New York City Mayor Eric Adams
New York City Mayor Eric Adams (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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New York’s gun laws are a mess. Antigun politicians passing them don’t have a clue. Worse yet, the people facing the consequences are law-abiding New Yorkers.

They’re also the ones facing danger. Case in point – New York City’s Democratic Mayor Eric Adams recent reveal. The mayor told media, “When it comes to guns, this year, 2,386 people were arrested with a gun. Of those, approximately 1,921 are out on the street.

“This year, 165 people were arrested with a second gun charge,” Mayor Adams added. “Of those, 82 — out on the street. Not one arrest but two gun arrests — back out on the street.”

Does He Even Listen?

Mayor Adams won election with a “tough on crime” message. He said he would carry his own firearm and forego using the mayor’s personal security detail. “We cannot have a city where people are afraid to walk the streets,” he proclaimed early in his tenure.

He’s now singing a very different tune. “How do you take a gun law seriously when the overwhelming numbers are back on the streets after carrying a gun?” he unironically asked the media.

Eric Adams Michael Bloomberg
(Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

New Yorkers know criminals don’t take laws seriously. That’s why law-abiding New Yorkers have been screaming for years as gun control politicians in Albany impose stricter gun control laws on them, not on criminals.

New Yorkers rejected restrictions and legally purchased firearms in record numbers, despite the state’s restrictive and burdensome process to obtain a handgun permit. Since 2020, nearly 1 million New Yorker’s have passed an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification to buy a firearm.

Industry research continues to show “self-defense” is the number one reason buyers walk out of a retailer with a new purchase. That’s especially true of African American women, in New York City and across the country.

Soft on Criminals, Hard on Industry

New York’s backwards gun control laws are only half the problem. Soft-on-criminal prosecutors refusing to hold criminals accountable allow the cycle to continue. Notorious criminal sympathizer Chesa Boudin was given the boot and recalled as San Francisco’s District Attorney. Nearby Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon possibly faces a similar fate.

Alvin Bragg Manhattan DA prosecution guidelines
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

Manhattan’s District Attorney Alvin Bragg is cut of the same cloth. His office refuses to bring charges against repeat criminals, allowing them to walk back out on the streets and terrorize victims.

In New York, it’s not just about Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, Mayor Adams and DA Bragg’s collective failure to address crime and keep New Yorkers safe. Democratic Attorney General Leticia James joined to do her part to crush New Yorkers’ Second Amendment rights by suing gun companies for the crimes unrelated to the lawful sale of the firearm.

Kathy Hochul magazine
Gov. Kathy Hochul  (Office of the Governor of New York via AP)

“There should be no more immunity for gun distributors bringing harm and havoc to New York,” AG James said.

Her premise is a lie, of course, exactly like those repeated ad nauseum by President Joe Biden and gun control pundits. They prefer deflecting blame onto a lawful and Constitutionally-protected industry and away from those who are actually responsible for gun crimes. It’s the reason for the bipartisan Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). President Biden and others have repeatedly been fact-checked about their false claims.

New Yorkers wanting safer communities must feel like they’re in a madhouse. Their state’s highest elected officeholders dismiss criminals as the root of the problem. They then pass more flawed and unconstitutional laws, while refusing to hold criminals to account. The result is a circular blame game.

One thing New Yorkers can do to change the game in their favor is #GUNVOTE this November. They can send a clear message to the antigun politicians in New York their rights – and their safety – aren’t a game.

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  1. “There should be no more immunity for gun distributors bringing harm and havoc to New York,” AG James said.

    Then added, “If only I could catch Trump on a gun charge”…

  2. And once more…

    1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

    2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

    3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

  3. He said he would carry his own firearm and forego using the mayor’s personal security detail

    He lied, AND his taste in clothes sucks.

  4. When DeBlasio was ousted by voters, Adams immediately changed his campaign tune and extended the existing gun restrictions via mayoral decree during his very first day in office (anyone remember that?).

    NYC residents will continue to deserve what they have, as long as they continue to vote for the same ilk. Same as it ever was.

    • Are NY Democrats beholden to the representatives of the “five families” in Tammany Hall? Putin’s mafiocracy is just a bit more blatant.

    • Just like the people who live in Commiefornia, no different. They say they don’t vote that way, but someone voted them in office.

  5. Lets me refer to my NY handbook for how our laws are justified: racism (doesn’t need to apply just throw it out there and keep ranting), sexist (harder now with the 57 genders but see previous), privilege (check it bigot only wealthy people can afford guns here so no one should own them), lgbtqwerty (for when you have a black female poor gun owner and need to justify oppressing them), mental health (to oppress the previous who happens to be on the rainbow), defund the police (they have guns and oppress the ones we use to oppress everyone else) we need more police (whoops we still need them to oppress you), the right kind of people (yes we need your social media to ensure you don’t support anything that might threaten us), and alarming increase in ghost guns (wait people can make their own and ignore us that’s some combination of the previous with a felony for kicks).

  6. New York’s gun laws are a mess. Antigun politicians passing them don’t have a clue. Worse yet, the people facing the consequences are law-abiding New Yorkers.

    New York’s gun laws are “a mess” (and cause the most harm to law-abiding New Yorkers) because New York’s politicians have intentionally (by design) made them that way.

    The supreme priority (arguably the ONLY priority) of the Ruling Class is increasing their wealth, power, and control. And the Ruling Class is all-too-happy to use, abuse, exploit, coerce, and deceive the Working Class to increase their wealth, power, and control.

    Saying it another way, Ruling Class policies and laws which harm the Working Class are intentional–in pursuit of their insatiable lust for ever more wealth, power and control. Stop giving the Ruling Class the benefit-of-the-doubt, which means STOP ASCRIBING HARMFUL POLICIES AND LAWS TO INCOMPETENCE OR IGNORANCE!

    • Remember the very best example of how the Ruling Class readily AND INTENTIONALLY uses, abuses, exploits, coerces, and deceives the working class for the benefit of the Ruling Class:

      Jeffrey Epstein operated a sex brothel with underage (as young as 14 years-old) young women who “serviced” countless high profile members of the Ruling Class–with the implicit blessing of the mainstream media, law enforcement, and the Ruling Class–for several years.

  7. Everyone knows that simply being in the presence of a firearm trips the madula oblongata to swell, causing everyone to behave violently. To make matters worse, touching a firearm makes you go insane with rage.

    People are all innocent doves and fart rainbows and glitter. Guns cause violence! There is no violence in human nature at all!

    ( /s, in case you didn’t notice…)

    • And the world was a kinder, gentler place before firearms with no murder and no violence whatsoever! God only had to wipe out the entire human race by a great flood except for 8 people because the world was so violent and evil.

      • Yeah, too bad we can’t erase the middle-ages where people were slaughtered by the thousands with broad swords, axes and other inhumane weapons that left them suffering for hours/days in excruciating pain before they finally succumbed. Ahhhh, the good old “kinder gentler” days… Oh wait, they DID erase ALL of that, they don’t teach that history, they don’t teach ANY history so none of that stuff ever happened. Damn they’re smart.

        • The Roman gladius was more of a long knife than a short sword, and all killing was done up close and very personal.

          The Mongol hordes put whole cities to the sword and flame leaving only a mound of skulls to mark their passing.

  8. “Democratic Attorney General Leticia James joined to do her part to crush New Yorkers’ Second Amendment rights by suing gun companies for the crimes unrelated to the lawful sale of the firearm.”

    Pardon my ignorance of the law on such matters, but why don’t the companies countersue Ms. James PERSONALLY for filing frivolous lawsuits that are directly contravened by PLCAA?

    I’m guessing that this type of accountability would put an end to such stupidity. There is probably some statute that prohibits such lawsuits to protect said public servants, similar to qualified immunity that cops have, but why bother with the law when the AG of New York doesn’t?

  9. Why doesn’t someone just say it?? Okay. I’ll be the a$$hole.

    Most violent criminals in New York are black. The Powers That Be do not want to prosecute blacks, because everyone would see that most violent criminals are black, and the prisons would be filled with blacks. Ergo, they need to explain the criminality and violence, so they blame guns.

    Why is it the case that most criminals in New York are black? I won’t be that much of an a$$hole truth-teller.

    • Jimmy Beam,

      There are three root causes of the overwhelming majority of black criminals.

      First, destruction of the nuclear family and traditional values. Most children who grow up without the love, care, nurturing, and responsibility of a nuclear family with traditional values will grow up to be monsters. Black slaves in the 1800s largely did not have nuclear families with traditional values.

      Second, entitlement programs. Johnson’s Great Society initiative began instilling a sense of entitlement for many black people. And welfare incentivized women to have more babies (more babies equals more money), which incentivized black women to have thrill-oriented relationships rather than family-oriented relationships. This further degraded families (and family values) and fostered narcissism.

      Third, inexpensive and “legal” procedures to kill babies in the womb and remove them, also known as abortion. Cheap and “legal” procedures to kill and remove a baby from the womb incentivized women to have thrill-oriented relationships rather than family-oriented relationships. Just like welfare, this also degraded families (and family values) and fostered narcissism.

      Combined, all three factors above generate people who reject traditional values, have no regard for fellow humans, and look only to thrill themselves. That is a perfect recipe to generate monsters who easily default to violent crime when it suits them.

      Of course Progressives love that dynamic because it all-but-ensures that the overwhelming majority of black people will continue to vote for the political party which supports entitlement programs and largely refuses to prosecute violent crime.

      • Giving you the huge benefit of the doubt that this isn’t just racist claptrap, what is your solution?

        • Giving you the huge benefit of the doubt that you actually do think that this subject is racist claptrap —

          How about blacks decide to reject destructive gangsta culture and replace it with something worthy? A solution can’t be forced on a group from outside.

        • There is no real solution. We as a nation have been dealing with this problem for decades, and we’ll be dealing with it until we no longer have a nation.

          Personally, I liked the solution from the 90s, supported by the Black Congressional Caucus. Three strikes laws, more cops on the street, and more money to build prisons. Doesn’t really solve the problem, just moves it out of view, and costs a lot of money, but that’s the best we can hope for.

  10. Jesus Christ..!! We KNOW all this, ok..?? Why do you idiots always seem to want to “preach to the choir”…?? Get over it..!! Democratic liberals will ALWAYS “agree with Satan” and do evil deeds. We vote “Republican/Conservative” and are all “Pro-2nd Amendment”. We DON’T need to be told over & over again what ASSHOLES these people are, ok…?? Get over it..!!

  11. hochul, adams, bragg, et al. have clearly demonstrated that they are not interested in truth.
    The picture of hochul looks a lot like someone…………………….oh yeah, n. pelosi.

  12. It would help if victims of violent crime would start telling prosecutors, judges and politicians, “I have no obligation to share space in the world with the kind of trash that attacked me. It’s your job to get rid of them.”

    • :laughs in bail reform: yeah that idea ceased to be relevant before the pandemic here and sentencing reform (emptying the prisons of 2/3 of inmates) didn’t help either.

  13. I still don’t get it. Nor do the politicians. but, has any firearm ever gone out and shot someone? Any crime committed with a firearm always involves a human behind the gun. ALWAYS!!.
    whether it is a single shot matchlock blunderbuss, or the latest high capacity wonder gun on the market, it ALWAYS comes back to the person using it. Unless and until the courts, prosecutors, DA’s and police deal with the persons who use the firearms, the problem will continue.

    • The leaders of the left are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing and doing it on purpose.

      They created the ghettos, pay the inhabitants, protect the inhabitants from the law and collect their votes every election.

      Same thing for gun laws. They are aimed at conservative/white gun owners who don’t break laws. They plan to disarm conservatives so when the next “final solution” occurs there is little resistance.

      Be Prepared !!!

  14. Thank you for once again statingbthe elfin obvious. OF CORSE it’s THE CRIMINAL anf guns are inanimate objects. But that is not the bloody point. The point is the availability of utterly unnessessary and pointless firearms that have but a single logical, purpose and that’s to kill as many PEOPLE as quickly as possible.

    And, yes. I’m looking at you MR Semi-Automatic Rifle. If you are so keen on semi-autos go join the elfin Army

    • “OF CORSE [sic] it’s THE CRIMINAL anf [sic] guns are inanimate objects. But that is not the bloody point.”

      AH, but it IS the point. The entire article is built around this premise.

      Again, how could you have missed it? It’s possible, nay, even likely, that you did so intentionally.

    • Albert your like the crazy ex who thinks they can still control the one who kicked them out. Get help.

      Don’t even try to criticize our choices of what property we own. You do not have the right to self defense in your uncivilized Country. You people are banning objects in response to violent people. Soon all the rocks in your little island are going to be carted off because your people can’t seem to understand reality.

    • Not aware of any elves with semi-auto rifles. Pretty sure the “elfin” army uses long bows and swords. Or, maybe in the case of Legolas, it’s is really an assault bow.

  15. If you are so keen on semi-autos go join the elfin Army

    Or just stroll down to your local gun store and take your pick… Fucking Moron.

  16. This writer is absolutely right: For all people. It’s the criminal NOT the gun!!! The gun is only a tool. It can be used well or it can be used foolishly. It can be used well, as in to keep a person alive, or it can be used foolishly, to hold up a bank or service station. The key is the one who is holding the gun. The gun itself is incapable of killing anyone. It takes the person who holds the gun and squeezes the trigger (Contrary to his statement: Alex Baldwin’s gun did NOT fire itself when he shot the woman on the movie set.

  17. And this is the same state that just removed “inmate” from official state language, and substituted “incarcerated person.” Because we don’t want the inmates to feel bad, you know.🙄

  18. Are we believing this fool runs his mouth about sending busloads of New Yawkers to Texas to ring doorbells for the Beta male? I hope he plans to warn them about the gun behind every door and in every pocket in TX, or they will be dying off with their panties all wet shortly after beginning their NYC games in Texas. I’ve been here on and off since 1972, and nobody has been stupid enough to be coming to ring my doorbell other than holy rollers, and that’s a good thing. And he talks as though he would be coming with them, once again simply a lying POS.

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