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Hornady has announced a range of new products for 2024, but three stood out at first glance. First is the handy new HIT Target Impact Indicator. It’s a simple, USB-charged accelerometer that you can attach to a target stand to give you visual confirmation of hits on targets at distance. It’s not the first of its kind, but it’s small and lightweight and looks well designed (especially if you know Morse code).

We don’t have a price on the HIT Target Impact indicator yet.

Next up is a new single door version of their Mobilis modular safe.

These are easily assembled and moved secure storage units that you can put together yourself. It can be can be transported and assembled piece by piece in any room in your house. The Mobilis also comes with a tool kit that gives you everything you need for assembly so you can get it placed and set up in minutes. Price = $2,855.99.

And finally, for those of you who shoot and appreciate 5.7×28 . . .

Hornady’s offering both a Critical Defense 5.7 load with a 40 grain FTX personal defense bullet and a Black load with a 40 grain V-MAX bullet. That will be great for varmints and range use.

We don’t have a price on either new load yet, but FN’s 40 grain 5.7 ammo loaded with the Hornady V-MAX runs $49.99 for a box of 50 rounds. Expect similar pricing.

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  1. HIT Target Impact indicator…. not a new idea. I’ve been doing it for years with a cheap store checkout line impulse buy cheap LED flashlight ‘headlamp’ thing and a ~ $15.00 digital angle finder that let me set its sensitivity and a kids toy plastic ‘magnifying’ lens. Total cost ~ $25.00. Its not as ‘brilliant’ bright as the one in the article but it can be seen out to at least 800 yards (the max distance I ever used it at)

    • although I will admit, using a dedicated accelerometer would be a better idea so now I’m thinking about doing a new one.

  2. We need FPS data on the Hornady 5.7 ammo.

    Aka- will it defeat body armor or not? If this is just rebranded SS197, who cares?

    How has no one matched EA’s hot loads? That’s the point of 5.7 in a handgun- to defeat body armor.

    There is nothing legally stopping FN from selling SS190 to civilians.

    We need an FMJ ~30g bullet pushing 2800 FPS out of a Five-seveN that * tumbles *.

      • Solid bullets are super duper turbo titanium el maximo prohibido here in CA. But only for the masses. LE can pack ’em, of course.

        • Wait didn’t you guys ban lead bullets……..oh probably just hunting and no interesting copper solids for defense use?

        • No, “we guys” didn’t.

          A small elite cabal in Sacramento did that. So, “they” did. The majority of Californians didn’t have a say in the matter, or even know it was done until after the fact.

        • Right so back to what is available as we both have the same type of legal and top down political mismanagement?

  3. I like the Hit Indicator. Seems a lot better than forcing my brother-in-law to wear body armor and yell “Ouch” for each hit……..

    ……on second thought…..

    • “Do you shoot .40 S&W in handguns?”

      Yes I do. My main EDC a Glock 22 .40 S&W. Occasionally I switch off with another gun for carry and its usually 9mm (a Glock or Sig) but I’ve carried a 1911 .45 as an occasional switch off carry.

      But I shoot other calibers too in both pistol and rifle.

  4. 5.7X28, k, Ive got a tok, the original super30. Yes there was Mauser c96 but it was the weak german version, the Russians took the concept and won the Nazi vs Russian war. After the Russians won the war they sent a dog into space and then a group of primitive Africans, who had no other telescopes besides the one mounted on their Mosin Nagant sniper rifles, started worshipping the Dog star.

  5. Good to hear it .40 cal Booger. The cartridge may be getting a little bit less popular, but I like it as well. My EDC is a Kahr K40 Covert model (one less round in the mag). It has a snappy reoil, but at least I know that will place some energy in the target. Keep having fun!


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