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The alleged Boulder murderer, Ahmad Al Issa (his name is being reported a variety of ways) purchased an AR-15 platform firearm six days before he walked into a King Sooper grocery store yesterday and opened fire. He was also reportedly armed with a semi-automatic handgun.

CNN is reporting that the shooter used “an AR-15-style pistol modified with an arm brace.”

Given the Democrats’ gun control push since President BidenHarris took office, not to mention the fact that the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings on gun control today, enemies of the right to keep and bear arms are in high dudgeon, using yesterday’s massacre as proof positive that now is the time to do something.

Someone even propped up President BidenHarris himself in front of a TelePrompter today long enough to haltingly read a brief statement from his handlers regarding the fierce moral imperative to enact a common sense “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazine ban as well as closing non-existent “loopholes” in the background check system.

He then immediately doddered out of the room to avoid taking any questions from the media. Watch for yourself . . .

Here’s the latest from the Associated Press . . .

By Patty Nieberg, Thomas Peipert and Colleen Slevin

Police on Tuesday identified a 21-year-old man as the suspect who opened fire inside a crowded Colorado supermarket, and court documents showed that he purchased an assault rifle less than a week before the attack that killed 10 people, including a police officer.

Supermarket employees told investigators that Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa shot an elderly man multiple times Monday outside the Boulder grocery store before going inside, according to the documents. Another person was found shot in a vehicle next to a car registered to suspect’s brother.

Authorities said Alissa was from the Denver suburb of Arvada and that he engaged in a shootout with police inside the store. The suspect was being treated at a hospital and was expected to be booked into the county jail later in the day on murder charges.

Investigators have not established a motive, but authorities believe he was the only shooter, Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty said.

The suspect purchased the assault weapon just six days before the shooting, on March 16, according to the arrest affidavit released Tuesday. It was not immediately known where the gun was purchased.

The shooting came 10 days after a judge blocked a ban on assault rifles passed by the city of Boulder in 2018. That ordinance and another banning large-capacity magazines came after the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead.

A lawsuit challenging the bans was filed quickly, backed by the National Rifle Association. The judge struck down the ordinance under a Colorado law that blocks cities from making their own rules about guns.

A law enforcement official briefed on the shooting said the suspect’s family told investigators they believed Alissa was suffering some type of mental illness, including delusions. Relatives described times when Alissa told them people were following or chasing him, which they said may have contributed to the violence, the official said. The official was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to AP on condition of anonymity.

The attack sent terrorized shoppers and employees scrambling for cover. It was the nation’s deadliest mass shooting since a 2019 assault on a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, where a gunman killed 22 people in a rampage that police said targeted Mexicans.

SWAT officers carrying ballistic shields slowly approached the King Soopers store while others escorted frightened people away from the building, which had some of its windows shattered. Customers and employees fled through a back loading dock to safety. Others took refuge in nearby shops.

Multiple 911 calls paint a picture of a chaotic, terrifying scene, according to the affidavit.

One caller said the suspect opened fire out the window of his vehicle. Others called to say they were hiding inside the store as the gunman fired on customers. Witnesses described the shooter as having a black AR-15-style gun and wearing blue jeans and maybe body armor.

By the time he was in custody, Alissa had been struck by a bullet that passed through his leg, the affidavit said. He had removed most of his clothing and was dressed only in shorts. Inside the store, he had left the gun, a tactical vest, a semiautomatic handgun and his bloodied clothing, the affidavit said.

After the shooting, detectives went to Alissa’s home and found his sister-in-law, who told them that he had been playing around with a weapon she thought looked like a “machine gun,” about two days earlier, the document said.

A tapestry and a pillow blocked a narrow window next to the front door at the Arvada home believed to be owned by the suspect’s father. No one answered the door after several knocks, but young children occasionally pulled the pillow aside and peered out of the window. The two-story home with a three-car garage sits in a relatively new middle- and upper-class neighborhood.

Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold identified the slain officer as Eric Talley, 51, who had been with the force since 2010. He was the first to arrive after responding to a call about shots fired and someone carrying a rifle, she said.

“He was, by all accounts, one of the outstanding officers of the Boulder Police Department, and his life was cut too short,” Dougherty said.

The other dead ranged in age from 20 to 65. They were identified as Denny Stong, 20; Neven Stanisic, 23; Rikki Olds, 25; Tralona Bartkowiak, 49; Suzanne Fountain, 59; Teri Leiker, 51; Kevin Mahoney, 61; Lynn Murray, 62; and Jodi Waters, 65.

The attack in Boulder, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) northwest of Denver and home to the University of Colorado, stunned a state that has seen several mass shootings, including the 1999 Columbine High School massacre and the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting.

Monday’s attack was the seventh mass killing this year in the U.S., following the March 16 shooting that left eight people dead at three Atlanta-area massage businesses, according to a database compiled by The Associated Press, USA Today and Northeastern University.

It follows a lull in mass killings during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, which had the smallest number of such attacks in eight years, according to the database, which tracks mass killings defined as four or more dead, not including the shooter.

Sarah Moonshadow and her son, Nicolas Edwards, had just bought strawberries inside the supermarket when they heard gunfire. Moonshadow told The Denver Post they ducked and “just ran.” Outside, Edwards said, arriving police pulled up next to a body in the parking lot.

“I knew we couldn’t do anything for the guy,” he said. “We had to go.”

Video posted on YouTube showed one person on the floor inside the store and two more outside on the ground. What sounds like two gunshots are heard at the beginning of the video.

President Joe Biden announced that flags nationwide would be lowered in memory of the victims — an order that comes just as a previous flag-lowering proclamation expired for those killed in the Atlanta-area shootings. Together the two orders mean near-continuous national mourning for almost two weeks.

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    • Islam is trash but it’s stupid to think that mental illness is caused by Islam. Literally some people are crazy. Black white brown and yellow all populations have insane folk. Crazy is crazy

      • Islam is trash but it’s stupid to think that mental illness is caused by Islam.

        Maybe Islam is just a perfect match with crazy people.
        A cult created by a murderous pedophile would seem right in line with crazy thinking.

        • Crazy thinking = religion? Sounds like a perfect match to me too…

          There are a lot of rational people who just happen to believe in irrational shit. I won’t criticize any religion more than the next one, but the history of religion speaks for itself. What a joke.

        • …but the history of religion speaks for itself. What a joke

          If you think Western civ and specifically this country would have materialized without the foundation of Judeo-Christianity than you’re a moron. You talk like you were subjected to 4+ years of university indoctrination.

        • Many religions give the perp a sense of superiority and(to them) tells then they are on the right path. It is not only Islam that is used like this, Christianity was the excuse for the crusades. Thugees killed people, Sikhs have been used by others.
          My Christian faith tells me differently, but people have always twisted religion to gain their own ends and gain followers.

          If this man was hearing voices, having hallucinations and acting erratically, why didn’t his family call social services for help? This is a person that has extreme mental problems, this is not a normal gun owner.

          I wonder if some alphabet group was using him to do the deed – I hate to think they would, but after the last few years, I can not put anything out of these zealots’ reach

        • “Christianity was the excuse for the crusades.” Facepalm… The Crusades weren’t some kind mass delusion excused by religion; they were, among other things, an in-kind response to the Islamic invasions of Europe.

        • And the masses weren’t personally able to read the Bible/Scriptures for themselves, but were selectively fed from the Papal structure. Many who fought in the Crusades were told their sins would be absolved, as well as any they committed along the way, if they fought for the Crown.

          Lunacy, but that’s what lack of education does. It creates sheep who will believe pretty much anything TPTB tell them.

          Hey…that sounds familiar…

        • “Strike the Infidels where ever you find them……” Read William Federer’s book “What America Should Know About Islam.” Compares Islam Koran and Christianity Bible. Really informative from a great historian.

        • Deuteronomy 13:

          6 If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” (gods that neither you nor your ancestors have known, 7 gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other), 8 do not yield to them or listen to them. Show them no pity. Do not spare them or shield them. 9 You must certainly put them to death. Your hand must be the first in putting them to death, and then the hands of all the people. 10 Stone them to death, because they tried to turn you away from the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 11 Then all Israel will hear and be afraid, and no one among you will do such an evil thing again.

        • Deuteronomy 13:

          You REALLY like that one don’t you… You’ve posted it ALL over the place… Problem, that passage is from a book that NO Christian uses… however, the instructions to lie to, convert or kill ALL Infidels is in the very Koran that is used and taught from “every single day” in Mosques all over the world to nearly two BILLION Muslims, NOT the same thing since God was referring to HIS believers straying from HIM while the Koran refers to ALL people NOT of the Muslim faith… OBTW, to stray from the MUSLIM faith is also punishable by death…

        • What “book that no christian uses”? You refer to the BIBLE? What are you drinking, I want some.

        • What “book that no christian uses”? You refer to the BIBLE?

          DEUTERONOMY… The 5th book of Moses (OLD TESTAMENT)… CHRISTIANS use the NEW TESTAMENT, the teachings of Jesus CHRIST… Not the same thing… DRINK UP… Learn something…
          Christ deniers (Jewish religion, snake handlers in W. VA.) still use variations of the Old Testament, but followers of Jesus Christ (aka CHRISTIANS) use the New Testament…

        • “Problem, that passage is from a book that NO Christian uses… “

          Hilarious, using the ‘no true Scotsman fallacy’, priceless…

          I am glad to hear that all the Christians use only the New Testament, Jesus never spoke against homosexuality.
          That whole business about a man lying with a man being an abomination is strictly old testament, glad to hear all the Christian churches in America now accept homosexuality as no problem!

        • The fact that Jesus himself did not directly address the specific question of homosexual acts carries little weight. As a faithful and practicing Jew, Jesus accepted and lived by the moral code passed down through Hebrew tradition. Among its tenets (Leviticus 20:13) was that “if a man lies with a male as with a woman, they have committed an abomination; the two of them shall be put to death.” His intent was not to publish a compendium of moral theology; rarely does Christ address particular moral issues but focuses instead on the broader goals of love of God and love of neighbor.

          Romans 1:26-28, where Paul says: “God handed them over to degrading passions. Their females exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the males likewise gave up natural relations with females and burned with lust for one another. Males did shameful things with males and thus received in their own persons the due penalty for their perversity. “And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God handed them over to their undiscerning mind to do what is improper.”

          The Catechism of the Catholic Church (No. 2357) concludes that sacred Scripture “presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity” and that “under no circumstances can they be approved.”

          Jesus Christ was NOT a “Christian” He was a Jew… Christianity was founded on his teachings as interpreted by his apostles… I’m really tired of schooling you and your protégé, learn to read, work on your comprehension skills or just give it a rest… We ALL get it, YOU don’t believe in God OR religion, Who fucking cares? But that’s not your problem is it? Your problem is that you can’t convince anyone to follow you, to think YOUR way, so you just continue on and on with your incessant ill informed bullshit, selectively cutting and pasting anything that agrees with your argument.. I was doing fine, ignoring your ignorance and your unwillingness to accept anything contrary to your ideologies and now I’m going to return to that posture and hopefully everyone else will do the same (the greatest insult one can visit upon someone like you is to ignore you)… Go FUK yourselves Miners… I’m done.

        • “Jesus accepted and lived by the moral code passed down through Hebrew tradition.”

          Passed down through tradition? What kind of mealymouth BS is that?

          They follow the specific laws of mosaic teachings, as recorded in the Old Testament.

          And now that’s out the window, did you cut the old testament out of your Bible?

          You are the classic cafeteria Christian, picking and choosing your interpretation to you fit your lifestyle.

          If I were you, I’d kinda lay off that bit about no true Christian follows the old testament.

          Some of those southern Baptists can get mighty testy about their holy book.

        • “Your problem is that you can’t convince anyone to follow you, to think YOUR way”

          Hey, I’m not a member of a religion that is spending billions every year proselytizing their message to the entire world in 151 different languages, in an attempt to gain followers.

          I don’t deny religion or God, I just say that I have seen no compelling evidence that would justify belief in any deity.

          And my only problem with religion in America is their continuous attempt to have special favors from the government and place restrictions on my behavior.

          So just when is the Catholic Church going to pay their fair share of taxes on their billions of dollars of properties in the United States? Is the problem they don’t have the money because they’ve had to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to cover up childhood sexual abuse by priests?

          My favorite was when the Diocese in Los Angeles converted donations for the upkeep of the Catholic cemetery into payoff money for pedophile priests to keep them out of prison, good times!

    • “Investigation at the scene revealed the resident owned two handguns that were reportedly used in the incident,” police said in a report.

      Police seized two handguns, a Taurus .357 magnum and a Beretta PX4 Storm, the report states.

      “The resident, Steven E. Eisenberg, 55, was taken into custody and charged with making terroristic threats, police said.

      Eisenberg, who is unemployed, was released after posting $1,500 bail pending further court proceedings, police said.”

        • Not at all, the self-actualization of realizing i’m an incredible moron that only

          A) “Cuts And Pastes”


          B) Asks “do you have a citation or a link”

          was a big step for Miner49er.

          Now go cut a participation trophy and paste it here_____.

          (I cut and pasted that ^^^)

        • I also post drivel under multiple monikers. One of them involves emojis to showcase how simple minded I am.

    • He’s also confirmed to be an anti-Trumper on his Facebook profile, but Facebook has now scrubbed his posts.

      • Ah yes the American mass shooting response is in full gear. Dems blame gun owners and conservative white men, and in kind people claim false flag or that the shooter is a democrat and the drumbeat continues. Is it possible that some people of all races, creeds, religions, and nationalities are capable of horrific evil? Can’t we still defend 2a and acknowledge that sometimes people snap regardless of what party they voted for? If you assume only one type of person is capable of violence your situational awareness will be impaired as you will be focused on one specific threat and may miss another one that doesn’t fit your chosen narrative.

        • Sometimes people snap regardless of what party they voted for, indeed. Most of the mass shooters in the news for the last several decades have been active, vocal Democrats. That’s a fact.

        • “Most of the mass shooters in the news for the last several decades have been active, vocal Democrats. That’s a fact.“

          That’s quite the claim, do you have a citation or a link to support your claim?

        • I actually agree with that claim, most have been Democrats. It’s an undeniable fact!

          I would just like the citation so I can cut and paste it.

        • Most of the mass shooters in the news for the last several decades have been active, vocal Democrats. That’s a fact.

          The reality is that MOST mass shooters have no political preference and many are not even registered to vote, however of those expressing a political preference the left leaning shooters DO out number the Right…

        • “The reality is that MOST mass shooters have no political preference and many are not even registered to vote, however of those expressing a political preference the left leaning shooters DO out number the Right…”

          That’s quite the claim, do you have a citation or a link to support your claim?

        • That’s quite the claim, do you have a citation or a link to support your claim

          Yeah, your little shtick WAS cute for a minute, but you’re getting a bit tiring, Maybe go tell mommy it’s bed time and let the adults have the room.. Night night…

        • Most every mass shooting presents far more evidence that every American should be armed every day, than that all should be disarmed before the killers. How many in CO engaged the shooter? In GA? Face it, essentially every normal person was unarmed, or, like me, was not willing to stand up and die when he could escape. If 20 people cowering discovered that all had also drawn a firearm, they could stand up and convert the muslim filth to dog food, then continue shopping.

        • LarryinTx……For once I agree with Bill O’Reilly. Bad guys shooting people is the price of freedom. Liberty is risky business. That’s why our Founding Fathers recognized our God-given right to shoot back. Sometimes bad guys are Islamic terrorists, sometimes gang bangers, even sometimes politicians….or so history reveals.

  1. “The weapon used in the attack was an AR-15-style pistol modified with an arm brace, according to the source.“

    • It’s probably fortunate Ahmad didn’t honor his heritage by using explosives. If he bombed the store, many more likely would have been killed

        • Not at all, the self-actualization of realizing i’m an incredible moron that only

          A) “Cuts And Pastes”


          B) Asks “do you have a citation or a link”

          was a big step for Miner49er.

          Now go cut a participation trophy and paste it here_____.


        • I understand that you don’t use cut and paste because you are interested only in creating lies and disinformation.

          Yes, I often use cut and paste because the facts of history don’t change.

          And really, if you are going to try to attempt to fool people into believing that your posts are authored by me, you should use better grammar, spelling and punctuation.

        • I told ya I’m a moron,

          That talks to herself

          And responds to my own Miner49er posts.

          Oh, did I mention I like to Cut And Paste?

        • Sure can friend!

          Tighten the name up, it’s Miner (sometimes I can be very prickly about that).

          And join in!

        • I detected no difference…

          Yeah one can spell one can’t, One is a bigger moron than the other…

        • Hey MADD you have 3rd wheeling this love triangle since the beginning.

          Take a bow, you deserve it toooooooo!

        • St. Louis, it’s probably in your best interest not to interact with Fake Miner, he’s just an agent provocateur.

        • Agent Provocateur?

          Oh the irony of my leftist projection!

          I accuse others of my sins!

          And I have been very busy.

    • I bought gallons of bleach and ammonia at the same time. No one even raised an eyebrow.

      So what he bought the weapon a few days before? That is not the issue.

      The issue before us is he passed a background check to get firearms, a background check we have been told saves lives. He is known to have mental issues and has been watched for association with a known terrorist.

      Did his family have him seen by a competent mental health professional? Was he radicalized by his associate? These are the relevant questions to the topic at hand.

      Each one of these morons, whether white, brown, black, green or regardless of their professed religion are to be looked at as individuals and questions must be asked about the individuals.

      • And what about the much-hyped “red flag” law in Colorado?? Why didn’t the family turn the shooter in if he was delusional??

        Maybe he wasn’t delusional. I think the family’s story is complete bulls*t so they don’t suffer any shame or blowback. “Oh, he was just mentally ill!” What a crock.

        • bulls*t so they don’t suffer any shame or blowback

          Seems some of the family members are in custody and being “questioned” this evening…

      • Exactly. No report, nothing for NICS denial. And perhaps the family didn’t want to stigmatize their child by having them consult with a mental health professional which would have started a paper trail with more difficulties in the future with employment, housing, etc.

      • He is known to have mental issues and has been watched for association with a known terrorist.

        The hits just keep coming…it’s almost like our society and its government systems are designed to produce these outcomes. But never fear, gun control will fix everything!

        • His father Moustafa has been posting anti American crap on social media for years… Whole damn family should be sent back to Syria..

      • Reports currently say the NICS check should have been refused, simple mistake. OOoops. Maybe we’ll do better next time, no one fired, no one jailed, just a mumbled “too bad!” and keep on keepin’ on. Only way you can count on being defended is to be ready to defend yourself. And you can’t always run away.

      • And turn those bleach and ammonia jugs upside down on the liquid fertilizer ports on your sprinkler system. That’ll keep those little fuckers off your lawn.
        And any other air breathing being.

  2. “Boulder Suspect Bought an AR-15 Rifle Six Days Before Supermarket Shooting”

    And that means what to me?

    People have been buying AR15’s for the last 60 years.

    • Estimated at 8,000,000 ARs in the USA, less than 1/100th of 1 percent get used in violence. That doesn’t sound like an epidemic. I believe the ban is called virtue signaling. 12,000 people a year die from a fall on stairs, less than 400 a year are killed by any type of rifle, maybe Joe should just ban stairs.

      • Naw….can’t use stairs for the true intent of the Second Amendment……resisting tyranny. Gun control is all about protecting politicians’ own asses from Patriots with Ar-15s. Ole Joey doesn’t care about the mass shooing victims. The shooters are his Useful Idiots.
        A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
        He only controls the good guys which is his true agenda.
        The bad guy with a gun…..or the gang member with a gun…. the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the TERRIBLY DISTRAUGHT FAMILY MEMBER OF A GUN SHOOTING VICTIM…….or a gun violence survivor……or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……or the skin color voter…..are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
        The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
        History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it….or die from it.
        And there, boys and girls, is the Xiden/KamelHo/Pigloosi/Slummer/FineStain/Jacsome-She Gun Violence Prevention Plan in a nut shell.

      • Waiting period on assault rifles is about 9 months after submitting your NFA paperwork and tax. 7 days would be great! 👍

        • AFTER you come up with 20 to 30 grand to purchase that assault rifle… My local gun shop has a mint, fully functional Gatling Gun for $14,000.00

        • And Gatling guns are not NFA items, there is nothing at all automatic about them. But $14,000 sounds reasonable! Hank Williams Jr put out a video a bunch of years back filmed at his home where he had a functional Gatling that was a thing of beauty, said he and his friends cut loose with it from time to time (he had the room), made me really jealous. What FUN!!

        • Yeah this one is all polished brass and mounted on a caisson really a cool piece… Didn’t ask the year but I believe if it was made before a certain year (maybe 1864?) it’s not even considered a firearm… 45-70 is an expensive round just for play… Although there are kits to build a .22 version…

  3. Well, at least Joe admitted he didn’t have all the facts of the recent Colorado shooting before he told us to fix the problem we need to ban guns and change background checks to eliminate “loopholes” that don’t actually exist. Then he lied and said his earlier ban of assault weapons produced results, which isn’t exactly what the data from that time frame shows. He also insinuated the attack in Atlanta was race based which is not what the shooter there said either. I’m a bit old school. The Colorado shooter’s brother has said he had mental issues, but apparently no one worried enough about that to take action of any kind. Why not? There is a lot more to be uncovered in both these shootings.

    • “He also insinuated the attack in Atlanta was race based which is not what the shooter there said either.“

      That’s just ridiculous.

      You don’t think it was racist because the shooter himself said it was he wasn’t racist?

      That’s rich, I can hear it now in court:

      “Oh no your honor, I’m not a murderer“

      “OK, that’s good enough for me. Case dismissed!“

      The shooter was obsessed with Asian American females, but his religion made him feel guilty for his lust.

      So he killed the Asian American females that he lusted for because his sky daddy required it.

      And don’t claim that just because he happened to shoot a couple non-Asian individuals that somehow exonerates him from intentionally targeting three different Asian American run spas, while ignoring generic American spas right next-door and across the street.

      The Hispanic male and female he shot were just customers who happened to be in the business when the Christian terrorist came through to exact the vengeance of God.

      • Sorry Randy,

        I see everything through the prism of race, with a health dose of self-loathing.

        Mentally disturbed Atlanta shooter kills Asians = racist

        Mentally disturbed Boulder shooter killing whites. He was just having a bad day.

        Case dismissed!

        • Of course, your inability to understand reality is the primary factor in the failure of your impersonation.

          Fake Miner says:

          “Mentally disturbed Atlanta shooter kills Asians = racist”

          Fake Miner is too stupid to understand that racism is mental illness.

        • And Fake Miner calls everything racist, because Fake Miner likes to bathe in the suffering of others.

          And therefore Fake Miner can not differentiate between real racism and what CNN, NYT, and WaPo tells Fake Miner who is racist today.

    • Randy, it’s actually the same old shit, somebody dies of old age and every demagogue and every “newsman” create their own narrative around their own silly assumptions. When the facts arrive they are ignored. Just like “russia collusion”, for example. There are STILL people who are completely certain that was a real thing, after 4 years and $30+ million of investigation produced no such evidence.

  4. Maybe the dems should quit hiring terrorists to commit mass shootings, I still say Stephen Paddock was a patsy that never pulled a trigger and it was dems pushing for gun control and a Clinton victory in 2016. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

        • You are just so busy impersonating me, how flattering!

          It is unfortunate that you are so lonely that you have to spar with me in order to achieve some semblance of human contact.

        • Thank you, I appreciate the sympathy.

          Miner49er lives a lonely life, dwelling deep in a basement.

          Soros is a cruel task master, he keeps me chained to the computer, watching CNN and MSNBC, and lying all day and night on posts such as this.

        • Sometimes I spend my entire day sparring with people on these forums. So I must be lonely too.

    • “I still say Stephen Paddock was a patsy that never pulled a trigger and it was dems”

      Well, that sure is some assertion you’re making there.

      Have you some evidence to support your claim?

      • Wow my moronic skills are increasing

        I cut and paste AND asked for a citation IN THE SAME POST!

        You can’t teach this level of skills.

        • I am so flattered that you pay attention to every one of my posts!

          But really, that sort of obsession can be an indicator of severe mental illness.

          Hopefully, one day you’ll get the care you so desperately need before you strap up and head to your local Safeway.

        • I have been wondering about that mental illness.

          I think it is a dual or split personality.

          Two Miner49ers in one?

          Why else would I be answering my own posts?

        • Good question. I think the answer is something that will later be revealed in my manifesto.

        • Oh I stopped drinking that, to expensive.

          Soros stopped paying for any of my posts that were cut and paste, so…

        • Oh I stopped drinking that, to expensive

          Easy enough to spot the “FAKE” “it’s TOO expensive”

        • Now fake miner, I warned you about your poor grammar.

          From what I’ve read, Vladimir does not take kindly to incompetence so you’d better mind your Ps and Qs.

        • I went with the fake Russian narrative?

          If it isn’t racist then it’s the Russians!

          OMG how deep does my brain-washing go?

        • Maddmaxx…………..there is, or was, one similar to what you described on the floor at Davenport ( Iowa ) Guns…If you are referring to that particular gun, perhaps I can buy you a drink sometime ???

        • If you are referring to that particular gun,

          Unfortunately, no, I have been to/through Davenport hundreds of times, leased to “Westside Transport” (a Cedar Rapids trucking company) til 1998 but this gun is in Central FL…

  5. Currently watching Inside Edition…what MOTIVE did allah boy have? they bleat. Duh from the corrupt leftard media who labeled the jihad attack at the Pulse nightclub “homophobia”. Or the 5.7 weilding Hassan Army azzwhole murderer “workplace violence”. Soldier of allah😡

  6. YES, Democrats are coming for our guns!

    It appears at this point it was all legal.

    I’ve never played a video game certainly not Call of Duty. Vietnam was the real deal.

    Question for the younger ones here to you think these types of video games lead to a false sense of reality? That thought struck me afterwards he wanted to talk to his mom. ???

    • Of course these video games and paintball games lead to an altered sense of reality. This is the whole reason for their use in training of our military. The military have to train out the previous training those people got from their parents and religion – don’t point a gun at something you do not want to destroy – Thou Shalt Not Kill, etc.

      I still get flack from my family for not allowing paintball guns to my children, even though I allowed target practice and firing guns. These video games are violent and just glorify thug life. Maybe adults playing these games as a joke is fine, but teens do not have fully developed morals and sense of society, right and wrong in certain situations has not been set in place yet.

      I am not saying that all kids shouldn’t use these products, by why give them this training?

      • I agree with your post.

        Violent video games desensitized young people to the real cost of getting Jiggy.

        It is more of the glorification of weapons, warfare and anger.

        The Christian Jesus spoke specifically against this, “those who live by the sword shall die by the sword”

      • Whole-heartedly agree with this post. People have no respect for the power of firearms because they know nothing about them. I cringe when I see movies, television, and video games. Most of them are sadistic fantasies.

        • Again, I must agree with your post, I am shocked at how clearly you grasp this aspect of the problem.

          The truth is, liberals and conservatives often share more common ground and they realize.

          And I choose to believe we will all recognize that before too much longer, you may laugh but I believe that will lead us towards unity.

        • But orange man bad and pro race riots good.

          “unity” through force is what I meant to say.

        • Fake Miner, I would say yes, a triple adulterer, tax cheat liar is indeed a bad man.

          And his partnership of lies with Sidney Powell, et al,, is the very height of un-American activities, using lies in an attempt to gain unlawful power.

          Boy, I bet you feel stupid now that Sidney Powell has admitted in open court that no reasonable person would believe her bullshit.

          So whatever happened with the United States Army seizing all those servers in Germany?

          What a bunch of rubes!

        • I freely judge DJT – The Greatest America President in my lifetime.

          Despite MATTHEW 7:1 KJV “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

          Yet I have none for Hillary Clinton, Barack “Barry” Obama, nor Joe Biden?


        • Fake Miner, I’m so amused by your sad attempts at deflection.

          I’m surprised you would have time to post here, I was sure you would be out mortgaging your Mom’s home in order to donate to Donald Trump and Sidney Powell‘s legal defense fund.

          They are going to need a few billion, but orange man totally worth it, right?

          How embarrassing to be snookered by a New York City scam artist and over the hill female Matlock.

        • Now how could I sell the whole house?

          Miner49er only owns the basement portion.

          And why am I answering my own posts?

  7. I assume now that a Syrian refugee has murdered 10 European-Americans that the mainstream news will report the shooter was motivated by racism and this was an anti-white hate crime.

    • Not a chance… He will be held up as a “freedom fighter” striking back at the infidel imperialists for recent attacks on his homeland… He will be a hero..

      • Sorry guys, but almost all news media is reporting his previous mental health problems.

        It seems a typical case of early adulthood onset of severe paranoid schizophrenia.

  8. “Boulder Suspect Bought an AR-15 Rifle Six Days Before Supermarket Shooting”.

    The ATF will be Banning the Pistol Braces by next week.

    Psaki already talked about Xi Jing Biden using “Executive Orders”.

    • Jen “Circle Back” Psaki won’t tell the truth. Biden is in name only, Harris wears the pants suit in that twisted relationship.

      • I don’t believe either of them is actually in charge, suspect Soros is closer to being the actual president than either one.

        • suspect Soros is closer to being the actual president

          More likely the Obama’s (not sure which one or both) with big money from China funneled through Netflix and “speaking” tours… According to “sources” that wish to remain anonymous (for Miner, either one or both)

        • Wait a minute, I thought you guys didn’t like anonymous sources?

          Will the same unit that confiscated the dominion voting machines servers in Germany be conducting the investigation of the Obama Netflix conspiracy?

          Maybe they can also find the crack team that Donald Trump sent to Hawaii to investigate Barack Obama’s birth certificate, they haven’t been heard from since. I think they set sail on the SS Minnow for a three hour cruise…

          Hilarious, you people are just so pathetic.

        • Sorry guys about calling you pathetic, haha.

          I only recently discovered I’m an ass-clown.

          As a moron this is going to take some time to work out.

          I know, can I Cut and Paste something for you?

  9. Jack Posobiec

    Early information from a national security agency suggests Boulder shooter planned to target the Trump rally in Colorado Springs, Feb 2020, but decided to wait until the next one on March 13 in Denver but it was cancelled due to COVID, per WH official

  10. nyt is reporting this jerkoff was known to the fbi in colorado due to his affiliations with ANOTHER terror suspect at least as early as 2018…

  11. From the article:

    ‘Relatives described times when Alissa told them people were following or chasing him,”

    So it turns out that might be true, there may very well have been people following him. According to the New York Times (article behind a paywall) he was known to the FBI because they were investigating an associate of his on a terrorism charge. They could have well been actually following him, and the Feebs being the Feebs, doing it poorly.

  12. Colorado Gunman Ahmad Al-Issa Attacked King Soopers on the 5th Anniversary of Islamic Terrorist Attack in Brussels

    • No, he was celebrating national West Virginia day:

      National West Virginia Day on March 22nd recognizes the last state to be created from one of the original thirteen colonies. When Virginia voted to secede from the Union, Western Virginians held firmly to their Union loyalties, created their own constitution and approached Congress for statehood.

  13. Seems more like the perp fits the profile of a disgruntled democRat. I wonder if the $1400.00 stimulas Jim Crow Gun Control joe gave him was used to make the purchase? Since election fraud joe wants all the credit for stimulas checks so be it.

    I do not care where the perp came from as plenty of nutty perps just like him are lily white and were raised on spaghetti-ooos. What I care about are the sick slugs who think such tragedies gives them the standing to blame every firearm owner within a 5000 miles radius.

    Worthless Gun Control Zealots carry around an agenda rooted in racism and genocide and think no one notices the stench of it on there shoes. Well those days are gone. The more people who understand what Gun Control is are the more people willing to stand against an agenda rooted in racism and genocide.

    What happened in that grocery store was everyday in nazi germany if you were a helpless Jew. The lucky ones who were not shot or beaten to death got to live longer in concentration camps. As far as I am concerned there is not a dime’s difference between Gun Control nazis and Gun Control Zealots…Always scratching each other’s backs with Gun Control.

    • “joe wants all the credit for stimulas checks“

      How sad that you are confused.

      The stimulus checks released under the last administration all have Donald Trump‘s name printed directly on the face of the check.

      Joe Biden does not have his name on the check that has been distributed as part of the current stimulus program.

      Isn’t it interesting how the truth is almost always the exact opposite of what you post?
      Don’t you get a funny feeling in your tummy when you make bald-faced lies, or are you numb to your own perfidy?

    • Little debee are you fucking nuts? Why do you equate EVERY proposed gun control bill, EVERY illegal use of a gun, or EVERY smarmy libshit comment about guns with 1) Jim Crow, 2) democRats are the real racists, 3) and, last but certainly not least, fucking NAZI GERMANY? Moron69er is by far the most idiotic, piece of shit troll on these comment boards but you are a close damn second. If I was a Jew and I read your tripe of constantly comparing inane happenings with Nazi Germany, I’d be offended.

  14. Okay, he bought an AR pistol six days before the attack, IN DENVER, so how would the Boulder Ban have prevented this nut job from coming there and killing a bunch of people? Hell the publicity of the ban being overturned might have been what got his attention when he started working on his plan to murder the infidels… If the FBI (funny how they seem to come up in a lot of these shootings) had been watching this clown they did a shitty job of it…

    • My point as well. Even if Boulder’s Ban had been in place, it wouldn’t have prevented this attack, simply because both the killer and the weapon did not live in or come from Boulder.

      Boulder, the Tutti Fruitti Capitol of Commirado Leftism, has the most draconian gun laws in the State. Concealed Carry permit? Rottsa Ruck. Open Carry? No Way.
      Colorado already has Capacity Limits (15 rounds). ERPOS, and a number of other Infringements. Other than confiscating weapons, what other laws will prevent tragedies like this?
      Nothing will work, because you cannot legislate Evil Intentions away. Banning Assault Style Weapons won’t work. Biden’s Full of SH*T about the ban decreasing shootings, and here’s one to prove it, right here in Colorado. COLUMBINE. The Columbine shooting occurred in 1999, right smack dab in the middle of the Ban (1994 – 2004).
      It’s all empty Virtue Signaling for groups like Every A**hole For Gun Safety and Mom’s Demand Action (aka Menopausal Fishwives Want Blood), because you can’t stop Evil Intentions.

  15. Always known crazy by friends and family.
    Always a paper trail.
    Always on somebodys radar.
    Always schizo.

    And of course it’s ALWAYS my fault.

  16. “….suspect’s family told investigators they believed Alissa was suffering some type of mental illness, including delusions. Relatives described times when Alissa told them people were following or chasing him….”

    Right there, the typical root cause in so many of these bloody events.

    Naturally everyone will spin up their Party Tested, Ideological Purity Approved Narrative for why the problem is some other factor. Such as guns exist or a political act by the side they oppose.

    The family knew. What do you want to bet if it is dug into with any objectivism we would learn the family struggled to get help, to get the guy into a psych facility or other treatment?

    Remember, the first person the Sandy Hook madman killed was his mother, who was repeatedly refused in her efforts to get her demented son psychiatric care.

    • Yes, unfortunately we as a society have not invested in the mental health care system for decades.

      The Democrats tried to fix the system but the Republicans would have none of it.

      “The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 (MHSA) was United States legislation signed by President Jimmy Carter which provided grants to community mental health centers. During the following Ronald Reagan administration, the United States Congress repealed most of the law.“

      • , the United States Congress repealed most of the law.“

        Whenever gun control is brought up in a public venue, someone on either the Left of the Right brings up the need for mental health reform. Almost inevitably, a person will respond that “ President Reagan closed all the mental health facilities.” Turns out, this is a huge myth that liberals have been high-fiving themselves over for decades.
        The Carter administration signed into law the Mental Health Systems Act of 1980, In 1981, when BOTH parties in Congress agreed to the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981, President Reagan signed that into law. In effect, bipartisan policies recommended that the Federal government transfer government funding of community mental health facilities back to the states. State-funded facilities as well as privately-funded facilities were not affected by that policy. Reagan signed the bill into law as part of an overall spending cut package. However, in 1986, he also signed into a law another bipartisan solution to have Medicaid assist with funding. The laws closed not a single facility.

        • It wasn’t exactly bipartisan in any sense of the word.

          When the Republicans said “trickle down economics” they really meant they were pissing on our head and telling us it was raining.

          “Perhaps the centerpiece of Reagan’s budget was the tax cut, officially known as the Economic Recovery Tax Act but better known as the Kemp-Roth Tax Cuts, named after the bill’s sponsors: Representative Jack Kemp (R-NY) and Senator William Roth (R-DE). The tax cuts slashed marginal rates for individuals and made deep cuts to corporate taxes.

          The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981 included steep increases in military spending, steep cuts in non-defense expenditures, and a large tax cut (legislated through ERTA 1981). Although the Reagan administration predicted that the combination of spending and tax cuts would reduce the federal deficit, the deficit exploded under Reagan.”

          But the military industrial complex made out like gangbusters!

        • It wasn’t exactly bipartisan in any sense of the word

          Democrats held a majority in the House in 1981. Do you need a cite for that, too?

      • The Democrats hands are as bloody in this thing as are the Republicans. We had a much more robust mental health system in this country and it was torn down. That effort began in the 1950’s and ended in the late 1970’s. Mentally ill people were put out onto the streets, into people’s homes and dumped into prisons.

        Left wing voices championed the rights of the mentally ill to be free.

        Right wing voices championed the fiscal responsibility of closing all those taxpayer funded psychiatric facilities.

        Together they created a legacy of families unable to find the help needed by a sick family member. They burdened everyone and bragged about the accomplishment.

        Sandy Hook, Tucson, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Sutherland Springs, Boulder and so many others. Dig into the shooters history you find it’s not the gun or the politics, it’s the deranged human mind.

        Yes, the Republicans of today would stand in opposition to doing anything useful about it. But do not kid yourself, the Democrats will not do a damned thing either. They think it’s guns.

        Crazy people killing folks is not a “Less Guns!” or a “More Guns!” problem.

        It’s a crazy people problem.

        • Imitation is indeed, the sincerest form of flattery.

          But please, step up your attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation because your poor grasp of English as a second language does not reflect well upon your handler’s training efforts.

        • Dam, I though I was just a “miner” moron.

          Now I’m disparaging people with English as a second language?

          But no, I’m a major ass-clown too!

          This self-realization stuff is rough.

        • All the mental institutions in the world won’t help if the person with a problem won’t seek help. I would also point out that we only have the family’s word for the mental health issues.

    • There is no future in Fed aid for mental health efforts until we pass a Constitutional Amendment allowing people to be committed involuntarily as they were when I was a kid and worked in such a facility, Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, VA. The violent criminal crazies were held at a different state hospital, Central State, perhaps? But that all went to shit after a SCOTUS ruling, and all who had not already committed heinous crimes were ordered released, regardless of their likelihood of committing such crimes in the future. That was around 1975 or so, but the precedent has not been changed, you cannot lock the mass murderer up forever until he has actually committed the mass murder. Therefore, spending $billions for mental health interventions or whatever is a completely useless waste since they cannot *prevent* jack shit.

  17. How very interesting he would choose the ubiquitous AR-15, in a pistol configuration, with an arm brace. The exact trifecta of which the current administration has had such a hard-on to legislate out of existence. While I don’t believe in many conspiracy theories, it sure makes one think doesn’t it?

    • “The exact trifecta of which the current administration has had such a hard-on to legislate out of existence.“

      You do know, the pistol brace was approved under the Obama/Biden administration, right? And Joe Biden has made no moves to ban pistol braces at this point in time.

      However, under the Trump administration, the BATF was indeed moving to ban pistol braces.

      Doesn’t it make you feel sort of queasy to lie about issues that are easily verifiable?

      • Doesn’t it make you feel sort of queasy to lie about issues that are easily verifiable

        Doesn’t seem to bother YOU very much…

        • Help me to understand what part of my post above was in error.

          I was not referencing THAT statement, I was referring to dozens of statements in which you “left out” pertinent facts that would cast a dubious light on any Liberal OR you just flat out lied… I’ll refer you to your diatribe about the 10 Commandments being omitted from the New Testament when they are clearly there, as I pointed out… You have a long history of “creative” copy and paste and apparently everyone here IS aware of it but you…

  18. Our country needs mental facilities both for the criminally insane and those who are a danger to themselves and others. The jails and prisons can not help them, tossing them back on the street to self medicate is not the answer.
    Diagnoses is needed and so are halfway houses and mental parole and probation officers with the power to put them back in.
    We have the people, we have some facilities, it would take money to do this. Running these people through the revolving door justice system is not working. Most of the homeless have mental problems as well as drug and alcohol problems. These people are not harmless, allowing the camps makes it more dangerous for these people as well as our other citizens.

    Keeping a person who is a danger to themselves and others is almost unheard of(because of cost) the courts would rather dump them out to do their damage to society. In the 60s and 70s, the police would pick these people up and send them to dry out at the honor farm or minimum security county lockup. Before Reagan released the mental patients to the streets in Ca in the 60s, the police would be able to take a person who was acting strangely to a mental center and get a observation hold for more than a couple of days. The doctors could then evaluate the patient. Now, it is hold them and dump them without charge, since the 5150 hold they had proves they are not guilty of whatever they did.

    • “Before Reagan released the mental patients to the streets in Ca in the 60s”

      Absolutely correct, Ronald Reagan and the Republicans bear a tremendous amount of responsibility regarding the poor mental health care system we have in United States.

      “The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 (MHSA) was United States legislation signed by President Jimmy Carter which provided grants to community mental health centers. During the following Ronald Reagan administration, the United States Congress repealed most of the law.“

      • “Before Reagan released the mental patients to the streets in Ca in the 60s”

        In 1967, the California legislature passed the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (LPS), which allowed local, private (i.e., non-state) mental facilities to accept more patients—particularly those with more treatable or milder forms of mental illness.
        Governor Reagan signed the bill into law; in his view, this was a win-win: mental health patients would receive treatments, and in turn the funding to state mental facilities could be reduced. Of course, the state facilities cried foul at the cut in funding, even though in theory they were not being under-funded. Of course, with a lower case load, treatments improved; however, some facilities reduced headcount.
        Despite the bipartisan plan, unforeseen consequences developed. Without a requirement that all mental health patients go to public facilities, many borderline individuals simply refused private treatment as was their right.

      • Oh knock it off will ya? Both political parties are to blame for this self-replicating disaster. Democrats were just as active around the country as Republicans in the destruction of the mental health system the USA once had, but tore down from the 1950’s into the 1970’s.

      • The mental institutions were horrific. Forced lobotomy, sterilization and some people were forcibly admitted without cause and never received evaluations for their supposed illness.

        It was the 1970s that progressives sought to close down these hospitals. The ACLU was a proponent of shutting down. Among the arguments it was said with the new physchotropic drugs people could live normal lives. As long as they took their medications of course.

        Several studies summarized by the Treatment Advocacy Center show that untreated mentally ill are responsible for 10 percent of homicides (and a higher percentage of the mass killings). They are 20 percent of jail and prison inmates and more than 30 percent of the homeless.

        So instead of reforming the mental hospitals, progressives wanted them closed. With the assistance of some Republicans. Public pressure was a great force that Reagan bent to.
        Reagan is not without blame. He did not understand mental illness, and he was the Gov that slashed the Ca budget. In that Era mental health was not understood as well as it is now, and it is still not well understood.

        There is plenty of blame. Progressives, Republicans and todays Democrats would argue against such facilities for the same reasons it was argued to close them.

        Incidently it was Kennedy who wanted to remove the States from operating mental facilities and move them to Federal control. His sister was in such a State institution and he saw the horror of it. He was assainated before he could move on it.

      • I haven’t seen anything in any of the news articles that indicated the shooter sought help, let alone that such help was denied, so I’m not sure what difference the state of our mental health system makes. Besides, even if government programs aren’t available, there are still plenty of mental health professionals around. I’ll repeat one last time, we don’t know he was crazy, and, even if he were, there is no indication he wanted help.

        • He walked into a grocery store and commenced killing people he did not know. I don’t know what manner of stupidity *you* subscribe to, but anyone who claims that is not stark, staring batshit crazy needs to just drop out of any rational discussion.

    • America has facilities for the mentally insane. It’s called The Government Plantation. That’s where Demorat Useful Idiots dwell. After all, Liberalism is a mental condition….a negative mental condition.

  19. As opposed to 10 days before the shooting?

    Waiting periods are laws trying to prevent a shooting that already happened.

    • Longer waiting periods give the shooter more time to perfect the plan. This guy only had six days from gun receipt. Had he waited another 10, or 20, or 30 days, he could have been much more effective. Rio Linders, sarcasm again.

  20. Colorado already has a 15-round magazine limit, which means 5 or 10 rounds for an AR-15. There is a manufacturing loophole. I wonder how much ammo he was able to buy with it.

    • The mag limit isn’t worth discussing because it’s only enforced within the city limits of Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs.

      For a while they sold mags as “repair kits” where they took the mag apart and sold it as a bag with all the parts. Now no one even does that. I can go right down into town and by 30 round mags for ARs or AKs, 25 and 30 Scorpion mags, 16 round CZ-75 mags. I can name off two dozen other gun stores that will sell you any mag you want, provided they have it. The only places that follow the law are big chain stores like Jax, BPS or Cabela’s.

      Cops, in uniform, often will advise people to buy 30 round AR mags inside of a gun store. No one enforces this because 1) they don’t want to and 2) as written the law is essentially unenforceable. I’ve had LE friends of mine offer to grab me extra mags when they’re out of state or ask me to do it for them.

      It’s a LINO, Law in Name Only. No one cares. No one tries to follow or enforce it. Just like the Covid restrictions outside of Boulder or Denver, cops have better shit to do. Like investigate actual crimes, which, btw, they often don’t do (or do very well) in Boulder or Denver.

  21. Why does the fact that he bought it six days before using it for murder matter? Oh, right, there’s a narrative to sell.

    I’m guessing this turns out basically the way that James Holmes did.

    A person whom a lot of other people had concerns about and nothing was done because of a patchwork of laws and regs governing mental health care and other issues which result in everyone just hoping that nothing goes really badly sideways because they know there’s nothing they can do to take someone like this off the streets in Colorado for more than 72 hours.

    Then there’s the fact that that the entire system is set up specifically to release that person by coaching them on what to say to be released and then telling them who exactly reported them for a mental health evaluation, making the person who does the right thing the target of the crazy person.

    The only way to extend the hold is to get a court order which is damn near impossible in the allotted time frame unless the person attempts suicide or consistently makes threats while on the hold. Heck, even then, if they are able to stop making threats/attempting to harm themselves or others for even 20 minutes, and do so at the right time, they’re free to go. And again, they’re coached on this by the staff because that’s required.

    This is exactly why James Holmes was able to do what he did. No one would report him for fear of making themselves the target of his obvious problems because they knew that the chances his issues would actually be addressed were close to zero.

    But hey, Holmes was a godsend to those who like to argue just to argue. Antis tried to use him by making shit up and so did the pro-gun side. That was about the time it became clear that neither side really cares about facts they only care about arguing.

    • I agree completely. Has anyone investigated the possibility that one of the dead was waiting on permission to carry a gun when he died? If that were true, what do you figure the chances it would be reported?

      • I don’t know on either count.

        Boulder has a reputation for being a PITA to get a CC permit in. THis is true of a bunch of counties in Colorado.

        I’ve never applied for one in Boulder because all other permits are valid state-wide, so I don’t need to. As such I don’t know “how” they make it a PITA to get a CCW in Boulder specifically. I know how they do that in Arapahoe because I’ve been through it.

        As to the question: Realistically, would be be reported? At least locally, yes I think it would IF it’s like that case in NJ where the lady was under threat.

        The reason is because Colorado has a special process for that (actually two but one’s never used that I know of).

        Colorado has “Temporary Emergency Permits”. Anyone 18 or older can get such a permit from their County Sheriff if they can show that they’re in “immediate danger” to the Sheriff’s satisfaction. The permit is valid for 90 days right off the bat but there are ways to change that to “deal with the ongoing threat” or renew the permit on an as-needed basis (unless the applicant is over 21 in which case they can have one extension and then have to get a regular CCW permit, so they get 180 days free while the treat is ongoing).

        In these cases the person has to have a clean background and a legitimate need. All other requirements are waived, as is the general prohibition on people under 21 possessing a handgun without supervision.

        There’s another way this can be done through a court too but I don’t know of that ever happening.

        If that process was invoked by someone who died in this shooting and the Sheriff denied or delayed it, preventing them from legally carrying a gun while under a realistic threat…. there’s going to be a political shitstorm over that. There’s no way that wouldn’t be reported within Colorado. Nationally is another thing.

        I have no reason to believe that this is the case but I suppose it’s possible.

  22. If you want an imported rifle or pistol you’d better order it today. Biden is going to issue an EO banning imports. Maybe ammo, too.

    Count on it.

  23. As far as I know, with the single exception of the Columbine killers, these lunatics have purchased legally with background checks. Two felonious assaults copped down to misdemeanors, therefore no NICS denial, but mere accusation of domestic abuse is enough for a red flag confiscation. Clearly violent intent and a history of violence does not matter unless you have violated political correctness.

    • Sounds like you’ve actually got this figured out. NOW! Can you enlighten us as to how it could possibly be so damn difficult for any of our national “leaders” to figure it out?

  24. Wear the shooter violating BATF regulations by putting that pistol brace to his shoulder to employ it as a stock, this transforming a legal pistol into an evil, illegal, short barrelled rifle?

  25. Anyone who is surprised by this event has not been paying attention. This was NOT a random nutcase, psycho, terrorist (add your own chosen adjective here…). We have been warned to be on the watch for just such an event for months. The timing is beyond suspect. It is obvious this was an attack on 2nd amendment rights to facilitate a gun ban/registration in preparation for an eventual confiscation of our arms, orchestrated by one or more alphabet agencies of the federal government. This guy may not have had any idea he was doing the work of the shadow government, but rest assured he was led like a sheep to slaughter to engage in this shooting event and to believe it was his own idea.

    Call it a conspiracy theory all you want, but it is pretty hard to dismiss the fact that so many of us had predicted/expected that just such an event would happen right around this time.

    • Sorry. There is *always* a shooting, the only “event” here is the selection of this one as the excuse for some stupid action. I don’t think this will fly, there have been 25 years of people buying ARs since 1994, it is very much “in common usage”, SCOTUS will shoot an EO down so fast it will make Joe wake up momentarily. It is not time to get in a snit because everybody predicted the obvious. The Faux President is a fool sinking into dementia, it’s time to take bets on whether he makes it ’till Xmas, not jump off into the idea of a coup. Except that when the Harris coup is proposed, *every* Republican Rep or Senator must oppose it vehemently, make those assholes LIVE with their selection. Can’t be too tough, right, I haven’t heard of may mean tweets.

  26. I have only one question. Where in the hell did he get the 223/556 ammo to commit these murders? He only bought the weapon six days ago.

    • Where in the hell did he get the 223/556 ammo to commit these murders? He only bought the weapon six days ago.

      Don’t they sell .223/5.56 ammo in Colorado? Neb. Kansas, Wyo. ALL in easy driving distance from Denver… Ammo is available, just costs more… If you can’t find a bullet in 6 days you either are not looking very hard OR you don’t need it… Did they report it as a .223/5.56? Could have been a 9mm (or 300 blk/7.62x.39/22lr) conversion…

  27. Did Sleazy, Senile Ole Joey FART at about 3:08-3:10???? Listen for yourself…
    Wonder who the perp’s handler…..nudger…….might have been?? Wouldn’t put it beyond Libtards/Socialists/Elitists/One Worlders to seek out unstable, on the edge, susceptible individuals to “nudge” the desired direction providing more Useful Idiots in “justifying” gun control agenda. Naw, not our government. Naw, our government wouldn’t run a Fast and Furious gun running operation. Naw, not our government.
    What we need for individuals to own guns is more training to be sure they know how to use those weapons. Uh, seemed like the perp, having only bought the rifle six days earlier, was very competent. With training, the death count could have been 2-3 times….. For you Rio Linda dwellers, as Rush would have said, that’s sarcasm.

  28. One thing that MAY undermine Democratic federal attempts at gun control are the riots over the summer along with Covid, which spiked gun sales heavily. Hopefully those people will be large enough and stand up in resistance.

    • Large enough,,,Like an Old Fat White Guy large?
      I dont think they like standing to long. I’m guessing sitting in a lounge chair they could probably pull 10, 12 hours.

  29. Twitter told Newsweek that characterizing accused mass killer Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa as a “white Christian terrorist” doesn’t violate its misinformation policies — even though Alissa is from Syria and has been identified as Muslim.

  30. Dems set up gun free zones, allowing muslim terrorist to buy guns to kill them with! Then have alibi ready as a mental defective! The gun did it? No the dems did it! They started the first civil war and lost, now they want a lose-over!!!%

  31. so the communist party of amerika had this guy buy an ar15 6 days before he used it? since that is like 4 days after the judge’s ruling right? but there is NO connection there at all. you know, while the great gun control push is starting to get under way. it’s all me, I must be crazy. and all those other shootings that just seemed to be timed right around something like this. or when national recipitory was being pushed through. because I KNOW we can trust our communist ( demokrat) party of the USA. they all believe in the 2nd .

  32. Crazy Joe said he accomplished a gun ban as a senator which drastically cut down on the active shooters. Damn Joe, you’re drinking your own koolaid. You did NOTHING during your over-extended stay in the government. Now, just when you “need” another active shooter, as if on key, a muslim terrorist magically appears. We’re not buying it anymore. Guns didn’t kill those innocent victims, you and your lack of care for the American citizens and you’re lack of doing anything to protect American citizens, is what killed those people. Wake up Joe, your party is OVER.

    • The gun ban was written by Feinstein and added to the 94 crime bill that the “Creepy One” is so proud of, the bill squeaked through the Senate with a 48-52 vote, the only thing Beijing Joe had to do with it’s passing was being one of the aye votes… This Clown is the Forrest Gump of politics, been everywhere, done everything, wrote every bill in the last 40 plus years and was responsible for passing EVERY notable piece of legislation in the history of the country… I wouldn’t be surprised If he tries to take credit for the Constitution and then attempts to change it with Executive Orders by right of creation…

  33. I think it was a 9mm pistol from what I saw on the news. Also the store stated it sold Jewish foods and had a Jewish bakery, prime targets for a Muslim. Biden the jerk wad needs to pull his head out of his butt and get the story right instead of making it political. Biden is a turd floating down the democrat stream of pollution. We neeed the SOB’s to have a 2 party system but why do they have to be so rotten to the core.

  34. Dems are a 🖕🖕🖕🖕💩💩💩💩👜👜👜👜🐀🐀🐀🐀🦨🦨🦨🦨🐽🐽🐽s come and take it! Hahahahahahaha,hahahahahahaha!!!%

  35. Back in the seventies I heard a story of a man who bought a new Cadillac, and drove it towards home. Now this was just a day after the president mandated the national speed limit to be 55 MPH. Well this man couldn’t resist taking his new beauty up on the freeway, he observed a highway crew putting up new speed limit signs, and then he floored his Caddy up to 90 MPH, what power and speed!!! It doesn’t matter what day a law is passed or when a purchase is made, the law abiding family doing 55 were all killed in the crash while the Caddy driver had a broken leg. We’ve got to “do something” about this, maybe put in speedometers that only go up to 80. Lawmakers are always doing the wrong thing to solve society’s problems.

  36. I really want some people to actually try out “concealing” an AR in either pistol or rifle variant.

    If it’s so easy to cover under a jacket, why doesn’t everyone do it?

    CNN’s article is typical half-truths and obvious propaganda.

    Modified with a brace? No, the Ruger-556 pistol comes with one. And 30 round standard (unless laws prohibit). The brace is for the forearm, not the shoulder.


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