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For years, I have been writing that the black community is a natural place to recruit Second Amendment activists. The people in urban communities are some of the most in need of using their right to keep and bear arms for self defense. John Lott came to the same conclusion with academic studies showing who benefits most from less restrictive concealed carry laws.

Second Amendment activists have long professed that firearms training increases responsibility and maturity. It has worked in rural areas. It should work in urban centers, too.

Maj Toure (above), who founded Black Guns Matter, decided to take that concept and run with it. Toure is one of a number of black firearms activists that teach in support of furthering Second Amendment rights.


The BGM leader educated the YESPhilly students through various workshops, covering topics like conflict resolution, de-escalation, firearm safety, their rights as citizens and the Second Amendment.

Maj Toure founded Black Guns Matter in 2015 and tours across the country providing Second Amendment education and information to urban communities according to the BGM website.

“I don’t think there’s a black gun culture or white gun culture, I think there’s an informed gun culture and an ignorant gun culture,” Toure said.

These efforts are part of a sea change in attitudes about guns in black communities. John Lott has documented and anecdotal media reports confirm that more black people are getting concealed carry permits than ever before.

A majority of Black Americans now see firearms ownership as a positive thing. More than 16 million Americans now have concealed carry permits, about 6.5% of the total adult population. And black concealed carry permits are growing faster than among whites.


Women are largely fueling the increase. Among the eight states that had data from 2012-16, permits for men grew by 22% and permits for women soared by 93%. In the 14 states with 2016 data on sex, women now make up 36% of permit holders.

Over those same years, the number of blacks with permits increased 30% faster than the number of whites with permits. Blacks now make up 11% of permit holders. A few states provide a breakdown for Asian-Americans, and in those states they accounted for the largest percentage increase in permits.

Black people, especially black women, are realizing the right to keep and bear arms had been taken from them. With few exceptions (California) that realization is making draconian gun control laws virtually impossible to pass, particularly at the federal level.

Despite their claims to the contrary, enactment of gun control laws grew out of the the need to keep slaves subjugated, and the racist desire to keep freed blacks disarmed. Integrating responsible gun ownership and Second Amendment rights into the urban black culture would help to undermine that.

A member of Arizona Citizens Defense League attended an Black Guns Matter event in Avondale, Arizona, earlier this year. Here are his comments:

Maj Toure had an event in Avondale, AZ earlier in the year. The man is a highly skilled motivational speaker and gave a very good presentation. The audience was mostly Black Americans and seemed to come away with his positive attitude.

Among the guest speakers was Dave Kopp, President of the AZCDL.

After Dave spoke, Maj interrupted the program and told the audience that “These folks are who you need to be in contact with”.
I was a volunteer at the AZCDL table and we garnered a few new members at that event.

Maj Toure has a great message and Black Guns Matter needs all of our support.

At Black Guns Matter, they embrace the necessity of educating urban minority communities about their rights and responsibilities. It’s a goal that all Second Amendment activists can embrace.


The Black Guns Matter mission is to educate urban communities on their 2nd amendment rights and responsibilities through firearm training and education.

Those pushing for civilian disarmament depend on blacks and women as core sources of support for their anti-civil rights efforts.  It appears that they are losing at least some of that support.

©2017 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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  1. The Democratic Party has done a number on Black Americans. I read reports of black Americans actually wanting to segregate themselves on college campuses. They also want to be disarmed. It seems the Dems are getting what they’ve always wanted a disarmed segregated black community. It’s just this time they’ve convinced the blacks they should want it. It’s mind boggling. Hopeful this guy can talk some sense into them.

  2. This is exactly the sort of organization all POTG should get behind.

    A year or so ago I was in my LGS picking up a weapon they’d ordered for me and ended up spending more than an hour talking to a black, gay gentleman who had recently moved to the South from New England. He had carried a firearm while in the employ of home state but was not a “gun guy” and had a seemingly unending list of questions. His enthusiasm had me excited and I ended up quite late for lunch with my wife as a result. At the end of our conversation, though, he shook my hand warmly and thanked me for taking the time and speaking to him like s normal person. I laughed it off and told him I probably got more out of it than he did.

    It wasn’t until I got in my car to head out that it occurred to me how many times I’ve seen and heard people like him referred to as mutants or mentally… He was thanking me for not being the typical white fuckhead “gun guy.” That same sort of toolbag that used to be ashamed to speak up here on TTAG but now seems to be largely ignored, if not accepted.

    Good on you, Dean. I’m not usually a huge fan of your articles but this one gave me a warm fuzzy.

    • Though I’m not gay, I am a black gun owner and a member of the NRA. On many occasions, I have received reactions of disgusted disbelief from other black when I tell them that. I’ve been reminded that the NRA is the modern day Klan, despite there not being a shred of evidence to support such a claim. They then demonstrate just how stupid and misguided they think I am when they inform me that one day I’m going to learn when “them white folks” turn their guns on me. Of course, when I tell them that not only am I a card carrying member of the NRA, but that I am also a conservative who voted for Trump, I become public enemy number one as far as they’re concerned.

      Blacks that believe in the Second Amendment, and understand its importance and purpose are viewed as either sellouts or brain washed by many in the black community.
      It is an indication of the effectiveness of the left’s propaganda campaign that blacks, of all the communities in this country, willingly follow the left’s campaign for gun control.
      Of all the communities in this country, the black community should be the staunchest supporters of Second Amendment rights instead of viewing with suspicion and casting aspersions on those members of its community who have recognized the need to stand up for those rights.

  3. It is a huge victory every time a woman, a person of color, or a young person takes an interest in responsible firearms use. Demographic trends are not in favor of us old,fat white guys.

  4. I encourage the people who support the 2nd to not be ignorant POS. Recruiting blacks and Mexicans (who are culturally conservative already) to stand up for their rights. I tell people all the time that the dems are not their friends and one quick look around the hood is proof enough.

    • This is an important topic. Black and especially Latino families have many conservative core values, that are simply overwhelmed by the screaming Democratic Party dominance among minorites. Particularly the males of both cultures. Many black and Latino men like the idea of having a gun, support the death penalty, don’t really like abortion, believe a man should be the bread winner, and are religious. None of those things fall in line with liberalism.

    • Agreed, I dislike guns getting lumped in with other social issues. We should extend our welcome to anyone of sound mind and character, as all should have a right to self defense not just a select few.

    • I encourage the people who support the 2nd to not be ignorant POS. Recruiting blacks and Mexicans (who are culturally conservative already) to stand up for their rights.

      If you think of yourself as a “Mexican”, then feel free to go back to where you still identify as a resident of. Also, if you are a Mexican, The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the rest are for Americans. If you are getting your citizenship, welcome! You belong here as much ad my other immigrant friends who are from Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, etc. But if you ask them what they are, they answer “Americans”.

      Be here legally, be proud to be a gringo, or exit stage south. “Chicano” has so many origins and meanings within various groups as to be irrelevant. But if you’re gonna call yourself a “Mexican”, you’re in the wrong country.


      • I’m proud to be an American of Mexican decent. I actually have duel citizenship with both countries. That should answer most of your questions.

        • Dual citizenship implies that you can’t/won’t commit – or garner some benefit from the “other” country, that you can’t get here. (Which, other than access to corruption, is what exactly?)

          Whatever, As long as your proud to be an American, and aren’t an illegal, that’s good enough for me – but don’t expect to have the support of the general populace when your status publicly states that you don’t fully accept that you are an American.

          Protip: Even if you have dual citizenship, it’s best to refer to yourself as a “citizen” of the host country. G
          ood manners and all.

        • He probably wants to retain his rights in Mexico for when he visits that country. If he renounces his Mexican citizenship he’ll probably face all kinds of petty forms of retribution from the federales. Sometimes retaining such statures has little to do with patriotism and more to do with pragmatism.

        • America doesn’t recognize dual citizenship. If you move to Mexico and make money there you owe the U.S. taxes.

        • 16V, dual citizenship doesn’t imply anything other than he is likely intelligent about how he visits his relatives or does business in Mexico. I’m about as much of a flag waiving American as it gets, but if I could get dual citizenship in Mexico or Israel, I’d do it in a heartbeat, and for exactly those reasons.

        • I qualify for an Irish passport.

          If I ever get back to more international travel, I’ll likely get that passport, as an Irish passport is one of the safest passports to travel under, terrorism-wise…

      • Hmmmm……. You kind of gloss over America has not returned the love with the same gusto, more often than not.

        • JWTAYLOR got it right. I’m born in the USA but my folks still have businesses and property in Mexico so in order to have everything in order I obtained mexican citizenship a while ago now.

          • The only reason not to have duel citizenship (if you can easily get it) is if you’re a politician, and it is causing you trouble. If I could get citizenship in Mexico, I would. I still wouldn’t go there.

      • Yeah that’s why Polish immigrants in Chicago and the surrounding burbs fly Polish flags from their cars. Because they tell people they’re “Americans” when asked.

      • Well, with all due respect 16V, I have triple citizenship. I am a citizen of the US and UK by birthright, and Canadian by naturalization. I’ve lived in Canada most of my life, so I consider myself culturally a Canadian, and will generally say I am a Canadian when travelling. If I lived in the US (which I might in the next year, depending on how a job offer works out) I would consider myself a Canadian with US citizenship.

        Just as a side note, yes, I file three tax returns a year, for Canada, the US, and the UK. Double taxation agreements, tax reciprocity and tax relief are a lifesaver.

        Gun politics wise, I’m more of a far right Canadian perspective, in favour of background/mental health and reference checks, as well as government licensing, but I don’t believe in restricting the firearms one can own and believe in stand your ground and castle laws, as well as CC permits

  5. Hey I’m outnumbered by “people of color” in my household. My sons have little to no interest in guns. My wife likes guns but it’s like pulling teeth getting her to the gunrange. Which seems to always have black folks(and women) shooting. I guess I don’t see any color divide in NE Illinois/NW Indiana. The biggest problem is voting D…but not in my house. I don’t care…

  6. Maybe black people and women will become ardent supporters of 2A. And maybe they are fair weather friends who will sell out the next time the G offers more free sh!t.

    I’m hoping for the former, but I’m expecting the latter.

    • This comment pretty much hits it out of the park. The comment section can stop right here.

    • Ralph, your honest comment made me smile. I appreciate such frank sentiment. I’m not as old and jaded as you yet, but I feel I’m heading there and I can certainly relate to your pithy comment.

    • I don’t have research on black Texans, but for women Texans, the push to conservatism and the Republican party has been well documented, and just plain obvious to anyone who lives here. The Texas Republican Women’s association is an powerful lobby here, and they tend to push the party to the right, not the center. And they aren’t fair weather at all, they were a big part of defeating our last female Governor, a Democrat, but that was more than a decade ago. Most recently, in Texas, Trump won the female vote, and by a much larger margin than the rest of the country.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s because POC think that every “gun nut” is hoping for the start of the race war. Or at least that’s what a POC friend of mine said before I told him how many guns I have.

        Now he wants me to take him and his wife out shooting, which I will as soon as he says when.

        That’s the sort of bs people think up when they are dealing with their own fears and abstract groups of people instead of individuals. I know all POC aren’t perfect exemplars of every other POC and that my friend’s thoughts may or may not be typical. They’re certainly not common among my Hispanic friends. Thinking all POC are the same is just as stupid as thinking all “gun nuts” are the same.

        • Some gunners do. Don’t even get into convos at the range anymore because the nutters seem to outnumber everyone.

      • Can we stop saying “POC” and “people of color?” It’s incredibly stupid and meaningless. It’s just “non-white people.” Why do we need to lump them all together? How about Asians? Most of them have similar skin tone to Caucasians, the “yellow” nonsense notwithstanding. Are they still “colored?” What about darker Caucasians like Arabs and some Southern Europeans? Are they “colored?”

  7. Anything that gets law abiding citizens to support the 2nd Amendment and take responsibility for defending themselves is a good thing, no matter the color of their skin.

    With regard to the above comment regarding white fuckhead gun owners, I think most gun owners are very friendly and accepting as long as you aren’t a criminal (or dress like one). Of course, one of my gun ranges is in the hood and a sizable chunk of shooters smell of weed, so I have different standards.

  8. It’s always perplexed me how the Jewish community has been some of the strongest supporters of gun control. I can understand being mostly Liberals and Democrats, but civilian disarmament? At some point you have to depart from the complete basket of ideologies.

    • I have never been able to make any headway with any of my black friends or family (my ex-wife and her mother). It is downright bizarre how strongly the anti-2A notions are programmed into those I have known. I was talking about soft armor with a black coworker once and incredibly he told me that people should not be able to own armor because the police might need to “put them down” and that would be harder if they had armor. I was stunned into silence.

      • I don’t disagree with your general observation at all, but…

        Yesterday afternoon, in my very middle-class white ‘burb’s WallyWorld, I had an interesting conversation. With a youngish black man, who was also looking in the ammo cabinet. He had just gotten his first .45, and was trying to select the “right” ammo for it.

        We spent 10-15 minutes talking about guns, gun rights, ammo, etc.

        I know that you’re right in aggregate, I have (black) friends with parents who won’t leave North STL (where 75% of STL’s crime actually happens), and who are staunchly anti-gun. Makes zero logical sense.

    • Not all Jews. Look up JPFO, Zelman Partisans. They’re both more aggressive than GOA. The Jews who appreciate gun rights really appreciate them and the necessity of armed self-defense. As for the majority of Jews being Democrat-voting gun grabbers, well, they’re a very urban population. Probably more urban than blacks. And we all know how people in the big cities tend vote, no matter what background they have. Especially the big coastal cities where the Jews are. How to reveal the truth to a brainwashed leftist is one of the great problems of our time, but I have personally observed that, as is the case with blacks, gun rights can be an appealing wedge issue to break the stranglehold of left-wing ideology upon Jewish people. If they understand the history of their people, then they already understand the need for self-defense and probably strongly support collective efforts in that direction like Israel. They only need to be convinced that self-defense on an individual level and individual preparations are essential to save lives. This can be argued very persuasively, and one need only look to how Jewish resistance to the Holocaust was greatly reduced in strength not because of lack of will to resist, but lack of means—weapons—to effectively resist with. Convince them that civilian armament is good, and they’ll see how gun control supporters are constantly lying and begin wondering about what else their ideological allies are lying about. Pretty soon you’ve got a newly minted conservative or libertarian voting with us.

  9. So it isn’t surprising that when the NRA was founded, a big chunk of the money came from the abolitionists.

  10. While we’re on the history of racist gun control, can we remind them that a literal KKK member was behind upholding the NFA as constitutional?

  11. Social media is the place where people are finding out about Black Guns Matter. The message is going around the white, and racist, liberal media. Even the gun industry is using black models in some of their advertising.
    There are other black firearms instructors taking their training classes on the road as well.

    “Q&A with Marchelle Tigner: The firearms trainer on a mission to empower women”

    The British press has an interest in american female firearms instructors.

  12. “Black people, especially black women, are realizing the right to keep and bear arms had been taken from them. With few exceptions (California) that realization is making draconian gun control laws virtually impossible to pass, particularly at the federal level….”

    I don’t think black voters have anything to do with gun control failing. The above statement could be refuted pretty easily by looking at demographic voting patterns almost anywhere, and then comparing the candidates that get the votes of most black people in terms of their views on gun control. Look who gets elected in places like Chicago, Baltimore, and what those politicians think about guns.

    As long as the democratic party can count on the vast majority of black folks to vote for them, they won’t have any impact. Maybe in an earlier era when there was such a thing as a ‘blue dog democrat’ but not now.

    • “As long as the democratic party can count on the vast majority of black folks to vote for them…”
      Ask Trump how that worked out for them. Democrats counted on the black vote, and the black vote stayed home.

      • “Democrats counted on the black vote, and the black vote stayed home.”

        They sure did.

        The fascinating thing is, the Leftists haven’t really woken up as to *why* they stayed home.

        They probably don’t want to know, since it will uncover some very ugly truths that Black Americans are waking up to the reality the Leftists don’t actually have their best interests at heart.

        I saw some data awhile back as to how the Black community as a whole was hurt bad by Obama’s policies, in some serious ways with regards to employment…

  13. Go ahead and keep dreaming that the 2nd amendment will be supported by others. People that keep spouting that Jews, Blacks and Latinos are natural conservatives and support the 2nd amendment better wake up. These people overwhelming vote Democrat. Which also means for the most part they support gun bans, hate speech laws, big govmt and lots of govmt hand outs. All paid for by YOU.

    71% of Jews voted for Clinton
    65% of Hispanics voted for Clinton
    88% of Blacks voted for Clinton
    65% of Asians voted for Clinton

    Keep fantasizing that they you need to appeal to these people. You are all going to be in for a rude awakening. Watch what happens as the pool of these people grows larger and larger.

    • Timmy- you’ll be happy to know that even though those percentages are depressing, there’s still an awful lot of folks in those minority percentages on OUR side. I’m one of them. I’m Jewish. I’m also a militant conservative who considers all democrats Terrorists. I’m also an active III%er who has been advocating for a kinetic, Restorative War, to restore our Constitutional Republic to what our Founders intended. There’s no negotiating or debating our God given, inalienable rights. We can fool ourselves into believing our nation’s troubles can be solved politically, but they can’t. There’s only one remedy.

      • Demonizing the enemy is the first step towards war. You would be better served by regarding democrats as humans who don’t happen to think like you do, unless you want to start a bloody civil war with 50% of the populace, many of whom serve in the armed forces and have access to advanced weaponry.

        You have every legal option to win democrats to your way of thinking, but classifying 50% of the populace as terrorist doesn’t help anybody.

      • “advocating for a kinetic, Restorative War”
        Advocating for is a long way from participating in. Why is that? Bad back? IBS? Weak knees?

        • TrueBornSonofLiberty,
          As far as your question of “am I ready”, I don’t even know what you asking if I am ready for. If you are asking if I am ready for civil war in America, absolutely not. No one is. The last one took a million lives, the next one will take many times that. No, I am not anxious for it, as you claim to be.

          But since you’ve said twice now how you are willing and able, but not active, I’ll ask again. Why not? If you are so determined, so anxious, so ready for a kinetic civil war, as you’ve described it, why are you still sitting this one out?

        • Now you’re just being obtuse. The war hasn’t started yet (unfortunately). But you knew that. What you’re doing is taking the simpleminded approach nondifferent than the caliber wars. “I won’t carry 22lr for defense”, and your reply would be, “then let me shoot you in the face”. When the domestic terrorists step over the line, we’ll know it.

        • TrueBornSonofLiberty,
          I’m not being obtuse at all. I’m asking a serious question. You called 40% of the US population “terrorists” and say you advocating a kinetic civil war. Those were your words. I want to know why you are advocating it, but not participating in it.
          Now you’ve changed your story, saying that we will know when the terrorists step over the line. Just a minute ago you said that it was you that was advocating for war right now. It sounds pretty clear that you have already stepped over that line yourself.
          So are you advocating for civil war right now, or are you waiting for people you already contend are terrorist to step over some imaginary line?
          If they are already terrorists, haven’t they crossed that line? If not, what makes them terrorists, and what is the line?

        • @TBSL: I’m ashamed to associate with guys like you. As a 3%’er I advocate being prepared for the worst from government (my own or otherwise) and general catastrophe. I have helped build neighbor networks to promote protecting, feeding, and caring for communities under bad circumstances.

          I’m ready to fight if the need ever arises, but only a dangerous person looks forward to pulling the trigger on someone else. My enlistment ended a long time ago and it’s nice knowing I won’t likely have to be a soldier again in my lifetime.

          Find peace, dude.

      • Your “kinetic, restorative war” is a dangerous fantasy. War is never restorative. It is only destructive. The Civil War ended slavery, which was a good kind of destruction…but it almost ended the whole United States of America. And 150 years later, we’re still dealing with damaging fallout from the war.

        Even our own Revolutionary War didn’t restore or create anything; it merely destroyed British rule in the Americas.

        We weren’t created by war. We’re a nation created by a group of men who knew when and how to STOP fighting.

        Look around the world at all the revolutions and civil wars that have happened in the last 100 years. How many of them restored something worth keeping? How many people in positions of power and influence today have the kind of insight and selflessness — combined with belief in the primacy of individual rights and freedom — that our founding fathers displayed? Be careful what you wish for.

    • I was told there would be no math, just feelings in this article. Thank you for the pleasant surprise.

    • Little Timmy believes that gun owners should simply give up on large sections of the population, and allow the Democrats and liberals the victory of those citizens.
      Cowardice or defeatism? Probably both.

      • Doubling down on minority pandering at the expense of white votes didn’t work for Democrats last election, but I’ll bite. What brave, triumphant concession do we need to make that will finally deliver those precious minority votes?

        • CLarson, no concessions at all. Nor is Maj Toure advocating for concessions, other than concessions from the Left. Get that, a black man, leading a movement of black Americans, for the restoration of firearms rights across the nation, and he’s winning.
          And yet, at the same time, we have people saying that black Americans will never be for guns rights, so just give up and accept defeat.

        • But blacks already have lots of guns. While it is true that most are illegal it still proves that Blacks aren’t ignorant and know the value of firearms. There is nothing about going through the legal process to get a license to carry that turns one into a Republican. How does a black version of the NRA make blacks reject the Democrat pitch of affirmative action and more socialist welfare? I thought there was going to be more to this theory hence my suspicion about concessions but apparently there is nothing else. Blacks owning legal guns will turn them into Republicans just because Republicans own legal guns. Building a runway does not make the cargo planes land.

  14. I have no problem with the federal govt. I have no problem with different religions. Nor do I have any problems with different races. My distaste, even hatred, is of those with antithetical “American” ideologies. If you stand for Constitutional freedoms, and traditional American principles, I’ll gladly stand (and fight) with you.

  15. Speaking about dual citizenship made me boil for a minute. Having dual citizenship is like stopping at a latover. It is part of the process of getting to your destination, but at that point you shouldn’t be voting since you have 2 masters. We have many members of congress with dual citizenship, I would like to see that change. How can you say you are a loyal American, when you have 2 different countries pulling at you?
    I am pretty sure that any congressman that has dual cotizen is also anti 2nd.

    • My wife is required to travel to Israel on her Israeli passport, even though she has American citizenship. If she formally renounced her Israeli citizenship, visiting her daughter and granddaughter would involve many more hurdles, especially since the moribund Israeli bureaucracy looks askance at people who leave Israel and give up their citizenship.

      So, thanks, but no thanks, my daughters and my wife will continue to be dual citizens of Israel and the US for the foreseeable future.

  16. ENDO Mike has noted an increase in proper trigger discipline in youtube rap videos. Perhaps another sign of shifting attitudes?

  17. If a black person decides to be pro-gun in an abstract faction, they probably won’t vote for pro-gun candidates. If a black person becomes a gun nut, they probably will.

    If Republicans can move the numbers Timmy T. Bone quoted by a percentage point or two every election, then Democrats will be a permanent minority party in a decade or so. Assuming the correlation between owning guns and voting Republican is a causal relationship with owning guns causing the voting behavior, getting minorities to be gun owners will do that.

    • Minorities live in deep blue urban centers that vote 70 to 90 percent Democrat. If we are going give away the farm to buy the minority vote it better be for more than a measly 1 or 2 points, because that won’t even swing a local election. Anyone want to go on record which black or Hispanic neighborhood is going to flip red first?

      • Who here is arguing for giving anything away, other than you? This isn’t a compromise with minority voters, it is winning them over entirely, by talking to them, shooting with them, educating them, and encouraging them to carry. And, at least in Texas, we are proving that it works. More minorities than ever, and not a single Democrat in statewide office for over a decade. We have more Republicans in office now, with a heavy minority population, than there ever was when the state was far more pale. In the counties that we see a shift to the left, it’s the counties most impacted by white immigration from other states, not from minority population rise.

      • Who said anything about giving anything away? I’ll address your points when they are on point.

        • I don’t understand how you guys are getting to minorities will vote Republican if they start becoming gun nuts. Minorities are already armed to the teeth and they don’t vote Republican now. There is nothing about just having guns that makes one a Republican. If the idea is that once minorities start embracing legal options to owning guns they will start voting Republican, I don’t understand that either. If Democrats made guns 100% illegal in my state tomorrow I wouldn’t change my values. I would take my chances as a criminal. The vast majority of minorities vote Democrat because that’s who give out the special privileges and free stuff.

          • More and more, one owning a firearm means that one will vote Republican. You are right that people on means tested welfare* will not vote for Republicans. However, there is a large segment of the Black population that is not on welfare. Somewhere around half. The Blacks I know socially are not the ones on welfare. They are likely to vote Republican if they become gun owners. They are almost certain to become Republicans if they become “gun nuts.”

            If we could peel off 5% of the Black vote, that could be the difference in a battle ground state. If we could peel off 10%, that would be the difference in a battle ground state. Additionally, if we peeled off enough, then it wouldn’t be seen as anathema for Blacks to vote Republican, and there could be a cascade effect.

            Furthermore, as some anti-gunner pointed out, every purchase of a firearm, ammunition, or accessory funds the “gun lobby.”

  18. “firearms training increases responsibility and maturity.”

    (starts bike, sets hair on fire and cracks wheelie at mach1)

  19. uh-oh, someone racist is scared of Jews and non-white people on the internet!
    thanks for making gun owners look bad!

    • He came home from school one day and saw his mama doing chin ups on a large, black johnson. Boy got jealous of his mama and ain’t been right since.

    • Tell me more about your high moral values. What’s your opinion on personal attacks and racial slurs?

  20. Demographics = destiny. Thats the bottomline. As various groups eventually become the majority via immigration and birth there will be changes to the laws around the 2nd amendment. Keep believing that these other groups are going to support the 2nd amendment while the govmt will just change the laws to make it more burdensome if not impossible to buy a gun.

    Oh yeah we still have the 2nd amendment but to exercise it is almost impossible.

    I don’t know how many people know whats involved in getting a gun permit in the People’s Republic of New Jersey. Per my relatives its a very painful process and can take months to a year. Lots and lots hurdles to pass. Just some of the things they make you do: fingerprinting, mental health check. criminal check, proof of town residency, proof of citizenship and more. Whatever they can dream up. In NJ you cant buy ANYTHING without the permit. And you need an additional permit for each and every pistol you buy. The permits to buy a pistol are only good for 90 days and EXPIRE. They can be renewed one time for 90 more days. This is just a sample of what they can dream up. Witness what they are doing in Kommifornia.

    You will see many states just legislate gun ownership out of existence via laws and regulations. They can make it impossible to buy ammunition, magazines and parts without actually regulating the guns themselves. If you can’t buy ammunition you might as well have a paperweight. As for the reloading crowd they think they are exempt – they can just ban the sale of reloading equipment, gun powder and more.

    Dont kid yourselves. There is a scourge of violence and lots of groups would be more than happy to see all the guns go.

    • Demographics may be destiny, but things like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation are also part of demographics.

    • I call your argument and raise you reality.

      According to the US Census Bureau, the percentage of white, non Hispanics in TX is 42.6. The percentage in NJ, 55.8. (,NJ/PST045216)

      So there is a higher percentage of whites in New Jersey than in Texas. By your “demographics is destiny” argument, surely Texas would have far more Democrats in office, and certainly a more restrictive gun laws.
      And yet, we don’t. Not by a long shot. Even better, as our minority population has increased, or firearms laws have become less restrictive, not more.

      But it’s not just guns. Lets see, majority minority, and Texas still voted for Trump. Who did NJ vote for in the last election?

      When your philosophy doesn’t match reality, reality isn’t wrong.

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