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Ryan Busse says he helped build an iconic firearms company. Busse was the Vice President of Sales for Kimber America for 25 years until 2020 and he uses those bona fides to bolster his argument opposing a bill currently under consideration in the Montana legislature that would make it the seventeenth constitutional carry state in the nation.

The Missoulian published a column by Busse yesterday in which he states his case against un-permitted concealed carry in Big Sky Country. After the requisite paragraphs establishing his gun-owning credentials, Busse wrote this . . .

Montana boasts of a wonderful common sense and deep down all of us know that protecting our rights also means avoiding extremist policies that only increase the likelihood of bloodshed. Montana House Bill 102 will not make us safer. It is not a pro-gun bill. It is an anti-responsibility bill.

Busse seems to be blissfully unaware that constitutional carry hasn’t made the kind of “gun tragedies” he says he fears any more likely in the sixteen states that currently have constitutional carry in place.

More from The Missoulian:

Like so many Montanans, I grew up with a rifle in one hand and a shotgun in the other.

I converted my love of shooting into a 25-year career in the firearms industry. I helped build an iconic international gun company. I sold millions of guns. I’ve won awards, even been a finalist for the “Firearms Industry Person of the Year,” which is the industry’s highest honor. It’s an award that has also been bestowed on firearms royalty like Charlton Heston and Bill Ruger.

Mr. Busse certainly has better firearm-owning credentials than dedicated gun rights opponents like, say, John Kerry or Joe Biden. He also cites an incident in which his son was supposedly attacked recently by “Second Amendment patriots.”

Unlike people such as Kerry and Biden, though, it isn’t taxpayers who have provided for Mr. Busse and his family over these past 25 years, it’s gun owners. That’s a group who Busse doesn’t believe is responsible enough to be trusted with the unsupervised, unpermitted exercise of their Second Amendment rights.

If enacted, people without any permit could carry concealed guns into bars and college campuses across our state. …

Montana House Bill 102 will not make us safer. It is not a pro-gun bill. It is an anti-responsibility bill.

I believe strongly in the Second Amendment, I own plenty of guns, I shoot with my boys every chance I get and I believe in the right to protect my family. But I also believe in responsibility, safety, training and common sense. This bill is the equivalent of waving flames over open gasoline; the sort of action every ranch kid like me knows is reckless.

Permitless concealed carry, guns on college campuses and in bars? These are policies that make gun tragedy more likely and there is nothing patriotic about that.

Gun owners have seen a few other high-profile industry folk articulate their support for limits on Americans’ gun rights in the past. Typically that doesn’t go well for them.

Jim Zumbo used to be a prolific and widely-read gun industry personality. That is, until he defamed America’s favorite rifle as a “terrorist” rifle on his blog:

“I must be living in a vacuum,” he wrote. “The guides on our hunt tell me that the use of AR (-15) and AK (-47) rifles have a rapidly growing following among hunters, especially prairie dog hunters. I had no clue. Only once in my life have I ever seen anyone using one of these firearms.

“I call them ‘assault’ rifles, which may upset some people. Excuse me, maybe I’m a traditionalist, but I see no place for these weapons among our hunting fraternity. I’ll go so far as to call them ‘terrorist’ rifles. To most of the public, an assault rifle is a terrifying thing. Let’s divorce ourselves from them. I say game departments should ban them from the prairies and woods.”

Zumbo’s fall came swiftly after that was published and he even earned himself a spot in the Urban Dictionary:


When outdoor writer Jim Zumbo wrote a piece on his weblog that was derogatory towards semi-automatic rifles used in the context of varmint hunting a grass roots tidal wave of protest caused him to loose (sic) all of his lucrative deals with Outdoor Life, Remington, Cabellas, etc within 48 hours of his post.

Zumbo got lumped into the “Fudd” camp, shooters that do not understand or truly support the 2nd Amendment and believe that it somehow has something to do with hunting.

Wow, you sure got “zumboed”!
Careful now, you don’t want to get “zumboed” do you?
You had better get educated on the subject before you get “zumboed”.
Your ignorance is sure to get you “zumboed”.

A few years later, Dick Metcalf, a Guns & Ammo editor from the Land of Lincoln, wrote of his support for gun control laws.

Scan from Guns & Ammo by Boch.

That promptly cost him his long-time gigs.

It doesn’t seem likely that “busse” will become a new verb in the Urban Dictionary (or any other). There are already perfectly serviceable terms there that accurately describe Mr. Busse and those who share his attitude toward Americans’ gun rights. But it’s still instructive to know how some within the firearms community view gun owners and their Second Amendment freedoms.


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  1. Freedom comes first in order to have the ability to learn personal responsibilities and apply them in everyday life. This clown’s personal shortcomings don’t necessarily apply to the rest of Americans. Sounds like another one of these people who have become successful and now thinks the rest of the free society owes them the power to govern their lives. Such people shouldn’t even be interviewed and published.

    • So you agree with the Cancel Culture that bans opinions from Twitter and Facebook for opinions you don’t agree with.

      • No,it’s just better to ignore the anti Constitution leanings of Leftist’s,even if they are employed by arms makers.

      • Its interesting that those who are fascists project their beliefs onto the rest of us. Its amazing that those who advocate for the elimination of rights are held to be Gods delivering a holy message rather than the despots they are. Ridicule, isolation, and exile is what this demands. Silence him no. Demonstrate his hypocrisy, lies, and un-American attitudes-yes.

      • Whynot, your bussed!! GRA was voicing a legitimate opinion. You on the other hand brought in a straw man. GRA said should which is much different than shall. Therefore, you and your ignorant BS should be cancelled.

    • I wonder if Mr. Busse was able to express his first amendment right to the Missoulian by first obtaining a Validated Expression Certificate first? You know, one of those where you have to sit through the proper training on how to correctly think and act before you can actively engage in expressing your viewpoints.

      Wait, what? We don’t need permits to express our opinions or exercise the 1st Amendment?

      Well color me surprised!

      • That’s right x Kimber azzhat…Put a coat on over an open carry and go to jail. All the qualifiers clowns like busse spout fall apart once they finally open their mouths wide enough to oppose a gun right, etc.
        FYI…Mr x Kimber azzhat. We are forced to jump through hoops like silly circus animals and pay for a NCIC just to buy your guns. If NCIC says you can purchase then that should include wearing a damned coat.

        • The 2A *is* our carry permit. End of story.

          If you can lawfully purchase/own firearms, then it should rightfully be entirely your choice whether or not you wish to carry it – openly or concealed.

          We should never accept being forced to beg gubmint for permission to exercise a right.

    • Doesn’t matter what his credentials are in the industry. perhaps he is responsible for the abysmal limited warranty and sky high prices, of twice what the product should sell for.
      He equates firearms carry with increased bloodshed, and that has not been the case across America, in every state with Constitutional Carry. The very idea of making Citizens pay the “Poll Taxes” and be schooled and scolded and warned by Liberal, they will go to jail if they go into a posted business or other location where firearms possession is prohibited, they will go to jail, is abhorrent and Marxist and a slap in thefaceof2Aand our founders. Government by Big Business Men is the standard now.
      I carried in Az openly everywhere, and even ore my cowboy rig and regalia on Saturday night, Since the age of six, I have had guns. Only people I shot were Communists in Viet Nam.I don’t want to shoot anyone any more than I want to be shot or beat up and my property destroyed by Democrat Terrorists and Brown Shirts….But that is the reason they want us unarmed an defenseless. Predators avoid prey that can shoot back. Montana Patriots need to kick this fellow to the curb, so to speak. Send him to NY where he will be welcomed by heir Cuomo and Heir DiBlasio

      • Indeed you just nailed it. I agree with you 100%.

        And yes Montana and everyone else needs to be absolutely rid of this fool.

    • I was a driving force in Kimber for 10 years, Mr. Busse is and always will be a representee, of do as I say not as I do. He threatened to fire me over the loss of 401K funds not going into my acct. The CFO was found guilty of pilfering our funds. He is a hard man to work for a liberal who will do anything to get his way.

  2. I would like to offer this nomination…

    Busse Syndrome: a condition typified by cranial immersion into one’s rectal cavity

  3. His “young son” was attacked by armed folk during a “peaceful rally”? Really? How many times was the youngster shot, and did he survive? Were the killers arrested? Or are you full of shit?

      • Busse the Bullshitter’s son was probably talking shit to the wrong people at the wrong time. He is obviously a virtue signaling recipient from his asshat dad backwards thinking. Just like LeBron James, no one gives a damn what you think Busse so shut the hell up and just go away.

    • Young son translates as 25, we all know what peaceful means. So a creature who brings his son up as a young Antifa/BLM moron is going to lecture me about morality?

      Rather sit a lecture on the virtues of virginity by Bill Clinton, safe driving by Teddy Kennedy, social justice by Obama, or the military virtues by John Kerry followed by the importance of enforcing our laws and justice by Bill Barr.

  4. The ghost of Bill Ruger slipped Hells grasp and has taken hold in another unfortunate vessel.
    Be gone, demon!

    • Exactly. I suppose a lot of posters here are either too young or don’t remember when Ruger himself went all-in on a 10 round magazine limit.

      There’s a true, very contagious disease that affects people who have become successful in the the eyes of others who have reached that coveted celebrity position- wrap themselves in the progressive banner and gain further favor with their fellow elitist peers and proselytize to we, the unwashed really don’t know what’s good for ourselves, our progeny or our nation.

      I guess you can’t really blame them- I wonder when the last time someone like Busse ever sat down as an equal in a real conversation with those of us who only buy his products. If he ever did on a regular basis, he might eventually come to realize that those he’s trying to impress with his obvious counter argument would never buy his wares and would actually work hard to put him out of business using his own misguided words.

      In all my experience over the past 50 years or so as a political and 2A activist about the only person I’ve followed who has stuck with his promises has been DJT. While he may never have promised to be a “conservative”, he worked to restore this nation back to the then-centrist positions he and I were raised under. What I think a lot of TTAG and other gun bloggers don’t understand is that prior to, say, 1973 or so, no one of any national prominence would have even considered advocating the general disarmament of the American public. Ditto for the other progressive notions du jour. Prior to the early and mid 1970s it appeared to the general population, other than a few “bent” activists, that there was really any need for 2A, or US Constitutional Original-Intent activism.

      A lot of people around here bitch about past “events” but really have no sene to the long, slow march of lies, half-truths and phony progressive study “statistics” that continually allowed our rights and liberties to be chipped away, usually with some sense of approval by the very people who no longer actively participated in those rights they were allowing to be tossed out.

  5. Kimber was based in Yonkers, NY until recently. Ryan Busse must have had too much exposure to the New York liberals.

    • Leftism is a most contagious mental disease, it spreads and leaves it’s victims incapable of rational thought or reason,functionally braindead. It makes Black Death or covid look like baby chit,comparativly.

      • “Leftism is a most contagious mental disease…”

        IIRC, it is the only contagious mental disease.

  6. “protecting our rights also means avoiding extremist policies that only increase the likelihood of bloodshed.”

    Yet, Idaho, the state directly to the west of Montana (with nearly identical demographics) has had Constitutional Carry for years and has seen no “bloodshed” from this extremist common sense policy.

    • Vermont,was once and only state that has had Constitutional carry since and before it’s inception as the 14 th. state in 1791,no blood flowing in the lanes and dells.

      • We have had it in Arizona for about 11 years, no issues. I got pulled over shortly after the law passed and informed the Officer I was carrying, something I was not required to do. He politely said “Well, if you will keep yours in your holster, I will keep mine in my holster.”. We both laughed and I drove away with a fix it ticket. No bloodshed.

  7. ” protecting our rights also means avoiding extremist policies that only increase the likelihood of bloodshed. Montana House Bill 102 will not make us safer. It is not a pro-gun bill. It is an anti-responsibility bill.”

    Every single time they trot out the same lame arguments of wild west, blood in the streets and it hasn’t happened ever. I believe gun crime actually dropped in all the states with Constitutional carry so the numbers actually refute the fear concretely.

    I’m sure this dopes article and the bloomberg media blitz will fall on deaf ears in MT and the bill will pass for the 3rd time and this time be signed into law by governor who supports the constitution.

    • One side thinks you need all these special rules for guns, when really all the bad things you can do with a gun are already covered by laws detailing what already isn’t permitted in society. Murder, robbery, kidnapping, rape, assault, battery, brandishing a weapon, threats and threatening behavior, etc. Whether someone has a license or not, or does these with or without a gun, these are still crimes. Felon in possession is still a thing even without having a license law, so they could still bust an ex con.

      All the license does is add an extra crime: not having a license. And a poor tax, extra fees, plus all the state infrastructure and overhead to administer this.

    • Red Forman would have called him a DUMB@$$.
      Archie Bunker would have called him a MEATHEAD.
      I call him a 2A TURNCOAT PIECE OF $#!T.
      But you can call him FUDD.

      If you work in the gun industry, you damn well better be 1000% all-in for the absolute unrestricted Right of keeping & bearing arms, opposing ANY & ALL INFRINGEMENTS, or find a new line of work RFN. People that trade on their 2A cred to bolster their anti-2A sentiments really do deserve a literal tarring & feathering, something I believe we need to bring back.

      Maybe the gun industry needs to impose a loyalty/purity test with the use of polygraphs whereby you don’t get hired or retained if it is discovered you aren’t a “2A absolutist”. Fudds like Busse and Zumbo do more damage to our Rights with their mental ebola and verbal diarrhea than a dozen Shannon Watts’es ever could.

  8. what mr jerkoff didnt mention was
    WHAT KIND OF DUMBASS REMARK HIS KID MADE TO THE 2A PATRIOTS right before he was “attacked”
    betcha terrorist rifles to donuts there aint no police report about this supposed “attack” either
    and if there is its a hoax
    its because they think were stupid that they dont realize that were on to them now
    rinos and democrats…
    weve seen the entire playbook
    we can smell them a mile away
    which will be handy a survival skill going forward when the inevitable shtf/discontinuity in government/civil war/societal collapse/breakup of america eventually happens

    • If his kid was actually “attacked” there should be some reference or link to provide evidence. Note how there is none and that the “reader” is left to “trust” Busse’s accusation as being factual. That “attack” could’ve been little more than some citizen in bibs, chaps or blue jeans uttering that Busse’s kid or his old man is/was “full of shit”…

  9. VP of Sales for Kimber would be a New York resident, so what would you expect him to say?

    Regarding Zumbo and Metcalf, there are people who shouldn’t be allowed to own a pointy stick. We need to retain the option of shooting those people as required.

  10. Here is the protest Busse’s son was at:

    The key to Busse is Kalispell. Like Livingston, it is frequented by rich outsiders that look down on the rest of Montana. The newspaper is in Missoula, with a university called the “dancing school” by Montana people. Busse is just another rich elitist who thinks his children, who he failed to give decent values to , should be allowed to terrorize the rest of the community.

    • Raising a kid who supports BLM/ANTIFA is a major indicator of parental FAILURE.

      Kindergarten through Graduate school is 16+ years of Leftist indoctrination.
      You’ve been duly warned.

    • Thanks for the link, but there is no mention of confrontation nor violence. Proves my point I believe.

      • Because there was none. There were some idiots trying to sit on a flag, there were tiny little push and shove matches, and that’s it.

        It was a joke. A whole bunch of woke assholes from Whitefish holding signs that said “racism is small dick energy”. They said they felt “intimidated” by the presence of guns, but the women who organized it asked for our help keeping everyone safe. We did just that, and if the sight of guns intimidated them, then good. It kept them on the sidewalks and out of traffic, no damage to local businesses, and was over that night. Nothing will change these cowards minds, and I’m willing to bet his story is total bullshit. If his son got into an altercation, it’s because he was the aggressor and instigated it, again, assuming that he was even there.

        This Fudd coward can take that shit to another state. We won’t tolerate it here.

  11. Since the guy uses Kimbers name to boost his position then I assume Kimber agrees with him.
    If not, then a very public rebuke and dis-asociation from Kimber is in order.
    If not then it will be duly noted.

    • That’s one of two things Kimber must do to win my business. The second is to ship magazines that don’t jam.

      I was talking with someone using a Kimber at a shoot a few years ago and he told me “That’s internet BS, muh Kimber doesn’t jam!” Guess what happen 3 times when it was his turn?

  12. The threat of prison, losing your 2A rights, and possession of your guns is enough reason to not do stupid things. Laws do not stop unlawful people for carrying firearms.

    If one class is enough to make me ‘responsible enough to carry a firearm, then I guess walking to the grocery store makes me a hiker.

    Looks like kimbers are off my list…

  13. In short, I agree with Bussee; there are people who should not be in the same zip code as a firearm, permit or not. HOWEVER…..

    That pesky constitutional provision that prohibits government from disarming the public is there for a reason, a reason that cannot depend on what passes for “common sense”. Guess I gotta go with public defense against government tyranny. The track record of government abuse runs in a single direction.

    • Something posted many months ago by @Strych9. “When it comes to a Civil Right…Neither public opinion…Nor a risk presented by that Right… Is a Moral or Ethical reason to Curtail that Right”.

      • I’d modify that very wise quote by substituting the word civil for natural. “Civil” rights are actually privileges created by government; Natural Rights are inherent in every human being from the moment they are conceived in their mother’s womb, and bestowed upon each and every one of us by our Creator.

  14. theres only 2 reasons why the deep state didnt “jfk” trump:
    1 the alternate media-it didnt exist in ’63-theres no way to effectively cover it up
    2 tens of millions of americans with magazine fed semiautomatic centerfire rifles and billions of rounds of ammo and an axe to grind

    • There’s more. Trump had his own security detail interspersed with the secret service. This one move made it impossible for “deep state” characters to (attempt to) take him out…
      Trump is one smart cookie…

  15. Help make gun owners more responsible instead of belittle them. Especially after they have provided you a living to support your family.

    Invest in more local range and local training access for those of us who can’t afford much,more than our regular bills, an occasional gun and ammo purchases.

  16. The funniest thing is the remark about guns on college campuses. Over the years I have had the occasion to be on something like 50 different college campuses. With the exception of the service academies they are all like small cities with multiple points of unguarded access. Laws and campus regulations are not going to stop bad guys from bringing guns on campus if they choose to do so!

    • Tried to get my daughter to enroll in a nearby private university that allows concealed carry on campus, but they don’t offer her field of study. Instead, she’s at my alma mater. When I was there, a buddy brought his Ruger Single Six to school, smuggled into the dorm. We would shoot it after practicing bullseye, at the ROTC indoor pistol range. My kind of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Whoops, don’t get caught doing that today, not even a single cartridge! Although, the pistol club is still there and active.

  17. As either an Old X’er or a Young Boomer depending on how you split the difference, I heartily endorse a round of ” OK Boomer” heckling to this Fudd sitting on his wallet.
    Because f@*k that guy.

  18. He is signaling to the social club that he is woke. They know how he made his money he wants to atone to them.

  19. Guess boycotting Kimber America is on the list also. I wonder if Kimber America is going to put out a statement against Ryan Busse.

      • Dan this is a perfect example of what I mean when I say we are our own worst enemy.
        POTG need to really stop and think “is this benefiting gun owners or those trying to disarm us?”

        Lets just stop buying guns all together, that’ll show em!

        Lets take jobs away from Springfield Armory, Kimber, S&W, Ruger, then they will have to go all or nothing pro gun! They want to ban bump stocks, let em, I don’t care, just a gimicky toy anyhow. Tax ammo out of existence, who cares, I reload.
        We disgrace FUDDS for the same thing, “AR’s have no place in hunting tradition”, “semi autos can’t be used to hunt with, people will mow deer down like Rambo”

        You wanna win this thing, stick together, all of it. If your friends make a mistake, point it out, but don’t disown them, eventually, you’re going to run out of friends.

      • “Why would you boycott Kimber because of something an ex employee wrote or said. How are they in any way responsible for what Busse says or does?”

        Not sure those are, yet, the right questions. First, “Will Kimber publicly disavow Busse, and proclaim to be a company in full support of an un-infringed Second Amendment”?

        After we get that answer, we can turn to the ones you are posing.

        • Sam, why should Kimber HAVE to come out and disavow everything anyone says.
          You are simply setting up hurdles for your own to jump through to justify your own decisions.
          Henry makes guns in NJ which is one of the most anti gun states there is. I guess you refuse to buy from them until they pack up and move their entire operations to what YOU feel is a friendly state?

          • In this instance, you are kludging two unrelated things together.

            “Sam, why should Kimber HAVE to come out and disavow everything anyone says.
            You are simply setting up hurdles for your own to jump through to justify your own decisions.”

            If I claimed to be a Kimber owner, and supported the ideas stated by Bussee, Kimber would have zero obligation to disavow my opinion. However….when a representative of Kimber (note the attempt to establish bona fides by Bussee writing as a former VP of Kimber), the public perceives that Bussee still represents Kimber (he likely has an ongoing relationship). That perception requires either a confirmation of opinion, or disclaimer. So, I would not knowingly provide funds to a company that supports any restrictions on gun ownership. If Kimber declines to repudiate, then no answer is an answer. And, to be gross, it is my money, so if I don’t want to fund supporters of 2A restrictions, then I have a right to demand that a company get with the program, or do without my money.

            “Henry makes guns in NJ which is one of the most anti gun states there is. I guess you refuse to buy from them until they pack up and move their entire operations to what YOU feel is a friendly state?”

            Absolutely no comparison. If, however, Henry made guns for exclusive sale by the state of NJ, yeah, I would refuse to spend my money on a subcontractor who funds NJ’s anti-gun policy. However…..

            I refused to buy a .22 rifle from Henry because of their motto: “Made In America, Or Not Made At All.” I wanted a coffee mug with that motto, to use at my last job. The mug arrived, and I immediately turned it upside down to read the manufacturing info: Made In China. That was a big “Nope”; threw the mug in the trash. I have no problem with staunch 2A support companies located in slave states. Yeah, my purchase pays the taxes to the slave state, but the seller does not represent the slave state.

        • @Sam

          If you read the entire OpEd that Busse wrote for the Missoulian you will notice that he does not mention Kimber by name anywhere. The Missoulian added Busse’s association to Kimber under their brief resume on Busse. My guess is that the Missoulian added the connection for their own Liberal purposes – to give “credibility” to Busse’s anti-gun opinion.

          This clarification does not absolve him of his patently hostile attitude regarding the lawful ownership of firearms and the issue of Constitutional Carry…as other commenters have remarked, the crime statistics for those States who have Constitutional Carry do not reflect the wildest scenes from a Tarantino movie.

        • Sam, think of it this way. You go to a Lexus dealer to buy a new car and the guy running the dealership tells you that Saabs are safer and better for you. Do you think Lexus’s CEO should make a public announcement that their cars are better and discredit the salesman?

          The reasons big companies do not get into these petty arguments is because they end up getting sucked into a pissing match with one man and this costs them time and money, also arguing opens yourself up to questions which can and will be used against you or twisted by say … the media.. to mean something you didn’t mean to say.
          So corporate lawyers have found that no response is the best response. Eventually that one big mouth in one paper will fade off and Kimber will still be selling guns.

          PS, not really tickled about the Chinese mug.

          • “Do you think Lexus’s CEO should make a public announcement that their cars are better and discredit the salesman?”

            Not the same at all. However, if the Lexus CEO retired and claimed other cars to be better, then Lexus should publicly distance itself (usually, separation agreements contain clauses prohibiting statements that disparage, or materially differ from the company values).

            When a former CEO takes a political position, if that position is different from the values of the company, the buying public notices. That public deserves clarification.

            Silence is a declaration of agreement.

      • Rusting barrels, plastic mainspring housings, shit warranty, sub-par customer service and their dubious history of screwing over a partner, not withstanding…Fuck kimber and their known anti-gun former employee…

      • I think one pertinent question is: How much Kimber stock does Busse still hold? If he has a substantial holding, then some of your purchase dollars will go directly into his pocket.

        And what are the nature of Busse’s political donations. Were his dollars part of Joe Biden’s $140M+ dark money campaign funds?

      • “ Why would you boycott Kimber because of something an ex employee wrote or said. How are they in any way responsible for what Busse says or does?”

        Yep, whenever we circle the wagons, we need to make sure our rifles are pointed out, not in.

  20. The whole concept of constitutional carry means that it is a constitutional right and not subject to his opinion. The fact that a constitutional right has to be legislated to us is in itself troubling.

  21. “Like so many Montanans, I grew up with a rifle in one hand and my d!ck in the other.”

    FIFY, Lyin’ Ryan.

    • Perfect.

      I’m of the right age and background to be the perfect fudd and I wonder how I’m not one. I hate guys like Busse so much. I mean they really piss me off.

  22. its going to be 10 thousand or more patriots armed with magazine fed semi automatic centerfire rifles wearing t shirts that say not today and i dont think so and get some and dont fuck with mr zero that will stop trump from being arrested at mar a lago later this year after news of his arrest warrant is leaked to the media 18 hours in advance
    of course this will start the civil war that the deep state wants when a few maga hat wearing antifa and blm thugs they planted there open fire on the 150 federal agents that showed up acting like they didnt know what was about to happen and a firefight unsues
    itll be the boston massacre 2.0 and lexington and concord 2.0 all rolled into one

  23. This is what you get when you give a voice to people who are uneducated on the subject they’re speaking about.
    If he were to give a speech on how to increase firearms sales, I would bet there would be less conflicting topics.

    Wonder what (insert random Hollywood superstar here) thinks about self defense?……

  24. Fudds like these need a proper flogging, then tar & feathers.
    ALL gun control laws are INFRINGEMENTS, hard stop!

  25. If he was running around as a kid with a rifle in one hand and a shotgun in the other, I suspect Mr. Busse did not have a license to carry since there were no such things in his youth. He likely learned abut guns and safe gun handling without the need for government intervention. And he probably had a rifle or a shotgun in the back of his pickup at high school during hunting season. But now he wants people to be licensed to throw on a coat over their (otherwise generally legally carried) handgun? Bizarre.

  26. Oh and BTW – He proudly lumping himself in with the likes of Bill Ruger is pretty telling.

    Fuck them both.

  27. The elitism wafting out of Mr. Busse’s comments is pungent…. a lot like a fish cannery at low tide. Rules for thee, but not for me clearly seems to be part of his mindset, and simply looking next door at Wyoming which has had constitutional carry for several years now would show the complete fallacy of his argument. I would hazard a guess he is one of those who lives on a significantly chunk of land in a multi-million dollar home outside of Missoula…. exactly the kind of person a lot of Montanans have no use for.

  28. Sounds like the kind of person Kimber would hire. I hate that company. And what a fucking idiot Busse is.

  29. I would never own a Kimber, no matter the quality.
    Most people are unaware that Kimber went bankrupt and left a lot of people who had deposits for Kimber firearms in the lurch. People lost their deposits…Kimber screwed honest customers out of their money.
    The reconstituted (post bankruptcy) Kimber made no offers to refund previous customers their deposits.
    Kimber is in the same ilk as Ruger that supported the “assault weapons ban”…
    Thanks but no thanks

  30. People without permits already carry concealed. They have been for many years. Both good guys and bad. Certainly criminals the use guns couldn’t be bothered with such laws, one way or the other.

  31. He’s an asshole, presenting no evidence for his claims, and a coward, spouting off where no-one can present a rebutal.

    Fuck ‘im.

  32. Kimbers are over priced. That Busse guy is something else, “I sale gunms but don’t support the right to bear arms.” Is he planning on running for office? He’d fit right in.

  33. ARs don’t have any place in hunting? Because the author is a “traditionalist”? Does he not know what a bolt action AR platform deer rifle is? Same as his traditional deer rifle, but with a different set of clothes…

    I suppose he doesn’t use a cordless drill, either, because Grandpappy used a corded Sears drill with one of those old-timey chuck keys dangling from it? Or wait…an antique egg-beater style hand drill, because that darned electricity isn’t what God intended?

    C’mon, man, gimme a break.

    • Another necessary and relevant point from the peerless I Haz A Question. As it was, is and ever shall be.

      All Hail.






  35. Constitutional carry doesn’t mean unrestricted carry, just that you don’t need special permission to do so where it’s legal. If Montana law outlaws possession in a bar, it should apply to open, permitted, and Constitutional carry. A CCW doesn’t prevent a gun from going through a saloon door — the carrier decides to follow or break the law. Same for a campus, although I see no problem with carrying on campus. University of Colorado fashions itself as a Berkeley of the Rockies, but we’re had permitted campus carry for years without problems.

  36. I was in Kalispell during that “peaceful demonstration”.

    If his son was attacked, he asked for it and deserved it.
    Literally the calmest protest I’ve ever been to. They stayed on the sidewalks…

    I’m willing to bet this man’s son is a fucking liberal pussy, just like Daddy.

    Take your ass to Washington, you are not welcome here.

  37. The two above named gentlemen are entitled to their opinions. What they offer are simply Personal Opinions, no more valid than the personal opinions of those who think differently. Re the opinions of those who think differently, the facts support the opinions of the last mentioned, something that should not be forgottern.

  38. The weirdest thing about Zumbo was he knew, because hunting guides told him so, he was criticizing hunters for hunting with a hunting gun that was (in his opinion) ugly. It was Fudd on hunter stupidity.

    • Yup, Zumbo knowingly took sure and steady aim at his career, checked his breathing and carefully squeezed that trigger …

      Dumb ass move, straight up.

  39. Finally, a picture in the news media showing the not-so-scary wood stocked firearms. I believe there are some semi-autos on that rack too which would be regulated or banned along with the “scary looking black ones”. We need to see more of that, to show anti-gunners that these less intimidating firearms would also be regulated and banned along with the “scary black ones” that they are, well, scared of. Anti-gunners base their opinions and decisions on feelings and emotions, not facts. So why do we shower them with facts, then scare them? That’s the wrong tactics.

    Jim Zumbo is right in saying the so-called assault rifles scare people. But I don’t think they should be banned from the hunting scene. I think the question of using those scary black rifles with 20 or 30 round magazines for hunting will resolve itself if they turn out not to be as reliable, dependable or as accurate as the traditional stocked ones. Then hunters will move to the traditional stocked ones. But if the AR-15s and the like are as accurate, dependable, and reliable as the traditional stocked, then so be it. But anti-gunners and anti-hunters see those rifles as the hunter carrying them unloading 20 or 30 rounds on a deer, antelope, squirrel, whatever they’re hunting. Won’t happen. That would destroy too much meat, destroy a mountable trophy. But anti-hunters/gunners don’t see it that way because they don’t understand hunting. They just see a scary black rifle that’s being use to kill animals.

    So let’s tone it down a bit. Showing up at rallies and protests decked out in head to toe tactical gear with our chest full of loaded multiple round magazines turns on the media and turns off anti-gunners. Why would you want to intimidate the people you are trying to sway to your side?

    Busse’s points address firearm safety concerns that are better handled through an emphasis on firearm safety training and practice. As has been pointed out, to my knowledge no facts support his claim that more shooting will occur in open carry States. Safety should be a matter of training, not regulating or banning.

  40. So is this guy opposed to permit-less carry ? Ir is he opposed to carrying in bars and on campus without a permit. They are NOT the same thing.

    I am generally for carry in all places. But i think of we are going to restrict carry ANYWHERE it should be bars. I do believe people working at a bar should be able to carry. But i can understand weapons checks outside a bar.

  41. He said, “I believe strongly in the Second Amendment, I own plenty of guns, I shoot with my boys every chance I get and I believe in the right to protect my family.” “But…..”

  42. Exhibit A) microcosm of WHY there’s no institutional push within the gun industry itself to repeal NFA, GCA, FOPA, Brady, NICS, etc & abolish the ATF and ALL gun laws on the books: they’re manned and animated by a bunch of degenerate, anti-American, anti-natural rights, FUDD scums.

  43. Well, Kimber had this to say in an email today (in my inbox):

    Kimber Statement on Montana Constitutional Carry Editorial
    TROY, AL, January 27, 2021 — Kimber Mfg., Inc. has recently been made aware of opinion articles published respectively in the Sidney Herald (Sidney, Montana) entitled “Being Pro-Gun Also Means Being Pro-Responsibility” and in the Missoulian (Missoula, Montana) entitled “Being Pro-Gun Also Means Being Pro-Responsibility: We must oppose HB102”. The author of this article, Ryan Busse, is no longer an employee of Kimber and has not worked for Kimber since August of 2020. His statements and opinions expressed regarding the opposition of Montana House Bill 102 are not authorized by or attributable to Kimber.
    “Kimber is a proud supporter of our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms,” said Leslie Edelman, CEO and owner of Kimber. “We support organizations that defend these rights, and we are committed to providing the people of this great nation with the finest premium firearms available.”
    To learn more about Kimber visit

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