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Click here or on the above image to watch Funny or Die’s video News on the Rocks: NRA Gun Shelters. It’s pretty much what you’d expect: a sketch based on the idea that guns confiscated by police need adoptive love. Which, I’m thinking, they do. Sarcasm and phallic gun fun aside, it makes perfect sense to me. Well, most of it. Certainly not Ms. Cranston muzzle discipline. Note to Ms. Cranston: TTAG-authorized trainers are standing by to teach you the four safety rules. We’ll throw in a safe word at no extra cost.

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  1. If the NRA is just shilling for the gun industry, then encouraging cops to resell siezed guns seems like a bad business model. A police resale profits S&W, Colt, etc not at all.

    • All of us gun owners can see this, but to the average bernieite or hildebeastiality, it doesn’t even cross their mind I bet.

  2. I have never heard of the idea of taking the guns in an evidence locker and selling them.

    The only opposition to this sort of thing I’ve ever seen is that gun “buy-back” programs simply destroy the guns that are turned in.

  3. Just another typical liberal organization trying real hard to use “comedy” and “irony” to push a liberal brainwashing scheme on youth. Just like “Comedy Central.”

    • It may not even be as sinister as that. I took them for a couple of unfunny hucksters trading on “edgy” just to hustle a buck. These two don’t know what they’re doing or what they’re talking about. For such publicity seeking, fame whores, glibness passes for wisdom.

  4. “You can die Joey”…sorry not adding to their stats. AS funny as Onion garbage-not at all.

  5. love that trigger discipline she had at the 2 min mark

    I am surprised that the next “cut” in the film did not have her with at least one black eye–if I was there it would have happened–lol


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