Police work on the scene outside of a King Soopers grocery store where a shooting took place Monday, March 22, 2021, in Boulder, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
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UPDATE: The death toll in the Boulder, Colorado grocery store mass shooting has risen to 10 people.

From CNN . . .

Ten people, including a Boulder police officer, were killed in mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, authorities said Monday.

A suspect is in custody, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said.

The chief said Officer Eric Talley, who was 51 and had been with the department since 2010, was killed. He was one of the first officers at the scene, she said.

Neither the shooter or the other nine victims have been identified yet.


UPDATE: Multiple reports indicate at least six people were killed in the shooting including one of the responding police officers. The un-named shooter was injured before being taken into custody.


From the Associated Press . . .

Authorities in Colorado responded to what they said was an active shooter at a supermarket Monday.

It’s unclear if anyone has been injured, but a shirtless man with blood running down his leg was escorted out of the store in handcuffs by two police officers.

Police in Boulder tweeted Monday that the shooter is at a King Soopers grocery store.

Television helicopter video showed law enforcement vehicles and officers massing outside, including SWAT teams, and at least three helicopters on the roof of the store in Boulder, home to the University of Colorado about 25 miles (40 kilometers) northwest of Denver.

Officers had their guns drawn, and some windows at the front of the store were broken. Authorities over a loudspeaker said the building was surrounded and that “you need to surrender.” They said to come out with hands up and unarmed.

Police work on the scene outside a King Soopers grocery store where a shooting took place Monday, March 22, 2021, in Boulder, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

A man who said he was shopping at the store told KCNC-TV that he heard a loud bang, then heard another, and by the third, everyone was running. He said they ran to the back of the store, found the employee area and workers told them how to escape. He said they walked single file, with their arms on the backs of those in front of them.

TV footage showed an ambulance has pulled away from the store, apparently carrying the bleeding man brought out of the store in handcuffs. Officers were helping people out of the store to safety.

A person who answered the telephone at a nearby sandwich shop said he and his employees were locked down in the back of the store and all were safe. Someone who answered the phone at nail studio next door said she and her colleagues were safe. Neither had details on what happened at the market across the street.


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  1. No shootings in the last years of Trump, and now that Biden can’t pass gun control bills we suddenly have two? That’s not suspicious at all…

    • They had mass shootings involving black shooters on blacks. But the MSM didn’t care. Same during the time of Obama.

    • Yes, trump succeeded in stopping the American carnage on his watch.
      Well, except for the high body count mass shootings during his presidency…

      “According to the data gathered by British daily The Independent, the U.S. has experienced four of the most deadly shootings in the country’s history since President Donald Trump took office in 2017. He ran on a racist and anti-immigration platform.

      All the perpetrators below were white men.

      Las Vegas

      Stephen Paddock, a 54-year-old white man, opened gunfire at a concert from the 32nd floor of a hotel, killing 58 people in the city in 2017.

      Sutherland Springs, Texas

      A white shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, opened fire on a small church in Sutherland Springs claiming 25 lives and an unborn child.

      El Paso, Texas

      Suspected gunman Patrick Crusius, 21, who is believed to hold white supremacist ideologies, killed at least 22 people at a Walmart. Authorities are questioning a him after he allegedly posted a racist essay online shortly before the massacre.

      Stoneman Douglas High School

      A former white student named Nikolas Cruz, 19, unleashed gunfire at the school in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 children and staff members.“

        • Miner has “white guilt” for his privilege and is projecting his self-hatred and loathing on to us.

        • In his inaugural address Trump promised to stop the American carnage, right here right now.

          His own words.

          He failed.

      • LOL now do all the black on black shootings that don’t make the evening news?

        that should keep ya busy for about 300 years or so!

      • Moron69er smiles and rubs his hands together greedily, thinking about his heroes, Biden/Harris and the libshit Democrat congress passing legislation that strips white people of their 2nd amendment rights. Moron69er is commie filth.

      • Hey Miner:
        Okay fair enough, fair enough.
        Now you google find or whatever, and research How Many Lives Were Saved Because of A GUNM.
        Now (roughly guessing) add 78% because that’s about the number that goes unreported.

        Of course the British are shit slinging the U S. for Our Constitutional Right.

        • Of course the British are shit slinging the U S. for Our Constitutional Right.

          Yeah, they’re still pissed that a bunch of upstarts kicked their ass (twice) (#2 HAS been called a draw) and then bailed their asses out (twice) (actually three times if you count the economic support after WWII)… If not for the US they would be speaking German and running around with funny little moustaches… You’re welcome England…

      • Miner49er, only 13 percent of America’s people are black, and 60 percent are non-Hispanic white. Yet more than 50 percent of everyone arrested for homicide or nonnegligent manslaughter in 2019 were black, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, Table 43. The arrest rate is even higher for black juveniles, who were 58 percent of the arrestees for juvenile murders in 2019. A study of nonfatal gunshot victims in the 10-year period from 2007-2016 found that 60 percent of those treated (whose race or ethnicity was recorded) were black. That’s at least 260,000 blacks treated for gunshot wounds in a 10-year period.Who do you think the vast majority of these black victims were shot by?

        • “Yet more than 50 percent of everyone arrested for homicide or nonnegligent manslaughter in 2019 were black“

          Yes, I have no doubt that black folk are arrested all out of proportion to their number in society.

          Unarmed blacks are often shot by police officers, all out of proportion to their numbers in society as well.

          And, black folk are sent to prison more often than white people for the same crime.

        • How many lives were saved because of the use of a Gumn?
          Dont dodge the question by bringing Race into it.

        • Unarmed blacks are often shot by police officers,

          Everyone wants to use percentage of population to PROVE that blacks are disproportionately singled out by cops… How about you HONESTLY point out that those 13%rs actually perpetrate the MAJORITY of ALL crime committed in the US…
          OFTEN? 2019 55.9% of KNOWN (not just ACCUSED) murder offenders (FBI numbers) were from that 13% of the population referred to as black…
          The police fatally shot nine unarmed blacks and 19 unarmed whites in 2019… in 2019, 48 cops died as a result of felonious acts,
          Totals shot by cops 2017 through 2020… White: 457 (2017) | 399 (2018) | 370 (2019) | 172 (2020*)
          Black: 223 (2017) | 209 (2018) | 235 (2019) | 88 (2020*)

        • @miner Your words “Unarmed blacks are often shot by police officers, all out of proportion to their numbers in soceity” are a demonstrable lie. A study done by two Black researchers found no proof that minorities of any kind were in fact shot by police more often then any other ethnicity. Said researchers were forced to retract their study because it didn’t fit the narrative. The Asian department head who OK’d the study and it’s funding was fired. So much for tolerance and academic integrity.

        • Be sure to include these in your numbers:

          New research by the Death Penalty Information Center has found 11 previously unrecorded death-row exonerations, bringing the total number of people exonerated after being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death to 185. The data now show that for every 8.3 people who have been put to death in the U.S. since executions resumed in the 1970s, one person who had been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death has been exonerated. Wrongful capital convictions occurred in virtually every part of the country, with exonerations documented in 29 states and 118 different counties.“

        • “From these growing data sets come some disturbing findings. About 1,000 civilians are killed each year by law-enforcement officers in the United States. By one estimate, Black men are 2.5 times more likely than white men to be killed by police during their lifetime1. And in another study, Black people who were fatally shot by police seemed to be twice as likely as white people to be unarmed2.“


        • @byblow

          Rightly or wrongly, the perception of the public is that the majority of young black men in the United States that are killed in homicides are gang members involved in turf wars and nobody much cares because nobody much cares what violent outlaws choose to do to one another. If anything, the public just wishes that they would just not do it on the streets where an innocent might be caught-up and killed in the crossfire. On the other hand, the public is terrified of mass shootings in which the victims are selected more or less at random because in that case everyone is a potential target and a person can be the most law abiding mind-your-own-business person in the world and still find themselves targeted by some rampaging psychopath with a gun.

          Just saying.

    • No shootings in the last year of Trump?

      What country are you in?

      “A USA TODAY analysis of Gun Violence Archive statistics from 2020 shows that mass shootings surged by 47% as many states reported unprecedented increases in weapons-related incidents. In 2020, the U.S. reported 611 mass shooting events that resulted in 513 deaths and 2,543 injuries. In 2019, there were 417 mass shootings with 465 deaths and 1,707 injured.“


  2. 2nd shooting in a week that made national news. Guess the DemoRats really want that gun control badly. Sorry for those that died.

    My level of cynicism is very high and I don’t know if these are false flags, but at this point, it has to be proven to me that they are not. We still don’t have the real story about Las Vegas and that was 4 years ago.


        ANYWAY… for all the PEOPLE OF THE GUN, we’re gonna have to be prepared for the democraps and their violent false flag events….. BE READY TO PUT THEM DOWN LIKE THE ANIMALS THEY ARE!

      • Yeah.. go look into the history of the CIA. Try starting with operation Northwoods and work your way out from there. If you believe everything you’re told on the news I need to inform you that I’m actually an exiled Nigerian prince, and if you’ll reach out to me with your contact information, social, and bank routing numbers I can wire you millions.

    • 2nd shooting in a week that made national news.

      Yeah, strangely the ONLY two (there were several) that got National attention, but when the “RACCISS” narrative went away in Georgia so did the story, no black on black stories were widely reported AND if this guy in Boulder did NOT have an AR this one will go away quickly as well…

  3. Shooting was over in a couple of minutes, took police almost an hour to actually make entry to the building.

    Police won’t save you.

    • At least r/Boulder will have something to talk about other than how to create “equity” for the homeless, how to be the best mask nazi you can be (make sure you find those people who are hundreds of yards away from everyone and confront them about their lack of masking near no one!) and mindless ramblings about kicking CU out of the city…

      Odd how it happens right after Boulder’s AWB gets shot down in court though, eh?

      • Goddammit it. I didn’t mean to put that there. Sorry Arc.

        But in response to you; Boulder cops are too busy harassing CU students to do fuck all about anything serious.

        • Initial reports (I think we know how well we can trust those) is an “AR-15 style” weapon.

          I don’t know if that’s true at this point. None of the local stations are still reporting that factoid and I only see it on national or international news sites, and most of them have dropped that terminology too.

          I would guess that BPD will probably discuss it tomorrow in their briefings. But the fact that “AR-15 style” was discussed repeatedly earlier and now has disappeared, as well as the fact that a number of local pols who rushed in on that term early on have stopped using it (but not stopped talking) suggests that it might be something else.

          If you go watch the videos that were taken as the shooting is happening the fire-rate is pretty slow for a nutbar with a rifle like that. And, honestly, to my ear it doesn’t have the *BOOM* I usually associate with rifles, particularly in enclosed spaces.

          NSFW, but bodies are blurred:


        • “And, honestly, to my ear it doesn’t have the *BOOM* I usually associate with rifles, particularly in enclosed spaces.”

          Same to my ear, likely handgun.

          The Leftist media wanted it to be an AR so bad, they just ran with it, probably…

        • I mean, there’s a bunch of options. PCC for example would fit the bill. Or he could have both.

          Or maybe he did use a rifle and that’s not actually him shooting. That area isn’t exactly full of the CCW demo but it is possible.

          I’m sure BPD will tell us but the fact that Boulder city government isn’t hyperventilating “AR AR AR AR AR!” suggests that the initial report was incorrect.

        • Any word on the weapon?

          Geoff: Miner said it was an AR15 and we know Miner knows EVERYTHING and would NEVER speak an untruth or repeat an unfounded rumor…

    • So the police didn’t enter for over an hour how is it that the authorities reported at the press conference that a police officer was killed?

    • Yeah…. THAT’S some bs….. I don’t expect a cop to blindly run into danger, but when there’s an active shooter INSIDE A GROCERY STORE, standing outside with a bullhorn is pu22y s hit

      • No, you are the bullshit.

        There’s a dead cop at the entranceway, one of the first responders running to the gunfire.

        While your knickers are in a wad.

        You better put some tar on your socks, boy.

        To keep the ants off your candy ass…

    • Setting a perimeter and arranging a press conference take time. Additional time needed for the ransom money and plane to Cuba.

    • took police almost an hour to actually make entry to the building.

      That could be because, of the three cops that first tried to enter the store one is DEAD and the other two were wounded… Beats hell out of the Broward coward who hid behind his car while kids were being slaughtered…


    • It’s not the one psychotic case that ruins it for everyone. That guy is just an anomaly.

      What ruins it for all the law-abiding citizens are the Democratic Party and their legions of brainwashed “progressive” automatons, who assign blame to inanimate objects and agitate for new restrictions that punish all the people who DIDN’T hurt anyone.

      • Because punishing the guilty is never enough. Their hate and anger will not even be sated by punishing the innocent as well.

    • And more will happen until the Democrats can pass more gun control laws.

      Then they will suddenly stop to prove they are right.

  5. So city gun ban gets slapped down by the court and days later we’ve got bodies… Wonder what the shooter used in THIS one…

  6. It would not surprise me if a deranged Leftist tried to create an incident. To be famous in their cracked up Liberal group.

    Man Calls Police on HIMSELF To Spark George Floyd Incident! video 14 min long.

  7. convenient. lots of gun control on deck, just needed a little outrage to to fuel the fire. when you cant get support, invent a crisis.

  8. OoOOOoo…

    17:26 “CU Alert 2: Police asking people near 17th and Grove to shelter in place while they respond to report of armed, dangerous individual”.

    Man, I need to run out and horde some Depends so I can sell them in Boulder.

    • “Man, I need to run out and horde some Depends so I can sell them in Boulder.”

      Somehow, I have a feeling you have better uses for the space in your garage…

      • Maybe, maybe not.

        I’m not sure the joke carries well over the web since I don’t think I can fully encapsulate how bonkers Boulder really is.

        This is a city where rich liberals want to try to get rid of pepper spray because it might be used on violent homeless people who are committing strong-arm robbery and sexual assault (both peacefully, clearly). They will take someone who’s out 200 yards from the nearest person unmasked and outdoors, close distance and go full mask nazi on them at arm’s length distance, then brag about it and complain that person didn’t mask up when accosted.

        They’re fucking crazy.

        And they’re self-important hypocrites. If this happened in the Five Points or South Aurora no one in Boulder would care. But a grocery store that’s a “Covid v a c c i n e distribution site” and a “focal point of the community in these trying times” (read, one of the few businesses Boulder County allows to operate). HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT’S NATIONAL NEWS!

        • Yeah, 10 dead by one shooter, why can’t the national media just ignore it?

          There are some things that happen in America that should not be publicized, people don’t really need to know what’s happening.

  9. Watch it be blamed on Asian hate crime, that seems to be the trend lately. I guess the democrats need a new victim group to support them.

    • It’s a neighborhood on the South side of Boulder.

      IIRC it’s named for the fact that it’s a bit of a mesa itself and has views of the iconic “table” sides of mountains above Boulder but that may not be correct. Either way, it’s a neighborhood.

      It’s also reasonably pricey for Colorado. Median home value is like $945K.

        • ?

          “Table Mesa” is the suburb and the name of the main street within that suburb.

          “King Soopers” is a large chain that’s part of the Kroger family of stores. They also own Smith’s, Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, City Market and a bunch of others.

    • You seem really sure of yourself, that’s quite the claim.

      You state that with such finality, do you have personal knowledge to underpin your assertion?

    • Check out Miner49er, ,he can look up all kinda stats but he won’t look up how many DGU’s there were.
      What’s the matter? Doesn’t fit your agenda.

  10. One dead cop, two wounded.. one witness says bodies in the parking lot, semi auto rifle another says sounded like a shotgun

  11. This mealy mouth crap that everyone who owns a firearm is somehow responsible for the acts of criminals only goes to show how Jim Crow Gun Control democRats think out their behinds.

  12. “… at least three helicopters on the roof of the store …”

    I am honestly surprised that the roof did not collapse.

  13. And yet 25 shot in Chicago over the weekend, no details. We need to stop all this people violence. Best part is that I can’t see anything from my house. I wish I cared, but really don’t. They should have protected themselves, under the Biden era, you are on your own, no one is coming, unless it’s an illegal alien coming across the border to destroy the country.

  14. ” Its unclear if anyone has been injured” .
    I guess six people died from covid and the guy with blood running down his leg just had a bad case of the hemroids.

  15. Apparently 10 dead. Officer Eric Talley 51years old was first on scene. Shot and killed as he ran to the gunfire. Boulder PD since 2010.

    This week the Boulder AWB and magazines over 15 rounds law was overturned. By next week I expect Democrat Socialist to introduce AWB. We already have gun bills in play.

    • “Officer Eric Talley 51years old was first on scene. Shot and killed as he ran to the gunfire.”

      Better than the Ft. Lauderdale LE response, anyways…

  16. The governor is already dancing on there still warm blood.

    I want to be angry and upset and instead I’m disgusted and pissed off at the political opportunism of the Democrats.

  17. What, nobody with a LTC in Boulder? Somebody should have taken the little prick out. The politicians in Colorado most likely scared off many CCW/LTC holders in the last 8 years with their Kommieforniafication gun laws. 3 Helicopters on one roof is inherently dangerous in itself, someone should lose their job for that crap. Absolute minimum distance is 500 feet between rotors.

    • You’re talking about the supermarket in a rich ‘burb of Boulder with a median house value near $1 million. Are there guns? Probably, but this isn’t the CCW demo you’d get in Greely or even FoCo.

  18. I wish I had been wrong about a month ago when I said on this forum that this would happen.

    I’m sitting here feeling that the pieces are falling into place for the current administrations agenda. Again.

    This sucks.

  19. A bunch of people have lived through 12 months of isolation, depression, anxiety, fear. As the country reopens & more targets of opportunity arise we will see increased shootings; if mental health care in the U.S. was a 5/10 before covid, its closer to a 2-3 now…
    There’s a lot of desperate, angry, disturbed or doped up individuals coping with unprecedented challenges, and until seeking mental health treatment no longer runs the risk of inadvertently losing your gun rights/freedom, people will continue to bottle up emotions until they blow.

    This one appears to fit the “ideal” gun grabber narrative fairly well, I would be prepared for a knee jerk, completely rushed attempt to capitalize on the momentum. Stay armed, stay vigilant.

    • Thank you Ronald Reagan!

      “The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 (MHSA) was United States legislation signed by President Jimmy Carter which provided grants to community mental health centers. In 1981 President Ronald Reagan and the U.S. Congress repealed most of the law.[1] The MHSA was considered landmark legislation in mental health care policy.“

      The Republicans own every mentally ill person on the streets of America, the liberals tried to get them the help they need and the Republicans repealed every attempt.

      • Ooooppps, you forgot the most important part, as usual…

        The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981, signed by President Ronald Reagan on August 13, 1981, repealed most of the MHSA. The Patients’ Bill of Rights, section 501, was not repealed; per Congressional record, the CONGRESS (with a Democrat majority in the House) felt that STATE PROVISONS were sufficient and section 501 served as a recommendation to states to review and refine existing policies.

        In other words Reagan signed a bill that was passed by a DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED House and a Republican majority (1st since 1953) Senate to REDUCE Federal government involvement in peoples lives… So WHO owns WHAT?

  20. I would care more if it wasn’t in a blue county.
    Cold, but at this point I do not care for these people and unlike them, I’m not going to pretend to.

    Odd timing considering what’s going on in congress. And no, I wouldn’t put it past our government/boot licking supporters to carryout something like this.

  21. Suppose a law enforcement agency wanted to have a training exercise
    that was so realistic, that onlookers couldn’t tell that it was merely an
    exercise and not an actual event. Suppose they could pre-surround the
    staging area with layers of plainclothes personnel to keep well-intentioned
    private citizens from inadvertently interfering. If you were in a
    public place and a man with an AR-15 or AK-47 type rifle entered and
    began shooting, would you hang around to see whether the rifle had a
    blank adapter attached to the end of the barrel? Would you watch carefully to
    see that spent cases were actually being ejected from the rifle–to be
    certain it wasn’t a movie prop like may be used for training or would
    you simply run for your life? If you saw a total stranger lying on the
    floor near the “gunman”, would you roll that person over to examine their
    wounds and try to treat them, or run away and call for help when you
    got to safety outside? Suppose what you thought was blood seeping
    through their clothing was an exploding dye pack like used in action
    movies? What if the agency in question didn’t even tell the
    management of the public venue that they were having the training
    exercise? Suppose they never even told the media? Suppose you saw the
    alleged “relatives’ of some of those “killed” during the training exercise on
    TV news and they were crying, yet their eyes had no tears in them?
    Suppose the agency reported the “event” as if it were real…

  22. Blank firing weapons eject spent casings, training excercises just aren’t done in this fashion, there’s too much liability…Lumpy, your post has an air of disinformation, counter intel dissension mongering.

    • No man, you are getting a unique view inside the head of a right wing nut job who is looking for government overreach to justify the dark impulses he’s had since childhood.

      • you are getting a unique view inside the head of a right wing nut job

        Please provide any citations and or other evidence that YOU have proving 21 year old AHMAD ALISSA is a “right wing” nut job..

      • you are getting a unique view inside the head of a right wing nut job…
        You state that with such finality, do you have personal knowledge to underpin your assertion?
        Sound familiar?

  23. Like the overwhelming majority of mass shootings, this one also happened in a gun-free zone. And why was it a gun-free zone? Thanks to Kroger’s new policy adopted in 2019. According to USA Today, “In the wake of mass shootings elsewhere, Kroger asked shoppers in 2019 to leave firearms at home. The change in policy came a day after grocery rival Walmart made a similar shift.”

    Gee, I guess yesterday’s shooter didn’t get the memo; if only he’d known it was a gun-free zone, he would have left his gun at home! /sarc

    The only thing these “gun-free zones” accomplish is disarming all law-abiding citizens, disarming all the victims of mass shootings, and encouraging mass shooters to shoot-up the place. They should more properly be called “disarmed-victim zones” or “mass shooters welcomed here!” zones. Putting up a “gun-free zone” sign is laying out the Welcome mat for mass shooters.

    Yeah, I know, I’m preaching to the choir, but it’s worth repeating until the message gets through to people other than the choir.

  24. 21 year old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa… That’s it folks, nothing to see here… NOT a White guy, not a “racciss” attack… Maybe a lone terrorist action, but newsworthy? probably not…

    • Some of his posts on social media are very anti-Trump.

      Many Democrats are deleting their knee jerk reactions/Tweets to make unsubstantiated claims this was a hate crime committed by a angry white male.
      You know, facts.

  25. Miner, are you upset because i described what you do when you’re not openly trolling? The best way to shut down legitimate questions is to associate them with something demonstrably nutbag crazy. Qanon, pizzagate are examples…then any questions can be easily silenced with juvenile liberal name calling by malfunctions such as yourself.

  26. Another muslim sympathizer enters a gun free zone (with a gun) knowing he’s got lots of disarmed targets!!! 🖕🐀💩👜! Run his ass through a wood chipper and feed him to the hogs! Lobotomy Joe has more people killed with his gun free zones than chirak!

    • Run his ass through a wood chipper and feed him to the hogs!

      Wood chipper wastes too much protein (blood) just knock him out and toss him in, the hogs will appreciate it..

  27. If a suspect wishes to be taken alive, and complies fully with police orders, police are obligated to take him alive and deliver him to the justice system. Apparently he had the opportunity and took it http://www.job.works76.com

  28. I fully blame the City of Boulder and Kroger’s for not allowing decent citizens their right to self defense by carrying their own firearms. I sincerely hope the families sue Boulder and Kroger’s for hundreds of trillions of dollars in ACTUAL monetary damages.

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