Hurricane Ian’s Approach Demonstrates the Need for National Constitutional Carry

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By Lee Williams

Today’s criminals look at hurricane evacuees about the same way Caribbean pirates salivated over fat Spanish merchant ships heavily laden with gold.

At the very least, hurricane evacuees have a car full of gas, hundreds of dollars in cash, prescription drugs, food, water and valuables too precious to leave at home.

Florida recognized this in 2015, when then-Gov. Rick Scott signed what became known as the state’s “Hurricane Gun Law.”

The law allows Floridians to carry a concealed firearm for 48 hours while complying with a mandatory evacuation order, regardless of whether they have a valid Concealed Weapon and Firearm license.

There are a few conditions. The governor or local authorities must first declare a state of emergency, and then a mandatory evacuation order must follow. Also, the governor can extend the 48-hour limit if needed.

When the Hurricane Gun Law was signed, it wasn’t recognized by the states contiguous to Florida. It still isn’t, although Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia now have constitutional carry.

Those who drafted and sponsored the legislation were certainly well meaning, but when judged by today’s standards, and the fact that half of the country now enjoys constitutional carry, the law seems a bit quaint.

It’s as though officials realized that a hurricane trumped the normal bureaucratic rules and processes, so they agreed to temporarily stop requiring their subjects to bend a knee, pay a fee and ask the government to sell them back their constitutional rights in the form of a concealed-carry license, but only for 48 hours.

In other words, the government agreed to make it easier for people to defend themselves, but only for two days.

What if there wasn’t a time limit?


To be clear, the threats associated with a hurricane are great, especially during an evacuation when predators abound. However, normal daily life in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and dozens of other cesspools where local officials have allowed crime to spiral out of control is dangerous too.

Should we not make it easier for the good folks who live in these cities to defend themselves? The threats they face are not short-lived and cyclonic. They’re constant and pervasive.

Constitutional carry allows law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm without a permit or license. It levels the playing field against the criminals, who have always carried concealed firearms without permits or licenses.

If an evacuation order is issued, I’m sure those without Florida CWFLs who flee Hurricane Ian’s path will appreciate their two-day constitutional-carry allowance. However, the need for real constitutional carry is greater than 48 hours and should be offered to everyone.

Hurricane Ian highlights the dire need for constitutional carry in Florida, and how constitutional carry for all should be our true goal.

Our right to keep and bear arms didn’t come with a two-day time limit, and it applies to all law-abiding Americans.


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  1. A national CC reciprocity would be nice, but after the slew of bills our CA Governor Newsom has signed into law over recent weeks that beg constitutional challenge, California would simply ignore it and keep our no-recognition statute on the books. At this point, Newsom is blatantly giving the finger to any pro-2A efforts and doing what he wants anyway, since he knows the Ninth Circuit has his back. Look at what they just did last week to ignore Bruen and completely vacate Judge Benitez’ 2019 ruling that led to our Freedom Week…they completely removed his injunction on prosecuting for possession of 10+ rd mags, meaning cops can (legally) confiscate and arrest again.

    Same as it ever was. It’s as if the Left is pushing Patriots to start something…

    • I assume Newsom is making noise to get attention for a run at the presidency. The Puppet and other dems haven’t sounded very confident when asked about a second term. Hillary appears to be gearing up as well. I hope she does because she can’t make it about being a woman this time. She missed her chance for that. When she tries to anyway, she’ll just come across as some out of touch dinosaur to the new generation of crazy Leftists.

      • Hairgel “Noosem” will have to defer to the Hildabeast who just called 74 million voters “NAZIS”. She thinks that there were ACTUALLY 81 million REAL voters that pulled the Democrat handle in 2020, man is her dumb ass in for a real shock.

  2. State wide emergency has already been declared, most likely whole West coast will get evacuation orders by Tues evening as they still can’t read the landfall area. keeps moving up and down, my guess is the Cedar Key area which puts my Brothers home in the zone, I’m not going anywhere regardless of where it hits.

    • “…as they still can’t read the landfall area.”

      They just don’t know yet. Current projections are for 60-70 mph winds where I am. If it ticks a few more clicks east, we’ll get the brunt of it.

      Joy, joy, joy. charging batteries, topping up vehicles with fuel, throwing patio furniture in the pool at dad’s place, etc.

      The sucky part will be after, 1,000 percent humidity and likely no electricity for a day or 3…

      • Wind is not the biggest deal with this thing, calling for up to a foot of rain across the mostly already saturated state. got 35 gallons of gas for the generator, extra propane and stocked freezer, bring it…

        • It’s difficult for a Southern Californian to even imagine a foot of rain, let alone an already-saturated landscape. But I’m sure it’s not going to be easy for you.

          Echoing what jwm said, stay safe, guys. You and yours.

        • let alone an already-saturated landscape

          Storm is going to slow to about seven MPH which is gong dump rain for days on the eastern side which will cover pretty much the entire state. Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia are going to get a super soaker as well. Had to raise my front elevation by three feet and install a five thousand dollar drain field with a lift pump this year due to elevated water tables back washing into septic tank and we are 25 feet above sea level, we have seen significant rainfall/thunderstorms every day for the last three weeks, I sometimes miss Huntington Beach (70s/mid 80s) but NOT California. Appreciate the sentiment have seen worse but none of them are good.

        • Our water tables across CA are permanently altered due to the over-withdrawal from natural aquifers, causing partial collapse. Even if we experienced a miraculous slew of above average rainfall for years in a row, our aquifers would never have their former capacity again. We must now rely on above ground manmade rain capture infrastructure (reservoirs, et al), which are in dire need of repairs and expansion. But hey, Newsom just signed a bill into law making it legal to give diver licenses and IDs to everyone including illegals, plus the automatic voter registration when DMV issues an ID. Because priorities, and all that.

        • Newsom just signed a bill into law making it legal to give diver licenses and IDs to everyone including illegals

          And don’t forget “HUMAN COMPOSTING” now you can spread Grandma in the rose garden as fertilizer, VERY important legislation. It’s all about priorities.

      • “The sucky part will be after, 1,000 percent humidity and likely no electricity for a day or 3…”

        I have a brother in Titusville who would agree. He has a job that keeps him outside in the brush most of the day.

  3. I hope it doesn’t hit cedar key, the oysters were just coming back from Andrew. They used to have the best oysters of anywhere. Back in the day the Captain’s Table had the best seafood in the world.

    • That just reminded me of the Grouper sandwich at Frenchies in Clearwater Beach.
      The best Grouper sandwich on the planet.

      • Amen to that! Their crab fries are pretty damn good too.

        And to all my brothers and sisters in Florida, good luck and stay safe (I’m in North Tampa).

        • Five-to-ten-foot storm surge with a foot of rain, good luck dude YOU are going to get big end of this bad boy stay safe indeed. My brother is just North of Crystal River and plans to ride it out just hope all I have to do is go help him clean up after.

        • …and then the looters will come before FEMA gets there. Sure wish they didn’t close shut the Oath Keepers. They were the best first responders.

          But this is why America is so ‘exceptional’.
          When facing a catastrophic emergency, a true Free enterprise American Patriot Capitalist will Not sweat the devastation or the looters or the dearth of power and supplies… we’ll handle it.

          But Woe is me and the end of the world as I knew it if my favorite pie hole stuffing establishment gets washed away!

          What’s Not to Love about the G.O.A.T U.S. of A!

        • Awesome post jfkjr! 👍 You showed them.

          Oh wait……JFK Jr? 🤔

          Aren’t you that guy who loaded his wife and sister-in-law into his plane, then KNOWING flew into low visibility instrument flight rules (IFR) conditions (without having IFR experience or certification from the FAA), killing everyone?

          I can see how talking about Florida eating establishments at a time like this can seem really insensitive to someone like you. You know, having an ego put three people in their watery graves. 🤪

          Be careful now, you don’t want to stand on the ‘wrong’ graves while you virtue signal. That wouldn’t be a good look.

          Please accept the TTAG commenters sincerest apologies. 😃

        • But Woe is me and the end of the world as I knew it if my favorite pie hole stuffing establishment gets washed away!

          You’ve obviously never set down to a decent meal in a class joint, we make it a point to ride to a new destination every weekend in search of the “ONE” surprising just how many great restaurants there are out there and yes it is a fucking shame when a restaurant gets destroyed or closes it’s doors for some other reason not only for the loss of the cuisine but also the economic impact of the job losses and the peripheral loss to other businesses in the area. yeah, I can deal with power outages and maybe a tree branch or two but to lose the experience of an evening meal sitting out over the Gulf would be a real loss. OBTW fuck the oathkeepers and “first responders”, my first responder is in an ITWB holster in the kidney carry position.

    • Mandatory evac in Tampa area, sorry still looking at Cedar Key, Cat 4 nasty 400 miles wide, everybody will feel it, have eaten at the Captains Table good food great location.

      • “Mandatory evac in Tampa area,…”

        If it comes into the mouth of Tampa Bay, it will be catastrophic. All that water shoved in there will flood out Pinellas County.

        *Mutter*… 🙁

  4. National Constitutional Carry? National Reciprocity Carry seems to be the lower hanging fruit, but I’m not holding my breath until that law passes. In fact, federal carry law of any flavor must prevent states like CA, IL, or NY from including radical political agendas. My reluctance to see either carry law implemented is based on the tremendous influence at the federal level exerted by these states. I certainly don’t want tyrannical states using federal law to dictate terms of my carry here in Tennessee.

    • “National Constitutional Carry? National Reciprocity Carry seems to be the lower hanging fruit, but I’m not holding my breath until that law passes.”

      It may come faster than you think.

      Remember the guy a week or so back who stopped a mass shooting, but was then arrested for having an out-of-state gun permit?

      He’s refusing to take a plea deal… 🙂

  5. Even if, by the grace of God, we had actual patriots in the Congress and a President of the same caliber (no pun intended), and Constitutional carry was enacted, the democrat traitors would ignore it.

  6. Jimmy I’m carrying in Tn also, after the demonic kid a couple weeks ago, can’t leave home without it. Working between 2 trap houses in midtown Memphis. Got crack?

  7. What is good and proper often has little bearing on legislation and/or laws.

    National Constitutional Carry, if it ever happens, will happen for other reasons than the fact that it is good and proper.

  8. Maybe the fact that Florida voters chose DeSantis, while Illinois saw fit to elect Pritzker, and New York has Hochul has some bearing?

  9. The first thought that the Far Right has is “Lets shoot our neighbors during a crisis, not help them out or share what we have with them. The Far Right are too cheap, too stingy and too paranoid for that. The Far Right are the bottom of the barrel of humanity.

    • AWWWW, isn’t that SPESHULLL…. It thinks we give a damn what it has to say. Now who the fuck said ANYTHING about shooting their neighbor? How does this work daci-boy? Does someone whisper in your ear and you just print it? Or did you read something that included the words neighbor and shoot, and your dyslexic brain just conflated that into the inane garbage that you just spewed forth? Or is this something on YOUR to do list and you decided to project it on normal people?

      • Just textbook projection from the diseased mind of lil’d.
        He thinks all the horrible unprovoked attacks on citizens of D run cities are perpetrated by conservatives and moderates. 🤪

    • Hey lil’dtard.

      Did you see this…….

      That psycho perp must be one of those ‘far right’ people you speak of. He has red kicks, bet he’s ‘Ultra Maga’ right? 🤪

      Those D run cities are doing great, donchathink? 🤪

      Dumb question. Anyone who reads what you post here on TTAG KNOWS you DON’T think.

      On the European travel topic. My first TGV (200mph) train ride (Paris to LaSarth) was over 20 years ago.
      When was yours? 🤔

      • That guy was charged with murdering his grandmother (catch and release) now under arrest for assault, attacked the woman because she wouldn’t talk to him.

        obviously one of those Ultra MAGA, Nazi Trump Supporters.

      • Campbell soup brain. If you were in Europe you sure as hell did not learn anything that is for sure

        quote———–Those D run cities are doing great, donchathink?——–quote

        A comment right out of the sitcom “The Beverly Hillbillies”. It never crossed your pea sized brain that when Red States who have no vetting of second hand guns ship in thousands of them into big cities that their gun control becomes meaningless but that is way over the head of a person suffering from a case of advanced paranoia. One may as well attempt to argue with a person in a straight jacket in a padded cell.

        Try again Jethro you just made a fool of yourself again.

        • Speaking of making a fool of yourself, dacian, you ARE the expert. ‘Splain to me again, Lucy, why none of those “red” states with lax gun laws that SUPPOSEDLY ship guns into blue cities . . . have anywhere NEAR the same crime or murder rates as those socialist hellhole blue cities????

          If the “red” states have all the guns, due to those “lax” red state gun laws . . . why isn’t Casper, Wyoming or Williamsport, Indiana the murder capital of the world, you babbling idiot???

          Go check the political affiliation of the mayors and city councils of the 25 cities with the highest crime and murder rates, dacian the babbling moron. You remain too stupid to insult.

        • Really?
          If guns from Indiana are causing the crime in Chicago, why aren’t those Chicago crime levels seen in Indiana?
          Here’s a clue idiot. The issue ISN’T the tool, it’s the deranged POS holding the tool. With the enabling behavior by incompetent D leadership getting the assist.

          On my European travels…..
          I don’t give away rights, ESPECIALLY to self preservation, to ANY government.
          That’s how I’ve been able to travel to Europe for decades and see it for what it is.

          You may want to get out of your mom’s basement in Ohio and travel. 🤪

        • to Campbell Soup Brain.

          I have gone over this many times so to both you two idiots, especially the depraved Lamp that went out in his head (who should be on the ATF list as a dangerous person) I will say once again that population size, educational levels, job opportunities and of course right wing lies and propaganda in comparison all are to be taken into consideration. As a matter of fact in Red States husbands murdering wives is often very high as well as higher rates of suicide.

          So peddle your ignorance to the unwashed. Once again you two morons make absolute fools of yourselves. You both really fell head first into the shithouse on this one.

          States with weaker gun laws have higher rates of firearm related homicides and suicides, study finds

        • Dayum, James, wish I’d said that!!!

          dacian is so seriously stupid, retarded planaria laugh at him.

        • Awwww look lil’d.
          Here’s another po’ Illinois dindonuffin native who was victimized by one of those mean guns……..

          He was just as good as a person could be until that mean old Texas gun jumped into his hand and killed his wife. 🤪

          I’m still trying to figure out how that gun caused all those domestic violence calls though. Can you help everyone here on TTAG understand how it managed to cause those? 🤪

        • Campbell Soup Brain you proved your own rhetoric wrong. Once again when there is a firearm in the home you are 800% more likely to see a family member killed by homicide, accident or suicide.

          And Texas is a Red Neck state with very loose gun laws.

        • States with weaker gun laws have higher rates of firearm related homicides and suicides, study finds

          daci-boy, YOUR only source is “EVERYTOWN”? The Left-wing propaganda machine whose sole purpose in life is to disarm EVERY American citizen because THEY don’t like guns? WHO really has their head in the shit? Anyone who considers that garbage to be THE authority is the real moron. Cmon Mannn….

        • “…..Once again when there is a firearm in the home you are 800% more likely to see a family member…..”

          More ‘everyclown’ stats.🤪

          That’s pathetic, even for a 🤡 such as yourself.

        • To our two forum Idiots, Campbell Soup brain and Mad Man to the Max.

          As usual with the wave of the ignorant Far Right hand you scream “Do not confuse me with the facts because it does not fit my Far Right warped political agenda. Denying it to the sky does not change the truth.

        • Denying it to the sky does not change the truth.

          And I am assuming that you are referencing that Everytown garbage as YOUR truth. Like Braindead said, “We choose truth over FACTS”… Seems to be about right for the MORONIC left.. (THAT would be you daci-boy)

        • Calling your BS lil’d.

          September 27, 2022 At 22:30
          Campbell Soup Brain you proved your own rhetoric wrong. Once again when there is a firearm in the home you are 800% more likely to see a family member killed by homicide, accident or suicide.”

          If the veteran had left his gun at home in VA and traveled to Baltimore, then been killed by a person with a firearm,
          Everytown would count that death as a firearm homicide of someone who lives with a firearm in the home.

          Everytown doesn’t only count deaths that occur in the home that has the firearm in it you f’ in retard.
          Everytown count the deaths of the people who reside with a firearm in the home REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY’RE KILLED.

          A Texas gun owner leaves his gun in Texas, goes to Baltimore and gets killed by a person with a firearm.
          Everytown counts that death as a person who resided with a firearm in the home being killed by homicide, accident or suicide.

          Are you too stupid to understand that? 🤪

    • kind of says it all…a natural disaster is bad enough…now you have to worry about human predators at a time when LE isn’t likely to be around….


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