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‘I’m not just the typical granny:’ 80-year old shoots, kills intruder – “‘I was just intent upon stopping him. I didn’t have any other thought in my head,’ says (Barb) Moles. ‘I just knew I had to stop him.'” And stop him she did. Three of the four rounds she fired at her husband’s attacker with her .38 hit home. Thanks to Mrs. Moles, Steven Sheppard won’t be stabbing any any more 80-year-old men in their own kitchens. In other news of individuals standing up to evil . . .

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Army vet challenges legality of CNMI’s new gun law – Same ex-Army Ranger who took down the Northern Marianas’ gun control law is now going after their $1000 per gun tax. Hooah!

These Social Security benefits could keep some people from buying guns – “The Social Security Administration is proposing a rule that would keep people who receive disability benefits for mental illnesses from purchasing guns.” How great is that?

COLUMBIA, MO - NOVEMBER 10: Academic Hall on the campus of University of Missouri - Columbia is seen on November 10, 2015 in Columbia, Missouri. The university looks to get things back to normal after the recent protests on campus that lead to the resignation of the school's President and Chancellor on November 9. (Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images)

Missouri lawmakers move closer to allowing college employees to carry guns on campus – As a Missouri alum, the place as been a source of constant embarrassment over the last year or so. This, though, would be a step back in the right direction.

Stopping guns and skipping stones – “Perhaps the only good things that have come out of gun violence in America are the brilliant movies that have been made about it.” Really? Name one.


Secret Service takes on new credentialing role for conventions – BuzzFeed’s Washington bureau chief’s all in a tizzy about background checks. “It creates a logistical burden, a troubling precedent for their ability to have almost a de facto say in who is qualified to be a reporter at these events. What if they use this as precedent to extend to other campaign events or any government events?” It’s a First Amendment issue! Just don’t hold your breath waiting to hear the same objections where Second Amendment rights are concerned.

Kaysville Man Accidentally Shoots Self Outside Sandy Gun Show – “Since personal guns are not permitted inside the center during gun shows, the man had secured his .40 caliber pistol in his vehicle.” The more you handle your gun, the more potential for something bad to happen. This is why gun-free zones are dangerous. Well, one of the reasons.

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  1. Don’t mess with the old folks. They won’t bargain or plead. They’ll just kill your stupid ass.

    • +1 Most retired folks I know are wayyyyy past dealing with bullcrap like that.

      They came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone elses blood. They just fine going out that way too.

  2. ““Perhaps the only good things that have come out of gun violence in America are the brilliant movies that have been made about it.” Really? Name one.”

    ‘Pulp Fiction’

    “You shot Marvin!”

    (Pretty much any Tarantino flick, actually…)

  3. Good shootin’ granny! This grandpa is not an EZ mark either…BTW just saw the latest Captain America flick. Stunningly good and gun filled…and not to be a spoiler but it had a very strong(to me) pro-gun anti-registration feel to it too.

    • More movies in America that do well have a strong libertarian slant to them than a statist one…by far. It’s because the culture that threw off the shackles of British royalty is deep in our DNA. And no amount of indoctrination in public schooling will eliminate it.

      • I guess Jason-but it IS pretty much from a Marvel comic. Or maybe they just wanted to have a hit-unlike the underperforming Batman vs Superman…

  4. Guns? At the Mizzou Daycare Center? The derp from all the special snowflakes will be fantastic!

  5. So when did they clear out all the Secret Service agents and replace them with Smiths?

    • Late 2001 – Early 2002. They had to borrow the first batch from the FBI.

      Seriously, have you seen the SS mentioned in the news in a good way in the last 14 years?

  6. It is funny when background checks are for the other guy, ya know, those nasty gun owners — come on, it is just an inconvenience, but when turned against themselves the sacred journalists of the world, OMG!

    I would like to think that this makes them better understand more about the stupidity of background checks, but those reporters are too self absorbed and too busy supporting the propaganda of their chosen political party, that they will not ever understand.

    • In this instance I am glad they are running background checks on them so those hypocritical, self-righteous bastards get a taste of their own medicine. They won’t learn but since they love pushing background checks on us I won’t shed a tear and if anything I laugh at them. The law of unintended consequences is a b**** that the left thinks never applies to their worldview.

      What goes around comes around.

  7. Didn’t some Vox or Puffington Host regard say that old fohhies were to slow and feeble to defend themselves with a gun?

    • It was a revolver in the hands of an ancient dame.

      Doesn’t fit the tacticool uber keyboard commando crowd at TTAG.

  8. avatar Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian noonewillbelieveyoutheywilltrytorapeandmurderyouagainovernandover

    I live in Hawaii. A local Kama’aina woman named Karen stood up to a police department employee who was stalking her (With the support of the Honolulu Police Dept. C.R.U. – a type of secret police who do not carry badges or are accountable to any law and do the bidding of corrupt senators and the military.) Here is a brief story.

    The C.R.U. guys would hang out at her neighbors house, the neighbor being the “Forensic Scientist” for HPD. The guy who would try to fool people into thinking drug tests made by the cops are legit, despite a 48% false positive rate when simply being exposed to air. A lot of valuable property can be stolen, I mean confiscated this way, along with politically disenfranchising any troublesome witnesses and complainants by convictions, I mean uh, uh, filthy junkies who dare stand up to the chosen.

    Her house, owned by then senator Clayton Hee and his wife, Lynne Waters, the boss of all local judges was designated a target. It was a rental property. Only those filthy poor people who Lucifer did not favor with wealth or connections would have to rent a place to live. And to dare to live in a neighborhood of their betters.

    So they had important people who had (usually inherited) money and connections to the chosen people that liked to watch people use the toilet, especially the nobody loser scum like Karen, sneaking up on her bathroom window to watch and do things like try to make Karen and her pets scared then murder her.

    Karen had a mentally ill son who somehow slipped through the cracks and got guns. Obviously, anyone not a member of the chosen who owns a gun is mentally ill, or a terrorist. He did not even inherit any money!

    One day Karen dared to look directly at one of the chosen while she was threatening Karen on her own property, and tell her to *&%# off. The godlike relative of a state worker got scared because she saw what Karen’s mentally ill gun owner son did to the last person who forced Karen’s door open. “Oh my” the chosen one said. “I know what I deserve. Now Karen is not afraid of death threats and stalking. I know! If I get someone else to hurt her and her family, that means I have done something evil successfully, and that means I have pulled one over on God! He will never be more powerful than me!”

    So then the police repeatedly, violently arrested 67 year old, disabled Karen over and over on the pretense that she had taken a picture of a chosen one. There are no laws against taking pictures on your property, especially if you are taking pictures of someone unwelcome on your property while they are on your property and making death threats. And they have a history of stalking and death threats, assault, vandalism, burglary and theft.

    What matters is the lesser people know their place.

    And they made sure to use a “tactical team” but not actual SWAT to arrest Karen’s son for possibly looking directly at the chosen people, just to make sure he could not protect Karen by taking pictures. They said he was a terrorist not just because he used to own a gun the police illegally stole, I mean confiscated, they said he was a terrorist because he “Knew how to use a gun.” They were going to shoot him when he was handcuffed, they had guns to his head and were looking around frantically, but too many people came out and watched and they had to pretend they were “police” instead of the better ones. Because the lesser people just wouldn’t understand, and need to be kept controlled.

    And now they live in poverty with constant attacks on their lives by state supported murderers, rapists and frauds and all the people who helped try to murder them live fat and happy and laugh about their deeds.

      • Are you going to give your life for something that you read on the net? It was not on the news, therefore, never happened. As long as you keep obeying and you think you look like something on TV, it can’t happen to you. He probably deserved it. Probably uses drugs. Doesn’t go to my religious group.

        Besides, why would the government spend time or money doing this? And who thinks they are that organized?

        Does this loser think he is that important? Like those who think they are important enough they need a gun to protect themselves?

      • Near as I’ve heard, it is unlikely any of them own a gun, this is HI, they are not allowed. And clearly, they shouldn’t be allowed, there would be a rash of killings of people who thought they were important.

  9. “The shooting remains under investigation, said Shari Ireton, a spokeswoman for the Snohomish County Sheriff. It has not yet been sent to the prosecuting attorney, who would decide whether to file charges.”
    Do they really need to consider charging her with anything?

    • Guy was shot to death, there are forms to fill out. There will either be no charges, or the new DA will drop them the next day.

      Granny has my $100.

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