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Joe Biden says “things like this rarely happen anywhere except in America…”  Ditto for his sidekick Kamala Harris.  Yet on Thursday, a corrupt former cop facing charges used a knife and a gun to kill 38 people in a daycare in rural Thailand.  Twenty-two of the dead were small children, mostly slashed to death after the killer stormed a room where the toddlers were napping.

Actually it’s the second major mass murder spree in a school in as many weeks outside of the USA.

In this latest case in northeast Thailand, a corrupt cop lost his police job and faced drug charges.  He and his wife had a child in the daycare.  He killed both of them as well before he killed himself.

Joe’s political make-believe that things like this only happen in America is just wishful thinking.  Evil transcends national borders.  Once again, the only thing that stops a bad person with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.  Unfortunately, there were no good guys with a gun nearby.  While gun ownership in Thailand is allowed, it remains strictly regulated and is expensive, meaning it’s outside the financial means of the poor to possess firearms legally.

From Reuters:

BANGKOK, Oct 6 (Reuters) – A former policeman killed 38 people, including 22 children, in a knife and gun rampage at a daycare centre in Thailand on Thursday, later shooting dead his wife and child at their home before turning his weapon on himself, police said.

The children at the daycare centre in Uthai Sawan, a town 500 km (310 miles) northeast of Bangkok, were mostly stabbed to death, they said.

Police identified the attacker as a former member of the force who was dismissed from his post last year over drug allegations and he was facing trial on a drugs charge


…And leave it to our American media to report the tragedy as a “mass shooting,” repeatedly, when the killer used a knife to kill most of the victims, including the 22 children sleeping while the attack began.  The legacy media just can’t give up that precious narrative.

We recently detailed how parents should hold school officials responsible for the security in their facilities.  That obviously applies for daycares for our littlest kids.

This latest incident shows once again why safety and security are so important.

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    • Yup, Commie left won’t give details unless if fits their narrative and evil goals. Even after the low hanging fruit (AR rifles) is cleared, they will go after the lung blasting 9mm (the handgun that was used) then the knife (which may have actually killed most of the children)..was it a TACTICAL blade, FIGHTING blade, a COMBAT blade!?!

      • And should we Prohibit™ long blades due to increased lethality or short blades due to concealment? Probably depends on which side of a political border drawn on a map yer standing, I guess.

        • Oh, yeah, they do that already depending on the state, city, county, etc… Drive two minutes and you pass a county limit where there is a 4″ blade limit. Drive two minutes later and you hit a 3″ city limit. Stupid laws that don’t work and certainly don’t make sense, except to take money, power, control…so that is where it makes sense.

    • No it’s not. Fucked up people are. And policing and politics attracts some of the worst. The left attracts the remainder.

  1. I have less and less sympathy for people who do not take responsibility for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. of course I have tons of sympathy for the innocent defenseless children. but non for their parents or the society that left them defenseless in the hands of strangers.

    • Those willing to sacrifice hard earned Liberties for a temporary SENCE of security deserve NEITHER liberty nor security, and will lose both.

  2. Sad as such senseless tragedies are with Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe and the ho at the helm America has become a pathetic climate change bs borderless sitting duck accident waiting to happen..

    • Don’t worry, illegal (and legal…for certain countries & their cultures) immigrant increases will take care of that.

  3. People who lose fortunes in the market simply jump from high buildings.
    For some reason a lot of people who lose shitty wage-slave jobs or break up with some trashy girlfriend like to go out like this guy. Lack of parity for sure.

  4. Evil running wild all over the world. Pray for the innocent. Not even the son of man knows the hour , but we have signs of the season. Repent turn away from your sins the end is near.

  5. Their idiots, who think everyone else is as stupid, or ignorant as they are. How many people have died in knife attacks in Britain? So many that they wanted to ban the sale of kitchen knives. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and psychopaths will find a way to kill, and maim.

    • Fentanyl will soon replace guns and knives as a mass attack weapon. Cheap, easy to get, no tracing, deadly, silent, escape almost certain…….plus the sheer terror of people suddenly dropping dead for no apparent reason…..tailor made for coconuts.

  6. this is why my kids never go to day care and why we home school them. for hurting all those little ones, i hope that fucker is burning in hell. evil is a very real thing all over the world. its a real shame that no one else was armed to deal with him.

  7. quote————-Joe’s political make-believe that things like this only happen in America is just wishful thinking.———–quote

    Again the Far Right Fanatics are dancing with glee in the blood of the victims and grasping at straws and completely trying to distort reality. In reality mass killings are rare in foreign countries by a psycho with a gun as compared with the Psycho country of Capitalvania where mass killings are becoming a weekly bloody event.

    • It’s a damn good thing none of us live in Capitalvania. Outside of a few left controlled areas the good ol’ USA is practically violence free.

  8. Joe Biden says “things like this rarely happen anywhere except in America

    The same braindead fuck that threatened OPEC if they cut production by 1 million barrels a day, so they said “hey, fuck you Brandon” and cut by 2 (TWO) million… Way to go Braindead…


        • Yup, the FBI has had Hunter & “The Big Guy’s” laptop for two years but sat on it, which cost Trump the election (with nothing but silence from the Dems & lackeys in the main stream media). Nope, gotta impeach Trump TWICE for a fictitious pee tape. Hahaha

  9. “dear Lord…
    forgive us
    please forgive us
    for lacking to find it within ourselves
    to pray for his forgiveness
    please forgive us
    for not having the ability
    to plead for you to have mercy on his soul”
    * AMEN *

  10. Sound I think you should study Deuteronomy some more. GOD will judge him righteously. If they don’t kill themselves we are supposed to.

  11. So how is JOe BIDEN wrong whenhe says that this kind of shooting is a raity outside of the uSA?? The opening comment actually says that there have been ”two such shootings in as many weeks” and I presume by that the refernce is to the one in RUSSIA and the other in THAILAND.
    That’s TWO in the entire world and so rare as to have at least in THAILAND proposed period of National Mourning as happened a while ago in MONTENEGRO.

    I cannot see for the life of me just how these incidents seem to make the same thing acceptable in AMERICA or why they are quoted as some kind of reason for AMERICANS to have unlimited access to firearms. A determined maniac will probably always find a way eventually but that does NOT meanit OK to help him or her along the bloody way with lax gun controls -does it??

    • First, he used a knife on most. Second, you’re a racist who hates black people because you don’t talk about GANGS (most of the murders). Third, you come from a nation as dead as your Queen. Remember that.

  12. Albert, you ignorant, chain smoking pole smoker, cause we gots it like that. I think you need to get crackin on that firewood. Gonna be cold this winter. Tried to send a shipping container full to UK but too many hoops to jump through.

    • If the UK cant stay warm I’m sure theBiden will send them heat and let Americans freeze.
      How convenient, impeach Biden and we get cackling Kamala.
      Kinda like bitching about what septic tank you fell in. No matter which one your still standing in sht.

  13. The deaths of these 22 children, quite obviously, saved the lives of millions trillions of others that would have died if not for something you can probably support with your profile on Twitter or Facebook.

    This is just true. So true in fact, that it doesn’t require evidence to prove it unless you’re some sort of conspiracy theorist. And, as we all know, if it saves one life, it’s worth it. Don’t be a racist threat to Democracy and do Fascist things like ask questions. Just go with it. For the children. I mean, not these children but the other ones that were saved, as is proven by the above statement.

    -Gabby Giffords (probably) brought to you by Pfizer (maybe).

    • Indeed. Better we all cower in defenceless fear and perish in agony than interfere with their funding and offend their thrall’s sensibilities. We must think of the chilluns…


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