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  1. Some of us can actually do the math to determine which bullet retains the greatest energy at the anticipated engagement range and altitude. If you are hunting 150 pound game in Afghanistan, that 110 grain bullet might be a good choice.

  2. The ability of the hunter has more to do with accuracy and kill rate. Than bullet weight and ballistics. No math necessary.

  3. My wolves say
    “A Glock 48 or 43X with Shield Arms magazines and mag catch seems to be the ideal carry gun, therefore we don’t need to buy any more handguns.”


    “Woohoo! C&R!!!”

    My wife’s wolves say

    “Pink guns are appropriate to my femininity.”


    “Woohoo! Colors!”

  4. I’ve still got about 500 plastic(?) sabots intended to load .223” bullets into .30 cal. cases. Way back when I bought them, Remington was selling “Accelerators” which were factory loads of what these were intended to be- I believe in .308, .30’06 and even .30-30, maybe. Advertised velocities were above 4000 fps.

    .223 bullets back then all hovered around 40-55 grains, of which I still have a crock load under one of my benches. I’ve always wanted to stuff some 45 gr I used in my old XP100 into 300 Win Mag cases and see if they evaporated before they hit paper at 100 yards. I can attest that the same thin skinned bullets intended for .22Hornet, loaded max into .220 Swift would leave a little pattern- weren’t intended to go 4000+ fps.

    I also considered loading .357 bullets into Hornady BP sabots in .45 Colt or .454 C but figured out ahead of time .458” in a .452” bore might not be a great idea. I do have a .458 Win Mag, though…

    • I think I had a box of ‘Accelerator’ .308 rounds back in the day. The only possible advantage to these that I can think of over a ‘magnum’ varmint cartridge is they (theoretically) wouldn’t be barrel burners, but I suspect that the cost of ammo would outweigh the cost of a new rifle + scope and barrel replacement.

    • I remember a magazine article about a .30 caliber bullet breaking 4000 fps. This was about 20-25 years ago from memory.

      It was a .30-378 Weatherby with 110-125g projectiles.

      A caliber that burns out barrels so fast it makes .25-06 look like a life-long proposition.

    • Back when I was working up a load for the 10 inch 223 Contender, I had a box of Hornet soft point bullets for testing. I loaded a few in the 22-250 for kicks, and they didn’t even make it to the chronograph. Thicker jackets, and I’d a had a laser on my hands.

      As I recall, those Accelerator rounds had a poor reputation for group sizes. Lightning fast, but you usually need more than some turbulence to kill a groundhog. I always wondered whether some handloads might do better, but never pursued it. I do know from experience that sabot rounds from a muzzleloader or shotgun can do well, but they run quite a bit slower.

    • So, would it be wrong to say the first thing that came to mind was “wonder how sabots would work in 300BLK?”… Dux and covers…

  5. I may or may not have loaded full house 105gr .357 mag in my day. People pay attention to that at an indoor range.

  6. Because of its large case capacity, you can load .45 Colt cases up to about double the velocity for OTC rounds. But don’t fire them out of a Colt or clone, because the gun will self destruct. Though Ruger Blackhawk or a modern lever action can handle the 25000 cup.

  7. How about a nice 50 cal on top of 120 grains of powder at around 1000 yards? If that load would drop a ton of bison, think what it will do on a smaller sized critter. Such as a 200 lb white tail or similarly sized animal.
    Or perhaps a solid 178gr JBT rolling out around 2500ft/s.
    Remember, the old Colt .45 long putted along at 850ft/s. and did for many an outlaw or cowboy in the day. Of course that big slab of soft lead while not fast still hit like a truck.
    Yes, a higher speed bullet has less time to drop from gravity. Learn how to shoot kids. Windage and elevation children.

  8. My inner wolves are in almost perfect harmony, but neither has been able to catch the little jackrabbit hopping up and down shouting, “.45-70 Deringer! .45-70 Deringer! Course it’s ridiculous, but you know you want it!”


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