RECALL: Do Not Use These Lots Of Winchester Super-X .17 HMR Ammunition

Olin Winchester is recalling two lots of .17 HMR 20-grain jacketed hollow-point rimfire rifle ammunition (X17HMR1). The last four characters of the affected lot numbers are NB51 and NB61.  Winchester has determined the above lots of .17 HMR ammunition may contain no powder charges. Ammunition with no powder charges may result in a bullet remaining […]

How Do I Choose Good Self-Defense Ammo For My Handgun?

It’s vital that you choose good self-defense ammo for your handgun, but how to do that? How do you know which ones are only OK and which ones excel? There are a few basic criteria for picking a good self-defense ammunition for your handgun. First, it must be expanding. This is important, as over-penetration of […]

3 Alternative AR-15 Rifle Chamberings To Consider

Let’s face it: getting an AR rifle in .223/5.56 is BORING. It’s too easy! Everyone has one. It shows a lack of imagination. Oh, okay, fine. .223 and 5.56 NATO has their virtues. It’s cheap, which means you can do a lot more shooting than with other chamberings. It’s proven in self-defense capacities, too. If […]

What’s Going On With .350 Legend?

I’ve been asked a lot about the new .350 Legend cartridge, the round that’s set to take on the .450 Bushmaster in the straight-wall legal midwest woods. The .350 Legend has a number of great advantages, and it’s gotten a very positive reception. But there are questions about the cartridge that need to be looked […]

Why Range Ammo Is A Terrible Choice For Self-Defense

Don’t use range ammo as self-defense ammo. There are a number of good reasons why it’s a bad idea. Range ammunition – meaning full metal jacket or fragmenting ammunition in center fire rifles and pistol, target or bird shot in shotguns – make generally poor self-defense ammunition choices. Not that there aren’t good uses for […]

TTAG Exclusive: SIG SAUER .30-06 Elite Match Ammo Review

Like many others, I was surprised when I was informed that SIG SAUER was releasing a match-grade .30-06 cartridge suitable for the CMP shooting sports. While SIG has been growing left and right into many areas of the industry, it seemed odd that they would make the effort to keep M1 Garand and 1903 Springfield […]

6 Great Sites For Buying Ammunition Online

Buying ammunition online can save you money and get you far more in terms of choice. Prices are usually lower (watch out for those shipping charges, though) and you aren’t at the mercy of the local gun store’s distributor. No, your LGS doesn’t buy straight from Federal or Winchester. They go through a third, fourth […]