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NEWSFLASH: Chicago isn’t a safe city. Anyone who isn’t turning a blind eye to the obviously deteriorating state there recognizes the dangers of violent crime in Murder City, USA. For those who carry a gun for personal defense when they have to be in sketchy places, they might want to carry two in Chicago. With spare magazines.

Criminals are off to a roaring start this year whopping 61% increase in reported crime in the first three weeks of 2023 compared to the same period last year.

Criminals operate with impunity in the City of Big Shoulders, fearing neither arrest or prosecution thanks to an anti-cop mayor who has defunded and demoralized the police.  She has nothing to worry about, though, with a 90-member protective detail looking after her while the city’s residents fend for themselves, trying to get through each day dodging  bullets and criminals.

Then there’s the city’s Soros-funded State’s Attorney who doesn’t prosecute criminals (but she’s only too happy to prosecute cops). That’s actually a good thing because the Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle thinks residents of Chicago’s affluent neighborhoods need to get a taste of gunfire and carjackings so they know how poor people live.

While 2022 proved to be a very bad year for violent crime in Chicago, 2023’s numbers may make 2022 look like the good ol’ days. From the Epoch Times:

The crime rate in Chicago has spiked by 61 percent in the first three weeks of 2023, with almost all crime segments registering an increase, with data coming at a time when the state’s governor insists that crime in the city is decreasing.

In the first 22 days of this year, the Chicago Police Department received 4,844 complaints related to crime, up 61 percent compared to the 3,013 complaints received in 2022, reveals data (pdf) from the department. This is also 97 percent higher than from the same period in 2021 and 81 percent higher than in 2020.

The biggest increase in crime in the past year was in motor vehicle theft, which rose by 165 percent year to date until Jan. 22, 2023, when compared to the year-ago period.

Aggravated battery jumped 31 percent, robbery 26 percent, theft, 24 percent, criminal sexual assault 12 percent, and burglary 11 percent. Murder fell by 9 percent, while shooting incidents declined 1 percent.

Don’t worry, though. While Chicago burns, Lori Lightfoot dances like a fool . . .

How bad is it?  It might be bad enough for a good guy to want to carry three guns.

Video shows a carjacker recklessly driving off after police attempted to stop him on a busy street two days ago. The carjacker hit two cops, tossing them and others to the ground as the lawmen struggled to avoid getting squished.

CWB Chicago has the story and more (poor) dashcam video from the police . . .

Then there’s the woman who’s out on the city’s affordable bail program after slashing a random person last summer and is now accused of stabbing four more people including grandparents eating at a McDonalds with their grandchildren.

From CWB Chicago . . .

Chicago — A woman on bail for allegedly stabbing a stranger at random in Bucktown last year is now accused of stabbing four more people at random this month on the Northwest Side. Prosecutors said two of the alleged victims were eating at McDonald’s with their grandchildren when they were attacked.

Last summer, prosecutors charged Shaynella Williams with slashing a woman who was walking home from the beach on June 18. The victim told police she was in the 1700 block of West North Avenue when Williams parked a red Kia across the street, crossed over, and bumped into her while making a swiping motion.

Prosecutors said Williams returned to her car and drove away without saying anything. A witness called 911 for the victim, who was treated for a slash wound on her arm with 13 stitches.

Police tracked Williams down through the license plate on her car. Williams paid a $2,000 bail deposit to get out of jail to await trial. The case is still pending.

Want more? How about the five Chicago Police vehicles that had their catalytic converters sawed off in the dead of night? Or the schoolgirl who was sexually assaulted outside a downtown Chicago prep school?

Speaking of sexual assault, a tattoo artist was charged with sexually assaulting three females, including a 17-year-old while on bail for two previous arrests for sexually assaulting other female customers.

From CWB Chicago . . .

A tattoo artist was charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting or abusing three female customers, including a 17-year-old, while he was on bail for allegedly sexually assaulting two other female customers. Chicago police say investigators believe there are more victims.

Miguel Deleon, 49, provided tattoo services in his home in the 6500 block of South Francisco to customers he met via Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Messenger, prosecutors said.

Meanwhile a Loyola University student pulled a gun on a CTA employee and robbed the man for lunch money. Unlike most armed robbers, this one got caught because his mother recognized him and took him to the police station. A judge gave him probation.

Also in recent days an armed robber wandered into the DePaul University library and committed an armed robbery of a student studying there.

The takeaway: Crime is everywhere, but particularly endemic in America’s cities. If you have to live and/or work in these environments, carry your gun. Carry a backup gun. And maybe a backup to your backup, otherwise known as a pocket gun.

Because when it’s time to pass out the ballistic bubblegum, you’re going to be in big trouble if you don’t have enough to go around.


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    • oh my gosh golly darn…you mean a criminal will use something to wreak havoc other than what is to the maxist media the one and only, day in and day out center of attention, “Gun?”

  1. “Carry a backup gun. And maybe a backup to your backup”

    for Chicago, add a fire team with you with a quick reaction force close by, and judging from the gang standoff confronting one guy a few months back might consider calling in an air strike.

  2. Ha!
    Checklist for going out in Chicongo:
    Hand cannon
    Attache for gun food
    Hat, gloves,& scarf

    • How many switches though?

      If I was carrying an attache I’d probably want an MP5K in it. At least the MAC10 version. Maybe both cases?

      • While I agree that many of the youts on the south side are as you say, doing so just brings you down to their level. Have a little class….

        • when the gang thugs are mostly all of one demographic it’s not racist to call it out.
          even if YOU don’t like it that’s how it is the facts speak for themselves

    • At some point you gotta think the victims just want to be victimized.
      Going to some dudes house to get a tattoo advertised on Facebook is right up there with falling for a free mammogram at a bar.

      I guess when you’re an idiot, raised around other idiots and all your friends are idiots you see the world differently than someone who is not an idiot. Entire neighborhoods sitting at the low end of the bell curve. I suppose it makes sense. Anyone further along that curve is likely to recognize their neighbors for what they are and possesses the ability required to exit while the rest stay behind and blame the exiting individual for their own problems. Often citing that person as a sellout or as acting a certain way other than the way that person should be acting as perceived by the mob.

      The government should forcibly relocate people to get neighborhood equity. That way the Morlocks won’t have to take the bus to fight the Eloi. They’ll be neigbors.

        • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

        • To rule up the grinning idiot.

          It’s a long running joke he’s making dossiers on the posters and especially those he regards as class enemies.

  3. I appreciate that a lot of the 2 and 3 gun stuff and lots of spare mags is hyperbole. However…

    John Correia of Active Self Protection states that in the 40,000+ videos of crime/self defense that he has watched he has never seen a non LEO need a reload, and only once seen a second gun deployed by non LEO.

    I am fairly well known here for carrying a lot of stuff. Everything else that I carry I use on a regular basis. I do not carry a second gun and have gone from 2 spare mags to 1.

    I know the spare mag is statistically a “wuby”, a security blanket. It makes me feel good but I have better odds of winning the lottery while getting struck by lightning than of actually needing to reload in a gunfight. Unless that AFT thing doesn’t work out. But that’s a different situation.

    Carry a gun. Any decent modern gun from a reputable manufacturer chambered for a caliber between .32 ACP and .44 Magnum that you can use and will practice with. Hell, if .22 is all you can handle get a .22. Carry it in a decent holster. Practice. Get training. Take the second and third gun money and spend it on a good holster, ammunition, magazines/speed loaders, and training.

    • The likelihood of you needing to reload during a gunfight is probably greater due to a possible mag/feed malfunction than actually running out of rounds fired. Agree?

      What about carrying a reload for a 5-shot .38 snubbie? Fooling around with a speedloader or speedstrip during a gunfight seems even less likely than the theoretical mag/feed malfunction.

      • Man with no name,

        You bring up very valid and important points.

        In terms of a semi-auto pistol, I like the idea of carrying a backup compact pistol rather than a spare magazine. If your primary pistol stops functioning due to a magazine defect, you can simply draw and shoot your backup. Drawing and shooting a backup pistol has to be faster and more reliable than trying to eject a defective magazine, draw a new magazine, insert it, rack the slide, and resume firing. The other advantage of carrying a second pistol: you can hand it off to a responsible family member or friend (or possibly even a bystander) during an attack and enable a second defender to oppose the attacker.

        In terms of a 5-shot .38 snubbie, I would just carry a second snubbie rather than some sort of reload. The fact of the matter is that the average person would have to invest countless hours practicing fast reloads before he/she would be able to quickly and reliably reload a snubbie. So, I would carry a “normal” snubbie (which typically weigh about 24 ounces) as my primary and an “airweight” snubbie (which typically weigh about 16 ounces) as my secondary.

        Having said all that, it seems like the depravity of attackers is on an awful downward trajectory: I can easily imagine that events, where a righteous defender truly needs to reload, will soon become much less rare than they were 20 years ago.

      • I carry five mags now, 15 rounds each – one in gun and four on the belt. I learned my lesson the hard way, so I went from three mags to five mags.

    • Dude don’t you carry a fucken ruck sack worth of gear in your cargo pockets?

      Some of us have seen your “EDC” posts from back in the days.
      Lets not talk about not needing a spare mag, mmmkay.

      • My summer carry in the SUBURBS of Chicago is a little TCP with a CT laser in a pocket holster with a spare mag. My winter carry is a M&P 2.0 .40, no spare mag and a 7 shot .357 snub (Taurus 617) as backup. The TCP might be in another pocket. If I’m going into Chicago the TCP stays home (no lasers in Chicago, some cop will take it) but I will grab another magazine for the M&P. I don’t see a need for it capacity wise but if you have a malfunction then a spare magazine can be a life saver.

        If you are by Englewood or Garfield Park in Chicago you should be semi heavily armed. Most of the violent crime is on the south and west sides of Chicago.

        The expressways have become pretty good for shootings and that was NEVER a problem say 5 years ago. In reality Chicago doesn’t even make the top 15 most dangerous cities, you are worse off in Milwaukee.

        15 Most Dangerous Cities in the US in order:

        St. Louis, Missouri
        Mobile, Alabama
        Birmingham, Alabama
        Baltimore, Maryland
        Memphis, Tennessee
        Detroit, Michigan
        Cleveland, Ohio
        New Orleans, Louisiana
        Shreveport, Louisiana
        Baton Rouge, Louisiana
        Little Rock, Arkansas
        Oakland, California
        Milwaukee, Wisconsin
        Kansas City, Missouri
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

        • Two.

          Mobile AL — mayor Sandy Stimpson, (R), third term, defeated two black Donk candidates in 2021.

          Shreveport LA — elected its first (R) mayor in 28 years, last year, Tom Arceneaux.

          Most of the cities listed have had Donk mayors for years, in some cases decades.

  4. It’s Sh!tcago!
    Why attempt to detain an armed carjacker?

    He gat da places to go (n’ rob) and people ta meet (n’ murder).

    The vid shows ‘Da popo be keeping da downtrodden from making a livin’ G!’. 🤔

    Defund the police. 🤪

  5. What we see happening in Chicago is what happens when a large chunk of the population–both the Ruling Class AND the Working Class–rejects orthodox Judeo-Christian values.

    If someone rejects any credence to an Almighty Creator with righteous and unchanging standards, why not go around raping, pillaging, and plundering? After all, if you reject our Creator and His unchanging righteous standards, then life is about thrilling yourself in any fashion that you see fit. Saying it another way, rejecting our Creator and His standards removes any internal restraint on any behavior.

    Wide scale and minimal (zero?) internal restraint on behavior–sounds EXACTLY like Chicago, doesn’t it?

    • The problem is that all places have their righteous and criminals. Just because many are criminals does not mean they have no redeeming values(or ever will have) does not make them non people.

      People do change. Many get out of gang life and work hard to atone. The lucky ones never got caught doing wrong and might be able to better themselves without.

      This just says that there should be a 21 yo age of majority. Have jails for youth that are not full of chicken hawks and make them like boot camp – you get out when you learn to live the real life. This cost money, but if it isn’t spent on our youth rehabilitating them, we will all be cowering in our basements allowing criminals free rein. This is the only thing that will break the addictions their peers have and slinging dope will be an involuntary sentence where they will learn to wake up and do as they are told.

      • rt66paul,

        Sounds like you are trying to poo-poo my assertion.

        I don’t think you are considering all of the available information and experience. A community or society who rejects an Almighty Creator with unchanging righteous standards doesn’t just lead to a burgeoning destructive criminal class: it also leads to a burgeoning destructive Ruling Class as well as a burgeoning destructive Working Class.

        In your commentary, you assume that society somehow has the same justice standards and commitment to justice that our nation had in the 1950s. That doesn’t happen when society largely rejects orthodox Judeo-Christian values. Instead, corruption and destructive behaviors abound at all levels and classes of society. THAT very thing is happening right before our very eyes in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City.

        And look at other nations/societies which reject orthodox Judeo-Christian values. Corruption–at all levels of society–was and continues to be rampant.

        • Interesting. I see you arguing two different things, but I’m pretty sure you don’t see that. I am a firm believer in Judaeo-Christian values, while completely unbelieving of supernatural superstitious nonsense. ie, the values are both correct and necessary, but an “Almighty Creator” has never existed and is clearly impossible. Thousands of years ago people started brainwashing helpless children with all the best intentions, despite some excursions into pure evil such as the Crusades, as well as Islam. I can applaud the goals and most of the results, but I cannot bring myself to prolong the lies involved in perpetuating the hoax.

      • That is known as redemption and is something I believe in. That said if they threaten someone’s life they limit their likelihood of surviving long enough to achieve wisdom and redemption.

      • Utilizing the prison system to turn bad people into good people is a lib pipe dream. If people were so good at accomplishing this, then why wouldn’t they turn the bad people into good people before the bad people did bad things? While you guys get this plan sorted out, let’s segregate the bad people from the not so bad people. Why is that too much to ask?

  6. I do have to wonder just how many of her protective detail of 90 would actually risk their life to protect hers/its. Would you? Many of them probably see it as a cushy job, not having to deal with the scum on the streets that they’d be subjected to otherwise.

    • How many firearms are owned in the US? And yet you chose the ones and two’s the media presents you with as “cold cases”.

      Always a good idea to punish the masses for the acts of a few, amiright?

      You’d think with this many guns in circulation, there would be no population left if we believed your statistics…. The guns would just be shooting themselves and then it would be gun on gun crime. Right?

      Clearly, not the case. It’s sad that some people are ignorant and don’t value safety, but I’m single and I don’t need you telling me how to store my guns and there are obviously millions, hundreds of millions, that don’t need it either.

      Also, who tf do you expect to enforce these laws? Your SS officers? They going door to door every day to make sure that firearm that was purchased a year ago is still “safe”?

      Get real dude.

    • Today, hundreds of 12-13-14-15 year old kids nationwide without guns committed violent acts against others and robberies and other crimes by using hands/feet, knives, clubs, chemicals – as part of their gang initiation.

    • If society requires me to have a gun safe, society should pay for it. Otherwise, the cost of stupid storage laws may preclude my owning a gun due to cost of said storage, which renders the law unconstitutional. QED!!

  7. I personally enjoy reading stories that showcase the success of “equity”, “inclusion” and “affirmation”. Cook County and Chicago are leading by example, those constituencies are now reaping the rewards of educated voting.

  8. quote———–Chicago — A woman on bail for allegedly stabbing a stranger at random in Bucktown last year is now accused of stabbing four more people at random this month on the Northwest Side. Prosecutors said two of the alleged victims were eating at McDonald’s with their grandchildren when they were attacked.———–quote

    Thank President Reagan for closing all U.S. State Mental Hospitals to save a buck and thank the Greed Monger Republican Criminals who refuse to fund money to reopen mental health clinics and hospitals because they said they are too cheap and stingy to fund the money. They claim its better to just ignore the problem and kick the can down the road, after all in Capitalvania life is considered cheap and expendable by the Far Right.

    • Deinstitutionalization is a product of that bipartisanship so often touted by our overlords.
      The right did it to save money. The left did it because their various thinktanks and orgs deemed it “inhumane.” The ACLU and pharma-junkies who thought they could ram Clozapine down everyones throats to magically make them functioning members of society are just as much to blame.

      But of course you know this. You’re just a disingenuous little cretin.

    • Typical left wing BS, blame conservatives. The mental hospitals were closed before Reagan.
      They were closed because democrats (communist party USA) filed lawsuit after lawsuit against mental hospitals claiming “civil rights violations” and leftist judges ruled in their favor.

      A friend’s father was released from one. After assaulting his wife he died on the street with police chasing him.

      • If dems really wanted them back, we’d have them back. It isn’t really a $ issue. They’ve passed trillions in useless spending since then. It’s also the typical brainless dem response to say we just need to spend more money. That will solve our problems! Let’s just ignore the [lack of good] results from the past few decades!

      • to gordon

        Quote————The mental hospitals were closed before Reagan.——–quote

        Falsehood. Jimmy Carter Actually passed a bill to INCREASE spending on for Mental Health Care and for the Mental Hospitals. When Reagan got elected he did what he had previously done in California on the State level and on the Federal Level closed all U.S. Mental Faculties to save money.

        • If what you claim is true, then why have the Democraps not changed it? They have been in total control of the government multiple times since then, including the last two years, but nothing. Not only have they not changed it, they’ve not even spoken of it.

          You remind me of Tlaib’s rant earlier in the week with her crying fit because Omar was removed from foreign relations. You’re as pathetic as she was.

        • “The mental hospitals were closed before Reagan.” (or in the process of closing – to add)

          That’s true. All Reagan did was basically take the federal government out of the ‘mental hospital’ business officially and end a democrat real life horror show. The reason they had already started closing down or decreasing is because of what was coming to light about what really happened under that democrat act, so the democrats started shutting it down to control the spin they would put on it.

          One of the worse things for mental health this country ever did was let a democrat president and democrat politicians dictate how mental health should be handled. Not only were millions of innocent people persecuted and confined by the application of the system those democrats created but thousands were killed outright ‘under treatment’ or driven to suicide by the liberal doctors misapplication of medications and treatments and the system was racially biased with non-white races being confined more harshly or for no reason at all or treated with dangerous substances or sterilized and subjected to horrible things such as electro shock or lobotomy. Thank goodness Regan did away with with the democrats real life horror show.

    • This dude is really trying to deflect and blame Reagan for the state of places like Chicago lmfao.


    • dacian. You should be gbrateful for raygun closing those institutions.

      If he had not you would never be free again.

    • Closing of mental hospitals was a function of the Supreme Court (not Reagan), I hate to admit a completely valid ruling, without anybody from either side jumping up to produce a new means by which to control real crazies, because they are out there, and will always be. Next best thing is laws and punishments which locks them up AFTER a crime so it only happens once, but liberals are working hard to assure that does not happen. Only reason I can think of is that crazies are the only people who are stupid enough to vote Dem.

    • We didn’t vote for it. A demographic voted for it. A demographic that generation after generation votes for it. That demographic wants everything free. I moved far west from Chicago and that demographic eventually follows and votes blue. They don’t want to live with their own so they follow the people who leave and bring their ideologies with them.

      In reality 90% of Illinois is solid red but 10% that are blue in certain counties vote for it. 92 out of 102 counties vote red but it’s not enough to offset Chicago and Rockford. Then you move to a county that that is nice, a suburb that is upscale, a county that in the ’90s was solid red and the Karens and their effeminate husbands vote blue.

      You have isolated incidences like Highland Park and Aurora that were 100% the state polices fault. Instead of taking blame the Illinois State Police deflects blame. There are more shootings and killings in any given week in Chicago then happened in either of the “mass casualty” events but that is ignored.

      Then as the topping on the cake you get a billionaire governor who is mentally ill and bought his office. He has delusions of grandeur and thinks that by putting more restrictions in place plus loosening bail laws that some how that will solve the problem. He was raised in California and in the back of his head thinks that he could buy a bigger better federal office so he has his cronies draw up bills that start out as bills that have nothing to do with firearms and then quickly add a section that pretty much goes afters guns 100% for law abiding citizens.

      There is a solution and this “bill” which will be shot down does have answer. There is too much infighting among the red counties downstate and they cannot get behind one red candidate. I buy ammo from Underwood ammo which is downstate and the owner said they were all voting for a certain candidate. The primaries happen and the winner for the Republican side comes across as creepy to the people up north.
      There is talk that this candidate was bought off by the billionaire with say 10 or 20 million dollars.

      Illinois has people with money that can defeat the sitting governor and start picking off the Senators and Representatives that hold super majorities in the state but it would take a candidate that every red county would have to get behind and have the backing of several people who billions and/or millions of dollars. That is not likely to happen but the one thing that this insane bill has done is drawn a lot of law abiding gun owners together and it will be struck down in courts. It will likely make it’s way to SCOTUS but in all honesty Illinois isn’t even following the Bruen decision so in all likelihood it’s time to move out of this state to a free state and be done with Illinois. I will likely take a $400K hit on my house but I’ll have freedom.

      It’s not easy to pick up and move when you moved to a solid red county that is now light blue. I have events in my life that prevent this for now and had my retirement all set up when I was 45. 10 years later I’m going to have to make some adjustments if I plan to hit 85 which I thought was doable.

      • “this candidate was bought off”

        Candidates are rarely chosen by the people, even in the primary. It’s an illusion.

        • The election was called before the polls were closed and a single vote was counted. When the local news was going through the early results there were zeros across the board and people still waiting in line. 5 minutes later with no data and the polls still open the governors race was called. Even the local news found this to be strange. “0% of the vote is in and the numbers are 0.” Five minutes later the race was called and it wasn’t a complete blow out, 11 points and 3 million votes cast in a state of 12.7 million.

          It’s Illinois, my grandparents probably voted and have been dead since the ’60s. Of course this guy was chosen, he started getting really right wing radical a few weeks before the election and the incumbent started running commercials with his radical agenda.

          Illinois, we invented and perfected voter fraud.

  9. I live in a rural area and I carry with two reloads, plus another in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

    At home there is a firearm within reach in every room, plus I home carry.

    Can’t be armed enough, IMHO. I’m not paranoid; I’m just cautious.

  10. Yep, fuck em. Dacian and Miner love the state of places like Chicago. Hell, Toronto is a great example of the mimicking of democratic cities, but keep telling yourself that someone else is “holding your community down” so people like Dacian and Miner can gentrify the fuck outta where you live and save you with their guilt. I hear Portland is doing very well at it… with median home prices of over half a million currently lmfao… “We saved your community!”

  11. This is my loadout for when I am in one of the most violent areas in Cook county for work.

    AR 15 with 1-8 LPVO scope. Body armor with med kit, light sticks, knife, tourniquet, 6 30 round AR mags etc. Battle belt with 3 more 30 round AR mags plus 3 19 round magazines for the Glock 17 in its holster. Kevlar helmet. Bolt action .308 with 10-44 scope. Get home bag with all the essentials. Extra “grey man” clothing. Night vision monocular. Detailed city street maps. Burner cell phone. Cash. Debit card. Amateur radio opened up for GMRS, FRS, Business band, Marine band etc. Revolver in the center console. Small .380 for really deep cover.

    I do my shifts then back to the safety of a MAGA area.

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