True Velocity 5.56 ammunition

True Velocity Now Selling Commercial 5.56×45 Ammunition

True Velocity makes lightweight composite-cased rifle ammunition. They competed for the Army's next generation squad weapon 6.8mm ammo contract, but lost out to SIG SAUER last year. True Velocity started making .308 ammo available on...

Pro Tip: Look at Your Ammo As You’re Loading Your Magazines

I was minding my own business at the Range at Austin yesterday, sending lead downrange while testing out a red dot sight. The Primary Arms SLx RS-10 is an impressive optic (especially for its...

Why Doesn’t .45 Colt Get More Love These Days?

Much like .45-70, .30-06 and other OG cartridges, the .45 Colt -- AKA .45 Long Colt -- is an old cartridge design, dating back more than a century. When the round was first invented,...
Old ammunition safe to shoot

Is Old Ammunition Safe to Shoot?

As a longtime firearms instructor and head of a gun rights group, people ask me all sorts of questions. All questions have merit, especially for people who are new to guns. Among these questions,...

Federal Ammunition Introduces New Premium ELD-X Hunting Loads

Extremely low drag (high ballistic coefficient) projectiles designed with terminal ballistics (efficacy on game animals) in mind. This is the way. In this case Federal Ammunition and Hornady are playing nice together, resulting in...

Ammunition Review: Barnes Defense Buckshot

Ammo reviews can be difficult to do, what with all the gel blocks and other gear required for an objective evaluation. Shotgun ammo can be a bit different. Rounds like Federal's Personal Defense with...
JHP bullet expansion stopping power

Stopping Power, From a Doctor’s Point of View

By DrF I’m not sure what would happen if there were no more internet discussions about “stopping power” as applied to handguns. What would we talk about? I am sure that it would be a...

OMG! Arizona DPS Finds HUGE Stash of Rifle Ammunition! OMG!

The Arizona Department of Public Safety announced a recent seizure of a small quantity of ammunition hidden inside some truck tires. Clearly the tires wouldn't run very smoothly with a couple of thousand rifle...
10mm .40 S&W

Why I Shoot .40 S&W Ammunition With My Unmodified 10mm GLOCK 20 Pistol

First there was 10mm Auto. The FBI chose a watered-down loading -- a 180 grain bullet at 975 fps instead of more like 1,300 fps -- and a large-frame Smith & Wesson pistol through...

Biden Administration Ignores the Science to Push Bans on Traditional Ammunition

The Biden administration, which pledged to “follow the science,” has had a change of heart. Science no longer matters when it comes to their plans to ban traditional lead ammunition and fishing tackle on...

Federal Premium’s New Gold Medal CenterStrike Match Loads

From Federal Premium . . . Federal Ammunition is proud to introduce a new product line of match-grade centerfire rifle ammunition: Federal Premium Gold Medal CenterStrike. These new match-grade loads feature a proprietary open tip...

Winchester and Savage Announce New 400 Legend Cartridge and Rifles

Hunters in the four-or-so states with allowances specific to straight-walled cartridges are buying enough rifles and ammo to keep the industry pumping out new product to serve this niche! The newest straight-walled entrant --...