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This one hits really close to home for me hahaha


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  1. Yep that looks Kinda like me, weapon in one hand, Turbo-Charged automobile, and if I’m not working or shooting…. Chasing the wife around, with my tongue hanging out and flapping…. of course what else would an Old Rancher/Retired Petroleum Geologist, be doing ? but shooting Varmints, and chasing Cooter….

  2. Wife’s coworker: So, whats your husband like?
    Wife: He voted for theBiden, and he thinks he’s AFTDavid Chipman . And yes, that’s a real gunm, however we keep the bullets and magazines hidden beneath the United States Constitution, he’ll never find them.

  3. I’ve never really been much of a spongebob fan. Frankly, I gave up on cartoons a very long time ago. What I see in this is the same thing that put Remington in so much trouble recently.

    This one is really nothing short of confusing to me.

    • if it’s too loud, you’re too old.
      prefer 3men and a baby and friends to family guy and that 70’s show? yeah.
      it’s why your name isn’t r1234

      • I never watched Friends or 3 Men and a Baby. Truthfully, if I were to change my name it would be something like R134a. But never underestimate the ability to turn up the volume on good rock and roll.

  4. I’m old school. “Speed Racer” had lots of gun play in it. So did “Johnny Quest”.

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