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President-Elect Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. has big plans for disarming Americans. But there’s seems to be a bit of doubt as to how — or rather — who he’ll get to carry out those plans.

Oh. My.

Screen capture from Twitter

Biden’s transition team has revealed there is a very real fear that members of the national guard who support President Trump might kill Biden during the inauguration so they’ve asked commanders to confiscate all ammo and magazines from the soldiers. See photo:

Biden’s transition team asked if it would be possible to determine which soldiers voted in GOP primaries or who have contributed to GOP candidates so commanders could station them away from the president-elect. The request was refused fueling their fear of attack.

So President Biden’s first ban would target…the National Guard? He doesn’t trust them?

Who else doesn’t he trust…the nation’s police who he expects to confiscate firearms on his behalf?

He apparently doesn’t even trust his own Secret Service security detail.

Screen capture from Twitter

4/ Biden’s fears started with his Secret Service detail, he had every agent on the White House detailed demoted as he worried about their loyalty to Trump. Democrats think that anyone who supports Trump is a very real threat.

Joe Biden
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Full blown paranoia. It’s almost as if the near-octogenarian isn’t really all there, mentally speaking. No wonder he needs the nation rendered harmless. But who will be left that he can trust to carry out his policies?

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      • Never EVER heard ANY previous Commander in Chief express fear of his OWN troops (not even Obama).. That is paranoia at it’s ultimate brought on by the anxiety of knowing he WILLFULLY participated in the biggest election scam in the history of the planet.. Creepy Uncle “The Big Guy” Joe will spend more than a few nights sleeping with one eye open, until Kammaltoe has him removed…. Then he can play Saddam, hiding in the basement of a different home every night…

        • I think they’re setting the stage to blame people who voted for Trump when President Biden unexpectedly dies this year.

        • There is just the person on this forum to allay their fears. A Corps of Commissars to ensure the loyalty of the Police and Military will be created and headed by Miner49er. In his previous posts he said he was a former military officer and lawyer. So he has the disdain and contempt for rank and file service members, and more so for civilians (said with a sneer), and the arrogance of a lawyer who profess to be the expert in everything.

        • “In his previous posts he said he was a former military officer and lawyer.“

          That’s a dirty lie,
          Low down scoundrel!

          Round these parts, them there is fighting words!

          Fill yer hand, Bushwacker!

          Oh no, I didn’t mean… put that back in your pants!

          You are one twisted pervert…

        • I can’t believe that people in the USA still believe that the election was fraudulent! Get back to reality!!

        • Exactly. Like it, or not, the election is over, Biden’s been sworn in, and continuing to fixate on whether or not there was rampant (or merely localized) election fraud is counterproductive at this point. It’s (past) time for EVERYONE in the gun owning/gun rights community to set aside their ideological differences and start politely (but CONSISTENTLY) reminding their congressional representatives that we will NOT support the Biden Administration’s specious gun ‘safety’ agenda, period.

        • This crap about our National Guard Troops is nonsense! Americans never have expressed fear of these wonderful troops who work hard to protect our country in my lifetime.

          Considering all that we have heard about defunding the police and taking our guns sound kind of silly now that we’ve seen all the gun-toting people in the news all week. How can democrats (and Beto) decide who can carry guns and who can’t? That could really get messy.

      • Debbie, tried to comment and they put it way down where it makes no sense. The theif in chief is afraid due to his treason and betrayal of our country to China. How much authority will he have when citizens refuse to comply.

      • Clearly Joe Briben is going to be annoying. Want a fun game to help the time go faster? Whenever you see him giving a speech, try to notice if he’s the original Joe Biden with two unconnected ear lobes (and a looong past use-by date), or if he’s the way-better-at-reading-things less Alzheimery version with one Connected earlobe on the right side.

        If enough people play this game they might do some rather elementary separation surgery on the second guy, but you can still spot him .. he’s also considerably ‘squintier’ in the bone-structure of the eyes.

        • If these Commies knock off Biden, they will knock off HEELS UP COMMULA HARRIS TOO because NUTSY PELOSI wants her name in history to be THE BOLSHEVIK that took down AMERICA.

          Nutsy Pelosi is a Bolshevik. Pres Putin told the world, as he should know since his country was destroyed And GENOCIDE by these Bolsheviks, He told us that 85% of the Bolsheviks were Jewish. ISRAEL was built by USSR COMMUNISTS like RUSSIAN BOLSHEVIK BEN GURION.

          ITS A BAD IDEA TO HAVE USSR BOLSHEVIKS As allies whose comrade Nikita Khrucheve AKA Salomon Perlmutter vowed at the United Nations to take AMERICA down without firing a shot.

          Didnt this just happen???. Id like to be a Yiddish fly on the wall of the synagogues today.


          The military and police dont plege to political parties. THEY PLEDGE TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION and UPHOLD the law.

          God FOBIDS the mixing of Christianity with Talmudism because they PREACH ANOTHER GOSPEL OF CHRIST calling Messiah a BASTARD AND VIRGIN MARY A WHORE. And in order to hide the truth of the Prophecy about Jesus they change the scriptures and claim Jesus was STONED INSTEAD OF CRUCIFIED ON A “ TREE” as the bible teaches and therefore are of the ANTI CHRIST SPIRIT. ( 2 John 1:7-11))

          They even have you worshipping THEIR HOLY SERPENT god When you say HALLELU-JAH HELLEL-jah . Hellel us Lucifer and Jah means “agod”

          Were to stay separate. 2 Corinth 6. WE ARE THE ISRAEL OF GOD.

          GALATIANS 3 clarifies the Genesis scripture that to bless ABRAHAMS SEED, AS IN ONE SEED WHO IS CHRIST BRINGS YOU BLESSINGS.

          is not about every Israelite because as it is in Christianity, its NOT ABOUT RACE. There were MANY RACES in Hebrewism

          EZEKIEL 47:22
          He who sojourns with a tribe of Israrel, becomes and one who was BORN INTO THE TRIBE ALSO SHARES The inheritance EQUALLY WITH A TRIBE OF ISRAEL.

          THE INHERITANCE IS HEAVEN and the OLD TESTAMENT SAINTS have all ready been resurrected with Christ over 2,000 years ago.

          EZEKIEL valley of dry bone where Israel and Judah will be reunited

          JOHN 5:25
          the time is now When the dead will hear my voice and come out of their graves

          MATTHEW 27:53
          they arose from the dead and walked the streets of Jerusalem

          1Corinthians 15:20
          Each will be reasurected IN HIS OWN TIME

          REVELATION 14:4

          All the Hebrew FEASTDAYS all represented JESUS , his coming and death for our sins——-The crucifixtion, the passover away from death due to our sins

          THE NEW ISRAEOf God , a TEMPLE OF GOD MADE WITHOUT HANDS— Feast of Tabernacles, moveable tents.

          . The indwelling of the Holy Spirit—- PENTECOST


      • LOL, you said “pushes”. No, good friend, it will be an accident. A purely natural accident, that fall down the steps leading off of the bathtub, where no cameras are recording.

        (in my best Fat Thor voice)
        “Of course! Of course….of course…”

        • Hmm
          Maybe they made a deal with Biden.
          We will fight off the right, keep our mainstream media quit,long enough for you (biden) to get us into the White House
          Then you resign and turn it over to us (the left and a whole lot of rhinos) and we will let you fade into the sunset instead of prison.

    • He made a bed and was having fun deceiving us. Now he has to live the bed he made for himself. THE DEMS DUE TO THEIR OWN NEUROSIS WILL NEVER HAVE A DAY OF PEACE. They created their own HELL DUE TO THEIR GUILT.

      Like Judas, who hung himself foe what he did, thry will suffer that same LEVEL OF GUILT.

      Its more horrible for them to live rather Be remrased from guilt by dying.

      Let these rats LIVE and have to WALLOW for the rest of their lives In guilt and have a reputation as treasoners.

      . They will die of natural causes due to HUGE GUILT AND STRESS.

      They will never have one day of peace for the rest of their lives.

      They will become the new LEPROSY community. No one will want them

    • Remember when the media and all the progbots were hyperventilating about Trump having a military parade on July 4th or Veterans Day or some such? Too militaristic and dictatorish, they said…

      Good times. Good times.

      • My favorite part of all of this is how Biden doesn’t trust the troops or his original Secret Service detail.

        Paranoia writ large, that.

        • Sounds like they’ll just use it as an excuse to make a new “praetorian guard” to help protect Herr Biden and enforce his edicts. Maybe he should just get FBI to do his protective detail. Or the ATF. They seem to be fans of his.

        • Or better yet, AntiFa as his security detail.

          Wednesday was the first day of “The New Dark Ages”.

    • Assuming that Biden is actually responsible for those statements and the sentiment behind them, paranoia is a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. I know this because I have seen it first hand.

      • Well Alzheimer’s disease is a disqualification for serving as President. He should never be eligible to be president, which makes his “election” invalid. Time for a real election. No that doesn’t make Horizontal Harris president either, the election was held under false pretenses. AKA Fraud.

        • I’ve said that too. The “Real” Fraud started with Biden’s hat being thrown in the ring for him (Dementia Joe would have thrown it in the wrong direction).
          What the Guard should do is say “Fine, you don’t trust us, so we’ll go home,” and immediately return to their bases.
          Of course, the Propaganda Apparatchik would spin that as an Insurrection as well.

        • They used to have to pass a physical and cognitive test. Clearly not for Nursing Home Joe. Shit for brains with the nuclear football. Nice!

      • “paranoia is a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. I know this because I have seen it first hand.”

        It’s also a symptom of Parkinson’s Disease and Lewy Body Dementia. We’ll know which is which when we see Biden wet his pants while he babbles about “you know, the thing” to the Ghost of Christmas Past hovering over his head.

        • It’s also a symptom of Parkinson’s Disease and Lewy Body Dementia.

          It’s also a symptom of anxiety brought about by feelings of guilt… Like knowledge of and/or participation in massive election fraud or something…..

        • While paranoia could certainly be a symptom of Parkinson’s disease, I have not seen Biden exhibit any other symptoms of Parkinson’s. His symptoms that I have seen are consistent with both Alzheimer’s disease as well as Lewy Body dementia. Either of these should disqualify anyone to be President of the United States.

  1. Biden’s fear is actually a giant move forward. Just like all leftist governments, the leaders distrust everyone, except themselves. Thus, Biden will need to create a Praetorian Guard he can be sure of (at least until someone bribes the Guard).

    A move forward? Indeed. We are finally going to see a banana republic in full bloom in the good old what used to be the US of A. The founders would be proud: their worst fears of self-governance are blossoming. The majority of voters are convinced the founders were whack jobs for being afraid the republic wouldn’t last. The founders warned us.

    • Well said Sam. I thought the same things, hence my uproarious laughter below. I feel like I’m on a movie set and keep waiting for someone to yell “Cut!”

    • Where do we go from here other than CCP style social credit scoring? Anything that goes against The Party lowers your score. Less dissent = unity.

    • “Praetorian Guard“?

      Oh man, I’m double up in laughter here!

      No, Joe Biden just wants some Secret Service agents that will wear a mask.

      And what possible objection could one have to vetting armed National Guard soldiers, are you aware of something that you’re hoping to conceal?

      Do you think it is a bad idea to ascertain if your armed troops are members of a left-wing or right wing extremist group?

      So it’s true, some gun nuts just want to hand automatic weapons to anybody without qualification or background check.


      • Do you think it is a bad idea to ascertain if your armed troops are members of a left-wing or right wing extremist group?

        Doesn’t the military already know that? Are we recruiting KKK and such without knowing it?

        • Sounds like an old wive’s tale. What ne’er do well is going to sign up for the military to get firearms training? LOL. Some may go in because they are more or less forced into it, but it’s not a strategic decision. Sign away four years of your life to get 16 or 40 hours of training that you could have received for a few hundred dollars?

          Also, it’s easier to steal from a company than the military.

        • “Are we recruiting KKK and such without knowing it?”

          As far as the political left is concerned, yes. These are the same folks who denigrate and belittle service in the armed forces as being for people who are incapable of holding a ‘real job’.

          In a way, this warms the cockles of my cold, black heart. Hopefully, they might tread lightly when they consider outlawing firearms…

        • Is the United States Army recruiting the KKK and Nazis?

          Well, in a word, yes.

          “12 Feb 2020
 | By Richard Sisk
          Membership in a white supremacist or neo-Nazi group won’t necessarily get a U.S. service member tossed out of the military, defense officials told a House subcommittee Tuesday.

          The officials, including representatives of Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, appeared to make a distinction between membership in an extremist organization and “active participation” in deciding on recruitment and retention.

          The officials also told a hearing of the House Armed Services subcommittee on personnel that they had no reliable data on how many service members had been administratively discharged for espousing white supremacist ideology or how many potential recruits had been barred from enlisting.

          The testimony appeared to stun several members of the committee.”

        • A fresh look at the security clearance of armed soldiers is a prudent idea, especially given the recent participation of active and retired service members in the violent insurrection at United States Capitol.

          It seems there are organized conspiracies to subvert the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

          The founding fathers were very clever to mention domestic enemies in the constitution, it seems we have legions of right wing extremists and racial bigots who are attacking freedom, equality and justice in the United States.

        • The military pledges loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America, not to any particular social or political ideology. These attempts to purge “extremists” are nothing more nor less than an attempt to make the military itself subservient to those conducting the purge.

        • I used to be active on a car forum. One member there was an Army Master Sergeant. In a discussion about allowing military to carry on base he was strictly against it. He said that he couldn’t trust half the people on base because the military recruits anyone and everyone, meaning he thought all the non-coms and officers would get murdered by their troops if they allowed them to carry outside of a war zone under strict supervision.

        • “What ne’er do well is going to sign up for the military to get firearms training?”

          This was a problem back during the Iraq War when waivers were handed out like candy. Gangs sent people to the military to learn tactics. Everything from small unit combat to intelligence. They even paid for tats to be removed. You could find gang tags thrown up by US personnel in Iraq and A-stan.

          Tattoo screenings became the norm, including checking for signs of tattoos that had been removed and many recruiters started sending photos of everything for review “to see if it required a waiver or not” which was also partially a check for hidden gang affiliation. Mostly it was about drugs and street gangs, not White Power ‘tards.

          My ink was photographed six ways from Sunday, documented in writing, with a written statement from myself and all of that sent off for review, which had to be returned, before my recruiter would even start the enlistment paperwork or allow me to go to MEPS for an ASVAB.

          I can’t speak as to what other branches were doing in that time frame but the Corps took that shit very, very seriously.

        • I think the reason most weapons were kept in the arms room on base is not because of Officer fratricide, it’s more about young men, loaded with testosterone and booze, acting out their baser instincts.

      • News flash, Miner. All members of the military have a security clearance. So they’ve already had extensive background checks and filled out a rather extensive questionnaire about themselves, which is checked out by the Defense Investigative Service. For anything higher than Secret, the DIS has crawled up their ass with a flashlight and magnifying glass, and interviewed their childhood friends, neighbors, teachers, ex-girlfriends, and maybe the guy who rode next to them on the subway once 10 years ago. In other words, they’ve already been vetted. Multiple times in some cases. A hurried, cursory background check or interview isn’t going to find squat.

        • I think they missed one:

          “June 22, 2020, 2:43 PM EDT / Updated June 22, 2020, 6:57 PM EDT
          By Pete Williams, Jonathan Dienst and Courtney Kube
          A U.S. Army soldier stationed overseas has been charged with passing along information about his unit’s planned deployment overseas, intending it to get extremist groups to attack it.

          Army Private Ethan Phelan Melzer, 22, of Louisville, Kentucky, faces a host of federal attempted murder charges, handed up Monday by a federal grand jury, that carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. John Demers, assistant attorney general in charge of the Justice Department’s national security division said Melzer “planned a deadly ambush on his fellow soldiers in the service of a diabolical cocktail of ideologies laced with hate and violence.”

        • You know, I get the idea that all the troops have been vetted properly but they might want to look at their procedures because it looks like here’s another one:

          “May 25, 2019, 8:32 AM EDT
          By Jeff McCausland, retired U.S. Army colonel and former member of the National Security Council
          Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Hasson spent five years in the Marine Corps and two years in the Army National Guard before entering the Coast Guard. During that time, at his enlistment ceremonies, promotions, and when commissioned as an officer he undoubtedly swore an oath to “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” But Hasson violated that oath. On Feb. 15, 2019, he was arrested on drug and firearm charges while serving at Coast Guard headquarters in Washington, D.C.

          Soon it was discovered that unauthorized weapons were just the tip of the iceberg. Hasson was also a self-described white nationalist. He was an admirer of far-right terrorist Anders Breivik — just like Brenton Tarrant, an Australian white supremacist who has been charged with 50 counts of murder for his attack on a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. Both had carefully studied Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto, which he had used to justify two attacks that resulted in the death of over 70 Norwegian civilians in 2011.“

        • “all members of the military have a security clearance” Things may have changed, but when I was in the USAF from ’61-’65 only those whose MOS required a SECRET or higher security clearance were investigated for the purpose of being given a clearance. Frankly, I seriously doubt every member of the military would be investigated for a security clearance as the cost of doing so would be astronomical!

        • Oh he!! The Fed’s vetted ME when my son joined DoD. Hadn’t lived with me since he was 3…yeah that’s annoying. He’s 46 now. Oh and S L O W Joe SHOULD be paranoid…

        • Jim, you are correct, these commenters above are just lying to support their narrative.

          The fact is, the military has no prohibitions on soldiers being members of the KKK or other neo-Nazi groups.

          Every few months, you’ll read about a soldier or some group of soldiers being arrested for plotting against American domestic targets.

          This sad record of treason by our own soldiers is a main motivator behind these new vetting requirements for service at the the the nations Capitol.

        • The fact is, the military has no prohibitions on soldiers being members of the KKK or other neo-Nazi groups.

          I long for the day some colonel or general tells AOC and Ilhan Omar that they employ KKK and neo-Nazis. I’d pay good money to see that.

        • Moron 49er, are you equating “vetted” with some manner of mind control, turning a human into a zombie of some sort? A jackass like Biden, Harryass, or you for that matter, will never be safe around those they intend to enslave, no matter what your fictional guidebooks say.

        • “The fact is, the military has no prohibitions on soldiers being members of the KKK or other neo-Nazi groups.”

          Or radical Muslims, like Nidal Hasan.

        • remember the time a duece and a half rolled up to our office…the guys said the arms vault was already closed and could they leave their “stuff” with us…(100 M-16’s and an M-60!)..needless to say, we spent a very uneasy night worrying about a set-up…yeah, security is tight around weapons…right!….

      • Miner, you are tarring again with that brush. You are using a few examples of extremists that have been found in the military as something endemic and widespread. In an organization of more than a million there will be some either holding extremist views or engaged in criminal activity.

        You should request to be the Special Commissar charged with ensuring loyalty of the military and police while uncovering plots against the leadership.

        • “as something endemic and widespread“

          No, you are mischaracterizing my position.

          Never said it was widespread or endemic.

          I’m merely explaining why, just one week after a violent insurrection at the United States Capitol where five people died, it might be prudent to vet the soldiers involved in providing security for the presidential inauguration of the United States of America.

        • If it was a REAL insurrection, there would have been a LOT more deaths on both sides and the building would have been burnt to the ground.

    • “…banana republic…”

      I know a number of good people who moved here to get away from such places. To say they are very dismayed is to put it lightly. Disgusted, angry, shocked, and bunches of syllables that are too blended together for me to understand.

    • He/they are all acutely aware that Joe and the Ho not only lost, but lost in an epic landslide. That would make you really afraid of assassination, knowing that *EVERYBODY* is against you. Keep the rumors coming, they may resign at any time.

      • In their position I’d be paranoid too. The only vetting they need to so is get rid of anybody above 80IQ as someone who can easily see Joe didn’t win the election.

    • The obvious solution for Biden would be to create a Praetorian Guard formed entirely of black female troops. Black women vote Democrat at a rate of 24 to 1, making them the most loyal and non-insider-threat-y pool of recruits available.

  2. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fucking pathetic. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Some of you might recall my predictions about what will happen over the next few months and years. #3 was, “Guns will be banned and confiscated. And if you think that won’t happen keep in mind that there are MILLIONS of our former fellow citizens who will be happy to take the job that patriots would rightly refuse, and be fired for.”
    Any more questions?

    • Yeah. How many of them need to die before they decide it isn’t worth it? They don’t have the guts for a prolonged campaign, hence all the preceding subterfuge and cheating and lying and indirect bullshit. They’re gonna hit the wall eventually.

        • “…that’s why they will likely use the WACO precedent. Surround and burn out.”

          In thousands of cities nationwide?

          Bad optics, and a Leftist hates bad optics…

        • Lots of trees to hide behind when plinking, just a few each day by each of 10,000 snipers, plan won’t last a week. First time they send the bombers and tanks, the next day will be 100,000 snipers, napalm in the city streets will make for 10 MILLION snipers and troops in the open engaging in frontal assaults. Never mind that half the tanks and most of the aircraft will be headed for Washington just as soon as they are given their ammo. When Biden calls for AF One to escape, it will be out of service that day, but you keep on imagining that nukes are gonna win the day, OK?

        • Michael, I hear you brother. But I’m with Larry and Geoff on this one. Keep fighting the good fight my friends.

        • “They have their street armies for that work.”

          Like Antifa, BLM, and the ‘Betsy Riot’?

          There may be a few, but when the video starts to get out (like it *always* does), enthusiasm will wane…

  4. There wasn’t enough fear being generated since the National Guard was called in. What to do? How about just making the National Guard the enemy? D’oh!

    Remember the Homeland Security color coded threat levels after 9/11? That wasn’t used to keep us safe. It was used to keep us on edge.

        • Danny, if you read and agree with the original post in this thread, the episode of the show in question was making a mockery of the entire color coding system. And I always do me, whether you want me to or not, because that’s how it be.

        • I read the plot. There’s some attorney and some squirrel and other stuff that sounds stupid. So Perry Mason is hired by a squirrel? A forest creature? I don’t get it.

        • Danny, the show is a take on classic Hannah Barbara characters. Each character’s specific brand of hijinks or misadventures have legal repercussions basically. Like Ricochet Rabbit gets sued for causing a massive amount of property damage, ends up getting a massive Ritalin prescription. It’s an odd show, and completely episodic until the very end.

      • Hmmm… going back a step, I see that there’s a Zorak reference in here somewhere.

        But then I never really cared that much for the spinoffs so…

        • Good Lord, cartoons and comic books.

          No wonder no one knows the constitution, just too many words and not enough pictures…

          America is doomed.

  5. “Biden’s transition team asked if it would be possible to determine which soldiers voted in GOP primaries…”

    And here I was under the naive impression that our votes were secret.

    Silly me.

    • I would like to see a source for that bit of information, it seems highly suspect.

      Who made that statement and where is the link to support the claim?

      • Who made that statement and where is the link to support the claim?

        What? With your vast knowledge and ability to navigate the internet you can’t type in a couple of simple words in a search bar? Look it up yourself, I did….

  6. What a load of disinformation.

    No one in the Secret Service has been ‘demoted’.

    “The US Secret Service has been planning to bring back to the White House a group of agents that previously worked with President-elect Joe Biden when he was vice president to fill out his security detail, a law enforcement source confirmed to CNN.

    It’s not uncommon for the presidential detail to change agents who are familiar with the new president, the source said, but these moves, which have been in place for several weeks, come at a time of considerable political tension as President Donald Trump continues to falsely claim that his second term is being stolen while Biden prepares to take office.

    The staffing changes, first reported by The Washington Post, also come amid concern from Biden allies about the political loyalty of some current agents to Trump, two people familiar with the situation told the newspaper. Some presidential detail members even encouraged other agents not to wear face masks this year, the Post reported, out of loyalty to the President, who didn’t like the way they looked.

    A former Secret Service executive told the Post the staffing changes were a “smart” decision in order to “give the incoming president the comfort of the familiar.”

    “You want him to be with people he knows and trusts, and who also know how he operates,” the person said.”

    • “It’s not uncommon for the presidential detail to change agents who are familiar with the new president”…

      I believe the last time that would have applied would have been with George Bush, Sr, in 1989.

      Also, going from “Presidential Detail” to anything else within the Secret Service is pretty much a demotion, no?

      • First of all, they are still the same GS pay grade, so who gives a ****?

        Second of all, who gives a ****? Or is it that being in the POTUS SS detail is easy compared to working counterfeiting or something?

    • and in the category of “Hoist by your own petard” we have a winner! From your post “debunking” the story, “The staffing changes, first reported by The Washington Post, also come amid concern from Biden allies about the political loyalty of some current agents to Trump, two people familiar with the situation told the newspaper.”
      Do you ever even read these thing BEFORE you post? Thought not.

      • So the commander in chief doesn’t have the right to pick his own secret service agents, that must be some new policy I’m not aware of.

        Besides, there is a very good reason to select new agents for the detail, some of them appear to be mentally deficient regarding directives from their superiors regarding medical safety:

        “Some presidential detail members even encouraged other agents not to wear face masks this year, the Post reported, out of loyalty to the President, who didn’t like the way they looked.“

        If any member of the armed services is so loyal to some individual that they ignore the orders of their superiors, I wouldn’t want them on my team.

        As Teddy Roosevelt said, “patriotism is not loyalty to the president, it is loyalty to the country”

        • If any member of the armed services is so loyal to some individual that they ignore the orders of their superiors, I wouldn’t want them on my team.

          Um, pretty sure that the head of the executive branch is the POTUS. You don’t think the president is the top of the food chain for the SS?

        • Point is, Minotaur, the Faux President (FPOTUS) is afraid of the Secret Service, in addition to being afraid of the military *and* his own shadow, because he knows full well his supporters are outnumbered 4-5 to one, and stealing an election does not change that.

        • afraid of the Secret Service, in addition to being afraid of the military *and* his own shadow,

          MAYBE we could just start calling everything (including the aforementioned shadow) “CORN POP” (funny that no one else seems to remember THAT incident) then “Creepy Uncle” Joe could go ALL tough guy on them…

    • You aren’t wrong, its right wing Agitprop designed to rile their side up and create a common enemy so that they can align themselves cohesively. Been noticing a bunch of these type articles on TTAG.

    • Your juxtaposition of the sentence “What a load of disinformation.” with a quotation from CNN is not lost on us.

    • “…concern from Biden allies about the POLITICAL loyalty of some of the agents…”

      That’s the real issue that you’re all dancing around. This reshuffling of the not-president’s secret service detail is 100% political paranoia and scapegoating.

      Some of them *might* have voted for Trump, or even liked him, and that is unacceptable.

      Also, Biden and his puppeteers know very well — and we’ve all seen over the past 4 years — that “liberals” will put political loyalty before anything else, and that they project their own behavior onto others. It would be surprising if they *didn’t* conduct an ideological purge upon assuming power.

      • WINNER. Nailed it ING. A song for the occasion…

        “Corpse carried to the guardhouse
        The more things change the more they stay the same
        To coexist is to destroy yourself
        Godless factions, heathens, wage war arise
        Deviation won’t be tolerated
        Eternally perpetuated myth has gone beyond the core of grief
        And leaves behind a path to how it must feel
        To be the creator in the times before creation
        Before their suffering could stir its troubled sleep
        The loneliness once faced pales to the shame of mankind’s dawning
        The final act of penitence
        Deviation won’t be tolerated
        Malignant delusions of the soul
        The only way to protect you from yourself
        Obey the fabrication or face imaginary punishment
        A new age will arise from the blood and the ignorance
        The final wishes of humanity are systematically ignored
        Your heaven never existed at all
        Deviation won’t be tolerated
        Malignant delusions of the soul
        The only way to protect you from yourself
        Obey the fabrication or face imaginary punishment
        A new age will arise from the blood and the ignorance
        How it must feel to be reborn
        And follow black market peddlers of vice as messiah.”

        Skinless, “Deviation Will Not Be Tolerated.”

        • Damn, that song is BRUTAL. Reminds me of Crowbar with an injection of death metal. Great lyrics, too. I’m going to have to look up some more music from these chaps.

        • Golden country your face is so red
          With all of your money your poor can be fed
          You strut around and you flirt with disaster
          Never really carin’ just what comes after
          Well your blacks are dyin’ but your back is still turned
          And your freaks are cryin’ but your back is still turned
          You better stop your hidin or your country will burn
          The time has come for you my friend
          To all this ugliness we must put an end
          Before we leave we must make a stand
          Mortgage people you crawl to your homes
          Your security lies in your bed of white foam
          You act concerned but then why turn away
          When a lady was raped on your doorstep today
          Well your blacks are cryin’ but your back is still turned
          And your freaks are dyin’ but your back is still turned
          You better stop your hidin or your country will burn
          The time has come for you my friend
          To all this ugliness we must put an end
          Before we leave we must make a stand, oh yeah……
          Golden country your face is so red
          With all of your money your poor can be fed
          You strut around and you flirt with disaster
          Never really carin’ just what comes after
          Well your blacks are dyin’ but your back is still turned
          And your freaks are cryin’ but your back is still turned
          You better stop your hidin or your country will burn
          The time has come for you my friend
          To all this ugliness we must put an end
          Before we leave we must make a stand

        • ING, Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead is definitely their best album, start with that my friend.

        • Listened to it about 6 times in a row last night. That is a kickass slab of badass sludgy death.

          As for Miner49er…

          Being unfamiliar with treacly communist lyrics in general, I followed the link out of curiosity, expecting some Vietnam-era communist folkster crap, and was only slightly surprised to find that some real musicians had penned it. Not surprised at all that I got the timeframe right, though. Seems like being a socialist believer was a prerequisite to gaining any kind of acceptance in rock n roll back in the bad old days (part of the reason why all the “cool kids” hated Rush so much when they came along in 1974).

      • Ing, While I think we’re agreeing, I’d like to point out that Trump did not show any sign of being terrified of the Secret Service or the military when he took office following Osama, FPOTUS is simply chickenshit.

  7. Anyone think he’ll end up like the Suttler from V for Vendetta in a bunker and all that?

    Does anyone else remember when the press called Trump wanting people to take a loyalty oath a violation of norms by the press?

    • Has anyone asked any of these soldiers to swear a loyalty oath, swearing allegiance to Joe Biden, as President Trump had wanted from his appointees?

      Has anybody asked any of the soldiers to sign nondisclosure agreements like trump required for government service, attempting to conceal his actions from the American people?


      • Have the people whose sworn duty it is to assist the president started yet started a campaign of leaks, insubordination, and disinformation against him yet?

        When the illegitimate Biden administration starts facing the same “resistance” from the entrenched bureaucracy that that President Trump did, then we can start comparing apples to apples.

      • Minor, you need to consider just what a need to be surrounded by *TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND* armed troops at your inauguration means, now that it’s clear there was zero need or justification for it.

        • Has anyone asked any of these soldiers to swear a loyalty oath, swearing allegiance to Joe Biden, as President Trump had wanted from his appointees?

          Since when did “soldiers” become “political APPOINTEES”?….

  8. I can’t say that I’ve been able to find even 1 pic of a National Guard member currently in DC with a mag loaded into their M4, Have you?

    • That is SOS for civilian deployments. They have mags in their vests but are not permitted to lock and load without orders.

      • They have mags in their vests but are not permitted to lock and load without orders.

        What kind of idiot joins the military only to knowingly be deployed without weapons?

        • “…joins the military only to knowingly be deployed without weapons?”

          It’s a regular paycheck with bennies, Daniel…

        • It’s a regular paycheck with bennies

          So is working at Walmart. I suspect Walmart has more stringent hiring standards. As does Dairy Queen, Meijer, and Kroger.

        • If you look at developing countries with a history of coups and dictatorial rule, it’s not uncommon to find the military at large being used as a kind of welfare program: more or less steadily paid and fed, but poorly trained, poorly equipped, and (most importantly) poorly led. Typically an elite “guard” force is maintained within the military whose loyalty is more secure, and these are the only units where a high level of readiness and professionalism are maintained.

        • Can we get serious, here? Any of you think the B-52s flying overhead are carrying nuclear weapons? Or even dumb bombs? Think on a daily basis tanks are full of live ammo? That shit stopped 4-5 decades ago, when an American bomber went down off the coast of Spain with two thermonuclear weapons (hydrogen bombs) on board, creating a HELL of a stink.

        • Nancy Nut Job wanted 50 cals at the Capitol for the “inauguration”, THAT would have made quick work of the 900 or so actual Biden voters that showed up had they turned violent on the 25,000 National Guard in body armor surrounding the building behind 8 foot fencing…
          The incident that ended “Chrome Dome” actually occurred off the coast of Greenland near Thule Air Force Base in 1968…. The Palomares (Spain) incident was in 1966…

  9. Being aware of what was deliberately done to Trump by Obama/Biden hold-overs Dementia Joe incorrectly assumes it’ll be done to him in return. This is what one would expect from a 3rd world dictator and may be a sign we’re almost there. It’s expected the real powers behind Biden will be moving him out of office as soon as possible and I assume this bit of paranoia will be among the evidence used to accomplish that feat.

    • “It’s expected the real powers behind Biden will be moving him out of office as soon as possible…”

      Why would they be in a rush to get rid of a puppet?

      • The best rumor is that they will wait two years so that Harris can take over and have two full terms of her own, i.e., ten years in office.

        • You know, I’ve been thinking two weeks max before President Harris, but you may be onto something there. We are learning how willing the left is to play a long game. Do you think they can stretch Biden out two years? Reminiscent of that movie “Moon Over Parador.” I tell you, the way this “banana republic” theme keeps popping up is uncanny.

        • I think the two year plan is a GREAT idea! The democrips are almost certain to lose the House majority in the 2022 election, and then Joe will have to stick around, ‘coz if he doesn’t a replacement VP has to be confirmed by BOTH houses of Congress…

          Harris can’t be POTUS and President of the Senate at the same time, which means the post will remain vacant, it also means no tie breaking vote in the Senate, which is also in play in 2022, there will be a Republican Speaker of the House, waiting in the wings..

          I wonder how eager Mitt, Lisa, and Ben are to fuck their fellow Republicans, now that DJT is no longer POTUS.

          May you live in interesting times.

  10. They are creating an ideologically pure force that will follow orders no matter what. Initially for the inauguration, but that will only be the beginning.

    Epoch times had stories about the extra screening and vetting Nasty Guard are going through before being sent to DC.

    I called it early this morning and now this confirms it.

    As things progress any military members with conservative, pro gun, or pro Trump leanings will be purged from the armed forces. Law enforcement will follow. Federal first, and big democrat cities, but eventually it will be all law enforcement. As time goes on the military will be more and more leftist. We have seen this all before in other places.

    Congratulations America, you are now living through a CIA style “Color Revolution” and an “American Spring”.

    • “As things progress any military members with conservative, pro gun, or pro Trump leanings will be purged from the armed forces.”

      It’s gonna be tough to pull off when over 80 percent of the enlisted vote conservative…

      • Wow, 80%? That sounds like a lot!

        Too bad it’s bullshit…

        “Trump’s popularity slips in latest Military Times poll — and more troops say they’ll vote for Biden
        Leo Shane III
        August 31, 2020

        The latest Military Times poll shows a continued decline in active-duty service members’ views of President Donald Trump and a slight but significant preference for former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election among troops surveyed.

        The results, collected before the political conventions earlier this month, appear to undercut claims from the president that his support among military members is strong thanks to big defense budget increases in recent years and promised moves to draw down troops from overseas conflict zones.
        But the Military Times Polls, surveying active-duty troops in partnership with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University, have seen a steady drop in troops’ opinion of the commander in chief since his election four years ago.
        In the latest results — based on 1,018 active-duty troops surveyed in late July and early August — nearly half of respondents (49.9 percent) had an unfavorable view of the president, compared to about 38 percent who had a favorable view. Questions in the poll had a margin of error of up to 2 percent.
        Among all survey participants, 42 percent said they “strongly” disapprove of Trump’s time in office.

        The unfavorable number matches what an earlier Military Times Poll found in late 2019, while the favorable total slipped from just under 42 percent last year. In a poll conducted at the start of Trump’s presidency, 46 percent of troops had a favorable view of him, versus 37 percent who had an unfavorable opinion.”

        • That must be why they cheered so enthusiastically whenever he showed up and the top brass had to order them to stop wearing MAGA gear. Observed reality stands in stark opposition to your polls and publications.

        • Leo Shane? You forgot to juxtapose your quote with “What a load of disinformation.” to warn us about what follows.

          And, anybody can copy/paste. To wit:

          “During a May 12, 2016, appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, host Rachel Maddow called Shane[7] ‘one of the best military and veterans reporters in the country.'”

          In my mind, her endorsement is telling. You lost ground by quoting him.

        • Unfortunately, The Military Times has been subverted (as has most media) by the “progressive” left. All military members and veterans know this.

          So citing Military Times on a political poll is as useful as citing a Buzz Feed poll.

    • If I was a member of the military or police and had my loyalty questioned with just cause, I would take it as an extreme personal insult.

      • “ …had my loyalty questioned with just cause, I would take it as an extreme personal insult”

        Wow, was that your outside voice?

        Bit of a Freudian slip there, eh?

      • Without just cause. I don’t think much of the government of my own country. Doesn’t make me a traitor. The military of my own country has a well deserved reputation for mutiny.

        Vote Muppet, because you’ll get one any way.

  11. So, being that hiden hates the military, he’s employing his own private service that will do his bidding… sort of like the Ayatollah?

  12. Director of National Intelligence Ratcliff’s report, released earlier the week, indicates China (The Chinese Communist Party) interfered significantly in the Nov. 6 election. Maybe the military has read this report and will decide they do not and will not allow a Manchurian President or Vice President.

    I wonder what they could/would do. No idea. Really. Just seems like a cluster #$%!@*%.

    • Officers are firmly on the left side of politics these days. They didn’t care for all of the bring the troops home talk. I’d say most prefer Biden.

      • That’s a baseless generalization.

        Police are people just like everyone and have differing opinions just like everyone else. If you live in an area that has a 90% liberal population then you have the same general number among law enforcement. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cop, a firefighter or the night clerk at 7-11, your job doesn’t dictate your politics.

        • @BeoBear, we are talking about the military, not the police. More high ranking officers (including retired) came out in support of Biden than Trump. NeoCons love Biden.

        • Dude, I’m a retired O-3, my brother-in-law is a retired O-6, and I recently had dinner with a retired O-9 I’ve known for 50 years, and none of us are aware of all these left-wing military officers being alleged. Just saying.

    • “National Intelligence Ratcliff“

      I’m wondering, what training or experience has this individual had in national intelligence tactics and strategy?

      • I’m wondering, what training or experience has this individual had

        Probably as much as ex-Sec of Transportation Leon Panetta did before HE became head of the CIA…
        Although…. Ratcliffe WAS appointed Chief of Anti-Terrorism and National Security for the Eastern District of Texas, within the U.S. Department of Justice where he managed dozens of international and domestic terrorism investigations involving some of the nation’s most sensitive security matters.

        • Really?

          “The “unfair” treatment Trump refers to mostly focuses on Ratcliffe’s statement that he’d “put terrorists in prison” as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Texas. That was challenged by Justice Department officials, who told reporters that he had never prosecuted a terrorism case during his tenure in that office. His further claim to have been appointed “chief of anti-terrorism and national security in the Eastern District of Texas” came under suspicion as well—as no such role exists. (Though Ratcliffe did take on administrative duties as a coordinator of the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council.)“

          Best he can claim is administrative duties.

          Just another Trump team liar.

  13. Any way a government to control their citizens is to take their guns. Many countries do that and they fall into chaos with no hope of recovering. The US is trying to do that know with no sign of strong vocality about it and refusal of mass media to stand up to politicians. The Democrats don’t want to listen but ignore the voices of the citizens and do what they want. They “Swore and Oath to DEFEND and PROTECT the Constitution” But want to limit it and control it.

  14. I’d like to think that now he is only a doddering, feeble old man.

    In reality, he is proving that he is an unstable, paranoid, tyrant-in-training.

    Behavior like this emulates other despots from around the world.

  15. You guys debase yourselves when you continue to post Carl’s delusional rantings, and feeding this bullshit red meat to the commentariat, here.

    • Please, tell me more about how what happened didn’t really happen and how our noticing it means that we’re bad and wrong for noticing something that doesn’t mean anything at all even if it did happen, which it clearly didn’t.

        • if he had a single credible source to underpin his claims.

          You mean like the “Russian COLLUSION” farce?… Focus on that “CREDIBLE source” tidbit…

  16. Everything about Biden/Harris is so off that people try to justify it all with conjured up crap. I have never seen such things resembling third world tin horn dictatorships. It hasn’t even been made official yet and it already looks like countries elsewhere.

    I keep thinking if he’s afraid of these soldiers, there is likely a reason. Not soldiers feeling like its OK to kill presidents. They know what they are doing is extremely anti-American and passing everyone off. This country cannot be so radically shifted to socialist without driving the entire population insane. We have had this for many generations. A huge percentage of people are addicted to drugs. A huge percentage of people have guns.

    Truthfully, half the country doesn’t or cannot vote. The half that does vote is pretty evenly split.

    They talk “unity” and “healing” but they will not let that happen. They are more inclined to “de-program” any that oppose them. They act like dictators.

        • Of, not to.

          His voice was muffled (why was he wearing a mask on camera, for hell’s sake?), but there was no “T” in that word.

          This weird situation is driving people bonkers. I’ve heard this from several people now, all of whom I’d expect to know better.

  17. Why does this not surprise me? It is the description of hypocrites. They don’t respect or trust our military and law enforcement. Yet, when they are scared of firearms, which is all the time, it is law enforcement and our military that they call for help since they only care about themselves and their own safety.

    • ANTIFA and BLM will provide the commissars to ensure the loyalty of the military and police. Miner49er hopes to be the Special Commissar in charge.

  18. “The Commander-In-Chief-To-Be Is Afraid Of His Own Troops”

    Perhaps he’s worried they actually take their oath to the Constitution seriously.

  19. “The Commander-In-Chief-To-Be Is Afraid Of His Own Troops”

    Good. Now, if we could only make him and the Congress afraid of the voters. Hell, I’d even settle for a little respect first…

  20. Recall how any thing Trump did, he was called “literally” Hitler with his paranoia?
    People were shrieking about being forced to sign loyalty oaths.

    So far, the Biden admin feels more like 1966 China and Mao’s Culture Revolution, and he has not even been sworn in yet. There are those on the left calling for a army of citizen detectives to find Trump supporters, root them out, report them to LEO as domestic terrorists, and then report to their employers.
    In the video, the yahoo ranting does not really differentiate between Trump voters and actual white supremacists.
    AOC recent said of GOP members of Congress, that she is afraid of them as they support white supremacists. She did not name names, or provide evidence of this, but this kind of blanket hysteria and paranoia is chilling.

    • It is obvious that the left actually believes anyone that is ‘white’ is a white supremacist. As most of this country is white, they are scared witless of everyone. A big part of the problem is the twisting of the language that these people no longer have a rational or logical understanding of what these words actually mean. Just like they think AR15’s are assault rifles, in their minds anyone that voted for Trump is a racist hate monger. The left never made any real attempt to understand Trump or his supporters. It’s part of how they can so easily work against the American people.

  21. No, comrades. Not sure why anybody is worried about Biden being in office. He’s only there long enough to get fragged so Kamala can be Jefe. Then again, those 200,000 sealed indictments will immediately be going through a paper shredder.





  23. Just when you thought the the crazy and paranoia was reaching its pinnacle….creepy Joe raises the bar. These nutballs have worked themselves into a frenzy of crazy. They are terrified of someone in a Trump hat jumping out from behind trees for fricks sake. Once people have gotten to that point all common sense and reality has left the building and their behavior becomes erratic, bizarre and unpredictable.

    • “They are terrified of someone in a Trump hat jumping out from behind trees”

      *Correction: They aren’t really terrified of that. They just want the Smith’s sitting at home to be terrified of that. This is nothing but propaganda. The Left spent the last four years smearing Trump as a Nazi, dictator, racist, etc. You don’t have to debate someone that evil, you only have to get rid of them. Now they’re focusing their attention on any average Joe that doesn’t support them.

      • 6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.

        11. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.

        13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

  24. The National Guard, not so much. His real concern should be from the Hildabeast and Hells up Harris. I got 10 bucks says he’ll be a non issue by day 99.

  25. The tyrant is afraid of his own people and his troops? Say it ain’t so.

    All tyrants live in such fear. Look at history. china joe is no exception.

  26. This is looking more and more like a Military Junta Installation of an El Presidente Supreme Leader, in some Third World Totalitarian Sh*thole, with each passing day.

    It’s definitely not America.

  27. Well that’s like a bait and switch ad. I thought you meant Kamala when it said Commander and Chief, best I can tell Biden’s afraid of his own imagination, that being Corn Pop. The truth is Queen Nancy doesn’t trust the Republicans in the house enough to allow them to carry firearms as per the law says they can. And that’s what this boils down to, a matter of trust. We can trust the Guardsmen to be sent anywhere in the world except Washington DC. I am just a deplorable from fly-over country, but it seems to me we would vet the guardsmen before we allowed them to become guardsmen. That would be just plain stupid, huh?

  28. Fascist dictators fear their own military and security. I bet most assigned to the white house were happy to go elsewhere rather than be involved in the forthcoming shit show.

  29. avatar So President Biden’s first ban would target…the National Guard? He doesn’t trust them? If i was a retard brain dead election failed fraud commie bastard terrorist from hell i guess i would not trust Good Patriots either!

    And this is all about tyranny…time to end it…

  30. The evidence from the failed insurrection shows that both active and retired military personnel were involved in the attempted overthrow of our legitimate government.

    Increased security checks are just good tradecraft to ensure that there are no hidden insurrectionists within the security details.

    The reason we have so many troops at the capital is so we don’t have a repeat of the attempted insurrection by trumps mob of right wing extremists.

    “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday placed blame squarely on President Donald Trump for the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, saying he had “provoked” the violent mob of the president’s supporters.

    “The mob was fed lies,” McConnell said on the Senate floor Tuesday. “They were provoked by the president and other powerful people, and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.”

    • “Attempted overthrow,” you say? Bullshit. If that crowd of 10,000 or any significant fraction of it had wanted to overthrow the government in any way, you’d have seen congresscritters hanging by their scrawny necks outside a burning building, and we’d be having a vastly different kind of conversation right now — as in none.

      Truth is, you and your ilk got a glimpse of how unpopular you really are in this country, you felt vulnerable, and now you’re screaming bloody murder because the thought that the general public might sympathize more with the capitol protesters than your BLM/antifa brownshirts has you scared shitless.

    • Spare us your crocodile tears. If anything, the assault on the White House during the summer by BLM and ANTIFA mobs was insurrection since their breach of the fencing forced the SS to evacuate Trump to the bunker, and taking out one President is easier than going after numerous Congress critters. But no apologies or condemnation from the liberal left, only praise and laughter.

  31. Biden is afraid that the military and secret service personnel are going to bump him off? Hey, that kinda restores my faith in the military and secret service.

    But not the FBI.

  32. I said it months ago… he will recreate a new and loyal force. Same with police. They don’t want to come after guns? Replace them with ones who do.

    Long live the king, amiright? You take his shillings, you do his bidding.

    Joe Biden is America’s new King George III, and he is hiring modern “Hessian mercenaries” to assist the British all over again. They are ANTIFA and BLM, straight from our own soil.

      • Wish I could argue.

        Then please allow me… Does ANYONE capable of rational thought and with a modicum of common sense honestly believe that, after watching that mindless fuck run an entire presidential campaign from a basement in Delaware while he stumbled over someone elses words in a teleprompter (at a PRESS CONFERENCE?) whom had no idea where he even was or what day of the week it was or even what office he was running for, that slurred his words and on more than one occasion had to be “helped” off stage by his “adoring” wife and who could not draw a crowd of more than a couple hundred “supporters” with a weeks notice (the same people that were gathering by the thousands in blue cities across the country to riot, loot and destroy), this ass clown all of a sudden actually knows what he’s doing? “Creepy” Joe Biden is no fucking King, he is a mindless puppet dangling from strings being pulled by a group of people that are fulfilling the “dreams from their fathers” led by the woman whom was the actual driving force behind the 44th POTUS.. Joe Biden could not finish better than third in a primary til everyone else dropped out, his campaign was broke, he was one primary away from being finished when miraculously and without reason Liz Warren and Bernie just dropped out… WHY? Promises were made, debts were paid and this senile old hair sniffing, child fondling, brainless fuck is now the 46th POTUS with control of both chambers of the legislature AND 95% of all National media… King George my ASS, more like Howdy Doody on Adderall or Ritalin… See what happens when he’s no longer the “useful idiot” and they cut the strings…. To confer the title of King upon that mindless clown is an insult to ALL the despots and dictators throughout history…

        • It could be argued that “…ANYONE capable of rational thought and with a modicum of common sense…” (heck- possibly even a cardboard cut-out of Howdy Doody) had a pretty good chance of beating Trump because… Trump.

          When elections become popularity contests- the more likeable contestant wins. Trump should have been smart enough to know that, and it assuredly was recommended to him- but who is Trump ever going to listen to? Yeah. Bingo!…Trump trumped himself.

          It is frustrating to see how many understand fully just how cunning and relentless
          he left is, yet can’t quite seem to grasp that the right needs to not only try to be smarter than their enemy- they need to stop “outsmarting” themselves.

          Never underestimate the power of public perception. You may not agree with it, but certainly cannot ignore it- ’cause it will definitely bite you in the ass. Every time.

          Be smarter than Trump.

        • yet can’t quite seem to grasp that the right needs to not only try to be smarter than their enemy

          Got a couple minutes? Reread my post and please underline ANY part of it where I extolled the Intellectual capability of ANY Politician LEFT or RIGHT… My point is that Joseph Robinette Biden could not and should not be compared to ANY King or Dictator of any country at any time in history, He simply does NOT have the intellect, coherence or mental awareness to lead a government and (He is clearly not the one in charge)…. I am FULLY aware of the shortcomings of ALL POS politicians and pretty much do not need a lesson in awareness from you… Hate Trump? Who cares? He doesn’t…. If BIDEN is YOUR idea of “SMART” then you should get on your knees and thank GOD that breathing is an involuntary reflex…

        • Biden most certainly would never get my vote- I wouldn’t even argue that he is any smarter than a cardboard cut-out of Howdy Doody.

          Yet, Trump still lost…

          At least I had a rational candidate to vote for- even if the duopoly had convinced the credulous she “had no chance of winning”.

          Be careful who you vote for… and be smarter than Trump.

  33. The wicked flee when no one pursues,
    but the righteous are bold as a lion.
    — Proverbs 28:1

    That’s what it looks like to me.

    Either that, or they’re laying the groundwork for a “lone wolf” false flag operation.

    • they’re laying the groundwork for a “lone wolf” false flag operation.

      THAT!!! Might even sacrifice Creepy Uncle Joe and go straight to the Ho day one… Blame Trump, implicate the kids, buy a couple of “insider” witnesses, get a conviction then the witnesses “commit suicide”… The perfect Clinton operation financed by Soros and carried out by Obama…. Public outcry for gun ban/confiscation, the Kommies win… Remember, there is no such thing as original thought, if I can imagine it so has someone else…

  34. Who will be left that Dementia Joe can trust to carry out his specious policies? Hopefully, NO ONE. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking…

  35. There is a pattern……

    You must fear Donald Trump because he wants to be a dictator.

    Trump is going to start a war with NK.

    Trump is going to inflame the middle east.

    You must fear going outside or you may die of covid.

    You must fear gun owners because they could snap and kill you.

    You must fear Christians because they adhere to a faith beyond a political leader.

    Your fear is how they want to maintain power. Both parties use fear to gain power. Have you noticed the promises they make always takes from one group to give to another?

    The alleged concerns with any NG soldier that identifies with the Right is a security risk to the new administration is a continuation of the fear they want you to have.

    Next week will be a new fear, a new foe out to get us. The week after that yet another fear will surface.

    The majority fall for fear tactics, they don’t use logic and let their emotions guide them. The party that gins up the most fear is generally who will win an election.

    Of course I speak of irrational fear. Rational fear is actually good, it keeps you alive and aware.

    • Well said. It’s scary how they accuse us of instilling fear when the only fears we have are rational. Complacency leaves people to believe that the government has their best interests at heart.

      “How bad can it really be” and “do you really need (insert anything here)” or, “Is it really going to change that much?” The last one is probably the worst, and what leads to freedom looking like it does today. Yes, it will change. Rapidly. Yes, it can be really bad – once all the power of the people is gone, the only thing they have left is the illusion their voice matters. And finally, Yes, we need whatever we want to own, because that’s what freedom is. Our government is out of control with using fear to keep people in check. There was once a time when those in “office” had done the fighting, spilled their blood to continue the understanding of what freedom actually means. Long has that been gone, and there is only one way left to fix it. Like it or not.

    • I’m concerned about Christians because they are raising money to support extreme right wing groups like the proud boys.

      “From those wonderful folks who brought you the inquisition and the holocaust, it’s terrorism for the next 1000 years!”

      “Following Ochs’ arrest, a supporter turned to GiveSendGo to raise money for his legal defense, a campaign that has garnered nearly $20,000 for the member of the right-wing extremist group.
      The campaigns for Ochs weren’t the only controversial causes on the site. A CNN review found more than two dozen fundraisers related to protesting the outcome of the presidential election, raising travel funds to attend the January 6 protest in Washington and other right-wing causes.
      Among the campaigns and their beneficiaries: Ali Alexander, a Stop the Steal organizer who raised money for a “security and administrative team.” As of today, he’s reached 75% of his $40,000 goal on the platform.
      Friends and family of Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, have raised more than $113,000 for his legal defense on Tarrio was arrested two days before the insurrection at the Capitol and charged with destruction of property for burning a Black Lives Matter banner after a protest in December and with possessing high-capacity firearm magazines.
      Jim Hoft, founder of the conservative news outlet Gateway Pundit, is currently the beneficiary of two campaigns on, totaling more than $135,000, intended to fund an investigation into alleged voter fraud in Michigan and to “take on the tech giant censorship of conservative voices.”
      At least five other campaigns that collectively raised nearly $200,000 are tied to self-described Proud Boys members looking for funds for “protective gear,” travel expenses to the January protest in Washington, DC, and medical costs after a December rally in the capital turned violent.
      Requests for comment from Alexander, Tarrio and Hoft went unanswered.“

      • If be more concerned with member of Sloppy Joe’s team bailing out violent ANTIFA rioters all across America during the summer.

        The best part about upcoming Sloppy Joe’s presidency is that someone in his administration is already guilty of what you accuse the right of. It makes our job do much easier to call you out on it.

      • Kamala Harris Promoted Group That Paid Bail for Murderers and Sex Offenders

        In the aftermath of George Floyd’s deaths, violent rioters caused millions in damages and other crimes. The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), a group that raises money to pay the bail of criminals, received a lot of publicity when Hollywood liberals virtue-signaled their support for the group and donated big money to their cause.
        Kamala Harris also promoted the group. “If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” she tweeted on June 1, 2020, but MFF wasn’t just using their funds to bail out violent protesters and rioters. According to a report from Fox9 in Minnesota, the MFF, which amassed $35 million in the wake of the George Floyd riots, “has bailed out defendants from Twin Cities jails charged with murder, violent felonies, and sex crimes.”

        Among those bailed out by the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) is a suspect who shot at police, a woman accused of killing a friend, and a twice convicted sex offender, according to court records reviewed by the FOX 9 Investigators.

        According to attempted murder charges, Jaleel Stallings shot at members of a SWAT Team during the riots in May. Police recovered a modified pistol that looks like an AK-47. MFF paid $75,000 in cash to get Stallings out of jail.

        Darnika Floyd is charged with second degree murder, for stabbing a friend to death. MFF paid $100,000 cash for her release.

        Christopher Boswell, a twice convicted rapist, is currently charged with kidnapping, assault, and sexual assault in two separate cases. MFF paid $350,000 in cash for his release.

        “The last time we were down there, the clerk said, ‘we hate it when you bail out these sex offenders, that is what they said’,” [MFF interim executive directer Greg] Lewin said.

        LOOK IT UP, numerous outlets AND a shitload more examples…. But you’re probably not worried about that.. After all the bitch is ONLY next in line for POTUS..

        • So you are opposed to the United States Constitution it says a defendant is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

          Are you also opposed to Kyle Rittenhouse being released on bail raised by right wing organizations?

        • Like anyone who has watched the videos, I am concerned that Rittenhouse was arrested and charged.

      • The Republicans contest one election in 50 years and you see a crisis. The Democratic Party contests 3 elections in 20 years and not a peep.

        Is contesting a election acceptable only if the Democrats do it?

        When was the last time a inquisition was held by Christians? From Democrats?

  36. And we all believe this and get worked up about it because it was posted on Twitter…with a link to an article that talks nothing about disarming troops or secret service transitions that are out of the norm for an incoming president. We’re a doomed nation. I’m not a fan of Biden, but c’mon people.

    • Ram, you are casting pearls before swine.

      They enjoy the delicious thrill of their delusions far too much to let the facts interfere with their fun.

      Their inferiority complex requires that they think Joe Biden is shivering in his boots, afraid of American Patriots.

      The fabricated headline gives them that comfort, confirming their fantasy in black-and-white on the Internet, what more validation could they ask for…

  37. The way to be rid of your fear is to not do things that make people angry and who then resort to violence. If a President would just follow the Constitution as Trump mostly did then your fellow citizens would love you! Except for those who are so blinded by their liberal upbringing that they are unable to reason at all.

  38. Miner49er said:

    ” “National Intelligence Ratcliff“
    I’m wondering, what training or experience has this individual had in national intelligence tactics and strategy?”

    I’m wondering, what training or experience does a certain Miner have in telling the truth?

    When you never recognize the truth, it totally diminishes the value of any opinions you might have to offer on any subject whatsoever.

    Being supercilious, pompous, condescending, pretentious and demented are not qualities that will endear you to many…..

    • I am not looking to endear myself to those on this list, I am working to provide them with the facts in order to help them dispel their delusions.

        • The religious missionaries who persecuted native peoples all over the world were delusional disciples of mythical gods.

          While many missionaries did wonderful work bringing the benefits of civilization to folks in Third World countries, a large percentage used their religious doctrine to persecute and denigrate native peoples in order to loot their countries of their natural resources.

  39. If he is that worried, he should call his buddy Vlad, and have him send over a few Spetsnaz troops to protect him.

  40. The right wing Brown Shirts are a danger to everyone, but patriotic Americans in the service of their country will continue to investigate and prosecute domestic terrorists who intend to harm our country.

    “A US Army soldier was arrested Tuesday on terrorism charges after federal prosecutors said he allegedly attempted to assist ISIS’ efforts to plan attacks on targets in New York City and on US soldiers in the Middle East.

    Cole Bridges, a 20-year-old private, allegedly made the attempts while communicating with someone he believed to be associated with the terror group, prosecutors said. He has been charged with one count of attempting to provide material support to ISIS and one count of attempting to murder US military service members, both of which carry up to 20 years in prison.

    Bridges, who is from Stow, Ohio, was arrested in Georgia, where he was based at Fort Stewart. He is set to have a court hearing on Thursday.“

  41. Biden is just a place holder until Harris takes over. Biden’s policies are obama recaps until then. A bunch of boneheads storming the Capitol handed the country to the Democratic/Socialist Party on a silver platter. Republican = racist, terrorist, enemies of The State. Therefore the fear. It will be leveraged to the fullest.

  42. Miner said:
    “I am not looking to endear myself to those on this list, I am working to provide them with the facts in order to help them dispel their delusions.”
    So says the master of factless delusions.

    It is well known that the terrorists and extremists are all on the democrat side and have been for the last 9 months in blue cities. Hundreds, maybe thousands of videos exist proving this. These are facts, which you say you supposedly believe.

    The other, even worse terrorists and traitors, are the democrat election thieves. Thousands of affidavits, witnesses, videos, analyses of voting numbers fraud, show only a fraction of the evil perpetrated on the American public.

    It is obvious to any sane and thinking person who the real masters of delusion are.

  43. While Trump as president left something to be desired, will the election of Biden-Harris improve things? Have a majority of the electorate chosen poison oak over poison ivy? What of The Congress, where the Democrats still hold a majority, though it is reduced in the House and The Senate is split 50-50, leaving the vice president as a tie breaker.

  44. Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday morning announced that he has ordered back home Florida National Guard troops sent to Washington, D.C., to secure the inauguration of President Joe Biden, which took place on Wednesday.
    DeSantis called the “mission” in D.C. “half-cocked” and blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for treating troops like her “servants.”


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