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When a gun crime is committed, we need the name of the gun and how that gun was obtained by the shooter. Who looked the other way. Where it was bought and who profited from that sale. Following the money is how you get to the heart of the story. 

Gun violence is no exception. 

Guns don’t magically appear in the hands of shooters. They don’t fall from the sky or grow on trees. Guns are made and marketed with the express purpose of generating profit. Guns are sold without any concern for where they may end up. Guns cause over 40 thousand deaths a year in America. And gun violence is the leading cause of death among American children. And at every turn, the gun companies spread misinformation and deflect blame. I have often spoken about the river of violence and the sources that feed it. We must go upstream in this river of violence. We must find the sources and dam each and every one up. That means investigating the supply chain, the players, the men behind the market. The gun manufacturers and distributors and their enablers must named and shamed. Every CEO, every board member, every significant investor should have their name associated with the story of gun violence in America. 

It is a travesty that we know the places where our citizens were murdered, but not the names of the CEOs who approved the marketing of the weapons that were used to kill them. 

People like Marty Daniel, CEO of Daniel Defense, makers of the gun used to kill at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. 

Ron Cohen, president and CEO of Sig Sauer, makers of the guns used to kill 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and 60 people at a music festival in Las Vegas. 

Christopher Killoy, president and CEO of Sturm, Ruger & Company, makers of the weapon used by the killer who murdered 26 people at a Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. 

And Mark Smith, president and CEO of Smith & Wesson, makers of the gun used to kill paradegoers on the 4th of July in Highland Park, Illinois. 

— New York City Mayor Eric Adams in Mayor Adams’ Prepared Remarks to National Press Club on Media’s Role Holding Gun Industry Accountable

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  1. And they need to publish the suspect’s entire rap sheet and photo (and not the photo at age 12)…with explanations of all the charges.
    And indicate what the dispositions were. And what lawyers and judges were involved.
    What deals were cut…and why.
    I mean…transparency…right?

    • Full transparency!

      Name and shame the Mayors, City Council members, Progressive District Attorneys, of these urban hell-holes where the vast majority of these “gun crimes” take place year after year due to there soft on crime and revolving door justice systems.

      When a career criminal strikes again publicize the names of the judges and prosecutors and attorneys that turned him back onto the streets.

      Name and shame the CEOs and Board Members of the companies that sold the cars they drove to commit the crimes and the companies that produced the gas in those tanks or the drivers of the buses or subway trains they used.

      There are any number of people who can be blamed for the failures of Democrat urban blight other than the elected Democrats who condone it.

    • I’d like to see the name of the corporate CEO of the company who made the gun used to kill Eric Adams.

    • Need to publish pics, bios, hold liable parents of those Defective Citizens doing the shooting. Parents produced and defectively imprinted those shooters doing the deed.

      The late Col Jeff Cooper commented in 1958, “Killing is a matter of will, not means. You cannot control the intent by passing laws about the means.” It’s the Defective Citizens, not the tool.

  2. This sort of activity is going to rapidly escalate. Democrats have learned that once they get control of a Court System, they can guarantee the outcome of a legal proceeding, whether criminal or civil. The court clerk can make sure the ENTIRE Jury Pool of Important Cases is composed of the right people (likely “Professional” jurors who serve once a month) and the results are rigged. The DC court is already like that as are many other courts around the Nation. One-Party Rule is in the Works.

    • <>

      You have any authority for that? As a trial attorney with over 35 years in the game, that’s just not how it works anywhere.

      In DC, the problem is that the venire is only DC residents. DC is >90% Democrat, with a substantial portion being rabidly anti-GOP. No manipulation is necessary: the jury panels are virtually assured to be such that regardless of the evidence at trial, a Dem will walk and a GOP ally will be convicted.

      What a GOP Congress needs to do change the law to change the venue for certain kinds of lawsuits against federal agencies and certain federal criminal cases. Instead of providing that the exclusive venue of such actions is in DC (which is how it is now), I envision that such cases would be filed in DC, but then immediately and randomly transferred to other districts across the country. E.g., A “contempt of Congress” case would not be tried exclusively in DC courts with DC juries — they would get assigned randomly to federal district courts across the country, so such a case might get assigned to a federal district court in Florida, Arizona, Wyoming, etc.

      • For some reason my attempt to quote the part of your message I am questioning didn’t copy. Here it is

        “The court clerk can make sure the ENTIRE Jury Pool of Important Cases is composed of the right people (likely “Professional” jurors who serve once a month) and the results are rigged.”

  3. If he really wants to get to the actual cause of the violence, murder & mayhem, he could just look in a mirror. Then have an honest look at his own policies of non-prosecution & affordable bail schemes.
    Guns don’t kill people, people do. Lock them up and/or fry them on the 2nd offense.

    • Making two strong assumptions there. 1st is that introspection and honesty in public policy let alone discourse is allowed let alone preferred in his position. 2nd is that the chaos and manufactured tragedy opportunities for change (more fun control) is not by design (how many children must we kill before you accept gun control) reword that to whatever is acceptable to print lately.

  4. The guns on my hip haven’t caused any deaths. Come to think of it, I don’t know of ANY gun that has caused a death.

    Now, the people behind them… that’s a different story.

    Symbolism over substance from Mayor Adams.

        • Yeah, that’s what they said about Lazarus . . . and Freddie Krueger . . . and Jason.

          “Don’t believe they’re dead until you see the cold body . . . and them give ’em an ‘insurance shot’ to be REALLY sure.”

    • Several of the guns in my safe have almost certainly been used for killing people: the Mosin-Nagant M91/30, the Eddystone M1918, the M1 Garand. They still wear the stocks with which they were issued, so their dents and scars can remind us of the people behind them: the brave young men who carried them into harm’s way.

  5. Talk about deflecting blame! EA could go upstream and find out who’s profiting from the violence, but that would take resources and effort he’s unwilling to give. Much easier to spout platitudes than do any real work.

    • Rad Man,

      “. . . but that would take resources and effort he’s unwilling to give.”

      Worse, there’s a 90% chance they’d be voters/supporters of his.

  6. What will these people do when there are no more scapegoats? Just blame imaginary nobody ever sees ones like Emmanuel Goldstein or Eastasia I imagine. Anything to avoid that ever painful self refelection.

  7. Every city, where the Demoncrats control the voting apparatus, is sinking into violence and chaos. They will not stop sinking until everyone who can get out, every business that can get out, does get out. When street violence turns into warfare, when the river of tax dollars dries to a trickle, these cities will be ready for change because the people counting the votes will have become victims of their own crimes. The unfortunate reality is the massive amount of human suffering that will endure until the Demoncrat cities collapse.

  8. How about just posting a list of all the cities prosecutors who have declined to prosecute for the last year. or maybe a listing of every person who supports low cash no cash bail for violent offenders. Maybe just maybe he should look in the mirror and blame the person staring back at him. he hasn’t been on the job long but he also doesn’t seem to be doing anything about the problem except looking for scapegoats.

    A more accurate list of who is responsible is a listing of every person with 3 or more violent crime convictions and who is currently running free awaiting trial for another violent crime to add to their resume.

  9. You could segue to deaths caused by alcohol and cigarettes. Neither substance has any other true nature but to damage the body. I don’t believe you can say that they do anything positive for the human body. They both cause illness and death. Injury caused due to their toxic effects. And with alcohol specifically, injury and death due to its misuse, and drunk driving accidents that can maim or kill. Thing is, you don’t hear anyone trying to put the manufacturers of these items out of business. No one doxing the CEOs of those corporations. Why not? Because it’s not political. strange that there’s no constitutional right to drink and smoke, yet they are allowed to exist unchallenged, but gun ownership being protected by the second amendment, a constitutionally protected right, is rife with an onslaught of attacks, predominantly by those on the left.

  10. This Name, Shame and Blame strategy will certainly distract people from the continuing decline in crime clearance rates, particularly murder, in America’s most crime ravaged cities. Nany American police have become so profoundly incompetent that criminals now have a 50/50 chance of literally getting away with murder. Criminals in cities such as Chicago have a nearly ninety percent chance of literally getting away with murder. More importantly; most murderers have already committed many violent crimes for which they were never arrested much less held accountable before they get around to actually killing someone. Mayor Adams is precisely the type of incompetent and corrupt cop turned politician that compels gun owners to be extremely circumspect about supporting law enforcement.

    • Why would gun manufacturing CEOs give a rat’s butt what this fool sez? Pretty funny like his Chiraq counterpart ran as a “reformer”. I know on FOX some pundits thought he might be “good” because he was a cop😀

      • When they get hauled before a Democrat Grand Jury and Indicted as an Accessory to murder, they will face long prison terms after Crataroo Courts convict them.

  11. Between poop for brains criminals and pathetic worthless finger pointing dumbbell democRats like adams the race for most stupid is neck and neck.

  12. Two can play that game, can’t they? Our side should do the research required to show exactly which politicians preside over the worst increases in crime. Eric Adams has no credibility on the issue of crime, nor do 3/4 of Democrats across the country. I know it’s a different city, but Chit-cago has been a Democrat city for ages, and it has the worst crime statistics in the nation, including murder.

    Name and shame, and affix blame where it belongs. Let’s go for it!!

  13. Many of the places where “gun” or “gun violence” appears, one could substitute Democrat Party, and the article would make total sense.

    Notice I didn’t say Democratic Party, because there is nothing democratic about them.

  14. Eric Adams suffers from terminal STUPIDITY! Apparently, this ninny thinks that the gun companies intentionally sell their wares to the criminals element. LEGAL gun owners have a record of being the most law abiding people in the country, and yet Adams tries to blame the people who sell guns to these law abiding people?

  15. “Adams was a former cop”…The New York City media most likely quashed anyone that tried to come forward with negative stories and tell what a dirt bag officer he may have been..Just because he moved up in rank doesn’t always mean he was a good enforcer…There is no telling the POLITICAL strings he pulled and the backs he stabbed to do that…And I’m sure his race was never a factor😉…To hear Adams talk and see his policies you understand quickly, he is a COMPLETE FRUITCAKE!

    • 24, I grew up in NYC. While employed by NYPD Eric Adams was the ultimate political cop. He left actual police work as soon as he could. As soon as he rose as high as possible he ran for public office. As my grandpa used to say “he is dumb like a fox”. EA may not be the smartest guy in the room but he is an astute politician. He knows that what he said was BS. but he cannot upset the base voters.

      Too bad the named companies will not stop selling to NYPD after their current contracts expire.

      • Thank you for that…The New York City media made It a point to tell everyone Eric Adams was a former cop…. I wore dark cloth and brass for a long time.. and I’ve also served in other capacities…And I have seen officers that use their political connections and minority status to achieve rank and other accolades they didn’t deserve…horrible enforcers unless they are “patrolling other cops”… they always said having good cops and having some like him on the force “created a balance”… if those type officers got in trouble, I would back them up…but I would also take the scenic route gettin there…

        • Mayor Adams has always been quick to blame others for his failures. He ran for mayor on somewhat of a law and order platform, but like NYC politicians he is reflexively anti 2A. He is turning out to be not any better than Bill Decomio. Due to the increase in crime in NYC and the surrounding suburbs my family and friends living there no longer think of me as a paranoid right wing gun nut. Many of them wish they could buy and carry a firearm.

  16. I hope the gun industry will learn some day to stand up for themselves. Instead of relying on the commenters on TTAG, or some other gun web site. They should do what Tim Pool is doing. Running ads in Time Square. About the racist control laws in NYC and the rest of the state. And how it seems only the selected government people get to have guns and even break the law.

    “Aide to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio arrested; police cite loaded gun, ‘odor of marijuana’

    “Brian Downey, the deputy mayor of Airmont, N.Y., was arrested on federal and state gun charges after authorities found “an arsenal of weapons.”

    “During the search of Mr. Downey’s house, in Airmont, N.Y., the authorities also seized a lockbox containing fake credentials from the F.B.I. and other law enforcement agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration and the United States Marshals Service, one of the complaints said.”

    11 Examples of Defensive Gun Use Dispel NYC Mayor’s Concerns on Public Carry

  17. And I think the appropriate response (and I’m shocked the Republicans have already done this) is to make a simple video/ad based on this article:

    Flash pictures of the city and the mayor, identifying party affiliation of the mayor, overlaid with their crime rates.

    Get James Woods to do the narration.

    Carpet-bomb the media with it, make it a major ad buy.

    The “name, shame, and blame” game can be played by both sides.

      • And he’s a noted (and extremely RARE) conservative in Hollywood, and purportedly VERY intelligent. I could also handle Robert Duvall as the narrator; he has all of the above, and a great voice.

  18. And we thought maybe, just maybe he had more brains than Cuomo, but no he is just as dumb. Keeping up the democrat evil swamp with the rest of the clan.

    • SAMSON,

      Cuomo wasn’t “dumb” (that was his brother, Fredo), or at least not any more than most other politicians. What he mostly was was corrupt, ambitious, and convinced that he was infallible/untouchable. I suspect he is like most politicians – absolutely lacking in morals or principles, but indefatigable in his lust for power. The interesting thing is that both brothers are pathetic, pale imitations of their late, unlamented father, who was every bit as corrupt as Andy, he was just better at hiding it. So he DEFINITELY wasn’t as stupid as Fredo.

  19. And once again, the idiot blames the inanimate object for the actions of the person.
    Find, arrest, prosecute, convict, and incarcerate the person who commits the crime. Stop the early release and plea bargains. Stop the no bail crap. Bail/bond is to ensure the accused will show up for court/trial. If there is reason to believe the accuse may not show up, then deny bail.
    Again, it is not and never has been the firearm/weapon used. Nor is it the fault of the manufacturer or the fault of the legal seller/or buyer of said firearms.
    No ban, restriction, law, or license scheme or BG checks will ever prevent someone with criminal/violent intent from arming themselves as they see fit. Nor will any law or anything else prevent a crime from being committed. Laws only give the society that writes them the justification to extract penalty/punishment for violating those societal norms.

  20. So how is attempting to blame Gun maker CEO’s for deaths caused by criminal missuse of a legal product not a hate crime?

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