Tracey Thomas Lorcin 380 courtesy of Chicago Police Spokeman Twitter
Chicago Police recovered this Lorcin .380 and a small fortune worth of hollow-points after capturing Tracey Thomas. Image courtesy of Twitter (Chicago Police PIO Tom Ahern)
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Given what happened in Boulder, Colorado yesterday, most folks probably missed a very similar case that took place in Chicago over the weekend. Tracey Thomas, 29, reportedly told police investigators that he wanted to lure CPD officers into an ambush and kill as many cops as possible.

Fortunately the suspect, his junky little Lorcin .380, and a small fortune worth of .380 ACP hollow-point ammunition suffered an epic fail. But not before he wounded one cop and another innocent bystander while shooting at people at every opportunity in Chicago’s hardscrabble Austin neighborhood.

In fact, if Thomas, a felon, had a reliable gun instead of the Lorcin, he might have caused much more mayhem. His first victim, riding a bike, saw the would-be killer trying to clear a malfunction and quickly rode away. That bike rider suffered a very close call with bullet holes in his clothing.

More clueless citizens nearly fell victim to Thomas, including one guy who took a round in the buttocks when he stopped his car to check his tire after hearing popping sounds.  It could have been a scene from The Jerk.

The Chicago Sun-Times has details of the attempted mass murder of police and others.

A man accused of going on a shooting spree Saturday in Austin that wounded two people, including a Chicago police officer, was trying to “lure” cops to the area “because he wanted them to kill him,” prosecutors said Sunday.

Tracey Thomas Jr. was charged with the attempted murder of five officers, including the cop who was shot, according to Chicago police and the Cook County state’s attorney’s office. He wasn’t charged in separate shooting incidents involving civilians. …

Three officers responded; they found spent shell casings before they heard more gunfire and took cover. At least one round pierced a police SUV, noted Konstantopoulos.

Detectives then heard gunshots coming from that area and saw Thomas in the alley, Konstantopoulos said. When he fled west, the detectives tried to cut him off but lost sight of him. They then issued an advisory with his description.

Two other officers responding to a call of shots fired then got out of their vehicle to search for Thomas. When one of the officers approached a building at 205 N. La Crosse Ave., Thomas allegedly shot her in the hand as he positioned himself in a first-floor window.

In the end, after twice shooting at responding officers, Thomas opted to hole up in a building for a few hours. SWAT showed up and Mr. Thomas finally surrendered.

Leave it to all the “brass” at Chicago PD, including Chief Brown front and center, to preen in front of cameras after the situation has ended…
Image via Twitter (Chicago PD)

CWB Chicago reported that Thomas is one of a number of criminals arrested for killing or trying to kill someone in Chicago while out of jail under the Land of Lincoln’s “affordable bail” program since the first of the year.  Welcome to Murder City USA.

Thomas has been AWOL on drug distribution charges since he stopped showing up for court appearances in September, court records show. He is the eleventh person accused of killing or trying to kill someone in Chicago this year while on bond for another felony.

The Sun-Times somehow forgot to mention that tidbit.

Once more, this case proves that the only thing that stops a mentally-unbalanced bully with an illegally possessed gun and evil in his heart is a good guy with a gun.

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  1. The G Floyd syndrome,
    Only way for him to set his family up for life.
    That’s the way I see it.

  2. Another thing this case proves: “progressive” politicians are the best friends a murderous bully could possibly have.

  3. It’s become a ghetto life insurance.
    Act a fool and gofundme will pay out to your baby mommas.
    Eventually we’ll see an organized pseudo-religious effort ala The Lottery where somebody is chosen to sacrifice himself as a final redeeming act of martyrdom to bring wealth and prosperity to the tribe.

  4. Never heard of the Lorcin. But I can say my Hi Point 45 pistol works just fine. And there is video out there of one being used to kill a state trooper. Libertarians support emptying the jails.
    So their plan comtinues on. The only way to deal with this, is to make sure everyone has machine guns. Or what ever firearm you choose.

    • I think the 45 is the only hi point I have ever heard of having an actual failure (extractor/firing pin sheer) and that was with questionable ammo that probably was a reloaders error. From what I remember he had a free postage repair returned to his house within a month. May not like how the hi point settled in my hand but very functional and cant argue with the price. With all that said common universal machine gun ownership opportunities are a good starting point.

    • You slander Libertarians for what reason? Are you a loathsome NeoCon? Are you Dick “No Heartbeat for 15 Years” Cheney?

  5. Got to wonder where he got two boxes of brass cased hollowpoints. It’s rare to see criminals with a full magazine, and rarer still to find them using proper ammo instead of a random collection of mixed stuff (primarily steel case).

  6. They will plea bargain the case down to disorderly conduct for a guilty plea. The nut will be sentenced to unsupervised probation and have another gun in 24 hours. It’s how it’s done in Cook County.

  7. Where in the Hell did he find a Lorcin that was still able to shoot? Most of them were scrapped decades ago.

    • They are still floating around as community guns but are slowly being replaced with Taurus Glock M&P and others. Ravens and Jennings still turn up as well and this is where there is typically more cost involved in getting the license than several of the pistols mentioned above.

  8. If a suspect wishes to be taken alive, and complies fully with police orders, police are obligated to take him alive and deliver him to the justice system. Apparently he had the opportunity and took it

  9. “In fact, if Thomas, a felon, had a reliable gun”

    Why are you giving ammunition for gun control? If Thomas’s plan failed it was because it was an incompetent, poorly executed plan. Sure, a more effective plan might have involved a more reliable gun, but it could also have involved a fire, a bomb, poison etc.

    The ability to kill large numbers of those they hate is more about the criminal than the means.

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