflation?”

        Subjugation of the nation through conflation, irritation, confabulation, limitation, sanitation, separation, gentrification, homeless station, lack of imagination, frustration, re-education, simplification, ligation, vasectimacation, irradiation, and eradication.

  18. @SAFEupstateFML
    “I live in NY if my expectations get any more managed it would involve a union meeting.”

    Now, that’s funny.

      • “It helps to look on the bright side of life.”


        But consider: The pessimist is sometimes pleasantly surprised; the optimist is often sadly mistaken.

        • Miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and will feel at worst just as shitty if you miss as if you never try. Pessimism can be realistic but can’t let it be what cripples us stupid already called dibs.

  19. “Miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and will feel at worst just as shitty if you miss as if you never try.”

    But you already know I hit with every shot I don’t take; it’s all in the mind.

    • NY ain’t all that smart so shots need to be taken. Not sure about some of those other states either..

  20. @Tired of the bs
    “after all that I’m gunna need a vacation”

    Understand. I fell asleep immediately after.

  21. @Umm
    “People Of The Gun. Sorry, I forget that I never saw it myself until visiting this site, but people here use it all the time.”


    As I Understand It, “POTG” is defined not as “a group of gun owners”, but as a group identifying itself as “defenders of the Second Amendment.”

    • That is my understanding as well, which is one reason I like and use the term.

      I believe it fit the context in which I used it (Unconstitutional laws will not affect all Colorado gun owners equally, but only those who choose to defy unconstitutional laws).

  22. Hey Colorado gun owners, you did it once before. It’s time for another recall vote of anti-gun legislators. Kick them out!


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