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Biden ATF Director nominee David Chipman
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Let’s concede for the sake of argument, however, that Chipman’s nomination is based on his work as a civil servant. Why then hasn’t the Washington Post, or virtually any other establishment media outlet, reported on his record while in government?

The Reload’s Stephen Gutowski seems to be the only journalist interested in digging into Chipman’s history. And he’s uncovered multiple ATF sources that corroborated the existence of a complaint alleging that Chipman made racist remarks to his coworkers – saying that African Americans needed to cheat to pass promotion assessments. Now, a former black ATF agent tells Gutowski that Chipman baselessly accused him personally of cheating, as well. Chipman has admitted that a complaint exists, though not what is in it.

It must be stressed, as well, that we don’t know if Chipman has done anything inappropriate. It could be that some disgruntled former coworkers or ideologically motivated agents are trying to sink his nomination. We don’t know, because Democrats refuse to let anyone ask him, or ask any witnesses, or ask for access to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint.

What we do know is that if a Republican president’s nominee for a top law-enforcement position had been accused of racism, the Washington Post would be running front-page stories detailing the accusations.

As a political matter, it’s understandable why Chuck Schumer wouldn’t want Chipman back in front of a committee or a television camera. Last time, Democrats bundled his nomination to limit questioning to five minutes per senator, and Chipman still fumbled his way through the hearing; unable, for instance, to define the “assault weapons” he wanted to ban. Why a “nominee with such eminent qualifications” needs the press to shield him from any questions about his past, though, is quite the mystery.

— David Harsanyi The Media Refuse to Cover the Allegations against David Chipman

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    • For DAN, You aren’t really serious posting an article with a title like that ?!? We all know why the Democrats have nominated such a loser …..let’s all concern ourselbves with Chipmunk while the country goes to hell. Thisis a common political practice that the Republicans fall for every time. Yeah and we keep voting for the same old RINOs. I guess we deserve Chipmunk and McConnell/ Graham too.

    • “Why then hasn’t the Washington Post, or virtually any other establishment media outlet, reported on …”

      Hey!! Did you hear about Donald Trump JR. who videoed himself…naked…in a hotel room…with a hooker…while doing hard core drugs…detailing how he almost died/drowned in a hot tub…complaining about how the Russian mafia stole his laptop…so they could blackmail him…and the gazillion dollars he claims he makes…while his father is running for President Of The United States?


      That’s because THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE MEDIA ignored, suppressed, and immediately memory-holed the story to protect Trump and his party.

      Oh…. WAIT…..that wasn’t Trump’s son, it is the current sitting President’s son, Hunter Biden….oh now it makes sense.


  1. Why then hasn’t the Washington Post, or virtually any other establishment media outlet, reported on his record while in government?

    The same reason they continue to cover for “Braindeads” fuk-ups and keep telling us there is nothing to worry about while inflation hits 5.4%, gas is up 40%, food costs up an average of 18%…. but not to worry, wages were up 1.2% last month so you ONLY lost 4.2% of your purchasing power while Braindead is dumping thousands of Covid infected illegals in towns and cities across the country daily… They don’t report on Chipmunks record because they are beholden to China and China wants that little prick in a position to disarm the Americans that WILL fight back…

  2. According to great Patriots Mike Lindell and Sydney Powell, President Donald Trump will be reinstated today. Once that happens he can end this ATF nonsense. That is, unless the whole ‘Big Lie’ thing is all a ruse, and Lindell, Powell et al are just grifters taking money from easily fooled, poorly educated goofs who are easily separated from their meager earnings….

    • How much art work has hunter ‘sold’? Great ploy to bribe a president and try to make it look legit. Fools the poorly educated goofs, at least.

      • No different that the “donations” to the Clinton Foundation that the DOJ refused to investigate.

        • The Clinton Foundation that would disburse about 5% of the hundred of millions received in donations in actual charity. The biggest beneficiaries appeared to be William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton. The rest went in executive salaries (noted most to the above 3), air travel, accommodation, administrative costs, etc.

      • Frankly, from what I’ve seen examples of so far- Baby Biden’s “artwork” rivals that of the early Hitler paintings- almost. Not quite..

  3. This guy is a poster boy for fascism. Burns women and children to death because…..he was told too.

    Mainstream press are part of the problem, not the solution.

      • Old enough to know the difference, squirt. Socialist, communist all gone now.

        Fascism walks in their place.

      • We know that it’s you Leftist-Socialists who are the REAL FASCISTS! Hitler and Mussolini would be proud of you.
        You don’t even know that Fascism has it roots in Socialism.

  4. Is it really a “mystery? Chapman represents the anti-gun radicals and would go hole hog on trying to disarm American citizens.

  5. “It’s a Real Mystery Why the Mainstream Press Aren’t More Interested in David Chipman’s Past”

    Uh, it’s only a “mystery” for people who were born yesterday or just came out of a 20 year coma…

    To think that any “reporter” in 2021 would want to be accused of true investigative journalism rather than parrot the propaganda narrative sent out from above is to be delusional at best and naive in the least.

    • “It’s a real mystery…” Sarcasm detected.

      Remember when the Washington Post changed its masthead slogan to “Democracy dies in darkness”?

      They could shine a light on the horror show of David Chipman’s character, connections, and past actions…but they’ve consciously chosen not to. Yes, democracy dies in darkness. And WaPo and their ilk intend to ensure that it happens.

  6. Mystery??

    C’mon. No mystery.

    The dems own MSM, the newspapers, high tech, social media, TV, Hollywood, major league sports, popular culture, big biz, governors and many mayors. They own the schools, higher education. Plus they own half of America’s vote.

    If there is any mystery, the mystery it is why the dems have not pushed him through. Chipman gets hard at the idea of taking your guns away. No better man in their eyes. Unless of course the dems are just having fun with you.

    It looks like we will have San Francisco radical dems running America for the foreseeable future and possibly take us Socialist. Just no getting around that. The military was supposed to have saved us as our last line of defense. But it has failed us as well and is in the pocket of the dems.

    Whenever I hear the word Taliban I think of the dems. For the dems are Taliban-like fighter and the reps are like the Afghanis when it comes to a fight. The reps can’t compete in any way, shape or form fighting the dems. It is a bloodbath for
    the poor reps.

    If we had a Constitutionalist party, that could help with some repairs. If we could split the country into two, half could live in relative peace. (But no too peaceful with the dems on the borders still trying to destroy us…so they can get our taxes.) But the Constitution is not popular with half the country and they say they want the Constitution rewritten and our flag / anthem redone. So a Constitutionalist party would probably not have a chance. And even if by miracle it did, CA would sue it to block anything it did via its commander Mexico.

    In the old days, not really that long ago, both parties were somewhat comrade-like and cordial…at least on the surface. So things were not anywhere as radical as they are now.

    Here is Speaker Tip O’Neil congratulating Reagan after Tip
    lost a big vote and Reagan won the vote.


    Can you imagine anything like that nowadays?

    The dems never fail to achieve their goals. Guns will be on the chopping block pretty soon. Once the black guns go…all is lost.

    But with no battle plans, no national, state and local militias all on the same page, to fight the dem’s gun confiscation plans, the poor reps lose again as they can’t even agree if covid is real or whether masks do any good.

    • But the Constitution is not popular with half the country and they say they want the Constitution rewritten and our flag / anthem redone.

      It’s not so much that half the country wants the Constitution rewritten and a new flag/anthem…. What you see is a VERY vocal minority of mostly brainwashed college students and graduates who’ve been spoon fed the glorious aspects of Socialism and Communism their entire lives while also being “educated” in the horrors of Capitalism and a rewrite of American History that portays ALL white men as evil racists bent on cleansing the country of ALL POC… Many have bought in, some have not, for the former I’m not sure there is any hope but the latter can shape the future and parents ARE finally waking up and demanding changes in the schools, doing away with the Federal Department of Education would be a good start… And let’s not forget 19 Republican Senators just basically voted to levy a “per mile tax” on EVERY driver in the country which means they must be able to TRACK your every movement, now they just need to figure out how… The RINOs have outed themselves NOW get rid of them…

  7. This man’s radical anti gun positions disqualify him for any position of enforcing the law. His judgement equals that of Biden, perhaps less. He has all the eloquence of Pelosi, the logic of Schumer, the manliness of Obama, and the professionalism of Buba.

    But I endorse him. If he were appointed it guarantees a revolution. Burn it all down and start again.

    • Will he keep his “consultancy” with Giffords while head of the ATF? Will Giffords “invest” in Hunter Biden’s paint-by-the-numbers, errr, artworks to ensure Chipman’s nomination?

  8. Methinks you should have checked your news feed, before publishing this. It’s all over the MSM. Still, a valid point.

  9. You gonna tell me this freak isn’t a woman???? Look at that photo!!! What else would make sense in the world where up is down, right is wrong, good is evil and he is she. POS scumbag!!!!

  10. Frankly, from what I’ve seen examples of so far- Baby Biden’s “artwork” rivals that of the early Hitler paintings- almost. Not quite..

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