Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. Image via Cook County Board (twitter).
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Oh, so you see the word “winner”  in a headline and you expected what, a photo of Gov. J.B. Pritzker, the Democrat and Commodius Maximus of Illinois?


J.B. isn’t a “winner.” What did he win, really? Yes, the corporate legacy media kisses his behind because they’re used to kissing it. And yes, he’s the governor, but he didn’t “win” it. He bought it. The  governor of a failed state that he bought with his inherited billions that he didn’t work for. He spread so much sweet oily cash around, that Democrats and their mouthpieces required insulin.

The winner is woman who didn’t have billions. She’s got brains and balloons, and those sensible shoes. She knows government unlike so many in politics.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, the new Borg Queen, Toni the Boss Preckwinkle.

Boss Toni holds Chicago, the current Chicago mayoral campaign, and Chicago violent crime in the palm of her hand. She keeps them there right in her lap, under her control, and she just might pinch their necks off if they vex her. Also in that lap of hers along with her pet judges, and the chief judge, her county prosecutors, the county sheriff who runs her county jail, is her former office manager, gofer, hatchet-woman and Jussie Smollett supporter, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

With all those webs, Boss Toni controls the response to rising crime but media won’t put Boss Toni’s fingerprints near the scene.  Media shields her. Yes, she controls the Cook County Courts, and the judges, the state’s attorney, and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. That’s a boss…

In the recent Tribune’s editorial endorsement of Boss Toni, there were these chilling couple of lines.

“When we brought up the now-pervasive fear of violent crime in Chicago during our conversation, and the possible impact of legislation eliminating cash bail, Preckwinkle made the point that residents in more affluent neighborhoods are now getting a taste of what it has been like to live in the Chicago ZIP codes that have heard gunfire and feared carjackings for years. She made that observation with a sardonic chuckle…”

— John Kass in The Winner, Boss Toni: The New Borg Queen with Chicago Violent Crime in her Lap. Resistance is Futile. Just ask Lori Lightfoot.

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  1. Peniswrinkle? What kind of a name is that? Reminds me of that queer politician, Buttplug. And their queer mayor. Chicago is a sick, sick, city.

  2. The white affluent Neighborhoods in Chicago are going to be getting what the white affluent neighborhoods of Hollywood have already been getting.

    They voted for these policies that caused violence to the lower economic classes. Now it’s their turn to receive this violence.

    • agree with your second sentiment.
      but they police heavily in those areas. certainly there will be an uptick but it won’t be a shiteshew.

    • They all just relocated to Florida and Texas as soon as the violence picked up. Don’t worry about them, they are safe now behind their locked gates with their armed guards.

    • Be careful of what you want because you might get it. Long, hard, and slow.

      Boss Toni, being a true believer in s0cial(ist) justice and proactive wealth redistribution, is alongside Greta as Dacian’s pinup girl.

    • 1) People who live in affluent neighborhoods like that have ways of taking care of themselves.

      2) Bail reform or not, criminals in bad areas usually don’t travel very far, they tend to keep to familiar (preferably friendly) turf.

      It might not be what you’d call good, but it won’t be a horrorshow either.

  3. So this stupid tuesday doesn’t want to solve the problem, just spread it around. That should “but it won’t” tell everyone exactly what they need to know. Keep voting these cretins in you stupid bastards …
    After the new year Chicago is going to be an absolute shiite show.

  4. Hammer Time
    Bum bum ba bum

    It’s all fun n games till the rocks are thrown at the glass house

  5. Wow. But no one should be surprised. Sadly the Chicago ZIP code type of violence is increasingly creeping to the rest of the state.

  6. Wasn’t this the lady that one of her protective detail lost their unmarked Squad car to a carjacker? And another one was robbed of his gun? all outside of her residence?

  7. Thank you guilty white dem voters that think you are helping the helpless and downtrodden. You’ll find out how helpless we are.

    The chickens are coming home to roost. And its about time.

  8. For those who think the republican Red Wave didn’t happen, well it did but it just wasn’t all encompassing but it did happen some… here is the current mid term election political party layout of the country for the U.S. House sent to me by an acquaintance.

    (why can’t we post images here instead of just links to images?)

    • no, it didn’t. We fell right into the base expectations. It was just a regular election. Not even in the same timezone of a “red wave”.

      We’re just too tribal for wave elections. Democrats will vote for anything with a “D” next to its name. Republicans are a bit more choosy, but not much.

      • Maybe. The abortion backlash helped their side a great deal. But the morning after is upon us and the economy just continues to fall apart and the other side owns that.

        Enough homeless and hungry people will have an effect against the party in control.

        • My comment got moderated. So in keeping with my policy there will be no further comments for the rest of the day.

          Fewer clicks is a great strategy for a web site.

      • All I care about is the House of Representatives turning Republican. I was never sure the Senate would flip.

        • I wasn’t sure about the senate either. But overall the republicans did well. With the republicans having the house though they can force concessions from the dems in the senate.

      • No, it was to an extent like I said. Some of those areas were solid democrat and the republicans flipped 22 of them and that was a lot better than base expectations.

  9. Click the link and read the entire article. It is a pretty brutal takedown of the whole mess. And much deserved. I grew up near Chicago when the real boss Daley was running things and presidential candidates went to Chicago and asked for his blessing. Compared to him these fools are amateurs and bumbling idiots.

  10. Chicago will be the next Detroit. Those people in the affluent parts of Chicago will gradually leave as things get worse and take their tax base with them (property taxes on a $500k house are over $12k/yr in IL) so these people are not going to be happy paying $18k a year and having their cars stolen at gunpoint.

    Numerous large corporations are moving their headquarters out of Chicago and taking all their employees with them. The state as a whole is also loosing population.

    • The ports are most of what are preventing the same from happening as quickly in NYC. Still likely to happen especially with how quickly college graduates are leaving.

  11. If I lived in that area, I’d put a “gun free household” sign on any lawn of a person I knew of who voted for gun control.

  12. Back in the day Second City Cop talked about Chicago’s media being bought via hiring the relatives of MSM employees.

    They also talked about how the rich neighborhoods were actually soft targets and didn’t really get what they paid taxes on.

    I hope they stay if they’re going to vote for Democrats/Progressives, I’m in Wisconsin and I don’t need them screwing up this state too.

    I saw an article on Florida that was all “If you move to Florida you should make it Progressive.” The replies to her on Twitter were great, along the lines of “no thank you, please stay in NY or CA.”

  13. As usual the Far Right greed monger cheap ass Neanderthals blame everyone except the people responsible for rising crime in Chicago which is themselves i.e. the Far Right.

    Yes, it’s the Far Right gangster Criminals who have refused to keep guns pouring into Chicago from Redneck States that have no gun control. The guns enter via the Iron Pipeline verified beyond all doubt by law enforcement.

    The Far Right Criminals have refused to fund mental health care so that people in need of help simply cannot afford it like they do in civilized European States that have had Universal Health Care for decades and decades. Its interesting to note that not one European or Asian State has ever gone back to health care based on Capitalvanian blind greed and profit that creates the dead bodies of the people who could not afford it.

    It’s interesting to note that the Far Right have refused to fund job retraining for workers letting them live in abject poverty even though many hold down even 3 shit low paying part time jobs that can nowhere near provide enough money to live in a civilized manner. Is it any wonder desperate people often steal to live.

    Europeans are aghast at such ruthless and cruel Capitalvanian behavior and they ask “Doesn’t America even care about its own people?” The cold cruel answer is “Fk no the crooked politicians do not care about the people as they live in the city of “Stratus” high in the clouds and they seldom look down below at the troglodyte worker slaves trying to survive in the pits of worker exploitation and slavery fueled by part time minimum wage jobs, not “livable wage jobs” that all civilized societies have.

    Its interesting to note that civilized nations all have Universal Background Check and Safe Storage laws which keep guns out of the hands of criminals and lunatics. Try buying an illegal gun in a bar or flea market or gun show in Europe or Britain. Yes, a few exist but in nowhere near the obscene numbers encountered like a global warming flood in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable.

    As Jimmy Carter once said “America is the most warlike country on the planet”.

    When a country spends all its disposable income on wars of rape, pillage and conquest which also feed the insatiable appetite of the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned would eventually destroy us way back in the 50’s , it leaves little money to help its own people live a civilized life.

    Crime in high poverty cities is no accident, it has become a way of survival, much like the movie “Blade Runner” and “Metropolis” predicted decades ago. Machines took over all the worthwhile jobs leaving only poverty, starvation and despair for the workers while the filthy rich laughed all the way to the bank.

    History repeats itself once again and just as the Roman Empire was destroyed by the corruption of the filthy rich which impoverished the people and Rome’s endless expensive never ending wars, so too the U.S. of Capitalvania has gone down the same road to self-destruction. The history of the Roman and Capitalvanian Empires are not similar, they are exactly the same.

    It was no fluke or aberration that the angered workers supported men like Marx and Engels and Lenin. Even today when the people of Russia complain their leaders tell them , “Remember what it was like under the Capitalist Czar and would you want to live on the street in tents or under bridges like they do in the Capitalist U.S?”

    I had a friend who came here from the Ukraine decades ago and when he landed in Capitalvania and saw the people living on the streets and under bridges he said “My God what did I get myself into by coming to this inhuman country”. His wife was horrified and went back to Russia along with many of their friends who had also come here in the 70’s. As a matter of fact 50% of Russian emigres left the U.S. and went back to Russia because they found out quickly that there was a zero social safety net and when you lost your job, you lost your home and your health care and your bank account.

    The Russians actually took a homeless man off the streets of Capitalvania and took him to Russia where he gave speeches to the Russian people on what it “was really like to live in Capitalvania” and the Russians said “If you do not believe us here is a “real American” and you will hear from him what it was like to live in Capitalvania with no social safety net to rescue you or give a damn about what happens to you.

    Post Script: Do not take this post as a support for Putin and his ruthless invasion of the Ukraine but the post was made to show that Capitalvania lacks even the basic social services that are necessary to live in a civilized society. Russia, Europe, Britain and Japan and Korea and Taiwan, to name just a few, have had such social services and gun control for decades and their much lower crime and homicide rates certainly show they did it right and we still have not admitted we have fk’d up in regards to every aspect of becoming a civilized country to try and live in.

    • dacian posting stupid and false again. Plus he thinks his love of Putin can be disguised by a disclaimer. I guess he got tired or his Hitler fetish.

      stop making stuff up dacian.

      • Russians hate America so much that many Russian pregnant women go on “vacation” here when their baby happens to be due. That way their baby is a US citizen. It’s called birth tourism.

    • Why don’t you join your friends and move to Putintowne w/ them Azzh0le! The sad thing about you is you HAVE NO SIDE! NO CAUSE to fight for, support, defend….you are just a panty wearing, word vomit spewing POS ! Kind of like Lightfoot , O’Poopy pantz, and Kacklin’ Kamala! and they wouldn’t have you either because ….who the phuck (with any sense) would??? I’m sure you could easily piss off the right people in Russia in no time , I hear they have a cell right next to that 7’faggaboutaboutit! and you both can lament about the Bad ‘ole day’s when you both were FREE and able to walk out your front door anytime you wished. Then you and her can count trees together, what fun!
      Dacian, seriously think on this for a second. When the SHTF….who ya gonna call? Who could you count on to watch your six?……….. anybody?…. no? really? Now’s not the time for tears Dacy, suck in up Nancy. When the RECKONING comes little man what end of the rope are you going to be on?????……. I’m jus’ sayin’

    • Every word is a lie. When was the last time the Far-right, much less the mainstream Republicans controlled anything in Illinois. They can’t pass or stop anything. This is firmly a Democrat problem. 70% said the country was headed in the wrong direction, but they almost always re-elected the incumbent. I’m going to sit back and laugh at the fools getting what they deserve for the next 2 years. Luckily, the Republicans almost certainly will take the House by a hair’s width. They won’t be able to do anything to fix the problems, but they’ll keep the Dems from passing anything too suicidal.

      In the meantime, Trump is declaring for President. Republicans need to concentrate on getting Walker elected in the runoff, but Trump’s too selfish to delay and is making everything about himself. Welcome to a 51-49 Senate.

  14. Preckwinkle thinks working hard, first in school and then at an honest job, shouldn’t get you a higher standard of living than someone who drops out of school and turns to a life of crime.

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