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For those who laughed at FN’s new Golden State guns, Smith & Wesson sees opportunity in the huge California market, too. As you can see from the photos, Smith’s taken a slightly different approach to designing around the left coast’s ludicrous attempts at hobbling America’s favorite rifle. Here’s their press release . . .

Smith & Wesson Now Shipping California Compliant M&P®15 Sport™ II Modern Sporting Rifles

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., (August 9, 2017) – Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that the company has begun shipping its industry-leading M&P15 Sport II and M&P15 Sport II OR rifles in California-Compliant versions. The popular M&P15 Sport II rifles have been designed to comply with current California standards for semi-automatic centerfire rifles.

Jan Mladek, General Manager of Smith & Wesson and M&P Brands, said, “The M&P15 Sport II is a market leader in modern sporting rifles, and we are now offering the California market two new compliant M&P15 Sport II rifles.  Known for a winning combination of price, features and proven performance, the M&P15 Sport II rifle is ideally suited for sport, recreation, target and protection use.”

Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the California Compliant M&P15 Sport II and M&P15 Sport II-Optics Readyrifles have a ten round magazine, fixed stock and ambidextrous safety selector. Both rifles feature the durable Armornite finish on the interior and exterior of the barrel for enhanced corrosion resistance.  The M&P15 Sport II – CA Compliant rifle comes standard with a Magpul® MBUS® rear sight and A2 front post, with an MSRP of $739.00. The M&P15 Sport II OR-CA Compliant rifle is designed to be optics-ready and features a Picatinny-rail gas block and top rail system for easy mounting of optics, with an MSRP of $719.00.

To learn more about the M&P15 Sport II- CA Compliant rifles, click here.

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  1. I hope we see another anti-2A justice leave the court soon so we don’t have to witness abominations like this.

        • Can you even shoot that thing safely?

          I’m trying to envision it and essentially you have your right palm just laying on the side of that blade and pulling the trigger and stock is just sliding around on your palm as it recoils.

          What a freeking abortion.

        • In a Harrison Bergeron-esque attempt to bring equality to all Californians’ shooting ability, the government is requiring all competent shooters to equip one of these, so their shots go as wild as those of a typical gang banger.

      • It’s a featureless grip. There’s several versions. But it’s technically not a pistol grip since you can’t get your thumb around it.

        • That’s just sad …so I assume one would be in a heap of trouble for simply drilling a hole in the appropriate place to get a proper (safe?) grip??? …maybe even go to jail???glad we don’t have that silly sHite here in Fl…

      • A pistol grip is a “feature” which converts an otherwise unassuming and legal semiautomatic centerfire rifle into a hideous and EEEVILE “assault weapon.” Other features are flash suppressors (muzzle brakes are legal unless described by the manufacturer as being flash suppressor/muzzle brakes) and collapsible stocks. Funny thing, the most recent change to California law banned the Bullet Button, the former work around to the AW ban law. But once you remove all the evil features, you can remove the BB too. But if you keep the BB (which is now an evil feature) then you have to register your rifle or pistol as an “assault weapon,” and once you’ve done that, you cannot remove the BB unless you also go featureless. And as long as it remains registered, it cannot be sold in state or transferred to an heir in state. Or transported except in a locked container, and then only to and from your shooting activity.

        • Also AR’s are designed not to kick/recoil.
          So hanging on should be no trouble once you get use to it…though it’s strange.

  2. I like these, mainly because they are a grip replacement and a mag change away from a regular AR, both of which could be done in a field expedient manner in case of emergency or civil unrest.

    • This rife, with the features listed, does not need to have a bullet Button or a fixed mag. So it is just the single bolt for the pistol grip to swap out for the one you took off to install this monstrosity.

      I have one of these fins, looks exactly the same, $10 from Strike. It sucks. They have a new and improved one, but I am saving up for a Thordsen Gen III.

    • Dude, don’t even put a real mans rifle, the Mosin, in the same sentence with that plastic poodle shooter from Mattel.

      • Works for the ladies too:


        Liudmyla Mykhailovna Pavlychenko (Russian: Людмила Михайловна Павличенко; July 12, 1916 – October 10, 1974) was a Red Army Soviet sniper during World War II. Credited with 309 kills, she is regarded as one of the top military snipers of all time and the most successful female sniper in history.

  3. So instead of taking a stand against unconstitutional laws, companies give in, thus showing their support..all in the name of the almighty dollar.

    • …and thereby giving people a legal way to buy an uglier gun that functions almost identically to a regular AR?

      Don’t fault the companies here. They’re not lobbying for these regulations like Springfield. They’re responding to stupid laws by making a product that displays how stupid those laws are.

    • Some companies, like Barrett, have refused to sell guns to any California law enforcement agency. That would work, but it would have to be an industry wide boycott.

    • Exactly. Apparently it’s easier to give in than to grow balls. Smith & Wesson sucks anyhow anymore. I would never buy anything post buyout anyways. Just like putting locks on their guns. They just smile and say, “Ya vol Mein Führer!”

  4. Why is anyone bothering with this crap? Why not go with a good, old-fashioned A2 stock? It’d also avoid the Assaulty McWeaponface law, and would be far more usable.

  5. Pls note that NOBODY in NY IS GOING TO HAVE THAT GRIP. THE NY State Police wont give the ok to anyone that this stuff is SAFE Act compliant. The only way to address the issue is something like the Thordsen stock. A whole stock replacement which is beyond hideous.

    • Go check out Thordsen again. They have a new Gen III that nicely hides the ugliness of the gooseneck Gen II. And a few bucks cheaper too. Plus you get a full handgrip that feels much like a regular rifle stock. I’ve gone featureless with a fin and a fixed stock, but when I have a few extra bucks that haven’t been suctioned out of my bank account for other purposes, I plan to buy one.

  6. I dont get the point of rifles like this, just buy a ruger-mini. There are other rifles out there in .223 and 5.56 that would be way more shootable than something like this. If your going to be limited to only 10 rounds in a mag you cant even swap out, you might as well get something in .308 anyway.

    • The AR platform is the lingua franca of guns in the United States. It has more accessories, available ammunition, and parts available than any other rifle. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to have a Mini-14, it’s a good idea, but it’s not a bad idea to keep an AR around as well. So there’s the market for it.

    • Ruger minis do not have much of a reputation for accuracy, and the mags of a featureless rifle can be swapped out with a standard mag release. To put it simply, featureless=mini. At least for the next year and a half.


    Our Founders started with it and escalated as needed. The same is already happening in places like MA, NY, NJ, and in cities like NYC, SF, and LA. The People are not turning in their high capacity magazines, and there is no evidence of them being shipped out of state or destroyed. The numbers of so called “assault weapons” surrendered is negligible at best. Here in CA we have sheriffs who openly defy the state’s mandated gun control laws which they see as violating the rights of residents of the counties. They will not assist the state in violating those rights. If necessary, they will deputize every pro-2A county resident.

    The state has approved the collection of names to put forth an initiative to secede from the union. (Yes, it is unlikely, but these progressive, liberal, commie, Democrats are intent on creating a utopia.) I doubt the union will be very happy if they do. CA is a huge economic source with it’s agriculture, oil, livestock, minerals both here and overseas, with the biggest ports on the west coast.

  8. I dont blame S&W for wanting to provide their custmers with a product. But they need to cut off the state of California . Do not provide the enemey with aid period. Along with all other companies . Until the state stops violating the citizens rights.

    • S&W isn’t providing the “enemy” with anything, they’re providing the good and patriotic citizens of California with a rifle that can be bought legally and used effectively in comparison with other AR options.

  9. Smith & Wesson makes a nice product and I am glad to see they are making an entry-level AR type rifle available to those gun enthusiasts stuck in California
    Do not forget the Ares defense SCR rifle
    The Aries lower has a traditional Monte Carlo hunting type stock
    It uses a “rat tail” bolt just like the FN Fal that has a rod that hits the buffer spring and angles down into the stock
    It Will accept any AR 15 type upper and standard A.R. 15 magazines
    It looks a lot like the mini 14 but is a fully functional AR 15
    It’s also available in the AK caliber 7.6 2X 39
    So if you don’t like the shark fin or the Thorsden, then you can get the Ares with the traditional hunting stock

  10. For all those hating on California you know some type of laws are heading your way as well eventually right? It’s has NOTHING at all to do with party affiliation and if you guys would read more instead of just taking what you hear as gospel you’d know. This is all about lobbyist money and campaign contributions , when it dries up the laws will change even for you. NEITHER party cares about the people , do some research. They really don’t want the people to be able to defend themselves in the event they eventually pass laws that we disagree with.

  11. I give it a year and someone will purchase one of these and use it on a crowd of people just to prove to the IDIOTS in Comiforna that 10 or 100 round mag limit never stops EVIL. LMAO

  12. Commiefornia needs to pass some randomn laws now that proscribe how people can exercise free speech, religion, sexual relationships, etc., with no public interest advanced.

    Just to be constitutionally consistent.

  13. “America’s favorite rifle…” Gee, I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about it. Especially when that same rifle was used to murder 20 Kindergartners at Sandy Hook. Wasn’t that just beautiful? Makes me think about mom and apple pie and all the other good things about being an American. Simply delightful.

    • Hey, Not So Bright.

      Isn’t baseball “America’s Pastime”? A lot of people enjoy watching it and even playing it. Do you know how many people are beaten to death each year by a baseball bat? More than are shot by “America’s favorite rifle”.

      That a small number of evil people misuse a popular object does not make the object evil.

      Come back when you have an actual point to make. Your sarcasm shtick is lame.


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