New York City Mayor Eric Adams (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams is becoming more like his predecessor every day. Mayor Adams campaigned on being a different kind of mayor than Bill de Blasio. One who would tackle the rising crime problem plaguing the city.

Instead, he’s stolen a page from Mayor Bill de Blasio and instead of taking responsibility, he’s lashing out.

Temper tantrums against the firearm industry weren’t a good look for Mayor de Blasio. It’s an even worse look now than the ludicrous, virtue signaling gun control getup the Mayor wore to the Met Gala.

Eric Adams Met Gala End Gun Violence
Tracey Collins, right, and New York City mayor Eric Adams, wearing a tuxedo with the words “End Gun Violence,” attend The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute benefit gala. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Same As The Old Boss

New Yorkers deserve more and must demand it from a mayor who was hired to defeat crime, not whine and deflect blame with outright lies. Mayor Adams delivered remarks to the National Press Club and demanded the media hold the gun industry accountable for his own failures to curb crime in New York City.

Nothing he said took responsibility for his own failures to do the job for which he was hired. New York City isn’t just crime plagued. It is a criminal haven.

Mayor Adams is lying to the citizens of his city when he says firearm manufacturers are marketing guns to criminals and children. He’s a gun owner and a former police officer and knows better, but he’s putting politics ahead of the truth.

Mayor Adams knows that no one in America can legally purchase a gun at retail anywhere unless they pass an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification. That means criminals and children are prohibited.

4473 background check atf

The firearm industry serves those who obey the law. It also works to keep guns out of the hands of those who should never possess them, including criminals and children.

The Industry Leads with Real Solutions

That’s why the firearm industry changed the law in 16 states and in Congress to make sure all disqualifying information is submitted to the FBI so the background check system works as intended. It’s also why the firearm industry partnered with 15,000 law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and five U.S. territories to distribute over 40 million free gun locks to make sure every gun owner can lock up their gun when they’re not in use.

The firearm industry partners with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to prevent illegal straw purchases of firearms and improve security at firearm retailers to deter and prevent criminals from stealing guns.

Those are efforts paid for by the firearm industry. Gun manufacturers are investing in keeping guns out of criminals’ hands. Mayor Adams can’t honestly say the same thing.

Blame Game Rerun

His rant against the gun manufacturers and haranguing the media to “name and shame” companies and CEOs is a deflection of his failures to live up to the promises he made to New Yorkers.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams  (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)

Mayor Adams should demand that the media name prosecutors who turn criminals back onto the street without accountability. He should demand the media name the politicians who write and sign laws to eliminate bail and push soft-on-crime policies that protect criminals and not victims. He should demand news outlets name the donors who fund the elections of district attorneys and attorneys general who won’t do their jobs.

Mayor Adams wants to blame an industry for his failures and the failures of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. He refuses to speak the name of George Soros who funded DA Bragg’s election, along with other failing district attorneys including DA George Gascon and recalled DA Chesa Boudin.

More Broken Promises

Mayor Adams broke his promise to New York City. He hasn’t made the city safer. He’s ceded it to the criminals. He’s allowed overall crime in New York City to soar 30 percent from one year ago.

The NYPD is doing their part, making nearly 3,000 arrests of criminals committing crimes with illegally-obtained firearms this year alone. They didn’t get those firearms through legal sales. The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that about 90 percent of prisoners incarcerated for firearms-related crimes admit to obtaining them illegally – through theft, friends and family, or the black market.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams
New York City Mayor Eric Adams (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The firearm industry that equips NYPD to protect the streets wants the work of the police to benefit the city. Instead, these criminals are being turned back out on the streets. They aren’t being held accountable.

Mayor Adams’ only answer is – “blame them.” That plays well to the special-interest gun control political class, but it fails the citizens of New York City.

Hizzoner has broken his promise. He said he would be better than Bill de Blasio. He’s not. Mayor Adams must take responsibility and end the scapegoating and deflecting for his own failures.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. This is one cracker that is unimpressed by him. He’s on video talking about “killin them crackers. Bring it little E. How many bullets can you catch?

  2. This is my surprised face. See my surprised face? I’m so surprised, it’s showing on my surprised face. 😐

    If New Yorkers really want change, they have to vote the bums out. I don’t know if NY has election cheating codified into their state law like CA does here, but stop voting for Democrats, full stop.

    • We do re cheating but honestly your state has more opposing viewpoints by percentage in the cities as well as the state as a whole so……….yeah guess we are just where liberty gets its lower limits defined.

    • It’s both hilarious and sad that anyone thought it would be better. The same goes for Chicago. People were calling her a reformer when she came in. I couldn’t believe I was reading that. What’s wrong with people?

      • Stupidity, which is a permanent condition. No Cure.
        Ignorance would have been fixed by education or experience a couple of decades ago.

      • I was hoping we would be able to go from catastrophe to only a disaster but somehow it just dug deeper

  3. The sun rises in the east, sets in the west, rain falls when it decides to, summer follows spring, roses are red, violets are blue, and everything a Democrat says is untrue.

  4. Why would anyone be surprised at this? Adams has always been the political version of a sharp dressing, smooth talking televangelist – sort of like a taller version of Al Sharpton without the hair.

    New Yorkers got the mayor they voted for…and deserve.


    • Pretty certain you’re vastly overestimating FJBee, but neither are anywhere near Mensa candidates to be sure. Quite the opposite actually, proper term I believe being mouth breathing fuck-tards.

      • Neither one of them can put a coherent sentence together with the fucking words right in front of them, IF a Black man COULD be a raciss then they would BOTH be raciss, Braindead is a hair sniffing, pedophilic, corrupt figure head of highly successful crime family and Party Boy wants to sit in the big chair when Braindead moves on. Not really a lot of difference between them. One cannot dress himself, the other should NOT be allowed to dress himself, both are power hungry, ego driven, Wanna-Be’s that are just not that bright who have been put in power positions by an electorate with a combined IQ of room temperature.

      • WilliamWallace and MAXX,

        Yes, both are mouth-breathing morons (in addition to being abject libtards, which is ALMOST, but not quite, synonymous). Have no idea about Hizzoner’s background, and care even less. Senile Joe is living out his potential to the ultimate – the man was a fumbling, gaffe-prone, ignorant, plagiarizing dumbass from the moment he got elected to the Senate . . . and now he’s all that AND senile.

        If brains were nitroglycerin, neither of those f***tards could blow their nose.

  5. Dumbazz ny got the democRat Crap they voted for again and deserve. Obviously Curtis S. was the far, far best qualified man for the job.

  6. The clown show is on full display with a Governor telling nearly half the state to pack their shit and get out (5000 a month moving to Fl.) and that real life Crusty the Clown Wanna-Be running NYC even farther into the sewers, definitely popcorn worthy TV.

  7. The ghetto rats in NY, keep voting these losers in office every election because they LOOK like them, so why should anyone outside of NY care . They don’t put them in office because they are smart & want to help the community, their put in office because the voters are ignorant, uneducated, GHETTO RATS.

  8. Got it, Democrats in New York voted the same way as they always do and expected a different result.

    Worked exactly as expected.

  9. Where Eric Adams is taking NYC is so appropriate, the real fun is only getting started.
    There is no Rudy this time to pick up the pieces.

    • There’s so much momentum with the radical Left at this point, I don’t think they could stop if they wanted to. Taking back the House is nothing. Taking back the Senate and the White House is nothing. It already happened a few years ago. It didn’t last long did it? They own the deep state and the culture. The trajectory will be the same.

  10. Not whine and deflect blame with outright lies.
    An AR 15 bullet goes faster then any other rifle round.
    A 9 milimeter will blow your lungs out.
    Come on man, you dont need 30 round deer to kill the Second Amendment.
    If a politician couldn’t lie he be a toothbrush salesman with a side gig selling chips and dip.

    • An AR 15 bullet goes faster then any other rifle round.

      On Friday, gun-grabbing Joe once again repeated his ridiculous lie about the muzzle velocity of an AR-15, in simplistic language that further proves his ignorance of firearms and the rounds they fire. Joe claims that AR-15s fire bullets at a velocity that is five times higher than that of other guns.

      • Well his yardstick is prolly undercharged .double-deuce LR, not even his much vaunted shotghun. Trust him about as much as Lavrov, or any other political mouthpiece. Lies as a matter of course…

        Hey, just like Dacian & Minor!?!

        Full disclosure: I am a Clint level proponent of shotguhnz, where applicable. And it shames me that I find one iota of common ground with that idiot child not-my-P0TUS.

    • possum,

      Perhaps Warren Zevon’s London werewolves were armed as well, with 9mm – “Better stay away from him, he’ll [shoot] your lungs out, Jim!” While we have MANY famous examples of anti-gun libtards making completely inane and stupid statements about firearms, some of the most glaring examples come from our (P)Resident. 9mm lung-destroyers, hypersonic 5.56, firing “two blasts” through your front door . . . right up there with the “shoulder thing that goes up”.

      Everyone is allowed whatever opinion they want about guns, and they can own one, or not, as they choose, but . . . could we start penalizing ignorant idiots for offering stupid, ignorant, nonsensical opinions, based on nothing but “feelz”??? You entitled to your opinion, but there is no obligation on ANYONE’S part to listen to it.

      Hear that, dacian??? Being an ignoranus isn’t going to get you listened to.

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