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That’s all I ask…helo’s with frickin’ laser beams attached to them . . . The US military is getting closer to deploying lasers and rail guns — here’s how they might be used

Once they are both operational, the US military will use them along with conventional weapons, and it’ll take years of evolution for one to make the other, or even conventional weapons, obsolete, Freeman said.

“[Rail guns and lasers] both have challenges to go through,” he told Business Insider, including where to get the power needed to fuel them. But they also offer other benefits in addition to their lethality: They’re cheaper and can even be safer for sailors, as they don’t require stores of ammunition that can explode.

How do these rumors get started? . . . Clearing up confusion over letter, Hollywood mayor says the S.C. town is not trying to ban firearms

Mayor Jacquelyn Heyward said Tuesday that the town isn’t taking aim at the constitutional right to have a gun.

“We are not prohibiting firearms,” she said.

Rather, it is enforcing a prohibition on firing a weapon within 200 yards of an occupied building. The town has regularly received numerous calls about discharge of firearms too close to residences, she said.

“We are just trying to make citizens feel safe,” she said.

The gunpocalypse claims another one . . . California Ammo Manufacturer Cites New Laws While Closing Doors

The Cartridge Family, a small manufacturer of ammunition in Redding, Calif., has closed down. The owner, Mike Schroeder, informed media that restrictive California gun laws were part of the reason that TCF went out of business.

KRCTV quotes Schroeder as placing some of the blame on market conditions, with larger manufacturers employing pricing and rebate strategies that TCF was unable to match. But he also said that Proposition 63, which requires background checks for all ammunition sales, was a deciding factor.

What will you be shooting this duck season? . . . Wicked Looks and Performance from Two of Browning’s Most Popular Shotguns

If a hunter is looking for a high-performance shotgun that will set them apart in the marshes and timber, then Browning has just what they are looking for. Two new shotguns introduced under the Wicked Wing banner in 2017 fit the bill in style and performance: The A5 Wicked Wing and Maxus Wicked Wing autoloading shotguns.

Both guns feature a receiver finished in a durable Cerakote® Burnt Bronze camo finish and the barrel is finished in Cerakote® Burnt Bronze. Banded extended choke tubes and an oversize bolt release are also featured on these new waterfowl shotguns. The composite stocks and forearms are coated in Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades camo pattern and protected with sure-gripping Dura-Touch Armor Coating.

This has an ice cube’s chance in Hell of passing . . . Congressman Brown Takes Aim at Gun Violence; Introduces Bill to Identify Bullet Casings

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Anthony G. Brown (MD-04) introduced the Make Identifiable Criminal Rounds Obvious (MICRO) Act (H.R. 3458). The bill prohibits federal firearms licensees from manufacturing, selling, or transferring semiautomatic handguns, unless those handguns are capable of microstamping ammunition or face gradual fines. Microstamping builds on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) use of automated ballistic imaging and comparison equipment to analyze crime gun evidence.

Microstamping utilizes laser technology to engrave the make, model, and serial number on the internal mechanisms of a firearm, such as the breech and firing pin. Each time the gun is fired, that information is engraved onto the bullet’s shell casings. Having this information readily available enables law enforcement to connect a bullet casing recovered at a crime scene directly to the firearm that fired it, and therefore the last registered buyer. The ATF would be able to compare images of bullets found at crime scenes to ballistic images previously entered in their databases. When a there is a “match,” law enforcement can conclude that the same gun was used in both crimes.

Led by Shannon Watts . . . The Stroller Brigade That’s Pushing Around the NRA

In 2017, more than two dozen states, including traditional gun-lobby strongholds such as Florida and Texas, rejected bills that were top gun-lobby priorities. South Dakota’s Republican governor, who is an NRA member, vetoed permit-less carry, as did Montana’s Democratic governor. A similar bill failed in Texas after aggressive advocacy by the Texas chapter of Moms Demand Action.

Efforts to repeal background checks were blocked in Iowa and Nebraska. In Iowa, volunteers from across the state called, sent emails and met with lawmakers to urge them to oppose the proposal. As a result, the authors of an omnibus bill, House File 517, stripped the background check repeal and a permit-less carry provision from the legislation.

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  1. Yeah, a bunch of mother’s whining to change the world ended in the 90s as should have.

    • As a dad of a 7 month old that has days off during the week, I often find myself pushing my little man around various stores in his stroller while running errands. All I have to say is you best not roll up on my mobile weapons platform. Got an extra mag or two squirreled away in the handle pouches. Why? Because I can

      • My ex-wife and I used to take our (at-the-time) 1 year old daughter out in the jogging stroller on runs, with one or both of our handguns stored in the utility compartment between the handles.

        Yeah, she had her pros and cons.

  2. The Cartridge Family? Wasn’t that a Simpson’s episode?!? Using your kids as unpaid props…priceless😜😜😜

    • Salesman: “You’ll want some accessories. Silencer, loudener, speedcocker, and this one is for shooting down police helicopters.”
      Homer. “I don’t need that. Yet.”

  3. *Sigh* Too bad I’ll be dead for the “Great Moon War”, fought for control of the helium 3 reserves beneath its surface.

  4. Why is it that people who have never had much to do with firearms if at all and for whatever reason seem to think that because they don’t like them everyone else shouldn’t like or want them as well? I don’t like a lot of things that others love yet I don’t believe I should be shoving it down other people’s’ throats. You don’t like guns fine. Educate yourself before making an ass of yourself with these stupid things. When will these morons realize the gun is a tool. It is an inanimate object that cannot think or act on its own or for itself. It takes a person to use it. Try enforcing the laws already on the books to punish criminals. Moron has never heard of gun theft before. I am so certain that the government would be so competent to maintain accurate records showing someone selling a legal gun to another legally eligible person and so so that all they would be doing is chasing law abiding people and harassing them instead of getting the criminal. When will this crap stop? As I get older and having grown up in the 1960s I cannot believe that these left wing nuts from back then actually got into power and are on the precipice of destroying America. Look at Venezuela people. People are defenseless against a totalitarian regime! Every totalitarian regime disarmed the population before running them over!!

    • The answer to this question is that such people (libs) have a defect in their thought processes. People all have the concept that they are always right, that is human nature. Just the way it is. When one is not right, making wrong decisions in life, they still think that what they have thought or done wrong is right. Because they are always right. They dramatize this in life by attempting to prove their wrongness to be right by continuing to do the wrong thing and villainizing anyone and anything that doesn’t agree with them. That is the result of the defect.

      Though this sounds like a rather broad generality it is an observable fact that that libs all manifest this defect as their general view of life has been proven to be wrong though the ages. They know this but are driven to prove themselves right, usually by making others wrong. They continue to pick up more and more incorrect fixed ideas through life and get crazier and crazier as the years go by. They then get into the dramatization, some heavily, causing the rest of us a lot of trouble.

      The lucky few may one day have an epiphany and see that they have been going down a wrong path in life and change, but most just hang with other crazies and drive their saner acquaintances nuts.

  5. Congressman Brown predicated his bill on the fact that “California has had microstamped pistols since 2013.” The truth is that California does have a microstamping law, but there is not a single pistol sold in the state today that contains microstamping capability. The California AG, in making the law effective, certified that the technology to microstamp cartridges existed and was unencumbered by patents. She lied; the technology that exists, admittedly experimental, only stamps a case on the primer, and not in two places (the other being the side of the case) as required by the statute. The technology to stamp in two places does not exist, and there is not a single pistol that incorporates the technology. (Yes, of course there is a lawsuit pending.) Even the existing technology is easily defeated by sanding off the tip of the firing pin (or shooting a lot) or salting crime scenes with random cartridges gathered from the local shooting range. And of course, using revolvers.

    So dear Congressman, go fly a kite.

    • Another political hack who knows nothing of which he speaks. Let’s see, there’s a Brown in California, another in Oregon, and now one in Maryland.
      How about this,,,,”IF IT’S BROWN, FLUSH IT!!!”

      • I do. But I don’t always get it all (and rarely police 9mm). So what happens when some asshat picks up my brass (casing microstamped), uses it to reload and then gives/sells the ammo to a criminal or uses it for a crime him/herself? I might be able to alibi myself out of a conviction but creates plausible deniability for the criminal (sorry, I’m frequently subjected to second-hand “Law & Order” by my wife).

        • (Now ex-) wife wouldn’t let me watch CSI with her. Some complaint about ruining it by pointing out all the flaws in the science….

    • You give him too little credit. The whole point of the micro stamping mandate in Cali was to stealth-ban all guns. Kampala Harris knew that the industry would never agree to this. The number of ‘allowed’ guns would dwindle to nothing, and they would get their disarmed populace. This douche-nozzle is doing the same thing at the Federal level. The requirement can’t be met, so the industry will, de facto, be killed off.

    • Primer microstamping is easily defeated as Mark mentioned with a tool, or with no tool by sending a few thousand rounds down the pipe to ‘smooth’ it flat.

      Unless they require yearly firing pin inspection.

      Crap, I better not give them ideas on that one. 🙁

      I’m not aware of *any* potential method to stamp the case other than somehow having the identification stamp in positive relief in the chamber and using chamber pressure at firing to emboss the cartridge case.

      Even then, it may well cause serious problems with dangerous blow-by on firing and causing case extraction issues by hanging up on the way out…

    • “Each time the gun is fired, that information is engraved onto the bullet’s shell casings. Having this information readily available enables law enforcement to connect a bullet casing recovered at a crime scene directly to the firearm that fired it, and therefore the last registered buyer…”

      What could possibly go wrong?

      I recall an event in “Justified” where Raylan tossed a 9mm round at the bad guy with the comment, “The next one’s coming faster.”

      Later that round was used in an assassination and the case, with Raylon’s fingerprint, was left at the scene in an attempt to frame him for the shooting.

      See how easy that works?

  6. So Congressman Brown’s bill would prevent the military and police from getting any semi-automatic weapons also?

  7. Federal pre-emption bill? I like it. Lets see Trump sign something to keep his promise. I would like to say that I still want to see the “no carve out” bill for police. It would either give citizens their rights back or demilitarize the police. I could see that being a lose-lose if a state keeps their militarized police, but if they do go down to neutered rifles and 10 round mags they should be totally safe at that point, even from the police.

    • “Lets see Trump sign something to keep his promise.”
      In order for Trump to sign such legislation, Congress first has to get a passed bill to his desk.
      Given the state of our invertebrate Republican-controlled legislature, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • While citizens should not be limited in these things, LE should be limited in the same way. LE is not military, they are civilians. What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.

  8. Mom = Female human who allowed a male human to play “Hide The Sausage” once (or several times) too often. The word “Mom” in no way connotes intelligence, morals, wisdom, fairness, courage, sensibility, or any other trait. Some are great, many are not.

  9. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the MICROBrain Trust (aka cosponsors):

    Rep. Robert A. Brady (PA), Rep. David N. Cicilline (RI), Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (VA), Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (IL), Rep. John B. Larson (CT), Rep. Donald McEachin (VA), Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC), Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD), Rep. Janice D. Schakowsky (IL), Rep. Thomas R. Suozzi (NY), Juan Vargas (CA) and Rep. José Serrano (NY).

    Oh darn, it looks like I forgot a space on that first line … C’est la vie.

  10. Don’t try to reason with liberals. They only have to be beat not understood. It’s a scary place in their head trust me I worked in a uber liberal company once. There’s lots of meetings where everyone is circle jerking their ideas to change the world but in the end nothing gets done and they mostly just want other people to flip the bill.

    • What they want is a way to gain/maintain control without exposing themselves to any responsibility or danger, real or perceived. Oh yes, and always at someone else’s expense. I spent a lot of time in “meetings” of various organizations, trying to change this for my job, my company… doesn’t work.

      Threw out all my stomach pills when I quit going to meetings… 🙂 I just can’t understand why so many people continue to trust these controllers, and empower those who enforce their will.

  11. I’ve had far too much to drink tonite to refute every stupid idea here point for point, so let me just drop this mic here:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    *mic drop
    *drink drop

  12. That article failed to mention that Hollywood is not an incorporated city. It is part of the city of Los Angeles. Somehow it does have a mayor thought, which is only an honorary title because they have no actual power. Good luck with making people “feel safe” as apossed to actually making people safe.

    • They were probably about West Hollywood, home of the Sunset Strip and it was a county area, unincorporated area of the county. West Hollywood is a city now, seperate from Los Angeles.

  13. What will you be shooting this du ck sea son?

    Whatever Elmer’s shootin’ is good for me…

  14. Yeah, those Action Moms are really kicking ass. Lots of crowing about a couple states that failed to pass constitutional carry bills, but it’s funny how there’s no mention of the eight (I think) states that moved to constitutional carry in the past two years.

    I don’t know what happened in South Dakota and Montana, but here in Texas, the failure of the legislature to move forward on permitless carry had nothing to do with Shannon Watts’ little coffee klatch. But you go on ahead and keep taking credit, ladies.

      • House Speaker Joe Straus and Public Safety Committee Chairman Phil King. It’s a pretty small group…

      • An obscure and unprincipled group who call themselves “democrats”. But remember to keep your stones to yourself unless you have car carry, campus carry, and on and on. Each legislative session (every 2 years), more pro-legislation is passed. We’ll get to CC eventually. Try to convince yourself that will happen in CA, NY, NJ, etc.

        • I’m afraid NJ is only going to get worse come 2018. The Sheeple in their “infinite wisdom” are going to give us Phil Murphy for Governor. This John Corzine II is spouting the same nonsense we’ve heard from the likes of Loretta Weinberg for years. He only difference is he hasn’t been caught on an open mic saying “confiscate, confiscate, confiscate”, yet. He’ll easily have both houses of the legislature and 10 round mag limits will be the start. I’m sure our Democrat leaders will be quickly on the phone to California for more ideas about further violating my rights. I’d get the hell out but my job isn’t movable and pays too much $$ to quit at this time. I just have to hope the GOP gets off its ass in DC and passes laws that protect my rights.
          Oh yeah, didn’t Maryland waste a piss-pot full of $$ on a micro-stamping scheme that didn’t work?

        • “I just have to hope the GOP gets off its ass in DC and passes laws that protect my rights.”

          Please check back in and let us know how that works out for you. Just to be safe, though, I won’t be holding my breath while we wait.

  15. Ah yes, microstamping.

    Or as we like to call it in California, the “Bring Useless Lame Laws (by) Stupid horribly Ignorant Tools” Act.

    After we foisted this folly on ourselves we now have only 767 models of pistols we can legally purchase in Calfiornia. And that list gets shorter every month.

    Microstamping is merely gun confiscation by another name. Even if they can get it to work, which if forced, they probably will; it is easily and i mean REAL EASILY defeated by any criminal with a girlfriends fingernail file, and it will surely drive the price of firearms even higher so, as in other nations, guns become the property of the well off.

  16. Chamber and firing pin micro-stamping? TOTAL FING INFRINGING GUN GRAB.

    PLUS: Which weapons out there (handguns especially) that you can’t obtain a spare barrel and firing pin?

    If you happen to shoot a lot, and wear out the markings, you’ll become a felon in ordinary course of shooting your weapon.

  17. I’d just like to point out that the Texas legislature did move the ball in the right direction.

    The argument that the “moms” won is like the argument that one didn’t get beat up because the didn’t get hospitalized, just a couple of bruises.

  18. “When a there is a “match,” law enforcement can conclude that the same gun was used in both crimes”

    Which will be ever so useful when and if they discover what gun (out of 500 million or so) that was, and exactly who was holding it at each of the crime scenes. IOW, it will spend a lot of money and accomplish exactly, precisely, absolutely … nothing.

  19. A “Red State” article dated 29 June 2014 is entitled ‘Anthony Brown – The Most Incompetent Man in Maryland.’ This was in the wake of Gov. Martin “OweMalley” giving then Lt. Gov. Brown the responsibility for establishing the Obamacare system in The Free State. Under Brown’s stewardship the system became an absolute, complete, and utter cluster-f**k which was ultimately junked after costing Maryland taxpayers a cool $126M. It’s replacement cost us at least $43M more. His ineptitude was the reason that we now have a Republican as governor in this 2-1 blue state. The Democrats running Brown for Maryland governor was as stupid as running Hillary Clinton for POTUS.

    Brown as member of the U.S. House of Representatives and advocating a crackpot idea doesn’t surprise me in the least. It is a demonstration of “The Peter Principle” at its most conspicuous except that Brown has risen to several levels above that where “managers rise to the level of their incompetence”.

      • Or Clinton losing to Trump, both being good things. Despite being 2-1 “blue” in voter registration, Marylanders rate Hogan at 70% approval, the second-highest rating in the country.

  20. “… Congressman Brown Takes Aim at Gun Violence; Introduces Bill to Confirm His Complete Lack of Knowledge Regarding Firearms”

    Fixed it for you.

    Congressman Brown… how does your idea of some sort of mark on the casing help if someone uses a revolver and therefore doesn’t leave casings at the crime scene?

    As a followup question… how does your microstamp idea work without a firearm registry?

  21. Micro stamping is a win win for the anti gunners. The fact that it can not be done means only the guns that are on the roster can be sold here, and no others. If a company upgrades the handgun, they have to retest, even a color change.
    Sadly, it doesn’t apply to LE, where they can buy anything legal in the US. as the roster shrinks and our right to choice is strangled further, a court somewhere will throw the roster out. It can’t happen soon enough.

  22. “Microstamping utilizes laser technology to engrave the make, model, and serial number on the internal mechanisms of a firearm, such as the breech and firing pin. Each time the gun is fired, that information is engraved onto the bullet’s shell casings. ”
    Somebody watched Judge Dredd before writing up a bill

  23. Just think ‘IF’ Microstamping worked?

    KAOS as in ‘get smart’ level stupid!

    murder plan #1 go to ranges for a year collect thousands of spent cases with markings
    do your deed, kill someone
    Collect ‘your’ brass
    Toss 2 or 3 thousand other spent brass on floor and laugh

    Cops show up and need hundreds of detectives to contact EACH gun owner and check story

    laugh harder!

    • Must not be any reloaders where you live. The only brass you can ever find at my range is spent .22lr cases, and the occasional plastic shotgun shell. I suspect that would be true everywhere if there was some kind of “stamp” on the brass. 🙂

    • If that were the case, I think I would vandalize a place by shooting up a sign or something with a revolver and dump a bucket of brass just to mess with the cops. The temptation would be too great.

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