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Trump Is Right: Hillary Clinton Wants To Take Your Guns – “The media refused to believe him. CNN stated Trump’s claims were ‘wild’ and that Clinton ‘has never argued for abolishing the Second Amendment.’ Ben Jacobs at The Guardian wrote that Clinton ‘has never made any statement in support of abolishing the second amendment [sic] or confiscating the personal firearms of citizens.’ Evelyn Rupert at The Hill recalled that Clinton had recently declared ‘we can’t ignore the Second Amendment,’ as if that statement actually, you know, means anything.” The palace guard has been deployed and will do whatever they can to drag Hillary over the goal line in November. Make no mistake, the devil you know really does want to take your guns . . .

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Govt was warned on shotgun modifications – Aussies are aghast at the imported Adler A110 lever shotgun that can be modified to fire 11 rounds — eleven rounds! — as opposed to the standard five.

Booze and bullets: Arizona lawmakers push bill to allow officers to carry guns into barsRetired police officers are more equal than others, apparently. Like this: “Advocates said retired officers should be trusted and are some of the best people to handle the volatile situations that can happen while people are drinking alcohol.”

A blast from the the past. Here’s everything you want to know about the WW1-themed Battlefield 1.

[Tennessee] Law Enforcement Prepare For Guns On College Campuses – Better late than never!

Yes, that’s Billy Mumy putting Mattel’s Dick Tracy snubbie and Tommy gun to work defending what used to be America.

More Criminals Are Using Fake Guns: Here’s Why – “Arlington Police say suspects are telling them they’re using fake guns during robberies because they think the punishment will be less severe if they’re caught. Police say those suspects are wrong.” So now you know.

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Skinner Sights is now selling Bush Pilot Survival kits. They feature a Chiappa takedown lever gun, along with a RAT-7 OKC Survival knife with a 7.2-inch carbon steel black powder coated blade and Micarta handle. The BUSH PILOT logo and serial number on the blade matches that of the carbine. Ther’s also Titan storm and water proof matches (in a sturdy capsule), a U.S. Government issue Doan magnesium fire starter, Ration brand heat and cooking stove with Hexamine fuel tablets, tough “polyester film space blanket” tube tent large enough for two adults, Brunton TruArc 3 flat base scouting compass and 50 feet of Mil. Spec. 750 Parachute cord. Price: $1799.

5 Russian bikers shot dead with hunting rifle – Waco redux, except it was one guy, not SWAT cops shooting.

Alex "Shaya" Lichetenstein (courtesy

[NYPD] Cops didn’t inspect guns purchased through bribery scandal – D’oh!

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 5.6.16: Tough Grannies, Vets Who Won't Back Down, and Reporters Concerned About Background Checks">Previous Post
Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: 5.10.16 - Hillary's Executive Orders, Hoosiers Tooling Up and a Nautical AR">Next Post


  1. “Advocates said retired officers should be trusted and are some of the best people to handle the volatile situations that can happen while people are drinking alcohol.”

    Just ask Anthony Abbate.

  2. I’m not really into video games as I used to be (at least new ones, I’ll still play older games occasionally). But I think going to WW1 is a good bet. It’s fairly unexplored video game territory, and it’s certainly better than that future crap call of duty keeps churning out.

    On a side note, I found a S&W 910 at my LGS and its in pretty good shape. Got them down to 275. Should I pull the trigger?

    • If mags are available and might want to check on the guide rod. I think they were plastic. Maybe a steel replacement would be available.

      But for 275? I’d try it.

      • I looked a bit and Mec Gar makes (or at least still sells) replacement magazines, and the most posts say the metal guide rod from the 5906 will fit in the 910.

        I’m thinking for 275 I can’t really go wrong, it’s not going to be used for self defense purposes, just a range gun. Plus my wife is pregnant with our first kid so it’s yet another gun to teach with when the time comes

    • Too bad it’s an EA/DICE game.

      I’m really hoping Star Citizen takes off. No big studios involved and the game’s Alpha is AMAZING.

      • Hail and well met fellow citizen. My wife doesnt want to know how much ive spent supporting that games development lol.

  3. Tomorrow’s quote of the day?

    ‘I’m allowed to change. You need flexibility.’ – Thedonald 5/8/2016

  4. Everything you said about Hilary is true. But don’t think for one second the Donald won’t bargain away anything to feed his ego as the deal maker.

    South Park nailed another one: every election is a choice between a douche and a turd sandwich.

    • Given our options, any gun owner who does not pick Trump over Hillary is pants on head retarded.

      • If Hillary is elected, with a democrat Congress, 2017 will be the Year of US Gun Confiscation.

        • I’m concerned that a president Trump would play ball with a Democrat congress just as easily. Maybe more so. He’s a professional actor (SAG member) who supported Hilary right up until just after she lost, then became a Republican? Call me paranoid all you want, but I see a Trojan Horse.

        • That is a bit hyperbolic. It’ll take time to get the SCOTUS rulings necessary and both houses would have to be controlled by the Dems.

        • No, no she’s not that smart.

          People call Obama an idiot, but I’m fairly certain most of his failures were calculated.

          Hillary IS an idiot. The woman has spent her entire life in and around politics. First lady of Arkansas, first lady of the US, state senator, secretary of state. All of that experience and look back to the beginning of her presidential run. The Democrats sequestered her for MONTHS to coach her and make sure she wouldn’t screw it up. And look how well she took to THAT coaching.

          I’ve always said the US doesn’t put an idiot in the White House. If Hilary wins it, we will have.

        • I think you’re giving Barry way too much credit for his success. Who should get the credit? I wish we knew who designed the system that allowed him to fail upward, but they certainly got their money’s worth – whomever or whatever “they” are.

  5. Wow, after reading the comments of thar Federalist article, I’ve reached a conclusion: Both sides suck. Can we please have a third party now?

    • Sure, let me know how that works out for you… It’ll probably be a breeze.

      – Libertarian/Independent

    • Then we can have another option to lose to Democrats. Most Dems are: Stupid, Evil or both. They LIKE what their party supports and implements. Bernie Sanders is getting huge support running as a freaking SOCIALIST. The practical policy differences between he and Hillary are negligible. My point- too many Americans have the wrong beliefs and support candidates of the same. Secular-Progressive Liberalism will be the death of America.

  6. That crazy NYPD exploiting the Black Market in nYc. What will those crazy cops do next?

    • Retire, move to Arizona, go fully armed into bars, and drink alcohol, probably to excess.

  7. Hillary should be pushing for repeal of the second amendment. It’s the only way she can avoid violating her oath of office. You know, the one to uphold the constitution? The WHOLE constitution? Even the icky parts?

  8. Oh, she will defend the second amendment, she just has a disagreement on what it means. She never denied that she will make it as difficult as possible to exercise it. And you can keep your guns, magazines and ammo on the other hand, not so much.

  9. Arizonans can already carry into bars, provided they don’t put up a sign. Many do but quite a few don’t. It’s also a petty misdemeanor to flaunt it, even below a traffic ticket as one lawyer explained to me, so it’s quite toothless.

  10. Well talking about the evil pantsuit thing is redundant. But man that Billy Mummy vid brought back good memories. I and my brother had the army version of the exact same thing. Fun Leave it to Beaver childhood… NOW that gets you killed. Or a black woman in Chicago’s ghetto hood steals an 11 year old kids BBgun and wins woman of the year honors…”it coulda’ been real!”

  11. It would be great if you had a videogame-related section that bridged the videogame and the serious handling of firearms in some way. You know, to connect with newer audiences and insert yourselves in the cultural fight for the 2A.

  12. I don’t see how a WW1 game will translate. You would be constantly hunkering down and sitting through artillery and gas barrages and gunned down within a few seconds of going over the top. Much of the death and combat was totally random, unless they are doing the later, more fluid battles in the war.

  13. I’ve never understood why survival kits only have those magnesium blocks to start fires with. I mean sure, throw one in there as back up or to help if you can only find wet stuff to burn, but bic lighters are cheap, small, non-perishable, work really well to start fires, and you don’t need any prior practice to operate one.

    • Exactly. I’ve got a survival kit, with 20 bic lighters in it. And those mini candles to save on them. Save me a shit ton of time, effort, and energy if I ever have to use them.

      • Bic lighters are great, I always have one with me, but they have their limits.
        They don’t work well at high altitude.
        When it’s really cold.
        They extinguish when you set them down, but you have candles to cover that.
        They don’t handle high winds well.
        I’ve unfortunately been in conditions where a Bic lighter simply wouldn’t start a fire, but those conditions are a bit extreme.
        You may never be in such conditions, but I thought I’d point it out. They are still great, just not prefect.

    • Because you can charge more.

      When I started reading that, I was curious. When I got to $1800, I wasn’t.

      • I want more details on that knife coated with black powder! Seems a bit dangerous to me… especially if one uses it as the striker for the spark!

  14. Just a note, current AZ law already allows CC permit holders to enter an establishment that sells alcohol, as long as a no firearm sign is not posted and the armed individual is not drinking. The article linked was light on details regarding what new law was being pushed that doesn’t already exist.

    Can I carry a firearm into an establishment that serves alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises if I have a CCW permit?
    Yes, unless the establishment has posted signs prohibiting weapons (A.R.S. 4-229). You may not consume alcohol while in possession of your firearm (A.R.S. 4-244). There are some additional exceptions see A.R.S. 13-3102.

  15. “Ben Jacobs at The Guardian wrote that Clinton ‘has never made any statement in support of abolishing the second amendment [sic] or confiscating the personal firearms of citizens.’”

    Even if this was true, the response would be “who cares?” Every involved Second Amendment supporter knows exactly where she stands and we don’t need some Guardian opinion writer telling us what to think.

    By the way, since the Guardian may lack basic research skills, here are statements from Hillary Clinton dot com.

    “She also co-sponsored and voted for legislation to extend and reinstate the assault weapons ban.”

    “Keep military-style weapons off our streets. Military-style assault weapons do not belong on our streets. They are a danger to law enforcement and to our communities. Hillary will work to keep assault weapons off our streets and supports reinstating the assault weapons ban.”

  16. I may be nuts, but the more I watch Trump after he became sole candidate, I really wonder if he wants to be the president or just wants to win the presidency? It really bugs me that presidential politics has become a cult of personality. Presidents in the past were at the least, more serious. I don’t trust or like Trump but I will vote for him over a mean, vengeful, disrespectful, deceitful, old pant suit granny.

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