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“Most responsible gun owners I know, at least in Miami-Dade County and Broward County and Palm Beach County and the urbanized counties, agreed with me. And I received a lot of support that these measures, the campus carry, which would allow a 21-year-old with a concealed-carry permit to bring his gun to school for example, or the open carry that would allow anyone with a concealed-carry permit to walk around the streets with a gun belt, and you know a couple of guns like it’s . . .

the OK corral, as well as the airport-terminal carry — everyone I spoke to, including responsible gun owners and concealed-carry permit owners, said we don’t need them. We don’t need these laws. They don’t make any sense and they don’t make us any safer.” – Republican Florida State Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla in Guns And Mental Health [via]



    • Time to get rid of him, he’s another one that just turned into an idiot. They just don’t want us to be able to defend ourselves, they insist on keeping us victims to whoever wants to try to kill us. Time for him to go, Voters remember this come election day. He’s a rights grabber!!!

    • That’s funny Senator because every responsible gun owner and concealed-carry permit owner I spoke with thinks your an F’ing liar!!!

  1. This is why I don’t trust a politician from south Florida. What were the people that said campus carry is too scary? Hell that is a heavy libertard political area for the non thinking sheeps.

    Too me, carrying on a campus is a good thing. There were couple of incidents at a local college that could have been solved when the women that were attacked at parking lots on campus.

  2. As a Floridian he named our main problem, South Florida. South Florida is full of rich white folks who brought their politics with them. North Florida, Central Florida, and the rest of the Panhandle can do without them. He talked to the rich folks that give money to him, unfortunately money isn’t going to keep him in his elected position now, his name is a curse among Florida gun owners and college students.

    • Native born Floridian here. 100% correct. South Florida is the biggest problem in the state. It might as well be another country. Lots of old rust belt retirees and Obama supporters trying to push libtard views on the rest of the state. They should draw a line just south of Ocala and split FL into two states.

      • Florida Native here as well. I always thought they should just finish digging the barge canal and just let that lower part drift off.

        • Im from SF and completelly oppose to this politic jerk. Lot os SFloridians don’t think as this guy. Stop that separatist trashing. Morons!

      • South of Ocala? Don’t make me laugh.

        It isn’t about a geographic border. As is the case worldwide, people who live in cushy suburban (and the nicer urban) areas have no idea what the real world is like. All they want is to placate their feelings. They wouldn’t last a day working on a farm, and they certainly would never be in a position to understand why firearms are important (lest they be robbed or attacked); even then, some have their heads so far in the sand that they’d rather rationalize the acts of a criminal or a tyrant than defend themselves and their loved ones.

        • Well South Florida actually is 90% Hispanic, not native born American. I’m originally from Connecticut, been in the Dade, Broward counties area for about 13 years. I was carrying a firearm before most here were born. Gotta tell ya most of the South Florida Hispanics I know all carry legally, and I know a lot of people. Someone mentioned people wouldn’t last a day on a farm? How many here would last mucking through a rice paddy? Elect people who will do what you need them to get done.

      • I’m born and raised in the Redlands/Homestead and I can assure you it’s not all of south Florida that is the issue. Out here is farm country

      • Why do you dislike those of us living south of Ocala? 🙂 There’s lots of 2nd Amendment POTG and conservatives living in SWFL.

      • It sounds like you’re talking about NoVa, or NE Illinois, or SE Michigan, or NYNY.

        Did I just name the four primary breeding grounds for your South Florida nannies?

      • portilla you are bought and paid for someone ” owns ” you !! heads up you will be voted out !!!!

  3. What’s different between him saying “XXXXX agrees with me” to bolster his cause and myself saying it to bolster my cause? His unfounded, unsupported and undocumented anecdote trumps mine?

    Better question: who gives a shit what any group real or imaginary thinks? This being an allegedly free society and all.

  4. There must be a special definition of “safe” for these people. I don’t know how in the world I could be safer as a totally helpless potential victim.

    Therefore, they have no interest at all in “safety,” but only control. He ultimately can’t control people who create their own safety.l

  5. this guy shoots .38 super and still rides a carabela. i bounce between merritt island and surfside in the spring. i don’t know who he’s been speaking to…

  6. So none of your National Guard, Law Enforcement or permitted carry holders attend class!?!

  7. This guy just blows were the political wind takes him. Like all professional politicians, he had no moral or ethical compass. He’s merely trying to keep his elected position. At least he’s not an antigun activist type. He’ll flip flop the second he thinks it’s in his interest to do so.

  8. I can *not* believe he jumped right on in to the “OK corral” bullshit. Give him anther sentence or 2 and we’d have “rivers of blood in the streets”. For you kids out there, claims of a future of 2-gun cowboy rigs, along with those two predictions, were splashed all over national media in 1986-87 while FL was preparing to pass “shall issue”, the entire rest of the country discovered very quickly that did not happen, not even a blip, and the CCL revolution was under way (although the same 3 claims, word for word, were splashed around for every single state when the question came up). Now we’re working on the Constitutional carry revolution, and this dipshit moron hasn’t caught up with 1987 yet.

    • Yup. I remember that. Now they are saying the same thing with constitutional carry. Yet it’s passing…

  9. I call BS. The reason he did this was due to redistricting. He now has a lot of Democrats in his district and he’s kissing up to them.

  10. He’ll be out of office soon, they’ll put the bills on the docket again and they’ll pass. Fuck him.

  11. Florida has been trying to get open carry and campus carry for a long time. Bush Republicans, Democrats, and dishonest judges will keep them out of teach. Florida will go backwards from here on.

  12. “Miguel Diaz de la Portilla: Why I Killed Campus Carry…”

    “‘Cause I’m a d!ck and Bloomie gave me a big sack o’ cash.”

  13. “Most responsible gun owners I know, at least in Miami-Dade County and Broward County and Palm Beach County and the urbanized counties, agreed with me.

    Of course they would, they are predominately liberal urbanites, pandering to their perceived notions of safety.

    And I received a lot of support that these measures, the campus carry, which would allow a 21-year-old with a concealed-carry permit to bring his gun to school for example…

    …and… that’s bad why? Do you think for one second, that if he wanted to shoot someone on campus that a “no-guns-allowed” sign is going to stop him? Has it stopped others before? Did it stop the Virginia Tech shooter, etc? What you politicians need to understand is… the law doesn’t “allow” anything. It only applies penalties for an action/possession, etc. The “law” is just a piece of paper with some signatures on it, and it’s not going to stop a murderer with ill intent who has resolved to perform a murderous action.

    …or the open carry that would allow anyone with a concealed-carry permit to walk around the streets with a gun belt, and you know a couple of guns like it’s the OK corral, as well as the airport-terminal carry — everyone I spoke to, including responsible gun owners and concealed-carry permit owners, said we don’t need them.

    Well, with any freedom, you have to tolerate those you perceive as offensive and inconsiderate, if they also tolerate their perceived offenses and inconsiderate attitudes which you put upon them, then everyone can benefit from it. We know you have opinions and we do too – everyone has them. But carrying a gun concealed, or open, or “OK Corral” style doesn’t hurt anyone.

    We don’t need these laws.

    You mean we don’t need these “freedoms.” These laws undo laws that previously restricted.

    They don’t make any sense and they don’t make us any safer.

    They do make sense, and they don’t make you any less safe. Again, criminals aren’t going to care about a “no-guns-allowed” sign. They aren’t going to stop and reconsider their actions because a “no-guns-allowed” sign sits at the entrance. What it does do, is allow people to legally be able to equip themselves with the best tool possible for their own self defense who aren’t looking to hurt anyone.

  14. Impeach Miguel Diaz de la Portilla is the name of a Facebook page.
    Zuckerland is a banned domain here, but for those of you who Facebutt, you might want to check it out.

  15. He full of crap.
    I live in a very wealthy area of Palm Beach county. Most Ive spoken to on the issue of open carry would not have done so. For the most part anyone with a CWP wouldn’t open carry during their daily lives. But all would have wanted to at the least have had the option to do so. As for campus carry also bullshit. Over 21 and a lawful carrier. Why would any one be concerned about the most law abiding individuals as a group in the state. None on campus would have been the wiser if concealed, as it is in most circumstances. It would make a heck of a difference. No more so called “Gun Free” zone. Postal parking lots same thing.

  16. Senator “Some of my best friends are gun owners.” has it backwards.

    Nobod y needs to justify *allowing* poeple to carry what, where, and how they will. You need to demonstrate how your restriction is a net gain, and justified under your authority.

    So, what’s his number of campus shootings by lawful gun owners that this will prevent?

  17. The problem with the committee system is that the politicians, just a small slice of the entire legislative body, seem to think that they are there to represent only the interests of their constituents from their particular districts, not the interests of the entire state, which is what they should be doing. So what you end up with is a single politician, or maybe 3 or 4 on a five person committee, controlling the bills that make it to the floor, based on their local interests when it is a state-wide concern. We have the exact same problem here in California. Pro-gun bills die in the Public Safety Committee, while gun control measures usually sail through, even when there is no evidence demonstrating the need for the measure for example, last year school campus carry was banned for all CCW holders (unless with the permission of the school administrator), as well as an ammo ban, despite the fact that there had no been a single incident of a CCW holder doing anything illegal on a campus. This is no different.

    Perhaps the solution, as onerous as it would be, would be to permit the committees the power only to make recommendations, but not to essentially veto bills before they make it to the floor.

  18. TL; DR:

    I’m a guy who won’t uphold parts of the constitution I dislike. What? I just violated my oath of office? Who cares? What difference does it make?

  19. With regards to open carry, which 40+ states allow in some way, shape or form, it’s clear that this hijo de puta Miguel Diaz de la Portilla prioritizes the feelings of tourists over what his constituents want. Sorry about the salty language, but I’ve repeatedly called and emailed our esteemed rep to no avail. Maybe an insult will get his attention.

  20. For someone who’s discussing an external issue, he sure says, “I”, a lot.
    *Narcissist* *cough*

  21. It s an mistake in system if have one person as an house “speaker” have the power to kill an bill white no chance to force/override them white 2/3 as the maxium to force Gouverneur to sign 🙁

    And if it s 1000% legal what he done it s not correct and abusing of power and show one think thats your an asshole / rhino and dream from nordkorea big gouverment !!

    Start recall of him and an bill that chance the system that anythink white 50,1% passed can t stopped befor gouvernour veto thats can be overriden white maxium 2/3 !

    Fight the system !!
    Live Free ore DIE !!

  22. He talked to and got opinions from SOOOooooo many people. I’m sure he can provide a poll, or names of specific individuals he based his legal decision on, right?

    His “conversations” are anecdotal at best.

  23. This is the issue that will play itself out in November and it won’t be about gun legislation alone. Will the urban centers carry the Hildebeast to the White House, or will the rest of the country get behind Trump? Given Hilde’s poor performance against Sanders in Indiana and elsewhere, it’s pretty clear that working class Democrats outside of the big coastal cities don’t want her. Let’s hope that they will be like the Reagan Democrats of past years and vote for the Donald.

  24. Ah, yes, the infamous strawman, “most responsible gun owners I know”………

    Name some names and let those people either confirm their support or shoot your position out of the water.

  25. Every politician in the history of politics that has ever invoked the “OK Corral” claim has been proven to be a lying anti freedom fear monger. The contention that expanding freedom to protect one’s self in our daily travels “doesn’t make us safer” is yet another falsehood. DLP is a dishonest establishment statist that believes your safety and the safety of you family is the reserved responsibility of the government.

  26. I e- mailed and called him in support of this bill.
    So he got at least one e mail and one voice mail from a registered voter in support of open carry and campus carry

  27. I didn’t know that the opinion of a few people in 3 counties speak for the other 65 counties in Florida. He speaks of 3 southern counties near Miami for which I wouldn’t visit for the life of me, that have the highest crime rate in the state. He also spoke to ranking law enforcement that don’t even want conceal carry and would agree with anything a Senator say’s. What gives a small Senate committee the right to speak for everyone? We need to change how are legislators make decisions.

  28. He is right about one thing. We don’t need gun laws. They don’t make us any safer. What we need as an absence of gun laws and real freedom.

  29. Whether he feels he right or wrong with this issue, the fact of the matter is he held up legislation to suite his own agenda. He is not a representative of the people or he would have allowed open carry to be voted on by the people he is in office to serve. This man represents all that is wrong with polititions today, the (R) next to his name is camouflage.

  30. Diaz de la Portilla was defeated by a democrat
    The Republican Senate President Joe Negron blamed the loss on Trump
    No mention of the anti gun position causing even Republicans to vote against him
    These bills will now be reintroduced.
    The republicans picked up another seat even without Portilla and have a 25 to 15 majority in the state senate
    We will see if Negron and the other old school Republicans vote anti gun.
    If they do, then we will get rid of them, too


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