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Cop Shoots Barely Injured Cat He Says Was a Threat – “‘Officer Pursell made a decision to, in his judgment, humanely end the cat’s life and suffering,’ Morganelli said. ‘Officer Pursell fired a single shot from his department-issued .38 caliber service revolver, instantly killing the cat.’ A subsequent autopsy reportedly find little injury to the cat aside from the fatal gunshot wound. The officer was given a ‘summary citation,’ which described as the equivalent of a parking ticket.” Apparently there aren’t enough dogs to use for target practice any more, so our more trigger happy servers and protectors are including more species on their hit lists . . .

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Senate rebuffs guns in buildings bill – “A bid to allow some gun owners to bring their weapons into public buildings has suffered a setback, perhaps a fatal one.” Looks like Arizona legislators aren’t thrilled by the idea of the people they tax and regulate walking around with guns in the hallowed buildings in which they work.

Salinas city leaders disappointed about stolen police guns – “‘We have been careless, there are no excuses here,’ councilman Tony Barrera said. ‘I hope this just doesn’t happen a fourth time.'” Yes, it’s very disappointing that law enforcement officers can’t seem to safeguard the weapons entrusted to them.

A lady and gentleman in black *oil on canvas *131.6 x 109 cm *inscribed b.: Rembrandt.ft: 1633

Feds Find Guns at Mobster’s Manchester Home, Not Art – Wait. You mean wise guy Robert Gentile was more interested in owning a MAC-11 and some other heaters than a few Rembrandts? Geddouddahere!

How many pieces of drywall will a little .22LR round go through? A lot more than you’d expect.

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    • When you’ve got real-life Barney Fifes like this chump on the payroll, a .38 and one bullet should be standard issue.

  1. I call BS on the cat killing story. What department still issues .38 revolvers? Bedrock?

    ^^^^^Gabe beat me to it^^^^^

    • That was my first thought. Harder to believe that any department is still using a .38 than just about anything else in the story.

    • But a short barreled 38 would make a suitable backup gun, and considering a tight budget, I can see a small police department issuing them from their stocks from another decade.

  2. Up here in Canada, people are pulling together to help the evacuees from the Fort McMurray fire- including gun owners. Several gun stores up here and a couple ranges are offering storage space for guns, and the ranges are offering camping spots to go with it.

    If you know anyone who needs somewhere to store their guns or a place to stay, get in touch with CCFR (Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights) on their Facebook. From CGN: ” there are 16 rough camping spots available at a range, 40 min east of Edmonton. Restricted’s and non are more than welcome. Access to fresh water, safe storage. Please contact us for instructions. THIS IS AT A RANGE SO YOUR ATT ALLOWS YOU TO TRAVEL THERE WITH YOUR R’S. Call 1-844-243-CCFR (2237). Special thank you to Chris Russell. “

    • ColdNorth, is there any word on what the evacuees are doing with their pets?

      Are they forced to abandon them?

      • People who escaped along with their pets are getting help from a number of organizations. I know that the Calgary Humane Society put out a request for crates and kennels, and a whole bunch have been delivered. Food, water, shelter- along with the humans, pets are being helped as best as can be at the moment.

        There are groups trying to get in to help any pets that were left behind, but as the fires are still raging it is hard to get into the area. I’m not sure if things will get worse- earlier today some of the small towns that the evacuees were sent to had to be evacuated themselves.

        The CBC has more information about who to contact if you’d like to help, and on the current situation:

        As far as I know, the range camps I mentioned earlier allow pets.

        This also serves as an important reminder for everyone to review their emergency plans- this fire came up so fast that if you hadn’t prepared in advance, there wasn’t much you could grab. I know that some people ended up running out of gas on their way out and had to abandon vehicles (others were more fortunate and got a quick fill up from a good samaritan). Volunteers have been working hard along with professional organizations.

  3. hey, if anyone makes “furtive movements”, its cats.

    at least the officer went home that night.

  4. Yeah but one sheet of drywall will stop a 223 round out of a rifle.

  5. I shot a round of CCI .22 LR Quiet through 8 pieces of drywall.

    That’s a powderless, hearing-safe .22 bullet traveling at 700 FPS. The moral of this story is that drywall is basically talcum powder and newsprint.

    • I’m not surprised, low velocity bullets typically have better penetration in soft materials than high velocity ones.

      • By your logic a 300 win mag should be stopped by one or two pieces of drywall.

        Penetration is solely a function of momentum or mass x velocity. More velocity for a given mad or the more mass for a given velocity the better the penetration. That is why the Stinger penetrated less than the Velociter.

        • Not solely. Surface area and energy transfer are also in that mix. A one pound steel rod would get better penetration that a one pound steel plate, at the same velocity, for example. But we are talking about 2 bullets of the same diameter, sooo.

        • Sometimes plate out penetrated rods if propelled by a shaped charge. The Baider-Meinhoff gang took out a German executive in an armored limo that way.

  6. Salinas city leaders disappointed about stolen police guns

    “‘We have been careless, there are no excuses here,’ councilman Tony Barrera said. ‘I hope this just doesn’t happen a fourth time.’”

    And when it does…………what?

    Seems like the Only Ones ™ can’t get their sh!t together

  7. OK, the reason why drywall is used as a construction material is a) it is cheap, b) installing it is far easier than lath and plaster, c) it has a property of slowing down the progress of interior fires, since it contains some moisture that gets cooked out of the gypsum, converting radiant heat into steam.

    Drywall is not there as a structural material.

    • I can attest to its fire attenuation properties.

      Years back, had a large apartment fire, talking to the property owner after, he told me he was quite surprised it didn’t spread to the other units.

      When they built it, one of the owners had an unpleasant experience with noise from other tenants, so the builder used a double-drywall for construction, one layer of drywall, an air gap, and then the second sheet of drywall, specifically for noise control, but the architect told them it would slow the spread of fire, especially in the attic.

      And it worked as advertised. The landlord had it repaired and re-rented in short order.

      I was glad someone saw the fire and let my cat escape with 8 of her lives expended.

      Anyways, that’s why I commented on the Canada fire mentioned above.

      That cop is a POS for killing the cat…

      (And all that dust they called ash in the streets of NYC on 9-11? That wasn’t ash, that was pulverized gypsum drywall)

  8. Any man/cop who can’t deal with a domestic variety cat WITHOUT a firearm is a pussy….and cops shoot those. Weird, huh.

  9. The 911 dispatcher should have sent animal control on the call about the cat. But seriously, what’s with the war on pets? We’re due for a “cop shoots turtle” story any day now.

      • We have soft-shell snapping turtles here in Florida, and they damn sure can bite a finger clean off…

        • A finger if you’re lucky! Not a cat fan but dang what an azzwhole…prayers for Alberta.

    • And yet people continue to wonder why so many have the impression that cops just like to kill things, when they think they can get away with it. And most of the time they do.

  10. Police found “numerous” firearms–three to be exact. Since when does three equate to numerous? Oh wait, one is a number too, so one must be numerous also. Got it.

    • In media the subjective quantity of arms is unrelated to the objective quantity.

      For example; If a cop loses 3 guns, a junior officer has misplaced a few guns. If a civilian is found to have 3 guns in his care, then an arms smuggler has been caught transporting and arsenal.

  11. What’s the difference between a pizza man and a police man?
    The pizza man comes on time and doesn’t shoot your dog!

  12. Who among us has not ever killed a household pet, ours or someone else’s, under 10 pounds with a gun?

    • Your sarcasm noted. I have had to put a bullet into a stray dog hit by a truck in front of my house. No collar. I was pretty sure it was going to die. Body was still twitching. I put a .22 in it’s brainstem to end it’s suffering. It was not a fun evening.

  13. This psychotic excuse for a cop needs to be summarily dismissed and never employed again in law enforcement. There can be no other solution. Anyone claiming in the same breath that a cat needed to be euthanized then was somehow a threat is just admitting their own psychological aberration, which, if the world ever made any sense up there, ought to have made it easy for the chief to fire him on the spot (I certainly would.)

    As for the .38, I’d wager it was a department issued snubby (J-frame Smith) ordinarily used as a backup. Just another sign of taxpayer dollars being put to use. I’ve long held that police, fire, and related ‘public service’ jobs up North have nothing to do with actually rendering the public a service and everything to do with providing a cushy job and a fat pension after so many years, and this incident just reaffirms that sentiment. Very unfortunate and very frustrating, but that is one reason I live in the South.


    • Clearly he was a rookie. A veteran would have shot the cat with the glock and planted the j-frame on it.

  14. A 911 call reporting an injured cat in a yard ended up with the cat dead of a gunshot wound. It happened in North Catasauqua, just north of Allentown, Penn. The cat’s name was Sugar, and she lived with her owner just a few doors down.

    “She knew her name,” said owner Tom Newhart. “If you’d call her, she’d come to you.”

    A North Catasauqua policeman responded to the call and evaluated the situation. According to the Northampton District Attorney, the cop noted injuries to the cat’s hind legs and that she was trailing blood. He made the decision then and there to put the cat down.

  15. A police officer with bad judgement issues should not be a police officer. As a kid, my families barn was the home of a few feral cats. Sure, they were ornery, but they were far from deadly. I bet the officer got too close, the cat clawed him, he got angry, and then shot the cat. If it were my cat, my lawyer would be having a talk with the police department about how much money they will pay me.

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