Chicago mayoral candidate Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson celebrates with supporters, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023, in Chicago. Johnson and Paul Vallas will meet in a runoff to be the next mayor of Chicago after voters denied incumbent Lori Lightfoot a second term. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)
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Try not to laugh at the new(ish) Chicago mayor’s “grand plan” to reduce violence crime in America’s Murder Capital. In a bid to tamp down the rampant violent crime that has only accelerated since his election, Mayor Brandon Johnson proposes using the “full force of government” to solve the problem by…issuing reparations checks to descendants of slaves.

This from the guy who runs America’s largest open-air shooting gallery. In fact, the city of Chicago by itself typically accounts for nearly 4% of America’s homicides while comprising about .8% of the country’s population.

ZeroHedge had the announcement Johnson made to a sympathetic lapdog at CNN:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson wants to pay off ‘descendants of enslaved African Americans’ with reparation checks every month to end the “cycle of violence” in the crime-ridden metro area run by radical progressives. 

While speaking to Poppy Harlow on “CNN This Morning” Wednesday, Johnson acknowledged Chicago was plagued with out-of-control violent crime and declared that the “full force of government” would solve the crisis. The brilliant idea from the mayor: $500,000 in reparation checks. 

“These are the first dollars spent in this city to begin the process of studying both restoration and reparations,” Johnson said.

He said, “When residents who have experienced neglect and disinvestment for generations speak out of their pain and their trauma, this administration and the Black Caucus we hear you.”

Johnson somehow neglected to mention that the Democrat Party has run Chicago for almost a century. Hence any “neglect and disinvestment” came on his own party’s watch. Furthermore, neither Johnson nor the Illinois Black Caucus had any announcements relating to reparations checks for the families of Union soldiers who died fighting to end slavery.

While Murder City USA’s homicides have eased by about 10% over last year, violent robberies and carjackings have skyrocketed along with most other serious crimes.

In fact, seven people have been shot during armed robberies and carjackings over the past week. From CWB Chicago . . .

Another robbery victim was shot during a holdup on Friday afternoon, Chicago police said, making him at least the seventh person shot during robberies since last Saturday.

But that can’t really be a surprise now that the Land of Lincoln’s new No Cash Bail law releases armed robbers and carjackers back onto the streets without having to post a nickel of bail.

Courtesy CWB Chicago . . .

A man accused of carjacking a 55-year-old woman in River North will be released on an ankle monitor after a Cook County judge rejected a prosecutor’s request to have him detained as a public safety threat.

The woman was outside her car in the first block of West Hubbard when a man jumped behind the wheel and drove away, knocking her to the ground and causing a head injury, around 3:15 p.m. on December 23, according to a Chicago police report.

Hizzoner’s bird-brained idea is being greeted with the degree of ridicule it deserves . . .

Remember, Chicago primarily suffers from gang violence, not “gun violence.” Soft-on-crime politicians, however, prefer to deflect responsibility for their failed criminal justice “reform” policies. Gang members don’t care at all about the rule of law. They illegally posses and brandish guns made illegal-er by Pritzker’s new PICA gun ban. To say nothing of federal laws that prohibit machine guns.

Others flat-out called it what Johnson’s plan really is…a vote-buying scheme financed by the taxpayers.

If Johnson really wanted to bring crime down to civilized levels, he wouldn’t need to reinvent the wheel to do so.

Florida had a violent crime crisis years ago. Then they implemented a 10-20-Life law. Bad guys toting guns in the commission of violent crimes got a 10-year sentencing enhancement on top of the underlying crime. There were no options for plea bargains, probation or early release. That was hard time.

Thugs that discharged their guns picked up twenty extra years, effectively taking them out of circulation for a generation. And if their shots wounded or killed anyone, they got a 25-years to life enhancement, keeping them locked up for even longer.

With a few short years under 10-20-Life, Florida’s firearm violent crime numbers fell to historic lows.

Contrast Florida’s response to real-world Chicago, where armed carjackers are tossed back onto the streets without bail. And where a drunk woman, illegally packing heat, can pull her gun, shoot at others and escape with nothing but a misdemeanor charge.  In Florida she would have been a guest of the Department of Corrections for a minimum of 20 years.

Implementing any programs to hold violent criminal predators responsible for their mayhem would require locking up bad guys.

Image courtesy Chicago Police Department.

That’s something the Illinois Black Caucus, Mayor Brandon Johnson and other radicals among the Illinois Democratic party simply refuse to do.

It’s just so much easier to just blame guns and the law-abiding people who own them.



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  1. Figures that if the thugs had money then they would go elsewhere to commit their crimes. Seems like reparations should be paid to the taxpayers that paid for welfare, affirmative action etc. that only served to raise thugs and radicals.

    • Chicago already pays gangsters $28,000 a year to NOT do crime…

      A 19-time convicted felon working as an anti-violence professional who shot himself in the butt inside a Bucktown gas station has been handed a ten-year prison sentence for possessing the firearm that wounded him.

      That appears to be working very well…

      • 28K a year? That’s not even a “living wage”. (before Obiden inflation) Anything less than $15/hour is wasist. Not sure how you calculate working hours hanging out on the corner.

        • 28 grand for doing absolutely nothing is a lot, not sure he was intended to live on it, just not go around gangstering and occasionally talk to some banger about his/her lifestyle choices… Anyway, he gets to live rent free for the better part of the next decade along with the provided catering at no additional charge…

        • Simply take the Reparation money from the democRat Party the party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Eugenics, Jim Crow and other race based atrocities…it’s only fitting the guilty party pays.

          And Reparations hungry history illiterates should thank their own democRat Party for using what would have been money for more stimulus checks to fund illegal immigration.

    • Don’t live in Chicago, so I don’t give AF what they do

      the cities can implode for all I care

  2. Even if this was a joke it would not be funny.
    Yet, it is funny/strange/odd/wrong in a queer sort of way.
    Bad guy #1: “I am low on cash and need a raise”
    Bad guy #2: “Well do some crime and Chicago will give you a raise”

    Wonder if a parking ticket will get you a check!

  3. Stupid is as stupid does and there is no cure… Well, there is a cure that in Florida would get you 25 to life, in Chicago you get ankle jewelry… Pretty cool, probably worn as a badge of honor…

  4. Just another leftist form of redistribution from those that produce and are robbed by taxation to those that are a cancerous boil on the a$$ of society. But considering the guy issuing… looks like just another entitled politician.

    • Recall this is the same guy who was recently begging for more federal funds. He’s currently using $95m of federal funds to deal with the Puppet’s border invasion. That’s weird because Miner told me illegals make us rich. Would the mayor be talking about throwing out $500k without all of the federal money he gets? He’s blowing your money too. Not funny.

      • I’d rather he give it out as reparations to American citizens, yes ridiculous, then spend it on illegal invaders.
        Unless it’s used to ship the invaders out of the USA

  5. Most scrubs who win the lottery blow it and end up worse off than they were before the boon.

    Without some sort of custodial action or spending restrictions, both of which are impossible and unactionable, this will only accomplish transferring a great sum of taxpayer dollars to various corners of the black market.

    But I don’t live there, visit there, spend money with Chicago businesses or know anyone who lives there so burn it the fuck down if you want to.

    • Where’s Mrs. O’leary’s cow when you really need it? Ahhhh yes, 1871 was a very good year…

  6. How do Asian immigrants come to this country with nothing, and end up thriving while tending to stay out of trouble? If Democrats actually cared about their constituents, then shouldn’t they be trying to solve this riddle (beginning decades ago)? Unless…they like the way things are going because it keeps them in power. Nah, that’s crazy talk!

    • “How do Asian immigrants come to this country with nothing, and end up thriving while tending to stay out of trouble?”
      family values outside of stealing everything in sight
      NOT thinking that living off welfare is a good thing
      not being given the same amounts of welfare as the 13% and still becoming biz OWNERS!

  7. Yeah, that’ll stop it!!! The mokes he’s tryin to bribe make more money in week than he makes all year. Between the dealing and the stealin!!

  8. Ever since Republican governors have “spread the wealth”, of illegal immigration. The “black community” in Chiraq now finally understands what President Trump was talking about.
    And many have called for a repeal of the cities sanctuary laws.

    Some have publicly called for President Trump to come and “clean this mess up”.

    Buying votes and calling it “reparations” is still using $$$ to buy votes. Stick a fork in Chiraq. They’re done.

    I believe Illinois was a free state in 1864. No legal slavery.

  9. The three stogoes (mayors of Chiraq, NYC & Denver) have a new road show on the Prog MSM talking heads shows. As this AM. I couldn’t stand such concentrated stupidity so I could discuss what their agenda might be. No doubt hands out for more fed$.

  10. I was already glad I no longer live in Chicagoland. Here’s another reason to ask to the list: not having to see my taxes go to this travesty.

  11. Reparations? Really? First, who’s going to pay for it? Who decides who is eligible? The Bible says the Hebrews were enslaved for 3000 years. At least if I remember my Sunday School lessons. Do the Egyptians owe them reparations? In fact, why don’t we destroy the pyramids while we’re at it. This thing just makes me feel tired to think of it.

    • The population of Chicago is what? With only $500,000 in start-up money, the checks will be what, $20, if they’re lucky.

      If I was being told 20 bucks was all I was getting, I’d be insulted…

  12. This is an implicit admission that blacks are committing most of the crime in Chicago, these days.

    If you are not going to be the correct skin color to receive one of these checks, I suggest you move out of Chicago.

  13. Reparations my rump. That means hard working Americans tax dollars. One thing I will be very very happy to pay for is a one way ticket back to Africa.

    • Send them to Liberia. Wasn’t the country established by freed slaves? Did it work out well?

      A note is African-Africans don’t like the attitude of African-Americans.

  14. It is astonishing how so many people (mainly on the right) got duped into thinking this mayor would be any better than the previous one. They are both one and the same.

  15. I’m just gonna leave this here:

    Econ 101 – If you want more of something, subsidize it. If you want less, tax it.

  16. This is why I am praying for a nuclear 9-11. The punchline is that the primary mechanism for injury from airbursts is from thermal radiation rather than nuclear radiation or blast effects. The pigmentation of African Americans as well as for South Asians makes them far more vulnerable to injury from thermal radiation.

    Needless to say, thermonuclear hand grenades are extremely selective.

    • “This is why I am praying for a nuclear 9-11.”

      Hell, no!

      Let’s seriously game it out –

      LA gets nuked. The remaining population pours out into the countryside expecting to get fed. They just screwed you for good.

      The few thousand rounds of ammo you have are gonna be *gone* in no time, while your wife and daughter will be ‘toys’ for the hoard until they move on…

  17. left wing loony toons…Maine Secretary of State Who REMOVED Trump From Ballot Getting IMPEACHED.

  18. Ok but wasnt he the one that said Chicago was broke because of all the Migrants?
    The same migrants attributing to the crime problem ?
    Lib logic at its best

    • No, they’re only federal money broke for that, they’ve got plenty of state and local money for the “bangers” and the reparations…

  19. Funny…haven’t heard about this scheme on MSNBC, the other 3 BCs, the msm, not even on Fox or anywhere else. This is why I love TAG. Which I probably shouldn’t….you guys are just determined to pmtfo…in a good way. The tide is gonna turn because of things like this, for better or worse. All we can do is be prepared.

  20. Mayor BJ must be really, really stupid if he believes all his constituents are stupid enough to believe he’s serious. Pumping more money into circulation in a community that already has unconscionably high levels of crime is guaranteed to do the exact opposite of what that aѕѕhole claims. The idea that people who steal from other people have some sort of “I’ll stop when I have enough” mentality is insane.

    • The only way the mayor is going to guarantee his election is to give BJs to entire voting demographic.

      He can ask Kameltoe for tips on technique.

  21. I deeply wish that millions of tax payer dollars would be thrown into the democrat created urban plantation shithole that is Chicago. It would likely be one helluva party at the dem national convention this summer; once the smoke cleared from turning the self-cleaning oven that is the hood up to full broil.

  22. Oh yea another delude black socialist mayor running a city in total shambles. So the silliness continues. I swear they all act like they are brain dead!!!!!!

  23. Like “violence interruption” programs this is little more than a slush fund. Expect people to be arrested while receiving these checks if it happens. Money never bought anyone morality if anything it’s oft lead to the opposite happening.

  24. Money from folks who didn’t own slaves and were never slaves to folks who were never slaves paid for by folks who didn’t own slaves
    Some derogatory terms are earned and maintained

    • “Money from folks who didn’t own slaves…”

      ‘What we have here, is failure to communicate. You gotta getcher mind right.’ You are missing the point.

      Anyone not of African descent owes their possessions, status, and wealth to the slaves. It was the forced labor of African slaves (no other type slaves were involved) that made America into a world powerhouse; everyone but the slaves, and their descendants, prospered from American slave labor before 1865, and then afterward until eternity. The debt created by slavery can never be paid. Equity can only be approached when descendants of American-held African slaves can put Caucasian people into slavery for at least a millennia.

      And to arrive at equity, America must pay for all slavery in the world, since its beginning from the primeval muck.

        • “Wow, where do I send the check?”

          Not to worry, it will be done for you, via tax increases.

          The above line raises another matter, which gun owners should never forget: govt and fellow travelers spend all day, every day, researching ways to end individual gun ownership. Gun owners spend their days peacefully going about their business of living and taking care of everyday matters. Gun grabbers may be universally stupid, but those who control gun grabbers are not; evil never rests.

  25. What a lame brain you already pay criminals not to commit crime. Now you want to give them a double payment not to commit a crime why not quadruple the payment!

  26. Lawlessness and crime will continue to increase in Chicago and Illinois as a whole, these thugs can do math and the more crime they commit the more money they’re gonna get to stop committing said crimes this is insanity, it is intentional insanity on the governments part they create the problem they compound the problem and then they ride in and say we can solve all your problems, but you are going to have to surrender all these civil liberties.…

  27. 1. How can anyone be so stupid? Those people have never learned critical thinking.

    2. Point of historical correction:
    Yankee soldiers never fought to end slavery. They fought to preserve the union. Contrary to what is taught in public schools and universities, thank you soldiers did not fight to free the slaves. After the emancipation proclamation in 1863, thousands of Yankee, soldiers, deserted. They were not fighting to free the slaves. This is documented. Research in many text, including James McPherson‘s “What They Fought For.” in the north, many states had black codes, which forbade free blacks to reside in their states. They did not want free blacks, former slaves, to migrate north.
    Since approximately 10% of southerners on slaves, that means that 90% did not fight to preserve slavery. They fought as my ancestors did to resist Lincoln’s invasion. My ancestors of the North Georgia mountains were actually unionists until we called for the 75,000 volunteers to invade the South. What Public schools and universities do not teach, is that Lincoln invaded Fort Pickens in Florida and Fort Sumter, South Carolina while Congress was out of session and he did so secretly. This is documented. Research and John Tilley‘s “ Lincoln Takes Command.” The War Between the States was really to prevent southern succession, not end slavery. Lincoln’s supported Corwin Amendment passed by the remnant Northern legislature would have guaranteed slavery to exist in the south indefinitely.
    Secession was primarily ignited by the Morill Tariff which would have taxed southern exports between 39-51%. This was basically corporate welfare where the majority of southern taxes would flow to support northern business interests. Not so constitutional. This was a replay of the Tariff of Abominations which led S. Carolina to initiate secession proceedings in 1828.

    • “Lincoln’s supported Corwin Amendment passed by the remnant Northern legislature would have guaranteed slavery to exist in the south indefinitely.”

      Lincoln shifted from union to anti-slavery because his advisors convinced him that “preserve the union” would not prevent some northern states from dropping support for the war. Indeed, there were four slave states permitted to remain in the union, with a promise that “the union” would not demand they give up slavery.
      (Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri. These were called “Border States”.(

      Lincoln was quite nimble about tolerating the intolerable if his politics would preserve the union. Indeed, he wrote the following statement, indicating his ambivalence about slavery:
      “If there be those who would not save the Union unless they could at the same time destroy slavery, I do not agree with them. My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery.” (Letter to Horace Greely, 1862)
      ( Note: the letter is not written in modern text style, so read the letter slowly; it is a form of writing of which we are unfamiliar).

  28. Gavin Newsome annouces that California with it’s current $68,000.000,000 budget deficet, will be offering free healthcare to ‘All’ illegal aliens.

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