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Imagine a single American city that in less than nine months tallies more homicides than 32 entire states had in all of 2020. That’s Chicago. Otherwise known as Chiraq, or Mogadishu on Lake Michigan. This past weekend, Lori Lightfoot’s domain blew past the 500th homicide total for the year and stands at 504.

What used to happen in most cities when they experienced historical levels of homicides? Police worked to investigate, arrest, and prosecute the criminals who commit the majority of violent crimes.

But not on Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s watch. Or that of the Soros-funded Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. Or the corrupt party machine that has run Chicagoland for generations.  Instead of arresting criminals and jailing them in an effort to make the city’s streets safer, they have defunded police (while Lightfoot maintains a 90-officer strong protective detail) and made cops’ jobs tougher.

How bad is it? Generations of strict gun control laws, only recently relaxed with Illinois’ Concealed Carry Act, have kept firearm ownership by good people to a minimum. That’s made victims easy marks for violent criminals.

Image by Boch.

What’s worse, thanks to the “no snitch” culture, less than 15% of murder suspects are identified, much less arrested. It was only 13.52% as of Sept. 1st to be more precise. And last year, over half of identified suspects weren’t even prosecuted.

Earlier this year, one of those uncharged murders included a man with 33 arrests who cops say shot another man five times then used a hammer to strike the now-dying man at least twenty times in the head.  State’s Attorney Kim Foxx refused to charge the case, citing self-defense.

In just the past few days, one woman was robbed of her shoes while she waited on Lake Shore Drive for her driver to return with gas for the car.

In another case, a man wounded in an earlier gun battle – out on “affordable bail” on another felony arrest – engaged in a rolling gun battle after a road rage incident.  He was only – “only” – the 36th suspect accused of shooting or killing another person while out on affordable bail so far this year.  A total of 70 victims have gained perforations thanks to accused felons out on “affordable” bail pre-trial release.  17 of those have died.

Image by Chicago Police via Twitter.

As for the remaining residents, calling 9-1-1 isn’t really an option. Last year, dispatchers didn’t have enough cops to answer over half of the highest priority 9-1-1 calls, including over 1350 shooting victims, 887 stabbing victims and 14000 and change violent domestic calls.

And they wonder why they’ve got a crime problem in Chicago.

In even worse news, Illinois’ No Cash Bail law kicks in on January 1st.

At that point, unless there’s a specific threat made against a specific person, the accused must be released without posting a penny for bail.  These include crimes like Second Degree Murder, drug-induced homicide, arson, aggravated battery, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, aggravated DUI, drug offenses and theft, just to name a few.

In fact, some have noted that police may hold a suspect on a domestic violence arrest if they threaten their domestic partner.  On the other hand, if they kill their partner, they’re no longer a threat to a specific (living) person and as such, they should be released under the new No Cash Bail law.

We’ll be covering this more in the coming months. In the meantime, know that Chicago simply isn’t safe. For anyone.

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  1. You in the entire state of Illinois will become like San Francisco, and all of the coastal areas california. Good luck to you.

    “Illinois Will NO Longer Arrest Criminals For Robberies, Burglaries, & Much More” video 7 min long

    • I have met many from your state who moved to kentucky in the last 7 years. And there has been a construction boom in home building and apartments. In both KY and TN.

    • I don’t think so, the reason why is that the winters will inevitably kill off some of the homeless population. Horrid as that sounds, I also think that threat will deter some from going to Chicago as well.

  2. People voter for Lightfoot…they are OK with no cash bail…will be state-wide next year
    where is BLM? VAST majority are black on black shootings
    Oh wait…no money to be made…no cops or whites involved…pass
    but by all means…blame guns…blame Indiana…blame Trump
    never blame the shooter(s) though…unless they are white or cops, of course
    SMH…downfall of society

    • Nobody voted for any of these pandering, lying, thieving, grifter assclowns, including up here in Canada. Or the rest of the world. They have been installed. C’mon man…

  3. If you dont own and carry a gun in Chicago, with or without the permission of the state, you’re irresponsible at this point. Do everything you can to get the permission, why risk prison needlessly, but if you can’t, you can’t.

    If you can leave, leave. If you can’t break the law. That place is too dangerous to wander the streets unarmed.

    • Your comment sounds like sage words of advice.

      And your comment brings up an important point:

      I have to think that countless people in Chicago observe your sage advice and carry “illegally” with no intention to attack anyone. If such a person, in righteous self-defense, shoots and kills a violent attacker, he/she is most certainly NOT going to report anything to police since he/she would potentially face significant legal jeopardy for carrying a firearm “illegally”. Since the police do not know that someone killed the attacker in righteous self-defense, the police will count the dead attacker as a criminal homicide rather than justifiable homicide. I wonder how many of Chicago’s 504 (to date) homicides are actually righteous self-defense–justifiable homicides–rather than criminal homicides (e.g. murders)?

        • There is that as well.

          If someone knew for certain that Neighborhood Scumbag flat-out murdered their son/daughter/spouse and that same someone knew for certain that our criminal justice system will never prosecute and incarcerate Neighborhood Scumbag, I can totally see that someone deciding to mete out justice themselves.

          I have to imagine that a non-trivial number of the homicides in Chicago are exactly what I just described above in my previous paragraph.

      • considering the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, I’d say that very thing could be asked in almost any state in the union. Sadly, self defense is now the perview of the rural counties and/or states and the rich who can afford the USCCA insurance and/or lawyers to keep them safe.

        This nation’s legal system is completely upside down in its approach to crime at this point. It really no longer exists to protect the common citizen, it exits only to persecute a citizen, or business for that matter, and spend any amount necessary to defend the criminal.

  4. “Instead of arresting criminals and jailing them in an effort to make the city’s streets safer,…”

    It’s simply a cultural ‘business dispute’, and anyone who says otherwise is obviously a ‘white supremacist’…

  5. This past weekend, [Chicago] blew past the 500th homicide total for the year and stands at 504.

    A totally acceptable loss in exchange for the votes of the criminal class.

    • Man I lived in Chicago for 6 years. Plenty of crime & murder then(1980’s)but you could hang out at north side clubs or go to church without much worry you’d DIE. Not now. Can Chiraq be saved? Nope. Beware in the rest of ILLannoy. 101 counties where they won’t put up with yer dim bs…

      • If the bail reform applies to the rest of the state it will not be hit as hard as Chicago but there will likely be an increase and need of your permit (especially when you would be the one arrested and held). Never would wish this madness on anyone else.

  6. 1.close border
    2.cut off illegal drug supply
    3.force drug dealers to get legitimate jobs through training
    4.problem solved

    There you go Joe, I solved the problem for ya

    • motomike,

      3.force drug dealers to get legitimate jobs through training

      Ha ha. You clearly do not understand the mentality of drug dealers.

      Their mentality is simple, “Why would I want to exert a bunch of effort and work an 8-hour day when I can sit around most of the day, sell illegal drugs, and make 10 times more money?”

    • 1. It’s not possible to close the border. Many illegals entered on temporary visas and failed to return home when they expired. It is possible to make daily life untenable if you’re here illegally. Require proof of legal presence to buy or rent a place to live, get a job, open a bank account or get a credit card, enroll in school, get medical treatment beyond emergency stabilization after which you’re deported if you’re illegal. I doubt native born Americans would tolerate such a “show me your papers” environment.

      2. The War on Drugs has gone on for decades and drugs have won. It’s Prohibition all over again. Ninety years ago, people were smart enough to repeal Prohibition when its failure became obvious. Better to treat addicts who truly want to get clean and write off those who don’t.

      3. Drug dealers sell drugs because they can’t make an honest living. Instead of learning a marketable skill in school, they dropped out. It used to be possible to make an honest, if poor, living with little or no education. Now, it takes training beyond high school. The best we can do is to provide night school GED programs at minimal cost to those who wise up with age. That still won’t do anything about the ones who prefer a life of crime to an honest job.

      • I guess you haven’t opened a new bank account lately. Yup – valid ID required. Heck, can’t even renew a Post Office box without a photo ID and a recent utilities bill showing your address.

        • You do realize several states will give a drivers license to illegal aliens sometimes without cost right?

        • SAFEupstateFML

          Yup, and an unconfirmed report that when given the license, “Now go and register to vote.”

  7. Hey, give the people what they supposedly want. Don’t live there, never have, Inshallah…never will.

  8. Two Chicago studies as well as numerous police tracings and FBI records show that there is indeed an “iron pipeline” that brings in thousands of second hand guns into Chicago and other big cities making local gun laws totally ineffective.

    The Chicago studies proved the average gun used in a crime was indeed a second hand gun that had been through many hands in face to face sales. Pure insanity of course except to the demented far right fanatics.

    Even a child could understand this but the insanity of the paranoid far right makes reasoning with a man in a straight jacket locked in a padded cell far easier that talking to these very sick and violent far right people.

  9. those mind numbed robots
    who still think
    that this isnt a cultural problem
    were the hardest hit by that headline
    see also:
    cognitive dissonance

  10. “In even worse news, Illinois’ No Cash Bail law kicks in on January 1st.”

    So your saying “Stand-By” for the real fun to start next year? I can’t wait. 😀😀

      • I’m betting on “Juneteenth”…seems a fitting date to break all former redrum records in IL…kind of a Rite of Passage for a Woke State.

  11. Crips, Bloods, Crips, Bloods, Crips…the problem ain’t guns, it’s GANGS! The black community is nothing more to the left than a voting block…for money, votes, POWER!

  12. With States as laboratories of democracy, some States serve as a warning to the others of what not to do. ILLinois is one of the States.

    • We already served the purpose in NY this is just running up the numbers to justify different restrictions.

  13. “Chicago Blows Past 500 Homicides in 2022, More Than 32 ENTIRE States Totaled in 2020”

    Friend Boch, you could have ended that title after the first two words.

    • Downunder, if a place is so bad we say it sucks. Chicago sucks so bad it could suck a golf ball through 100′ of garden hose.

  14. In a Democracy, where policing is by consent, the Police can only be as effective as the public allow. In the vast majotity of these crimes the Police will know exactly who is to blame but getting the evidence is quite another matter. MOst of the perpetrators and the victims are well known in their Communities and even admired and until those Communities them selves decide enough is enough and shop the pers the Police are pretty muchheples and it really does not matter a Cat;s Cojones how many Officer you have. Without that co-operation no bloody chance. It’s not as if the USA is alone in this ALL countries have similar problems and in the UK it’s KNIFE and DRUGS crime and like the USA the OMERTA of the Gang culture.
    Mum cryig the her kid was a good kid loved his mum and trainers, went to Church wanted to be an Astronaut even if he was a blood crack dealer and all the time knowing exactly ‘whodunnit’. Society helps those who help themselves

      • actually, please use that cheap gin to clean your teleprompter screen, Al…. you’re beginning to think and sound like our King Dribblecup.

  15. Only 500 homicides, Really? Sounds the Chi town gang bangers are in desperate need of marksmanship instruction. Hey, they want failing school, high taxes, political corruption, High crime and no real plan for economic development, just keep voting democrat. It’s the 13% solution, No thought process involved.

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