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Here’s the press release from

On May 29, 2011, the Baltimore Police Criminal Intelligence Section issued an “Intelligence Bulletin” warning officers about persons displaying the 2nd Amendment decal pictured here [available here]. The bulletin contains the following caption in bold red letters . . .

“….while the individual who is displaying the symbol may not be armed, the presence of the symbol provides an early warning indicator that you MAY be about to encounter an armed individual.”

It apparently never occurred to the Intelligence Section that perhaps we the people could use a warning that the presence of a badge provides an early warning that we are about to encounter an armed individual. While this may seem a bit sarcastic, it is certainly not unfair for Maryland citizens to have reason for concern when they are approached by an officer.

This is especially true when the officers are overly tense because they have been warned that a citizen with a decal or patch MAY be armed.

This Association asked James H. Green, of the Baltimore City Police Department to explain why the Baltimore City Police Department feels the need to profile persons who choose to support the U.S. Constitution.

Mr. Green responded with the following statement:

“I have spoken with our Criminal Intelligence Section and the bulletin was created in response to a number of recent inquires asking about the decal and its meaning and information generally provided to law enforcement about officer safety. All law enforcement agencies attempt to inform our officers or citizens as appropriate when inquiries such as this arise.

I certainly disagree with your characterization of “profiling.” Clearly the bulletin is informational and does not remotely suggest a suppression of Constitutional rights. In fact, as you are aware, many law enforcement personnel are members of the NRA or affiliated organizations.

As you are also aware, traffic stops are the single most dangerous encounter for law enforcement. It certainly is practice for law enforcement to ask operators about weapons for safety reasons only. The presence of a decal is NOT justification in itself for a traffic stop.

I hope that this addresses your inquiry and clears up any confusion about the bulletin.”

Note: “ WRTAC” stands for “Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center”

This Association has already submitted a Public Information Act request for information regarding similar bulletins involving NRA decals, patches and license plates.

It is quite interesting that the Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center and the Baltimore Police believe that showing support for the U.S. Constitution is considered a threat to police officers.

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  1. “I have spoken with our Criminal Intelligence Section and the…”

    Criminal Intelligence Section?? I’m sorry, but I don’t believe the actions of law-abiding citizens fall under the purview of the Criminal Intelligence Section…

  2. Every LEO must be an expert at profiling. It’s the only way that they can survive a career, and the only way that they can effectively police a society. Sorry about that, but that’s the way it is.

    LEOs look at every clue, cue, symbol, sticker, and out-of-place hair to try to guess what the suspect will do or could do BEFORE they do it.

    It’s an ugly truth, but you can’t run a police force (or anything else) if you act as if all people are equally innocent and harmless until they show you otherwise. You also could not run airports, sporting events, commerce, or anything other than a website without doing your best to guess which anonymous visitors are killers. So get used to it.

    That bulletin did not state that the officers should be treating constitution supporters differently. It merely gave them background on this particular clue. Informing LEOs about it in a neutral way can also help prevent harmful misinformation. Imagine if word got out that folks displaying that decal were part of a gun cult, or were Sovereigns? Disaster could result.

    I don’t like the fact that LEOs and TSA agents profile. But I do benefit from it every day, and as long as it’s done with high amounts of oversight, control, and restraint I feel that it is an evil that we unfortunately cannot get by without.

    • I think it is clear to most of us that LEO, especially the large urban forces are profiling the wrong people. I have been told by several Columbus officers that they are told to stay out of certain areas and not engage certain people(drug and gang types). They tell the hoodlum class that if they remain inside certain areas they can behave as they wish, cross in to the areas populated by the ruling liberal class and the hammer will fall.

  3. If you want to be incognito, be incognito.

    You can’t literally fly a flag and then complain when people notice. Cops have as much right as anyone to notice. Be happy that it comes up enough that they’re interested in knowing more. It means they’re seeing a lot of these stickers. And if those who fly this flag turn out to be law-abiding when the police come in contact with them, the police will gradually form a positive profile.

  4. I agree with Jason, and will just add: That sticker is DUMB. It doesn’t make any sense. Who is supposed to be making the statement, “I save lives every day?” The concealed carrier who slaps that on their car? If so, it’s false. We who carry don’t “save lives every day.” Police? Also false. And most who carry concealed don’t do so to “join [a] fight against crime.” That suggests vigilantism; great message. And what’s with the use of the official-looking city seal? To falsely give the impression that you’re a cop? That’s right up there with the geeks who buy a shiny badge to carry around with their gun. This crap sure doesn’t help how the masses (and police) view us.

    • You’re reacting to a Baltimore city police slogan, not the 2a sticker.

      The sticker in question is a black field with a number 2 in between two thin white horizontal bars. FWIW, I think it’s a good design. Follow the link to see it.

      • Thanks for the clarification. The 2a sticker is indeed innocuous. (The Baltimore police banner is still dumb!)

        • Perish the thought! Just existing as a blue knight and bothering to put the uniform on before you walk out of the house saves ten lives every second, because without cops everyone would be slavering animals!

  5. So will the cops be more relaxed if I have “2A hater on board” sticker on my car?

  6. Do they issue warnings about cars with 24″ wheels with green candy paint, tinted windows, and gangsta rap playing on the stereo? Do they tell officers that the person in the car may be a gang member and armed?

    Do they officially allow that kind of profiling? I think not.

    • i think that kind of thing happens all the time in charm city, but the style of car is usually an beat up old Monte Carlo, or used crown Victoria’s with the rims, Police auction cars pretty much as they often have the mounted searchlight on the drivers side. Regarding the BPD, we are talking about a police force’s whose HQ is located directly next to “the block”, a collective area of gutter strip clubs and adult stores. They, along with the current mayor views their status as a city allows them to legislate gun law with their vicinity, regardless of the laws of the state (we have a 7 day wait period, pistols and assault weapons are “regulated firearms”, requiring the wait time. we also have an idiotic 20 round magazine capacity limit as well.)Bmore has is share of crime however, but the city council is well known for 2a overreach

    • I bet if you stuck a bumper sticker with Thomas Jefferson’s name on it, the FBI would create an extensive psychological profile, compile your medical and financial histories, and watch you throughout your activities and life.

      And some cop would, at some point, somewhere, according to the simple laws of probability, beat the fuck out of you for being a vigilante, or something.

      Life’s awesome.

  7. So, does Barney Fife of the Baltimore Police Criminal Intelligence Section actually believe felons will have stickers in their windows that state: “Kill a Copie for Mommie”?

    Think Barney!
    James H. Green stupidly states: “As you are also aware, traffic stops are the single most dangerous encounter for law enforcement. It certainly is practice for law enforcement to ask operators about weapons for safety reasons only. The presence of a decal is NOT justification in itself for a traffic stop.”

    Does ignor-anus James H. Green really believe if the Lakewood, WA officers had asked Maurice Clemmons: “Do you have a gun?” that Maurice Clemmons would have answered: “Why yes sir, officer. I intent to kill you and 4 of your fellow officers with it! Why do you ask?” Someone please tell the dolt, that someone intent on killing him, why, they may actually, well, tell you a lie and say “No, I’m not armed!”

  8. I think the signs, stickers, and patches make gun owners and carriers look stupid. People who carry guns are supposed to be mature responsible adults. Stooping to the level of the anti gun crowd is definitely sending the wrong message. I don’t understand why people want to play games with the cops. At best it will get you harassed, at worst it will get you killed. I may even get a bumper sticker that says “support the police” or something to that effect. Whenever I get stopped by a cop (it hasn’t happened since I got my CCW) but it will. And when the cop runs my plate, from the safety of his vehicle, he will find out about it. He will also probably know that I went to the trouble and expense of getting it partly for that reason. Criminals don’t usually get permits and advertise to the cops that they have a gun. And mature people don’t go around putting possibly threatening stickers on their vehicles. These stickers are obviously meant for the cops, who else would care? They come across almost as a challenge to the cops.

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