Liberty Suppressors Announces the New Leonidas Gen 2 Integrally Suppressed AR-15 Upper

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From Liberty Suppressors . . .

Liberty Suppressors is proud to announce the release of our latest silencer design, the Leonidas Gen 2, a centerfire suppressed rifle system for the AR15.

We here at Liberty Suppressors are driven to constantly improve upon our products. We’re happy to introduce the very latest in our quest to level up our line of state of the art suppressors. Available now is the next generation of our Leonidas integrally suppressed .300 blk upper.

The original Leonidas TI was built to maximize suppression and the Gen 2 builds on that legacy, the Leonidas Gen 2 is the next step in achieving the perfect .300 blk rifle.

The new Leonidas Gen 2 balances gas blow back and ejector port noise with world class suppression to give the user an extremely pleasant shooting experience. Here at Liberty Suppressors, we truly believe Leonidas Gen 2 is the king of the 300!

The new Gen 2 features the same 8” monocore suppressor that made its predecessor such a great rifle, only with improvements.

It has a chrome lined Criterion barrel that’s 8.5” long with an 8” monocore suppressor and 5.5” reflex chamber you get a total suppressor length of 13.5” and the barrel is still 16.5” overall and since it’s pinned and welded you won’t need an additional tax stamp. So, you can save more money for ammo.

To top it all off the rail will be a full 12.5” in length and since the overall barrel/suppressor length is only 16.5” this means you will be able to run weapon mounted lights and IR devices as far forward as possible. You no longer have to compromise with a suppressor blocking a portion of your visible/IR light throw.

As always, it will still be available in an option “B” configuration. Allowing you to choose certain components that go into the build that better suit your personal type and style of shooting.

The Leonidas Gen 2, has an MSRP of $2,295

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  1. It would be awesome to have one of these, much more compact than hanging a can off the end. Lean mean hog killing machine. But this being California…no can do. So sad. So silly.

    • With a ‘Kali Key’ straight-pull device on it, it’s even more quiet…

    • “But this being California…no can do.”

      Mark, help make it happen.

      Donate what you can afford to the Cali. gun rights orgs filing lawsuits to legalize NFA devices over there. Or some of your legal skills…

  2. Does “pin and welded” mean it’s not actually integrally suppressed? Confused what needs to be pinned and welded

    • “Does “pin and welded” mean it’s not actually integrally suppressed?”

      Correct. The suppressor is threaded onto the barrel, then a hole is drilled through the threads and the suppressor.

      A pin is then inserted through the hole (drifted), and spot-welded on both sides of the hole.

      The BATF then considers that to be permanently attached, so the combined length means only one tax stamp is required. (16 inch barrel or 24 inch overall).

      If the can needs to be removed for service or whatever else reason, carefully grind off both spot welds, and drift the pin out, and unthread from the barrel.

      (This is the way it was explained to me. If I’m in error, please point it out…)

      • That’s right for the most part, importantly the standard is 26″ OAL without being subject to AOW status. Silver solder is also acceptable as opposed to full pen weld for the double blind, and easier where service/replacement is concerned.

        You’ll still need an Class 02 manufacturer to do the work legally for you, for general informational purposes, as the rest of this post will be.

        It has to pass the wrench test, albeit the guideline isn’t so specific about length thereof. Breakage of fastening method under wrench = unregistered Title II weap0n, a Federal felony.

        So don’t let them monkey with your gunm if avoidable, lest some gorilla stong asshat chuck it up in a heavy vise and throw on a cheater pipe to bust the pins & welds. BATFeces is just the sort to try and intentionally damage your property, and end run the regs like that. As everyone would do well to bear in mind by now.

        • You don’t need a Class 2 manufacturer. Anybody can weld a registered suppressor onto a barrel, as long as the responsible party remains with the suppressor (no dropping it off and returning when complete). You or a friend could do the work. A Class 2 lets the shop take possession, or they could do the work prior to ATF completing the Form 4 for the suppressor.

        • Not if the barrel is below 16″ or 18″ respectively for rifle or shotgun, which this in the article at 8.5″ this most definitely is. With the pin & weld done by you, cutting to or installing a short barrel is an instant felony.

          Which is the only two reasons you would pin & weld to begin with. Avoiding SBR/SBS status entirely for one, or not requiring a second stamp, as Geoff noted above.

          And in the current climate, I’d prefer possession of paperwork proving who did the work, so you can abuse & sue the jackboots with impunity.

          Incidentally, I’m about to send a shotgun off for the same treatment because longer brake and re-tuning and having been in talks with an -02/07 for the last couple of weeks forming a game plan.

          Kind of pissed too. They won’t use my ALG Ultimate anymore because bump fire, which is exactly why I have it of course. Nor my railed gas block because of exactly one that cracked previously on them. Out $240 on that block too, not happy.

          Can’t argue too much, being only 2 smiths in country that have this level of expertise on these guns, and this one is world renown and has IPSC Worlds and other titles under their belt. Don’t want to sour the relationship…

          When it arrives home it will have a fresh lengthened forcing cone, converted from cylinder bore to choked, (needs special thin wall Briley chokes due to threaded barrel &) new brake with perfectly concentric threads. Being exactly 18″ with, and running like a scalded cat again with less recoil still and a far tighter pattern.

          Looking forward to it, can you tell? XD

    • It’s not integrally suppressed in the sense of the suppression system built directly into the barrel, like for example, the H&K MP5SD. Its integrally suppressed in the sense of the suppressor added on and then permanently affixed by pin and weld thus making the added suppressor integral to the firearm in the whole sense.

  3. Why would anybody need a silenced Semi-Auto Rifle and exactly what purpose does it serve? IN any case the correct term is MODERATOR because and weapon with an MV of around 1200Ft per. sec cannot be silenced-only moderaated. When moderated there is, neber mind what they tell yoiy as erious effect on ACCURACY and a reduction of MV and thus range -that why the military do not use them except in some very very special cases. I’ve never fired a SILENCED handgun but I have fired a silenced 9mm SMG the STERLING. with STANDARD NATO [in the UK MK2Z it made no sifnificant difference except that the bullet often went in n SIDEWAYS even at 50 yards . The actually recommended ammunuition was the SUBSONIC [around 700/800ft,per. sec] UK MK1Z whuichn is a near as damnit is to swearing the original LUGER 9MM Parabellum and it also require a change of RECOIL SPRING easy enough to do in a half a minute. That did make a difference.
    I believe the UK POLICE use a similar LV9mm for their Firearms Units to reduce the chance of collateral damage.

    • .300blk is made in supersonic and subsonic loading so they can be used either way.

      The reason why they’re called silencers is because the original patent labeled them as such.

      There are tons of silencers in use by militaries today. Other than making the gunshot quieter, it also reduces muzzle flash.

    • “Why would anybody need a silenced Semi-Auto Rifle and exactly what purpose does it serve?”

      It makes the blast of the shot to be hearing safe.

      Also, it has nothing to do with demonstrating a ‘need’, in America it’s a civil right.

      Sod off, wanker…

  4. $2295? Yea, I’ll buy an SBR, get a smol and short can then put rail that fits over everything for about half the cost.

    This is SIG “rattler” level ripoff. You are paying for simplicity.

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