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David Chipman’s nomination to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has been problematic since the day it was announced. Joe Biden not only chose an aspiring gun-grabber and advocate of confiscating many Americans’ favorite firearms, but David Chipman was and remains on the payroll of Giffords, one of the country’s foremost gun control advocacy organizations.

If that wasn’t enough to scuttle the nomination — and it should have been — questions then began to arise about Chipman’s prior career at ATF, including a duty pistol he allegedly lost. Then there was the fiasco that was his confirmation hearing.

But what may end up finally ending Chipman’s bid to head the nation’s firearms regulatory agency are allegations of racist remarks he made about fellow black ATF agents while working in the ATF’s Detroit office. We wrote about those allegations here back on June 22 when the American Accountability Foundation sued for access to Chipman’s ATF personnel file.

Last week, however, The Reload’s Stephen Gutowski wrote that multiple ATF agents have confirmed the reports of racist comments by Chipman and of complaints filed against him that resulted.

Now, as a result of that corroboration, Gutowski is reporting that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling on the Biden Administration to withdraw Chipman’s nomination. And the Republican Senators who sit on the judiciary committee are calling for another hearing into the matter if Biden refuses.

As Gutowski wrote . . .

“In light of these credible allegations, and Mr. Chipman’s long record of anti-Second Amendment extremism, the President must withdraw Mr. Chipman’s nomination,” McConnell told The Reload.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment about McConnell’s call to withdraw Chipman.

Additionally, every Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee called for a new hearing on Chipman to further investigate the report and access the complaints made against him. In a letter to Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) obtained by The Reload, the Republicans demanded the release of the complaints and a committee investigation into how Chipman came to work in the Detroit office well as the circumstance surrounding his departure. They noted the allegation he made comments denigrating black agents first surfaced in a June lawsuit but deserve new scrutiny now that more ATF agents corroborated their existence.

Read Gutowski’s full report here.


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  1. Now he’s trying to save his ass from the fall out from his vote on the unnecessary spending farce of an infrastructure bill. Did you know that his in-laws are high ranking Chinese communists and they receive large sums of money from them.

    • hunters art sales are the perfect bribe mechanism.

      I’ll keep saying it. joe xiden is the head of a crime family.

      • Government at large has always been an organized crime syndicate.

        The reason there are laws against racketeering (income tax), insider trading, ponzi-schemes (Fiat currency and “fractional reserve” banking), pay-to-play schemes (licensing anything and everything), prohibition, drug trafficking (CIA/OGA), war profiteering, graft, laundering, fraud, monopoly on violence, etc. is because they hate competition.

        The State has never had the interests of regular people at heart, only their own grasp on power or influence. And, in the end, all government wrests their authority with the ultimate threat of lethal force.

        The day enough people stop deluding themselves that the government cares about them beyond the value of what they can take from you and get away with, things will change. They only get away with their bull$#|T because we let them.

    • Ed, you’ll get along a whole lot better with most of the people on this forum if you just STFU about Mitch McConnell being in bed with the CCP.

      Your statements are getting a little close to the truth and making most of the people on this forum rather uncomfortable.

      • Listen to the trained SeaLion bark. Watch him balance balls on his nose.

        Wonder if he’s paid only in fish?

      • “Your statements are getting a little close to the truth and making most of the people on this forum rather uncomfortable.”

        Stop projecting. Most people on here aren’t die hard partisans like you. I see people that vote Republican around here criticize them all the time. Anyone that trusts McConnell is a fool.

        • Projecting? What projecting?

          Because I accuse you of what I do?

          How is that projecting?

    • Ed Schrade said, “Did you know that his in-laws are high ranking Chinese communists and they receive large sums of money from them.”

      Yes, Ed Schrade, nice of you to bring this up, but I already knew this about Senator Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell’s father-in-law is James Si-Cheng Chao (Chinese: 趙錫成; pinyin: Zhào Xíchéng). Mitch McConnell is married to his daughter, Elaine Chao. Yep, the same corrupt Elaine Chao who Trump appointed as Secretary of Transportation, and who then lined her pockets with money from Chinese communists. It’s probably because of Elaine Chao that Chinese communist spies were allowed to get into Mara Lago to eavesdrop on Donald Bin Ladin, who frequently engaged in classified top secret meetings with his cellphone speaker-phone mode in the Mara Lago dining room. Spies from America’s enemies never had it so easy as they had it from 2021-2024!

      From the Wikipedia article:
      “Elaine Chao controversy:
      Chao’s daughter, Elaine, was Secretary of the Department of Transportation in the Donald Trump administration. During that time, she frequently used her office to promote her family’s shipping business.[11] For instance, she appeared in at least a dozen interviews with Chao, and she asked DOT staff to promote her father’s biography.[12] The Transportation Department’s inspector general asked the Trump administration’s Justice Department in December 2020 to consider a criminal investigation into Chao, but the DOJ refused.[11] On March 4, 2021, the DOT Inspector General revealed that Chao had directed her DOT staff to edit the Wikipedia article about her father.[13]

      Yes, JWM, Mitch McChinless is indeed the head of a crime family, just like his boss.

    • ATF announcement. Someone has pissed into Director Chipman’s coffee. Will the guilty party please form a line around the Washington beltway.

      • “Someone has pissed into Director Chipman’s coffee.”

        He grew suspicious when he tasted a little ‘wang’ in it.

        I bet my demented troll has tasted that before… 😉

  2. I don’t want President Applesauce Brain to withdraw Chipmunk’s nomination. I want Chipmunk voted down by the full Senate. Oh the humiliation, for both the hair-sniffer-in-chief and his scumbag nominee. A plus — we’ll find out how many Republicans and Demons have big balls, or in Krysten Sinema’s case, big ovaries.

    • Most Senate votes are counted before they occur and if they will not be successful will never be taken. This serves to avoid forcing majority party Senators (or at least those in favor) to make unpopular votes that could derail their reelection.

    • I’d rather his nomination just sit there. The Dems won’t ask for a vote if they don’t think they have enough support to pass. His nomination will sit there forever. If they vote him down or Biden pulls him, Biden will pick another nominee that’s as bad or worse.

      • That is probably the point in nominating him in the first place. Just to make the rabid antigun wannabe commie look “reasonable”.

  3. The roles that head ATF officials are to follow set precedent in law, just as we have seen with radical judges this seems to be a joke to democrats. Personal opinion should be last place especially when it comes to the 2nd amendment. They take one sentence in the the 2A and ignore every other well documented peice of writing from the founders that help describe the meaning, that is radical and shameful. We needs these people to be held accountable

  4. Why was this even close? It’s not like the Constitution is unclear on the subject or that Chipman’s desire to violate the Constitution is at all uncertain.

    The whale is working its way through the net as we watch.

      • Not that, dang it.
        How long can America continue on its current path and remain the country it was.
        Seems the only thing we can produce and export in quantity is Made In China labels.

        • It’s no longer the country it was. Trump seized on this sentiment with possibly the best slogan ever used in politics. That’s why he had to become the worst Racist-Nazi that ever existed. Yeah the same guy that black people always liked (pre-Obama criticism) and the most pro-Jewish president we’ve ever had.

          The first step to getting the country back is to teach kids about freedom and equality instead of this equity garbage. This isn’t something we can do overnight.

  5. If there were any justice in this world Chipman would already be doing 40 to life for his role in the Waco massacre. It doesn’t matter if they were a bunch of weird-o cultist or not. Nor do I care if they broke a few gun laws during one of governments entrapment operation. At the end of the day the federal government still killed a whole hell of a lot of people in a botched PR stunt for the Clinton administration.

    • Well I do believe David Koresh was molesting them girls. So how else are you going to save them. He had enough firepower to take on an army(?) . Something had to be done, the children were just collateral damage. I’m sure David Chipman, a hero in theBidens eyes, was just following orders. Just like he expects those under his command to follow his orders once he’s the BAFTE director.
      Something has to be done about those future combative civilians out there.

      • Koresh didn’t stay in his compound all the time. They could have watched and arrested him when he went to town and given him his trial. But that’s not the way politician-preference-enforcement does things… they like to shoot and/or kill first and, optionally, due process later.

        • Well the media and clintoon/reno definitely couldn’t call him a racist nazi so without proof and way after the fact they made a child molester out of him. All of that going on while a rapist pervert was POTUS. They are not called democRats for nothing.

          Breaking? mitch is always and will be a day late and a dollar short. Perhaps he spends too much time daydreaming about romney, etc.

        • “arrested him when he went to town“

          Yes, it’s always much better to arrest well armed alleged child molesters in the middle of town, it’s not like there wouldn’t be many innocent civilians in the immediate area going about their business.

      • Was this alleged molestation ever substantiated, or just rumors to make the victims of government violence less sympathetic?

        • When one is dealing with a cult, it can be very difficult to find evidence and witnesses willing to testify about the internal activities.

          Consider the Catholic Church and the number of pedophiles who have escaped Justice for decades.
          Think about the Catholic cardinal who was just arrested after 50 years of accusations and allegations regarding his sexual abuse of young boys.

          “The allegations of child abuse largely stem from detractors and ex-members.[30] The 1993 Justice Department report cites allegations of child sexual and physical abuse. Legal scholars point out that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) had no legal jurisdiction in the matter of child protection, and these accounts appear to have been inserted by the ATF to inflame the case against Koresh. For example, the account of former Branch Davidian Jeannine Bunds is reproduced in an ATF affidavit. She claimed that Koresh had fathered at least 15 children with various women and girls, and that she had personally delivered seven of these infants. Bunds also claims that Koresh would annul all marriages of couples who joined the group and had exclusive sexual access to the women and girls.[31][32]”

          In his book James Tabor states that on a videotape that was sent out of the compound during the siege, Koresh acknowledged that he had fathered more than 12 children by several “wives”.[33] On March 3, 1993, during negotiations to secure the release of the remaining children, Koresh advised hostage negotiators that: “My children are different than those others,” referring to his direct lineage versus those children whom he had previously released.“

        • Curious, I had a thought.

          I am told I extend outward my own actions or feelings. Projection, or something like that.

          I also love to talk about pedophiles.

          Do you think those two are linked?

  6. “Additionally, every Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee called for a new hearing on Chipman to further investigate the report and access the complaints made against him.”

    As in Lindsey Graham and company? That’s a good one! I’m old enough to remember when he “promised” to investigate the Russia Collusion Lie, the FBI Roger Stone Performance Art, the Ukraine Lie, and the Mueller probe. Keep in mind, this is the same person that spent a full year constantly reassuring the public how Robert Mueller was a great, serious man that we could have full confidence in. Graham is a joke. He had his chance to do something when they controlled the senate and he (intentionally?) squandered it.

    • Oh they’ll be much more to come out of Mueller’s investigation, but there’s been plenty so far.

      Trump’s campaign manager Manafort convicted and sent to prison, assistant campaign manager Gates, Roger Stone, George Nadler, Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, etc.

      Many are getting arrested… Every day!

      • Yes, we’ve been over this. The charges were either unrelated to the lie of Russian collusion or the charges were actually created by the bogus investigation that would never occur within a functioning society. Only a bootlicker would be okay with this type of behavior from our government.

        • Bootlicker?

          Nah, I prefer professional “Troll-Meister”.

          The truth is what I can get you to believe.

  7. I’ll say this once: Anyone who is a member of the ATF is a Tyrant. Full stop.

    To those who disagree, I liken it to someone who says they’re a member of the KKK but not a racist asshole. You cannot be affiliated with one without automatically being assigned the other. The history of each organization creates a very clear archetype of those whom are attracted to joining them.

    Sorry, I’m no longer patient or forgiving with that much wanton cognitive dissonance that allows someone to believe affiliation with a tyrannical rogue department of government with no tangible oversight, with a long and sordid history of abuses and Constitutional and human rights violations, to have begun with only the best of intentions.

    Until the AG or that department puts a chain on that junkyard dog and begins to reign them in, I’ll keep speaking out against them.

  8. If you strike me down, (cheat in the election) I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

    “Trump Threatens ‘Lots Of Primaries’ For GOP Senators Over Infrastructure Deal”

    “TOPLINE Former President Donald Trump issued his clearest threat to date against Senate Republicans on Wednesday over a bipartisan deal.”


  9. Chipdickhead was instrumental in the ATF’s nickname of ALL TODDLERS (are) FLAMMABLE.

    The guy’s a complete Sack of Scheiße.

    Go ahead, and confirm him, but here’s my prediction: Dickchiphead will be the 1st ATF Director in the agency’s history, to be either Fragged by his underlings or assassinated by a Nut Job. Either of which will prompt the Slo Joe & Ho Administration to Unconstitutionally suspend the 2nd Amendment and institute door to door gun confiscation.
    It is their plan.

  10. Who one wonders instigated Biden’s action respecting this appointment? Additionally who will next attempt?

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