Rep. Carolyn Maloney
Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y. (Greg Nash/Pool via AP)
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While all eyes have been on Sheila Jackson Lee‘s big licensing and registration bill, fellow Congresscritter Carolyn B. Maloney [D-NY] is taking advantage of the various distractions on Capitol Hill to enter five ambitious civilian disarmament bills of her own. While Lee’s legislation is patently absurd — and probably intended to be so — Maloney has taken a more targeted approach. Here are a few highlights . . .

First up: H.R.1007 – The Gun Trafficking and Crime Prevention Act

‘‘(a) OFFENSES .—It shall be unlawful for any person, regardless of whether anything of value is exchanged—
‘‘(1) to ship, transport, transfer, or otherwise dispose to a person, 2 or more firearms in or affecing interstate or foreign commerce, if the transferor knows or has reasonable cause to believe that such shipping, transportation, transfer, or disposition of the firearm would be in violation of, or would result in a violation of any Federal, State, or local law punishable by a term of imprisonment exceeding 1 year;

The New York Congressional delegation’s acknowledged firearms subject matter expert wants to make it illegal to violate state or federal laws. This calls to mind another great legislative mind who tried to make it a felony to commit a felony a couple of years ago.

Moving on, Maloney has also authored H.R.1006 The Gun Show Loophole Closing Act. I’ll spare you the text. Basically, this one is intended to kill off gun shows altogether by making compliance too burdensome for them to continue.

Gun show organizers would have to register FFL-style. All firearm transactions would require NICS checks, with complete bound book-type record keeping requirements (though separately from the dealer’s actual bound book). That means all transactions; even you, a mere attendee, offering to buy that old Mauser slung over another attendee’s shoulder. All vendors — whether a vendor renting space or Mauser-on-the-shoulder guy — must be reported to the government in advance of the show. Basically, the latter point shuts down private sales on the premises completely.

Next, H.R.1005 – The NICS Review Act.


Did you catch that? Background check records would have to be kept for at least 90 days; there is no maximum. They could keep records forever, just as the FBI has always wanted. All the better to build a registration database.

H.R.1004 – The Firearm Risk Protection Act would require that every gun owner buy a firearm liability insurance policy and present proof of coverage before purchasing any firearm. Just like that, “murder insurance” is suddenly a good thing. Maloney’s bill makes mention of how they would get criminals to buy the policies. Perhaps they can offer group discounts for gang members.

And finally — for now — H.R.1008 -The Handgun Trigger Safety Act. This one would mandate smart handguns among other fine points.

It would set up grants for development of smart gun technology. But the grants are tricky. At least 70% of a grant must be spent developing “smart” tech for new guns. No more than 20% could be spent developing “smart” tech to retrofit existing guns.

Five years after this bill becomes law, all new handguns must be “smart” guns. Whether or not anyone has actually developed practical “smart” technology yet.

Ten years after the bill becomes law, no previously existing handgun may be sold unless it has been retrofitted with “smart” technology. Remember how the bill deliberately restricted the use of grant funds to develop those retrofits?

As absurd as it is, let’s not ignore Lee’s H.R. 127, because if the last year has taught us anything, nothing is impossible. But be sure to keep an eye on other legislation like Maloney’s that living under the radar.

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  1. For law 1, you can send one AR with a 30rd mag and integral silencer to California to someone believed is also a felon, as long as you don’t send them TWO firearms, right? One is ok, based on the verbiage? Or then the existing laws kick in, this is just to make it extra bad if you break the existing laws more than just once?

    • No you just don;t get charged with extra-special double-secret probation charges for “just 1 gun”…

  2. Also to take into account; these Bills could even be a smokescreen distraction for more evil and nefarious actions going on in the Biden/Harris Regime Executive Cabinet, particularly with the Department Of Educational and Health & Human Services.

    Vivek Murphy, our new CCP Bankrolled Surgeon General and Xavier Baccera, HHS Secretary/ Ministry Of Truth Executive Officer are working with the Department Of Education and Medical Community to wage a Culture War on Gun Ownership as a “Public Health Crisis”, and they’re copying the COVID19 Playbook to wage it…….Look how destructive that playbook has been to our Rights?

    We can’t get distracted with Tunnel Vision by any means whatsoever. Keep an eye out for all things equal.

    • I would like to see how many DNC faithful will be willing to turn in the guns they paid a premium for during the summer of unrest, or have them “bought back” for cents of the dollar or a Walmart gift card.

      Probably not many.

    • Its time to make a stand and say to these creeps to bring it on. We have over 288 conservative judges in the field and a conservative supreme court.
      Its time to make a stand and quit running, lets face off with these commies and give them hell! There must be millions of additional gun owners.
      If you have a left representative or Senator , write, call, text or email them and tell them to bring it on. And likewise, if yours are right tell them to tell their left buds to bring it on. Its about time they all start to earn their paycheck.

      • ” time to make a stand and say to these creeps to bring it on ”

        Oh, you don’t have to say bring it on to them… they’re bringing it right now.

      • Call your senator and tell them,” Bring it on”, uh sounds like a quick trip to jail to me. I’d just as soon my senator doesn’t even know I’m alive, hey I could vote twice that way huh.

        • So go hide and hope they don’t come for your guns, blame the NRA? What, what is your idea?
          Well, if you are going to coware at least throw some money at GOA or the NRA.Throw it at someone is man enough to take a stand.

      • What makes you think that we have a “conservative supreme court”?
        just because some were appointed by Trump doesn’t guarantee a suitable result. They (looks to me) have been intimidated by the left .family threats and personal threats get the desired results.

  3. Their keeping the NG and fences in the Capitol until end of year for a reason.

    and the 2nd go round impeachment is over….so what’s the reason?

    Cause their fixin to do some nefarious crap.

    • Remember the hyperventilating, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth among Democrats and the media (redundant, I know) when Trump wanted to show off some military equipment in a parade once?

      Remember how Congress and the courts decided that putting military resources toward securing our southern border was verboten?

      Remember how all the Good People scoffed at “build the wall” and told us that walls and fences are racist and couldn’t possibly keep people out anyway, and basically amount to declaring class war on poor people and undocumented not-yet-Americans-who-are-more-American-than-you?

      Remember when they surrounded the Capitol — the richest part of America’s richest city — with fences and razor wire and stationed the army outside the fences with guns pointed out at the rest of America, and it was Good and Wonderful and Necessary because they did it all out of the goodness of their hearts, and we loved Grandpa Joe and his BIPOC caretaker so?

      Good times. Good times.

        • “Liberi magnum numerum officiorum semper habebunt.”

          The children will have a large number of offices?

          {The sound of a water pipe gurgling.}

          Like, far out, man! 😉

          (Strych is noted as not being a ‘smoker’, but I’d love to see him ‘blazed’ some time…)

        • Google Translate is not your friend Geoff, though that is an amusing translation that’s somehow apropos. I didn’t really intend this to become a language lesson but… whatever, it’s not like I’m doing anything better at this point.

          Latin’s pretty economical but that means it requires the user to be a bit better with context than English does. It also makes automatic translation extremely difficult.

          In the sentence I used here “Liberi” is an substantive. AKA an adjective that takes the place of a noun (Like “Home of the free”, free meaning “free people”). Translation programs suck (honestly I should just truncate this sentence here, they just suck) at this because they can’t understand things that we understand easily, like context. There’s no rule in English that says that “Home of the free” can’t use “free” as a substantive for “things” or even something like “giraffes”, but “free things” having a “home” makes no sense so you have to use context and without a reason to believe we’re discussing giraffes you would default to “free” referring to “free people”.

          In this particular case the actual word in question is “liber” (free), but in Latin the adjective has to agree with the noun it’s modifying (or taking the place of) in case, number and gender. “People” are masculine in Latin which means that Liber has to take 2nd declension masculine ending, convenient I suppose in this example since the word is 2nd declension too. In this case it also refers to multiple people as individuals (as opposed to, say “the American people”, which is referring to a singular group) so the word has to be plural. Those people are also the subject of the sentence so they’re in the nominative case. The 2nd Declension, nominative, plural ending is i. “Liberi” is now a substantive referring to “free people” or “free things” (the latter making no sense in the context of the rest of the sentence).

          Unfortunately, “Liberi” spelled that way can also be the nominative form of “children” (liberi, liberorum) but the more common word for “children” in Latin is “puer/i” simply because it’s a shorthand for “children” since mixed groups in Latin are always masculine. So, the sentence Aliqui pueri in hortis publicis ludunt. could mean “There are some children playing in the park” or it could mean the same thing but specifically for a group of boys.

          magnum numerum agree with each other in being accusative case, the direct object of the verb.

          habebunt is the future of habere, the verb “to have” and semper means “always”.

          Officiorum is the genitive plural of officium could mean “office” or it could mean “duty” or “task”.

          Putting that all together “Liberi magnum numerum officiorum semper habebunt” means “Free people will always have a great number of duties”.

      • It’s almost as if these people are completely FOS.

        *Also, remember when they were outraged at the thought of the Guard helping during the Summer of Fiery Protests?

      • Pepperidge Farms remembers. As do my young daughters, especially the riots over the summer and the militarization of DC. Teachable moments.

  4. Ah yes, the old diversion trick! You people make the same mistake over and over. Always assume everyone is as dumb or dumber than you are!! We’re keeping our guns, did you hear that!?

  5. Sieg Heil Frauline maloney baloney…This letter is to inform you the da Furher is very pleased with your Gun Control measures. Sticking your nazi Gun Control behind on the faces of deplorables greatly assists zee fatherland with their eventual extermination. Your unyielding dedication to an agenda rooted in racism and genocide will serve the nazi party for many years to come. Seig Heil Frauline maloney baloney.

  6. The insurance Moloney wants is liability insurance to pay someone your gun harms. Since she’s from New York, I expect she objects to insurance to pay your legal expenses if you have to shoot someone in self defense. That’s what they mean by “murder insurance”. In their minds, someone who fights back against a violent criminal has no right to a fair trial with an effective (i.e. expensive) defense.

    • Yep. It’s a double whammy. If you have to use a gun for self-defense, you pay the goblin that tried to kill you — and then, if you’ve got anything left, for the long, draining legal battle in which a “progressive” prosecutor argues that defending yourself makes you even more criminal than the criminal that tried to kill you.

      • Implemented correctly this would be a Godsend for the country when people just decided that offing the DA was the best option available.

        Less lawyers is always bettah.

      • Because under Progressive ideology the criminal is the true victim of an unjust society that forced him into crime just to survive. We as members of that society have to be punished for flaunting our wealth and privilege thus provoking the criminal into their acts.

    • By law NO liability policy can indemnify (pay damages for) an intentional wrongful act. I don’t know when the idiots that keep proposing such bills will figure out that the ONLY time a claim can be paid out under such a policy is for a negligently inflicted injury (e.g. negligent discharge), which averages fewer than 10,000 cases per year., and fewer than 500 deaths.

      So it really isn’t like the “murder insurance” policies condemned by Emperor Cuomo, unless such policies also included, as do most policies out there, against the cost of a criminal action defense. In short, this would be a windfall for insurance companies.

  7. Maloney, Maloney, baloney. Another round of distractions, we now have 288 conservative judges and a conservative supreme court. Let them bring it on. Its time to fight and end this BS.

  8. Sounds like there will be Miami situations if they try to confiscate guns.

    Democrats Socialist are talking about reeducation camps, gulags, guillotines taking our kids or in my case grandkids and raping them and mass murder in general.

    What makes you think I would register or voluntarily surrender guns to Marxists?

    University of Hawaii study on Democide; death by government in the Twentieth Century.

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  9. I’m not going to sell my gun. I’m going to give it away for free when you buy my box of ammo for $500.

  10. Why not it start banning alcohol and vehicles. Thousands more people are killed by drunk drivers. That also will do away with the need for cars using gasoline and the crops to make the alcohol, which in turn will keep the cows from eating and then AOC will will her wish about Cow farts and reducing methane emissions.
    While they’re at it ban cigarettes. Thousands of people die from lung cancer. That will help bring all our health care costs down.

  11. Yep, real professionals guarding the Biden Kingdom. When they were first deployed, and were gathered around, it looked like a Charlie Foxtrot (Cluster F*ck). Soldiers just hanging out, no formations. What impressed me so much was, one guy playing pocket pool in uniform, hands in your uniform pockets don’t cut it. Who ever was in charge, is a dismal failure as an NCO. NEXT….. if your going to use the Troop as a show of force, don’t let them parade around with empty weapons. At least put an empty magazine in the weapon. Oh, I forgot, the new administration said they couldn’t trust the Military.
    They may have voted for President Trump, said they would have to vet the troops for extremists in the ranks.

    This clown they call the President, doesn’t even know when he changed his Depends last.

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