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Ask and ye shall receive. Yesterday we ran Larry Keane’s op-ed calling for the feckless Biden administration to recognize reality and pull the nomination of gun control lobbyist David Chipman to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Today, Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post is announcing that whoever is running things in the White House has leaked that they intend to do exactly that.

From the WaPo . . .

The White House is planning to withdraw David Chipman’s nomination to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this week amid bipartisan pushback over his gun control advocacy, according to two people with knowledge of the decision.

Chipman was always an audacious nomination. Biden trying to install a paid gun control lobbyist to run the nation’s federal firearms regulatory agency was every bit as ballsy as a GOP president nominating Wayne LaPierre. It was always going to provoke tooth-and-nail opposition from the other side, but the White House apparently thought they could brazen it out.

But when Chipman’s serial lies, and allegations of past racist comments came up — allegations no one has bothered to refute — the end of his nomination became only a matter of time. Even a handful of red and purple state Democrats let it be known — sometimes by saying nothing (at least publicly) — that they wouldn’t vote for him.

This is a big loss for the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex who got behind Chipman’s nomination with everything they had. And as they saw it gradually going down in flames, the shrieks and accusations of mendacity and dirty pool against those who worked to defeat him were glorious.

So will the administration’s next nominee be any friendlier to gun rights? Please. Will they choose someone who hasn’t openly called for regulating AR-15s like machine guns and openly disparaged law-abiding gun owners? They will if they’re smart. And if they do, whoever they pick might be just as big a threat, but more difficult to defeat.

But in nominating Chipman, Biden succeeded in getting virtually everyone on the gun rights side of the ledger to coalesce in fierce opposition to someone who was a caricature of a clownish anti-gun zealot and it was a very good thing. Now we’ll see if that kind of unity can continue in the battles ahead.

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  1. Now that’s some welcome news. My main concern going forward is that the Biden Administration won’t nominate someone who’s so openly oppressive next time around. The next contestant will likely be moderate on the outside but a dyed in the wool gun control advocate on the inside.

    • ‘My main concern going forward is that the Biden Administration won’t nominate someone who’s so openly oppressive next time around.’

      Your main concern is that the nominee be more of a covert oppressive type?

      How about the nominee understand what “shall not be infringed” means.

      Or understand that the ATF is ONLY there to enforce laws, NOT there to create laws. 🤔

      • Exactly my point. If it were up to us and other Americans who love their freedom, the nominee would respect the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The current administration does not, therefore I’m not hopeful for a nominee that we can get behind. In the end, the best ATF is no ATF.

        • nano…I got your point the first time. Around here it’s often nitpicking, comprehension or a combination of both.

          As for chipmonkey being shown the door…Expecting anything or anyone decent to ever come from an administration below the level of a Haribo Gold Bears commercial is futile. Expect a Gun Control nazi hiding behind a suit and tie will show up to do the dirty work for Jim Crow Gun Control joe et al.

        • 👍
          Or at a minimum limit ATF activities to enforcing laws passed by the legislative branch. Also honoring their oath to uphold the Constitution of the US.

        • Instead of chipmonkey being presented as a defeat for azzhats with an agenda rooted in racism and genocide the good guys who told the truth about chipmonkey will be presented by the marxist media as the bad guys.

          The aforementioned is easily accomplished mainly because the good guys have failed miserably to define Gun Control as an agenda rooted in racism and genocide.

          Instead of seeing Gun Control on the level of slave shacks, nooses, burning crosses, concentration camps, gas chambers, swastikas, etc. the average, milquetoast, spoon fed American sees Gun Control as sugar and spice and everything nice.

          Until America grasps reality and understands that History confirms no matter where Gun Control has been for past centuries or where it goes mass misery, destruction, slavery, death and genocide rides along.

          Trusting Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is like trusting a convicted, repeat pedophile with a mile long rap sheet to be left alone with children.

      • The way around that is for the law to say “see regulations”, and guess who is in charge of the regulations .

        Would the new chosen one be allowed to appoint Chipman as their deputy?

    • Yep. The advisors of the presidential vegetable who puppet him around, will nominate a different ATF director that is just as bad as Chipman, or worse, just less vocal about his views.

      • just less vocal about his views.

        Not possible, THESE Clowns crave recognition and they are in a tight competition for “most WOKE” so they can’t help but OUT themselves, they’re too proud of themselves and their views to keep their mouths shut so somewhere there IS a video, a tweet, an email, something that makes their views clear to the world… They see themselves as invincible visionaries (much like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini) and in compltete control of the country, they are unaffraid, unashamed and totally ignorant of the grass roots movement growing right under their noses…

  2. “So will the administration’s next nominee be any friendlier to gun rights? Will they choose someone who hasn’t openly called for regulating AR-15s like machine guns and openly disparaged law-abiding gun owners?”

    Don’t make me laugh… There are plenty more where Chipman came from, in every respect.

    If we want to take some sort of “victory lap”, let it be for The People actually taking an active roll in preventing Chipman to be confirmed. In the wake of this “protest”, should many of the cynical, nay-saying posters around here will finally agree that becoming involved in the govenment process can make a difference, and gets them off of their butts and starts them writing to their elected representatives at every level rather than preach that it “doesn’t matter”, this can be a double-edged sword to the anti-freedom Left.

    We have a long way yet to go and we’ll need all hands on deck.

  3. They are just going to pick somebody a little greasier in the hopes that they can slide him into the chair with less difficulty.

  4. The position will stay empty and after the midterms reshape Congress the dems can go back to bitching about how republicans are letting children (read:14-21 year old repeat felons) die because they refuse to fill the seat.

    • Funny thing is that there hasn’t been a Senate approved head of the ATF for years. It works reasonably well with an interim head. Like most federal bureaucracies, hydra-like, even if you cut off the head, it just won’t die.

  5. Or, Biden’s handlers will just make name him as the “Acting” head and give us all the middle finger. I wouldn’t put it past them. We shall see.

    • I’m fairly certain that an Acting Director has to be chosen from the crop of currently employed ATF officials. Not 100% sure about that though, but all of the past Acting Directors, (since B. Turd Jones) were ATF employees.

  6. does this mean i can keep my 2 strike industries braced 10.5 ar pistols with sights and red dot on them
    if i can great
    if not than what does it matter if chipman goes bye bye or not

  7. You left out his infidelity, alcoholism and sexual harassment in the work place. I understand these are all resume enhancements, if you’re a DemoRat, but for most of us, these are negatives.

    Maybe Master Beto will be named “Gun Czar” by Biden next. He did promise the fake Mexican that he would be in-charge of taking away guns, during the campaign.

    Chipman is gone, another Victory for Freedom. Please take the time to pat yourself on the back and celebrate for at least a day, as another attack will be coming soon.

    • some of the most influencial politicions of our time(and some of the better ones, also) had “infidelity, alcoholism and sexual harassment in the work place”. Powerful men usually need a release. Some might be closet homos, others have a dedicated mistress or are indiscriminate in their womanizing. Many drink and drug, some are just vile and would flop it out to play “mine is bigger”. One would sit on the john and yell at his advisers in the Oval Room.
      Winston Churchill was infamous for these things(not the john) and he was the reason Britian was able to stand against Germany.
      You say that like it is a bad thing. There are much worse things Chipman did and stood for.
      No one is a saint, including most religious leaders.

      • Benjamin Franklin comes to mind… Never make the top ten “Dads of the year” and today would most likely be sitting in a cell next to Harvey Weinstein… BUT, history is what it is and Ben is a founding hero (negotiated the end of the “Revolutionary War, invented a bunch of stuff, highly learned) instead, he was the ONLY founder that signed the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution AND the Paris Peace Treaty… He was also known to frequent some of the most infamous Bordellos in Europe, so, Bad man? maybe… Great man? definitely… HOWEVER Chipmunk is NOT a Ben Franklin OR a Great Man…

  8. Defund the ATF? Anyone? Anyone?? Bueller? Bueller? They don’t need a director, they simply need to not exist… or be converted into a convenience store chain, in which case then I’ll be perfectly happy for them to appoint a director.

    • Former Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-WI, introduced several bills to abolish the ATF. Unfortinately, his proposal was to have the FBI take over the role. I don’t think the FbI would be any better, and probably worse.

      The bill never made it to a floor vote, IIRC.

  9. Hahaha! The Butcher of Waco gets turfed! Biden will now create a toothless “Office of Public Safety” and pay this schmuck $250,000 a year to do nothing.

  10. “And as they saw it gradually going down in flames, the shrieks and accusations of mendacity and dirty pool against those who worked to defeat him were glorious.”

    Expect much more of that in the days ahead lamenting the failure of Chipman’s nomination. There will be many AAR style articles written but few, if any, will acknowledge that the issue was Chipman and his politics, not those opposed to him. It was the mean old gun nuts fault.

  11. Every action by this administration has been to push law abiding citizens closer to a civil war. They have displayed an absolute disdain for the American People. The Afghanistan debacle, the display of disdain for their own Covid-19 rules, allowing Blue City riots while condeming the Capitol event, allowing illegals and refugees to come into the Country unmasked, untested and unvaccinated while demanding we do all those things, lockdowns for us while they bus illegals all over the Country, and a host of other disreputable acts just go to show how much disrespect they have for citizens who they are suppose to protect and represent.

    • …. and they’re reinstalling the “temporary fence” around the Capital Building to protect against the imminent White Boys attack coming on the anniversary of 9/11 – Smoke : ✔️ Mirrors : ✔️ …..

      • You mean something like the BLM attack on the police Precinct in the Bronx NYC?

        BLM TERRORISTS ATTACK NYPD STATION – ASSAULT POLICE OFFICERS AND DOUSE POLICE VEHICLE WITH GASOLINE: Deep into the night of September 3rd, Black Lives Matter sent one of their worst attacks against the NYPD station located in the Bronx. Leading the way for the terrorist group was Miguel Louis from Olympia, Washington. Louis was quoted saying things such as “You lost”, “We won”, and “My people will continue killing you”.

  12. A minor victory (but a victory all he same) I’m sure Braindead can dig up someone else just as evil, corrupt and phuked up who is ready and willing to do “their” bidding… Hey Comey, you busy dude?

    • This awaitng moderation crap is getting WAY out of control, hell I even “fixed” it, deleted it AND reposted the “fixed” post and still went to moderation… WTF happened to “Free Speech” if you want to be Twitter/Facebook then say so, I don’t use either of them for a reason… My post does not contain any “personal” attacks (like nearly ALL of Trolldacians posts) It only contains the truth (UNlike ALL of Trolldacians posts) AND contains NO language that is not used by nearly everyone posting here (I even “fixed” that) So, I really would like a response as to WTF is wrong with my “awaiting moderation” post proclaiming the modest victory over Braindeads BATFE appointment and the likelyhood that he will find worse (like James Comey) to do the job…

      • Maxx,

        Given the absolutely glacial pace of most “moderator” actions on this blog, and the relatively instantaneous “awaiting moderation” responses, I can only infer that TTAG has a REALLY STUPID screening algorithm – and refuses to change it. I get posts dropped completely, or “awaiting moderation” for MUCH less inflammatory language than that to which I am responding (like MinorIQ, enuf, and dacian the dim) all the time. They probably got a ‘freebie’ moderation algorithm (written by some Leftist drone in Silicon Valley), and are too cheap to change it.

        ANY ‘algorithm’ that allows the logic-and-fact-free ad hominem of dacian the dim, and blocks or moderates your posts, is pretty effed up, by definition. I’ve seen you, and other regular posters on here, complain about this regularly and . . . NOTHING gets done.

        The only conclusion possible is that they are either too damn cheap to pay for decent moderation, or . . . they like it this way. I used to believe #1, but #2 looks more likely by the day.

        • Maybe there is a list of those with past indescretions, and they just flag you more often? Or maybe it is to make you even more interested in the comments?

        • Funny how quick mine cleared after I questioned It… Still waiting for Dan… If I’m that bad just kick me the hell off, that’s what I’d do…

      • Lame sss post Fake Miner.

        Regardless of the current ATF situation, it was Obama/Biden’s ATF that approved bump stocks and pistol braces, and Republican Donald Trump’s ATF that banned bump stocks and began the process to ban pistol braces.

        Pesky facts, interfering with the conservative narrative.

        The Republicans in Florida and Texas are hoping no one notices the facts, while they continue shouting their support for the Second Amendment.

        • Wait!

          Now that I think…ouch!

          Didn’t the Republicans in Texas just pass Constitutional Carry? That kinda makes my ‘fact’ totally ‘fake’. Daymm, I’m kinda dumb.

  13. the only good director is no director…the only good atf is no atf..the only good atf hq is bulldozed and turnip greens planted…

  14. I’m sure that Gavin Newsom will soon be available for the nomination. What ever happened to Nukem’ Swalwell? Did cavortint with Chicom spies enhance or detract from his appeal as a nominee?

    • Defens,

      You forgot the obvious pick – “Beto” Fake Mexican O’Rourke. After all, Gropey Joe the Senile Pedophile PROMISED he’d make “Beto” the HMFIC of gun control.

      • Funny how the ‘Beto’ and ‘Biden/Harris’ car window and bumper stickers have ALL disappeared in the D/FW area of Texas.
        Seems like all the leftards have buyers remorse. 🤔

      • “Beto” would have as much chance of getting through the confirmation as Chipmunk… His “you’re damn right I’m coming for your AR15s and AK47s” declaration is still way too fresh on peoples minds… Besides Braindead would be correcting him constantly.. “no Beto, it’s an AR16”

    • Swallwell was more popular than QueMala, in the 2020 Presidential Sweepstakes, or at least he stayed in the race longer..

  15. Yeah … It’ll be news when the nomination is actually withdrawn.

    Until then Chipman is still the nominee, and we need to keep up the pressure. If nothing else, to make enough of an impression that the admin might be a little reluctant to put forward a nominee like this again.

  16. You can bet they already have someone in mind, someone squeeky clean(like they did running Jimmy Carter for president). The problem is someone that hasn’t stepped on any toes doesn’t have the wherewithall to make the tough(and dirty) choices.

    • Draft dodging Ted committed a hunting violation with a firearm and then publicly lied about the situation:

      “While in Southeast Alaska in 2009, Nugent violated a somewhat bizarre bear-hunting law designed to end the loss of wounded bears. The Southeast outing was filmed for a television hunting show. Someone watched the videotape, realized Nugent had committed a crime by letting a bear escape after being hit with an arrow and then killing another bear. The incident was reported to authorities. It became a federal case, which Nugent made go away in a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney, under which he agreed to pay a $10,000 fine, put an advertisement on his television show saying hunters should obey the law, and agree not to hunt or fish in Alaska for a year.“


  17. I tend to think Chipman’s nomination was always about appeasing his base. He had to know the guy was going to be a difficult sell. But he probably also knew he had a long list of favors to repay, going back to the Democratic primaries. So, he nominates the Mommies Demand Playmate of the Month and can say “well, I tried.”

    What, me cynical?

    • or her husband?

      Not Kelly, The Dems would lose that seat (and the majority) in the Senate and AZ is still under Republican control so the Gov would seat a Republican (probably McSally)…

  18. Well, rats !

    This means the Republicrats will consent to the replacement, falling once again for the “bid the worst, then offer the next most worse; the other side will consider it a victory.”


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