BREAKING: Judge Benitez DENIES California’s Motion to Stay His Injunction in Ammo Background Check Case

It appears that, unlike the brief period during which Californians could buy standard capacity 30-round magazines last year — a period appropriately known as freedom week — Californians may be about to enjoy a longer period of background check-free ammunition purchases. Maybe much longer. Judge Roger Benitez has denied the state of California’s motion for […]

BREAKING: US District Court Grants Preliminary Injunction Blocking California’s Ammo Background Check Law

A big preliminary win for the California Rifle and Pistol Association in its fight against California’s ludicrous ammunition background check law, the case known as Rhode v. Becerra. US District Court Judge Roger Benitez — the same District Court judge who set off the week-long standard capacity magazine buying spree — has issued an injunction […]

Yes, You Should Rotate Your Carry Gun Ammunition Regularly

Many folks — cops included — load up their self-defense sidearms, and from there, those tools silently serve and protect their owners from bad people with evil in their hearts. Unfortunately, too many of us don’t think about regularly rotating the personal defense ammunition in our carry gun. Don’t let that be you. How long […]

Ammo Review: Winchester PDX1 Defender 12 Gauge

Buck and ball loads have a pretty long history of success in the United States. However, that success was primarily from 1776 to the 1860s. New buck and ball loads haven’t been quite as popular since the invention of modern shotshells and cartridge ammunition. Several years ago, Winchester introduced the PDX1 Defender load, which introduced […]

SIG Introduces Subsonic 300 BLK Tipped Hunting Ammunition

Newington, New Hampshire–based SIG Sauer, Inc. has added a 205-grain subsonic 300 Blackout load to its Tipped Hunting line of ammunition. The new subsonic 300 Blackout ammunition features a yellow-tipped 205-grain lead-core bullet. This load uses the same single-base extruded powders as SIG Match Grade rounds. “300 Blackout continues to be a popular caliber and, […]

Hornady: We’re Committed to Maintaining Production [VIDEO]

From Hornady . . . Hornady Manufacturing Company is still in full operation and will endeavor to conduct business as usual through the coronavirus crisis. We are committed to keep production going during this situation. We encourage our partners and vendors to continue to supply our operations. Please keep us abreast of your status and […]