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We don’t know which Walmart employee thought this back-to-school display would fly for very long (assuming it isn’t a Photoshop job), but you had to know that the internet outrage machine would kick into high gear post-haste.


People cried foul on Twitter and demanded an explanation from Walmart. One person asked: “What are you suggesting?”

It didn’t take the Bentonville bunch long to jump on the situation, but there was one problem. They couldn’t ID the store.

Walmart responded to some of the comments by calling the display “truly awful” and “horrible.”

Spokesman Charles Crowson told CNNMoney that the company is “not happy” and is “working diligently” to find out where the photo was taken and ensure the sign has been removed.

Crowson told CNNMoney on Wednesday evening Walmart was still trying to find the sign and gun display.

According to, the offending store was eventually determined to be one in Evansville, Indiana. We have no doubt the sign has been taken down, so as soon as another internet giant does something stupid, the online mob can redirect its attention to the next outrage du jour.Β 


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    • I’ll bet ten bucks that the person that took the original shot also picked that sign up from the ‘back-to-school’ section, walked it across the store to the sporting goods section, plopped it on top of the gun display and then snapped the picture.

        • Not unlikely. Though, if it is genuine, I have to admit that the outrage isn’t as crazy as most anti outrage. I can admit that whoever put up the sign (or their manager) should have considered the political angle.

  1. May favorite WalMart “back to school special” sign was proudly perched atop a pallet of Pabst Blue Ribbon 12 packs.

    • Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. I’m willing to bet the two just happened to get aligned when viewed at just the right angle.

  2. Notice there’s another “Like a Hero.” sign in the background across the aisle. My My guess is they pointed a shelf stocker at a pile of signs and told him/her/xe to spread them around the store.

    • And he took the opportunity to take a funny picture, then took the sign down so he wouldn’t get caught.

  3. “Noorzai told us he initially stumbled across the picture on Reddit on a board dedicated humor where some seemed to think it was a prank by a store employee or a worker mistake.”

    Found on Reddit…… Bets on a customer moving a sign and taking the picture thinking it to be humorous?

    • Yeah, a customer pulling a prank is my thoughts exactly. A group of teenagers, or drunken 20 somethings pranking a retail store…Matter of fact there are YouTube channels by such groups dedicated to “spoofing, or maliciously trolling various retail operatons…l

  4. These are not even “evil black rifles”, just mostly black hunting style rifles. The internet is wasting its time.

    This isn’t even a scary message. It doesn’t say “kids please buy this hunting rifle and mow down the school.” At most it could imply you would be a hero, protecting the school year with these hunting guns. Whatever that means. Or more likely going hunting during the school season which is also hunting season. Take your kids hunting before or after school? Or you can go hunting now that the kids are busy in school? Obviously going hunting during a school year will cause many internet trolls to lose control of their bowels, but a sane adult should not be scared.

    • It’s southern Indiana, not NYC, so going hunting after school is probably a very common activity. Walmart keeps going back and forth between selling scary black salt waffles and only selling .22LR scary black salt waffles.

    • A while back the wife noted a cardboard Hall’s display at Target that asked “Is your throat ready?”. The display was stocked with Trojans.

      I suspected tomfoolery on the part of a patron with a sense of humor.

  5. I don’t even understand the sign, let alone the outrage.

    Is the kid the hero? Or the parent? Maybe college students? Is this during tax free weekend? Is this even real? Which store is this? What is my wife going to make with that sausage for dinner? Did I pay the electric bill last month? Why is that freckle on my stomach getting bigger?

    Wait, what was I talking about?

  6. So tell me which of those firearms a middle schooler could pick out and buy? All SJWs should be required to wear a maroon shirt so intelligent people could steer clear of the nonsense.

  7. Why is everyone looking for shit to get offended over.

    Should the local grocer be held liable for some kids rearranging tomatoes and cucumbers in the produce section?

  8. I’m really a big fan of all the hysterical faux-rage of late. Society will soon be exhausted of the capability to truly give a shit about anything faux or real and Thunderdome will commence.

    My cat ate a bird today. I’m sure a ton of loons are OUTRAGED!!!!! that a barn cat would be on the loose to destroy natures beauty. To make matters worse he just puked it up. Didn’t even get nourishment.

    I can see the world burn from my window. Breathe it in deeply.

  9. This should have been the basis for the question of the day. The question would have been whether it was done by a bored employee or a prankster customer.

    P.S. I recognize the “Own the School Year Like a Hero” from a commercial for D.C. themed crap for kids.

    • If we didn’t have so many first world problems like this, people would think we were a 3rd world country.

      New Orleans, LA, keeps trying. 5 trillion dollars into Louisiana to shore up a sink-hole city for storm damage, diverted to graft, graft, graft, graft, graft, graft, and graft. Katrina hits and it’s oh-shit let’s pretend we’re Haiti and claim the U.S. ain’t dun nuffin foe us, and “how’s ‘My to ghet My Check?”

      Cut to the last few years and the Billions of dollars of aid continuing to flow to New Orleans and LA since Katrina, and all of the upgrade and maintenance money for the pumping equipment went to graft, graft, graft, graft, graft, graft, and graft. Now they have flooding so they can play Haiti again for t.v. with another Republican in the WH we’re hearing another surge of U.S. ain’t dun nuffin foe us.

      F em all, and a nut-punch for all the offended at WalMart, go shop at ALDI’s or the flea market you stupid MFs.

  10. It’s important that we keep the indignation and rage machine revved up.

    The Internet has truly ruined a lot of human engagement…

  11. Even if this a “ginned up” photo, it’s nice to see that someone in Walmart recognizes that it’s a good person with a firearm that keeps schools safe and not posting some stupid anti-gun “no guns allowed” sign.

    Good work to who ever put this Walmart sign up.

  12. Back in the day, schools, even schools in NYC, San Francisco, Boston, etc. had high school rifle teams. Now they have transgender studies.

    This was probably a joke one of the night shift workers played to get a laugh, but the snowflakes and college safe space crowd got triggered.

  13. The outrage should be over the crappy slogan. “Own the school year like a hero”? Who talks like that? And it should be SUPERhero since it’s based off DC Comics so the slogan is not only bad, it’s wrong.

  14. uhhh, Sara, you go right ahead and talk with Walmart. Have a lovely time. Then you can retreat into your sad world.

  15. A self-selected spokesperson for the enraged mobs on the internet (more commonly called SJW’s) had this to say “rheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  16. Ahhh, Evansville… lol! My wife is from there so I’ve spent a lot of time there. Most people there probably didn’t think twice about it. That said, having worked for Wally-world once, back when I was in college, I have vivid memories of being told REGULARLY to put up displays, only to have another manager come along and change it, only to then have the store manager come along and change it again (I also recall experiencing the ‘unpaid overtime’ issue). So maybe this was a prank, or just as likely this was the result of some jackhole manager who just said “this has to go there – don’t question, just do”. Stuff gets moved around in Walmarts a LOT.

  17. “We don’t know which Walmart employee thought this back-to-school display would fly for very long (assuming it isn’t a Photoshop job), but you had to know that the internet outrage machine would kick into high gear post-haste.”

    Why do you assume an employee put it there? I’ve seen customers in Walmart move signs around and have their buddy take pictures.

    • And not just Walmart — someone in a store here not long ago moved a “check your pressure” sign off the blood pressure machine to the balloon display.

      So whoever didn’t see this right off as a prank is out of touch with reality.

  18. I like the bar advertisement “we like our beer to be like our violence, domestic”

    I believe the waitress and bartender were both fired after that internet shit storm.

  19. Given the radical communist indoctrination passed off as education in our schools today, my first thought was…

    Well, if not you, who? If not now, when? 😘

  20. The sign was almost certainly taken from another location in the store and put there as a joke by a customer, very likely the same person who took the photo. If you look closely, you can see that, in its present location, the sign is fouling the turning disk that allows the shopper to rotate the long gun display. No Walmart employee would have put a sign there.

    • Dont you realize how stupid you have to be to get a job at Walmart. At the Walmart store near me in Mpls,Mn first you have tobe a Samolian unable to speak english,The list of qualifications would fuck you up hust reading it.

  21. Holy Batshit crazy! Check out the actual comments on the Twitter posting itself! Nutballs and leftist hand wringers galore!. So many libtards waving the bloody shirt from their moral mountain. Hilarious!

  22. Does Wal-Mart post those kind of signs by the athletic section, too? You know, by football gear? See, if so, Wal-Mart can make a case that long arms, specifically shotguns bought by parents for their kid’s high school trap league, should enjoy the same type of promotion as jockstraps or golf clubs.

    That said, I know it’s an outrage magnet photo.

    Cool fact, here in Minnesota, trap league is the fastest growing, safest sport that students (its even coed!) can join… and even letter in.

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