Kamala Harris
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I think that all those members should be locked up in a room…and put the autopsy photographs of those children down and require them to look at them. And see what these, these weapons do to the human body, and then ask them to speak to their conscience, their god…their sense of what’s right? And then vote. …

But sadly this has come down to a partisan political issue. And it’s a false choice. I support the second amendment … but I also believe there should be an assault weapons ban. 

— Vice President Harris in VP Harris Says Lawmakers Against an Assault Weapons Ban Should Be Forced To Look at Children’s Autopsy Photos.


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    • valid point…but not all rife/cartridge combos produce the same result….223/5.56 does have some unique properties…but if our military and police use it… civilians should have access as well…

      • “not all rife/cartridge combos produce the same result….223/5.56 does have some unique properties.”

        Yes, .223/5.56 is uniquely WEAK compared to all other centerfire rifle cartridges! (with the exception of .22 Hornet).
        It’s just a varmint cartridge, a mouse gun, a poodle shooter. All deer hunting cartridges do more damage than .223/5.56.

        • At appropriate velocities the 5.56 does make nasty wounds that seem more devastating than slower but more powerful rounds (appropriate for hunting) and you already hit on why. Varmint intended high velocity rounds can cause impressive flesh wounds and there are several that would be far more damaging than 5.56. What they are really bitching about is how common/cheap/available to the public a generally effective option like 5.56 is and how that needs to be changed. Much like the previous bitching about 9mm.

        • Autopsy means you’re dead after that moment nothing else really matters to the deceased. Straight through with internal bleed out or lungs laying on the floor next to the body, “At this point, what difference does it make?

      • The biggest complaint I hear, is that the .223/5.56 “tumbles” when hitting bone, changing trajectory and exiting where ever it wants. That is on the Geneva Convention. It requires all militaries to use only the full metal jacket, which does not expand like a hunting round, which we prefer. But does it really matter? More people a killed by blunt objects than firearms, but the media doesn’t like facts.

  1. You know, I agree with this. I think anyone who wants to own a weapon really should take the time to understand exactly how dangerous the weapon is and exactly what it can do to living creatures.

    Why would anybody want to intentionally remain ignorant of the terminal effects of firearms?

    Why would anyone want to intentionally conceal the terminal effects of firearms?

    • Why do I suspect that you qre opposed to mandatory ultrasounds before abortions?

      Also: this suggestion is nothing more than appeal to emotion logical fallacy, given how few deaths of xhildren involve rifles of any kind.

    • Most gun owners know exactly what firearms are capable of which is why we own them. Folks such as yourself and racist communists such as her are the very reasons why we’re armed.

    • minor49IQ…You and that History illiterate self serving bucket of democRat poop vp need to visit a Holocaust Museum and see what Gun Control does to defenseless human beings.

      Furthermore minor49IQ you ignorant spoon fed pos…America is to take advice from a laughing hyena member of the party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation. Jim Crow, lynching, the kkk, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities? Pompous stupid Gun Control democRat can stfu and go pound sand.

    • “Why would anyone want to intentionally conceal the terminal effects of firearms?”

      Mr. Disingenuous,
      Even children understand people can use guns to kill. Harris doesn’t care about crime or violence. She bailed out BLM-Antifa rioters in 2020. That lawless movement in 2020 was directly responsible for dozens of murders, including children. Where was Harris then? Where were you? That cultural revolution ushered in an era of extreme violence in urban areas. Murders are up thanks to you guys. Blood is on the hands of everyone who supported that movement. Do you and Harris need to look at the corpses to understand what’s happening? No, you guys understand what’s happening. You just don’t care. You’re spending your time and energy going after lawful gun owners instead of violent criminals. Does the constant lying ever wear on you?

      • Does the constant lying ever wear on you?

        In his mind it’s NOT lying because he has convinced himself that it is THEIR truth. Recall what Braindead said, “We choose TRUTH over FACTS”…

        • Miner and his ill gotten ilk are the enemies of Truth, Reason and Liberty. What makes him truly despicable however is that he knows this fact very well and persists regardless.

    • 49er has seeing road kill made you stop driving? Ever see what a pto will do to a kid? I ain’t giving up my tractor. I have seen what mr red shoes did to a defenseless woman, hence the need for guns.

    • Minor49IQ, you said, “Why would anybody want to intentionally remain ignorant of the terminal effects of firearms?”
      You tell us, since you’re the one who’s ignorant of the terminal effects of firearms.
      .223/5.56 is uniquely WEAK compared to all other centerfire rifle cartridges! (with the exception of .22 Hornet).
      It’s just a varmint cartridge, a mouse gun, a poodle shooter.
      All deer hunting cartridges do more damage than .223/5.56.
      But it takes a lot more damage to kill a deer than to kill a human, so yeah, .223 /5.56 will do a number on humans, but so will EVERY centerfire rifle cartridge in existence.
      FYI, even the Revolutionary War musket balls from 1776 will do more damage than .223 5.56.

    • I’ve been a hunter since before I hit double digits of age. I’m acutely aware of the damage done with a rifle, a shotgun, a bow, a spear, an arrow, a knige and, even a hammer. I’ll hang autopsy photos of children on my walls if that’s what’s necessary to preserve the fundamental civil right of firearms ownership in America.

      • I believe in universal background checks for voters, and mandatory firearm ownership for property owners – autopsy pics are a valid part of any training program, imo…

        Especially if they include victims who could have saved themselves with a gun.

    • The vast majority of those gun autopsy pics will be of unarmed victims. Ditto pics of victims of machete/hammer/acid attacks, etc.

      Why restrict such viewing to the folks who realize they need self defense? Show everybody, 18th birthday…

    • My son knew what guns could do while he was a toddler. We would watch R Lee Emery’s locknload show. He asked why did they shoot watermelons? I said that is close to what they would do to people.

      It is why he never misbehaved at the range because he knew what could happen if he did something wrong. He took it as HIS job to teach other children the range safety rules. The children’s parents would thank me because they listened to my son who was the same age.

  2. Cool. Now do handguns.

    Also: none of my rifles has been involved in the unjust use of force. Neither I nor my rifles are responsible for the actions of violent criminals.

    Go pound sand, Vice President Word Salad.

  3. People who favor open borders should Google “Mexican Cartels Decapitate Four Women” and watch the video as the harmless gals are chopped up into little pieces by an eager group of happy thugs.

    • Bodies are piling up on the border thanks to Democrats. And they’re complaining about a few illegals getting a free vacation to their little sanctuary. Remember when they tried to blame that one illegal death on Trump? Where are those people now? Oh yeah, they’re all liars. They don’t care.

  4. Dumb racist bltch can’t even make a complete sentence nor can she decide what race she is. Still has a sore throat, sore back, and dirty knees. Worries about folks in FL being helped IF equally. She’s totally disgusting and fails to admit her gang banger buddies and fellow communists are the ones doing all the shooting. She’s the epitome of the very reason(s) Americans are armed.

  5. She should be locked in a room covered with photos of children who died of fentanyl overdoses, maybe she would work harder to stop the flow of that shit across the border. Is what I would have said if we were talking about an intelligent, compassionate person dedicated to actually doing her job, but I digress…

    • She should be locked in a room covered with photos of aborted children who died from being ripped apart while still in the womb so she can understand the effects of “womens health care”.

  6. I think she should be made to look at the photos of all those who have died from drug overdoses from a unsecure Southern Border, and the flood of fentanyl into the US.

    • she’s just a sleazy politician who isn’t very well-liked and a very poor choice for VP…she’s just doing what most dems do..picking and choosing what to stress in their narrative….

      • Thankfully, we are smart enough to know their narrative is BS.

        I also think she should have to view pictures of bystanders in Chicago whom have been shot and killed in one of the most strict gun law cities in the US and how soft on crime policies, strict gun laws just dont work.

  7. I hunt on a regular basis, end of September I got a bear. I know what a 338 Federal round does to a Black Bear. I know what a 338 win mag does to a Dall Sheep. I know what a a 7mm-08 does to a Deer. Instead of chastizing law abiding citizens on the affects of cartridges that she knows nothing about, she should review history and what happens to unarmed populations. This idiot who currently occupies the Vice President position should educate herself. Hell, she does not even know the difference between North and South Korea. I would debate her on any subject at any time.

  8. Harris should log on to T Tag and then would realize the Far Right scream “losses can never be too high when it comes to blocking sane gun control”. Assault weapons need not be banned but should be put on the NFA list.

      • “define “sane” gun control. Show your work.”

        He did, Chip. – “Assault weapons need not be banned but should be put on the NFA list.”

        Too bad the SCotUS said “No.” Guns in common use were expressly-protected by the 2A. 20+ million makes semi-auto “In common use”…

        • That’s not showing one’s work. Simply stating “assault weapons should be put on the NFA list” doesn’t explain how that action constitutes “sane gun control”.

      • I just gave it to you but you ignored it with the wave of the hand.

        Considering the success of the NFA act and much later Reagans complete ban on the sale of new machine guns History is all the proof one needs. Gun control does indeed work and work well as it has in many industrialized foreign countries, all of which have way less homicides and mass murders with guns because of strict gun control laws that vet every purchase of a firearm and have safe storage laws and restrict or ban weapons of mass destruction like assault rifles and or high capacity hand guns. The lower firearms death rates prove it beyond all doubt, despite the rantings of the far right paranoids who sane people cannot reason with.

        • I figured that’s the sort of drivel you’d respond with. You have made these specious, ridiculous claims before, and have yet to cite any data to support them.

        • Nope. Violent crime peaked in the 90’s. It went down because they began locking them up and keeping them in jail longer.

        • @Chip

          If by “You have made these specious, ridiculous claims before…” you meant every second sentence he has ever written, you’d be on point.

        • Your data is flat out B.S. But I guess false data does work for the left. When I’m in church Sunday, I know my hands will be raised in praise, not a Hitler salute.

      • Dacian’s idea of eliminating gun violence is to eliminate gun owners. So then those stupid owners won’t be able to let criminals and crazies get hold of the guns.

        Only his “Caravan of Death” is up to the arduous task.

        • That’s because Dacian doesn’t understand how expendable Dacian is. This can be a very hard lesson to learn.

          “ Dude October 7, 2022 At 07:47
          Nope. Violent crime peaked in the 90’s. It went down because they began locking them up and keeping them in jail longer.”

          Also more handgun permits in various states were acquired and victims simply started shooting these deserving people. This alone served as a deterrent to many perpetrators that otherwise would also be committing such crimes but opted not to take the risk of getting shot.

          Such strategies are what actually reduces crime; lock those up longer that deserve it or shoot those instead if you don’t have a chance to call 911 and wait forever for them to arrive.

    • 38 dead in Thailand including 22 children. Ex-cop used a handgun, shotgun and a knife to murder 38 persons at a daycare center including his wife and child. Probably need to add that stuff to your NFA list. Two things that stand out in that story (1) it did not happen the US, (2) NO scary black rifles were used.

      • It is VERY hard to get firearms in SE Asia so those were either issued to him and he never turned them in when he was fired or because of his profession he’s one of the few privileged that were authorized to own them. Either way it proves if someone else there had been armed some lives could’ve been saved. Very sad.

        There was also yesterday a cruel stabbing on the street in Las Vegas that killed two and a mass shooting of a city hall in Mexico that killed 22 and wounded others. I don’t see big mouth Biden nor Harris now commenting how such horrors happen only in the USA where many own AR15(s). Proves those here in the USA that advocate any form of gun control are nothing other than living reasons we’re all armed.

    • We have the necessary laws for “sane” gun control already. Alas, we don’t prosecute the right laws. Your liberal-minded prosecuting attorneys have decided that no one should go to jail to await trial, even after the suspect has already skipped out on a couple dozen court dates.

      I’m not terribly concerned though. More and more Americans are buying firearms. The criminal’s chances of attacking the wrong person, and being shot dead, increases daily. I’d love to see gun sales over 5 million per month, with the bulk of those sales going to first time buyers.

    • “Assault weapons need not be banned but should be put on the NFA list”

      Hey lil’dtard, “Assault weapons” have full auto and/or burst fire selectors, and are ALREADY on the NFA list. ARs are semi-autos fire.

      Besides, NFA needs to be repealed.
      I’ve been waiting over six months for my suppressor tax stamp. That’s a six month wait for an item that provides HEARING PROTECTION FCS!
      E-Form4 and all required items were submitted back in March. CERTIFIED in early April.

      You prove your stupidity with EVERY comment you post. Stop eating the lead paint chips in that basement you idiot.

      A right delayed is a right denied.

      • ““Assault weapons” have full auto and/or burst fire selectors, and are ALREADY on the NFA list.”

        Those are assault rifles, and the definition comes out of federal statute. There is no federal or consistent, state definition for an assault weapon.

        • Whoops.
          Thanks. Good catch.

          The ‘weapons’ term opens up the floodgates for the banning of ANY item used to commit an ‘assault’.

          Ban all ‘assault pencils’.
          Why? John Wick.

        • The lack of definition for an assault weapon is not a bug but a feature.

          it makes the definition whatever is politically acceptable. It has already been used on lever and bolt action rifles.

        • AR-15’s are not even considered “assault weapons” by the military. But what the heck do they know.

  9. Here we go again with “assault weapons”. Could just one democrap tell me their definition of an “assault weapon” ????? You CANNOT ban a weapon because of the way it looks. Period. Once again you stupid politicians, my Ruger ranch rifle ( very harmless looking ) will fire the exact same cartridge as an MSR. And at the same rate of fire. One trigger pull, one pewpew. Exactly the same, except for the way they look. I am so sick of this posturing…

    • They have euphemisms for everything because they’re sneaky liars. They know they can’t come out and say they want to ban semi-auto rifles which is the end goal. The people leading this movement know what’s up. Their lieutenants and army of sheep don’t even try to understand.

    • My little Mini-14 is an older model, can and does fire 5.56 came with two ten round mags, I have added several 20, 30 and even 40 round magazines. You might take note that these rifles have appeared on several lists of proposed banned weapons.

      • Your mini-14 must have the tacticool stock with kung-fu grip. Wood stock is good to go just like Bill Ruger lobbied for in the first AWB and Cicilline explained to Massie in the HR1808 hearing.

        • My little Mini-14 is as pristine as the day that inspector at Sturm-Ruger placed it in its box and shipped it to my FFL. The Mini-14 was on one of Feinstein’s lists. Latest list exempts the wooden stock model but bans the SAME gun with black plastic furniture. Not sure how that works, same action, same barrel, same round but black rifle bad brown rifle good.

    • “Could just one democrap tell me their definition of an “assault weapon” ?????”

      According to them, magazine-fed, semi-auto operation…

  10. No sane person disagrees that murder is bad.

    No sane person denies that their proposed gun ban will not stop murder.

  11. Okay. Same for people who insist on open borders, not handling the fentanyl flow, don’t mind chopping up fetus parts for resale, think nothing of consuming slave-made gadgets and trinkets bound for African “recycling”, who think letting repeat offenders out is justice, who see self mutilation and a lifetime of hormone maintenance injections as anything but the medical establishment preying on the mentally ill and on and on and on.

    Goose and gander, right?

    • I’ve lost patience with people who overdose on black market fentanyl. We should legalize all drugs, redirect money spent on prohibition to treatment of addicts who truly want to get off drugs, let pharmaceutical companies sell drugs with guarantees about purity and dosage, save, when we can, those who overdose, and quit obsessing over those too stupid to avoid addiction in the first place.

      I do sympathize with those who need strong narcotics to control pain due to injury or illness and have to buy relief on the black market because the DEA has doctors terrified to prescribe strong enough doses. Does it really matter that a terminally ill patient dies a junkie when the alternative is months of agony?

  12. Great, I’ll do it with rifle wounds lets see you do it with abortions. I’m curious if you’ll still say that a 24 week child is “just a clump of cells” after.

  13. Hmmm. That’s not an especially terrible idea, IMO. All gun owners have to view autopsies. On the flip side, all people who might be considering an abortion need to watch some graphic videos of babies being chopped up in the womb, then being vacuumed out. Fair’s fair, right?

    Actually, I sorta think that young people should watch some autopsies in high school. Auto accidents, knife murders, gun murders, strangulation, the whole works. Maybe, just maybe, with the right approach, we can teach some empathy for the victims, along with responsibility.

    None of this is ever going to happen, but education is never a bad thing

    • Ya know I didn’t think I’d get an AR until Dim bulbs said “we’re banning them”. Have fun outlawing at least 25000000 extant. As a torrent of offensive political ads flood my TV screen regarding the “right” to butcher babies…reap the whirlwind Dims.

      • Maybe you should read my post again. I’ve not said a single word about banning anything, whether ARs or abortion or anything else. I said, “Education is never a bad thing.”

        Hunting is pretty educational. When you bag your first deer, that is VERY educational. You, as a hunter, see first hand and close up what that bullet did. Sometimes, it’s freaking MESSY!

        Shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity to learn life’s harsh lessons?

        • Paul,
          One thing I have always noted is teens and even pre-teens whom have grown up in a hunting house hold, seem so much more mature when it comes to the use of fire arms.
          And usually over all too.

  14. I guess with that logic, and we’re talking about Kamala here, we should look at autopsies from knife, auto, and hammer deaths. But if we’re talking cruel and unusual, let’s look at what listening to Kamala does to the normal brain. I’d rather be shot!

  15. Strange how my AR is somehow more dangerous than my much more powerful Garand, Mauser, or Springfield rifles that actually were military weapons. I’ve used the M16 in actual combat. As well as the M14, and several other weapons. I know very well what firearms, from 25 cal. pocket pistols to 50 cal. Browning rounds. I know what knives, axes, and other edged weapons do to a body. I know what cars, motorcycles and heavy vehicles do to the human body. I also know the effects of many drugs and chemicals can do to a human body. Along with fists, feet, blunt objects, and ligatures.
    Thing is, as always, it comes back to the human using whatever weapon or substance. Unless Harris and the rest of the politicians are willing to deal with the humans involved in whatever acts of violence, the crimes will continue to happen.

  16. Perhaps she should spend more time at the border seeing how much fentanyl is coming across the border killing Americans, and how women and children are being trafficked and how many criminals wind up killing American citizens. Democrats are funny that way. They don’t pay attention to the number of deaths they are responsible for simply by keeping our borders open and yet will point to these school shootings which result in far fewer deaths. Typical Democrat hypocrisy.

  17. Okay Que Mala. I’m following your lead. Every person considering gender affirming denying surgery and hormonal treatment, should hear the horror stories from people that had that done and regret it.

      • That bad, that sucks, how unfortunate, etc.

        Last year, VP Shallow Gigglebot visited the southern border so she could pretend like she was doing her job. She was greeted by Spanish-speaking protesters with signs that read “Que Mala” and “Trump Won” lol.

  18. OK, FOTUS (FELLATRIX OF THE UNITED STATES), we can start with the Sandy Hook autopsies, which the government won’t release. This is another disingenuous argument from these clowns. We could also do COVID vaccine autopsies and abortions. Even for a “diversity” hire, she’s dumber than a bag of hammers.

    • Lets see if The Pulse or Uvalde list how long the people with gunshot wounds were bleeding out for and if their deaths were preventable had police acted in a timely way.

  19. For the first term of a president who planned to do unpopular things and knew that he was failing mentally, the giggling idiot was an inspired insurance policy, between that and the absolute corruption of the FBI and the DOJ we are stuck with the human meat puppet until January 2025.

  20. “I support the second amendment … but I also believe there should be an assault weapons ban.”

    Isn’t this contradictory?

    The AR-15 is the evolution of the ‘American Long Rifle’ (circa 1770s).

  21. Hey, I think you should travel to our southern border and take a look at what you and your boss’s policies are doing. But only if it fits into your travel plans, of course.

  22. If I were to look at the autopsy photos of children shot by crazed murderers I wouldn’t think that we need to ban rifles or their ammunition. I would think why in God’s name wasn’t there someone there with a gun to stop the crazed murderer! And the question answers itself. The reason there wasn’t someone with a rifle to stop the crazed murderer is because these idiot politicians won’t allow it. That is why all Real Americans need to abandon the government run indoctrination centers known as public schools. If we leave the system, the system will collapse. If you homeschool, all of the staff can be armed and even some of the students. I’ve never heard of a homeschool being shot up by a crazed murderer.

  23. I’d be glad to see those photos of autopsies. In fact, let’s televise them. And include handguns, too!

    Along with a split screen showing the face of the shooter. Then put the faces of the shooters on a grid so the viewer can draw conclusions as to what kind of people are doing most of the killing.

    Still think that’s a good idea, Vice President Kneepads?

  24. last time I checked the FBI homicide statistics, about 2-3 percent of all homicides are committed with rifles of any type. extrapolating from the FBI’s detailed, caliber specific database on weapons used to kill police officers, I estimate that only 1% of homicides are committed with military style, semiautomatic rifles.

    Perhaps Kameltoe Harris should be locked in a room to peruse the autopsy photos of the vast majority of murdered children (11 and younger) who are beaten, bludgeoned, strangled, stabbed or drowned to death. The Vice President might also reflect on the fact that most of the murderers of young children are mothers or mother’s new boyfriend or husband.

  25. Mention GOD in any connectio with crime and I for one stop reading right there.

    The mention of GOD or FAITH or bringing RELIGION into the argument and all reason and critical thinking, not to mention a logic, fly’s out of the window.

    The very best you can say about GOD is that if he, she or it exists then he, she or it has a bloody strange sense of humour that’s all I can say!

    • So I guess when the Nazis was blowing the sht out of England nobody was on their knees praying to God.
      Your a real piece of work Albert The Liar Hall.

        • An alternate personality triggered by psychotropic medications?

          And add the subconscious desire to be someone important after wasting zis life on waiting for a revolution that never happened. 1991 must have been the worst year in zis life.

  26. Yep for sure, then they should be sat down and be forced to look at the guy that pulled the trigger, then they should be forced to make a judgment, then they should have the Pleasure of pulling the lever and watch the perpetrator dangle from the end of a rope, you can hang the gunm along with him if it makes you feel any better. However I think that gunm will hang there a long time before it’s dead, dead ,dead.

  27. Why do I think it is inherently incredible that Kamealot has ever seen a single autopsy photo of anyone or anything? Has she considered what a .65 caliber soft lead bullet out of a Brown Bess does? Or a .57 caliber ball or Minie ball out of an 1861 Springfield? There was a reason that severed limbs were stacked outside the surgery at Gettysburg; musket balls obliterate bone on contact. Those soldiers were the lucky to be alive. Those that got hit in the head or chest were usually very dead with grievous injuries.

  28. Braindead Jr. about to be charged in tax case AND falsifying his 4473. Braindead Sr tells Delaware Gov to fire the US Attorney, or he’ll be sorry, and everyone knows “no one fucks with a Biden”. Brandon said so… FJB

  29. One look at today’s news, Kamala, if proof you don’t need a gun to murder children. The murderer/coward in Thailand stabbed and killed most of those poor children with a knife. All your stance says to me is you want to take away the very tool I need to defend against criminal crazies like this. I think you need to look at the photos of those children and realize criminals don’t obey laws and get weapons through the black market. Bans are not going work. Period.

  30. I have seen what rifle wounds look like. Seen people who have been hit by mortars, artillery, anti tank projectiles, grenades, knives and all sorts of ways man kills. Seen the photos of nerve agents used in civilian areas.

    Whats the point at looking at photo’s when you can see with your own eyes, smell the stench that leaves a taste in your mouth?

    That is a powerful motivation to stay armed to dissuade these things from happening to you or your family.

  31. If we look at the autopsies, can we then actually buy the assault weapons. ie fully automatic M4s? If your offering a trade on that basis, I’m in. PS: I live in CA, so you’ll need to make arrangements with our governor. He, like you, feels every thing larger than a wrist rocket is an assault weapon.

    • Don’t count on being able to keep that wrist rocket forever. In fact, you can chuck a baseball hard enough to hurt someone and you’re not an MLB player, why do you need to bear arms? Don’t you know that more people are beaten to death with bare hands and kicks than killed with rifles? Nobody needs assault limbs! Gavin, get the chainsaw!

  32. Here’s the undeniable, irrefutable, truth about the damage a .223/5.56 bullet can do; read it and weep:

    People (including children) are deader when shot with .223/5.56 bullets, than people (including children) shot with any other bullet, in any major city, in the US. Banning .223/5.56 bullets for purchase by civilians will ensure everyone killed by bullets will be less dead (and in less pain after death).

    • According to Al Sharpton, one shot from an AR-15 will stop a freight train or bring down an airliner from any altitude.

  33. Yes, Mrs. Vice President, we know what these weapons do. And if it’s fair to demand that we be locked in a room *after* a mass shooting to see the results, we demand that you be locked in that same room *before* the mass shooting starts, and use what means you have available to stop the threat and save lives (without the benefit of a secret service detail), as we prepare for.

  34. “REALLY … ??? You in charge of it?”

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    • Yes many of us knew there were jackwads from the communist party and other closet liberals in here. I’m sure there’s more than most people think. But based on your attitude and demeanor you’ll never be worth much as a publisher or journalist. You’re proof there’s still folks that get hired and promoted simply because there’s not many that want the crooked damn job.

  35. As though anyne woul care what the Laughing Hyena thinks. Maybe she should be forced to look at the bodies in the mass graves stemming fom the gas chamber and furnaces of Nazi Germany where the Jews were dis-armed. But, that doesn’t fit their narrative and agenda.
    The Laughing Hyena is a tag line on a bad joke….aka Slo Joe.


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