Delta Airlines: A Constitution-Free Zone
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Air travel has long been a 4th Amendment-free zone, with warrantless searches. But Delta Airlines has found two more Amendments thatb it thinks we should do without.

Delta Bans Checked Firearms on D.C.-Bound Flights as Over 800 People Placed on Its No-Fly List

Delta Airlines will not allow firearms in checked bags on flights to Washington D.C., ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration this coming Wednesday, following last week’s deadly riot at the Capitol.

Since that article was published, American, United and Southwest have adopted the same policies. I’m sure no one with nefarious purposes in mind would ever even consider driving to DC. Once the airlines realize they’ve made the entire District safe from “gun violence,” they’ll no doubt extend the ban on lawfully possessed and transported firearms to all flights indefinitely.

The Delta spokesperson also confirmed that over 800 people have been placed on its no-fly list for not complying with its face mask requirements or other unruly behavior related to the U.S. election results.

Stupid as the requirement might be, the airlines can insist that passengers wear masks. And unruly behavior on an aircraft can be dangerous. But what about that “unruly behavior related to the U.S. election results“?

The announcement came after Trump supporters on one of Delta’s flights from Salt Lake City to Washington D.C harassed Republican Senator Mitt Romney at an airport, after he rejected efforts to stop the certification of Biden’s victory last week.

The “unruly behavior” was comprised of people peacefully voicing their political views to a Senator who they viewed as stabbing them in the back. Speaking. Chanting. Not on the plane, but in the terminal. Delta is now twittering Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights in a public space.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

They were peacefully, if rather vocally, assembling and petitioning a government official.

Delta, however, is having none of that. That’s three rights down. Only seven more to go.

This is disappointing on another level as well. Back when I frequently traveled by air, Delta was one of my preferred airlines. Never once did they nearly crash a plane I was on, have to make multiple attempts at take-off, or let a passenger pilot the plane (yes, all those have happened to me, and more).

Then again, maybe I was just lucky.

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  1. Delta’s head must be stuck in the Delta………….besides I’d rather fly United, if you know what I mean and I imagine you do………

  2. that’s the reason they make cars and trucks every day quit flying and start driving you to take their money that way and enough stop flying they will stop being so bossy

    • Except…

      The powers that be have been quietly “digitizing” private transportation for over two decades now- with the specific goal of “granting us” autonomous vehicles. More impressive than the technology is the psychology they’ve implemented that has resulted in the vast majority of people not only accepting this (bad) idea- but demanding it.

      How distressing it will be when they discover their freedom of movement has been abrogated by having their “smart autonomous” vehicle simply “turned off” remotely.

      Be careful what you wish for.

        • I went from Jeeps, my last one a Grand Cherokee grocery getter w/computer controlled 4wd, to a Toyota 4RunnerTRD It’s a bit under powered for the interstate but more than capable off road. Crawl control is nice. I can see a super charger in my future if I ever win the lottery. lol. New Bronco is interesting.

          An old Army CUCV would be nice too. maybe not as a daily though.

          sorry for off topic,

        • Just sold my ’07 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD (3.0 V-6 Turbodiesel OM642 Mercedes-Benz engine) to a buddy of mine. Best vehicle I have ever had. Period. I have owned over 50 vehicles- and not one has gotten anywhere close to being as reliable and economical as that Jeep. I will miss it, but unfortunately no longer have a use for it after my spinal cord injury.

          What must be realized is that newer vehicles that have system connection to the internet can be controlled remotely. Whether you like it or not. Simply having electronic controls with proprietary software in your vehicle means that you don’t actually own your car- and never will.

          If you simply must drive a computer that someone else owns and controls… lease it- cause it’ll never be yours.

        • Manse, throw a supercharger on it and the engine becomes more than adequete. Toyota engines last so long in part because they are usually so mildly tuned. They can tolerate 6-8 psi of boost with no problems or longevity issues, and you can bump HP by 25-50%.

        • “Great rig, won’t fit in my garage.”

          Good thing you know a contractor or 20… 😉

        • 1953 M38A1. With a mounted M1919. Everything one could possibly need with the upcoming administration. 0-60 in Never.

  3. I’m done flying. They can keep their mask rules, their anti-2A attitude, their cramped seats and long lines to get on and off. Tired of being treated like cattle for the privilege of spending several hundred dollars riding in a tin can with wings. If I really need to get somewhere fast, I will rent a private jet…It worth the 8-14 grand in saved aggravation.

  4. Seriously? When you travel on an airline, you travel subject to FAA and individual airline rules. It is not a right to travel by air with a gun.

    • Yes. It’s a private company. They can do what they want regarding their policies such as this one. Don’t like? Too bad, fly with someone else.

      • Fly Felicia,

        Actually, Delta is a public corporation owned by investors from around the world. The Board of Directors has a fiduciary responsibility to maximize profits while operating within applicable law.

        When the corporation refuses services to passengers because of their political positions, or discriminates against suppliers because of politics, it may be violating its fiduciary responsibility to maximize profits.

        Airline stocks have taken a beating. I’d fire (and even sue) any airline exec’s that turned away customers based upon political preference.

        • Lifesavor,
          While I agree with your approach to business, it’s prudence – not law. Many publicly traded companies put ideology before profits, and are often praised (never prosecuted) for it: pie-in-the-sky “green” schemes, SJW quotas for less-qualified candidates, donating customers’ money to BS causes, overpriced ingredients from farms that respect the “rights” of things, etc.

        • ….because ‘Umm…’ hates when companies hire gays, blacks and/or women and gets a laugh when he sees animals get treated inhumanely.

          • Do you not hate when a more-qualified applicant is denied a job because of race or gender?

            Animals are adiaphora.

        • I mean private as in not a government provided service. Thank you for correcting my terminology.

        • When tax payer money is used to bail the airlines out the flying public should have a voice.

          Otherwise they don’t get bailed out time and time again.

      • “Don’t like it, fly with someone else” doesn’t fly if they all start adopting the same policies. Or if you’re flying from or to someplace with limited carrier choices.

        Also, to the “It’s not a right to fly with…” commenter, please think about where that’s leading. Freedom of movement is a human right — one so fundamental and taken for granted that we usually don’t even think about it.

        How many incremental iterations of “it’s not a right to move in X fashion or with thing Y in your possession” or “if you don’t like their policy, go somewhere else” are you willing to tolerate?

      • Yes, the airlines are privately owned companies but they have been funded directly with tax dollars from the federal government, via the taxpayers. Until every single penny is returned to the taxpayers, they should fall under the same mandates as the government. We are on a slippery slope here with bailouts to businesses and even private citizens. It looks like almost every business and citizen is owned by the federal government.

    • They aren’t landing or taking off on private property and they are using public air space belonging to the United States. They are availing themselves to using services subsidized by the taxpayers. Maybe they and everybody else need to be reminded of that.

      • Yes, they do use our socialized airport system, supported by the people who desire safe and efficient air travel.

        We have a wonderful airport system, president Donald Trump pointed out that the airports were one of the first facilities captured by the Continental Army during the revolutionary war, right after they rammed the ramparts.

        Geez, what a dumbass we had for president…

    • Um, bergie… you’re wrong. From the TSA website (at :

      You may transport unloaded firearms in a locked hard-sided container as checked baggage only. Declare the firearm and/or ammunition to the airline when checking your bag at the ticket counter. The container must completely secure the firearm from being accessed. Locked cases that can be easily opened are not permitted. Be aware that the container the firearm was in when purchased may not adequately secure the firearm when it is transported in checked baggage.

      Contact the TSA Contact Center with questions you have regarding TSA firearm regulations and for clarification on what you may or may not transport in your carry-on or checked baggage.

  5. They (the Biden cartel) is just getting started. Wait till they are actually handed the reins of Government.

  6. What I see when posting:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.

    Sad, the authors on this site are doing exactly what they previously complained about.

    • I got the same thing. It happens from time to time, and I think it’s more to do with quirks in the WordPress software than the site owners.

      • It seems to be quite random. I’ve got a comment awaiting moderation above, while the one I’m replying to sailed right through. No real difference between them.

    • Or rent a car. Or travel by train.

      Either way, tax payer money is funding these public airlines. Fuck them.

  7. It has not risen, yet, but I expect there will be an investor revolt against companies that violate their business models by censoring and refusing service to paying customers based upon politics. Why would anyone invest in a business that turns away customers with whom they differ politically? The purpose of an investment is profit. The purpose of a corporation is to generate profit for its investors.

    I have an investment portfolio of 28 corporations. Don’t get too excited, it is rinky-dink but well-diversified. Not a single one of these discriminates against customers or suppliers based upon politics.

    I am politically active. I want my investments to focus on making money (legally).

    • Yeah, well, both Twitter and Either Amazon or Google just vaporized at least a couple Billion worth of their stocks which crashed after they obsessively compulsively continued to satiate their voracious blood appetite for classic communist style tyrannical censorship of more people’s protected speech after they thought they got away with violating Trump’s rights by banning him for no lawful reason other than just because they now ‘can’. Protests come in many forms. Brighteon will blow away you tube if you tube keeps up their censorship, and i believe the technology is available for some sharp freedom-loving neo-tech (!) entrepreneurs to set up an Alt-Twitter platform?

      Although it took decades of unbelievable open and deep state efforts to get to Nov 3, 2020, I think it’s a little too much too late for the new United States of Slavery. Americans like having their liberties, ALL of them…just not necessarily in the same priority. And yes, most of us live and function in a state of re-directed distraction by the nature of our complicated society. But sooner or later we wake up. Even the people who thought they were making the right decision by voting for statest government autharianism and control over everything we think and do will quickly change their minds when it occurs to them how painfully serious their mistake was. Becuase if you think it’s starting to smell bad before the new regime is even ‘sworn’ (hahahah) in, Wait until you catch of whiff of the mephitic stench wafting under your nose in a few months that will make you vomit your terrified guts out at the prospect of our collective future?

      But I don’t think that the soul of America can ever be totally vanquished. Not before any tyrannical control government would eventually realize it would be a pyrrhic victory at best, and at worst, the last bad move they ever made.

        • As an individual I’ve decided for 1 month not to buy anything from Amazon due to them turning off Parler’s servers.

          Stopped buying digital media from iTunes for similar reasons.

          Don’t have tweeter or facebonk.

          We’ll see after 30 days if I still need them or have found viable alternatives… choices have consequences. If enough of us do the same it will affect how they act in the future (one hopes).

        • 1 month?

          I cancelled my prime and will never shop there again. Tons of other options even if I have to pay more, and the shipping is usually the same or better. Fuck Amazon. Buy from the source and buy more locally. We don’t NEED Amazon.

          The whole plandemic was part of bezos’ plan. 300% growth in pantry sales to cut out small businesses and “essential” operations.

  8. I don’t fly anymore. I’m old enough to remember walking into the terminal five minutes before the flight and boarding with no problem. Now it takes a full day, including terminal time, to fly a thousand miles. Ridiculous.

    And with everything shut down, why fly?

    • As a youngster in the 60s, I remember the multi-colored wall lockers and the TV seats. IIRC 25c would get you 15 min of B/W tv 2 channels. Was always exciting to see family off on a trip. People dressed up back then. No Jetways either.

    • On good roads, you can drive that far in a day — and actively control your entire experience and carry any cargo you want. Unless somebody else is paying for it or I’m going overseas, there is NO way I will ever travel by air.

  9. Haven’t flown since 1991. The defunct Midway Airlines. Don’t miss these azzwipes. And it was fairly pleasant flying to Dallas.

  10. So I can drive to FLA in two and and a half days, pay for hotels ,gas and meals , or pay $240 and be there in four hours , with one stop . I’ll fly every time .

    • flying makes sense for any trip over 500 miles…it will have to do until they start shooting us thru tubes at the same speed…

    • When I travel to Florida, I like to bring my stuff, (guitar, maybe a firearm or two, hunting or fishing gear) with me, and I don’t want it broken, stolen, or lost. So I prefer to rent a big SUV land yacht and drive every time.

    • It’s your right to chose. Chosing to fund a company that gives zero fucks about your rights is your choice. Fine. Don’t complain when they kick you off for sneezing. Or delay a flight so they can kick out a family who’s two year old is – well – being a 2 year old. Enjoy your disease ridden cabin air pressure and lack of control.

  11. You don’t have a God given right to get on a plane. Live by the Terms of Carriage or go ride a donkey.

  12. Never liked Delta when I traveled for work. Won’t darken their door any time soon. Maybe someone will buy them, fire all the inept leadership and turn them around.




  14. I lived in East and Southeast Asia for 20 years. My favorite airlines were Singapore Air, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, and China Air (of Taiwan). All these carriers had lovely young lasses doing their flight attending. They had beautiful smiles, were friendly, and helped passengers quickly and effectively. The beer was free as were the headphones and meals.

    Then there was Northwest/Delta, whose flight attendants were ornery old hags. They got that way because only the most senior unionists got the trans-Pacific gigs, leaving them one or two flights a month for full monthly salary.

    My Chinese (Taiwan) wife was hired by Delta as a flight attendant. She and a bevy of other Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans) were brought in to be language assistants on trans-Pacific flights, but none of them ever made the flights, because as newly hired flight attendants, they were bottom-rung unionists. My wife would not have seen an Asia flight until she’d flown domestic routes for 15 years! United fixed the union bug by hiring language assistants and never calling them “flight attendants.” They flew the trans-Pacific routes almost immediately, and the unionists heads exploded.

    Delta: No smiles. No friendliness. No helpfulness. No free beer! I was so used to the free beer on all the Asian carriers that when the grump walked past my seat and I flagged her down to bring me a beer, she grudgingly plodded off to the galley and returned with a beer. She bonked the can on my table, stuck out her hand, and gruffed, “That’ll be $10.00.”

    I was so surprised! I reached into my pocket and pulled out a roll of $100 bills, peeled one off, and held it out to her. She huffed, “Oh, don’t give me that!” as she simultaneously snatched my beer back off my tray. I mean SNATCHED, as her hand moved faster than you’d have thought possible. I guess she couldn’t break a $100 bill, even though she’d been selling duty-free booze and scents from the moment the seatbelt sign was turned off.

    The guy sitting next to me, an Israeli, asked her for two beers and handed her a $20. She placed both beers on his tray, and while she was handing him napkins, he picked them up and placed them on my tray, saying, “Let me know if you want more.” The granny scoffed and shuffled away, never to return again. I guess she passed us off to a fellow crew member.

    I worried what good the decrepit senior would be in an emergency. I kinda figured she’d hope I wouldn’t survive the crash. I never want to fly Delta again, but choices are limited here in Minneapolis where I live.

    • Singapore airlines had the hottest girls on the planet working there. They had stringent standards on height and weight and mysognistic rules on beauty. I’d pay more to fly them. Air India wa the absolute worst. Cathay Pacific was great too.

  15. Spirit airlines was always an adventure…remember being stuck in Vegas because the pilots refused to board the plane because of some safety issue….while we remained dutifully strapped in to await our fate…finally found some black guy to fly the thing while we sat in the back and ordered non-stop drinks….anyway, we made it to Cleveland but disembarked a bit wobbly…

  16. “The ‘unruly behavior’ was comprised of people peacefully voicing their political views to a Senator who they viewed as stabbing them in the back. Speaking. Chanting. Not on the plane, but in the terminal.”
    No support in the cited article for this absurd claim. The Delta statement specifically references unruly behavior on aircraft.
    Were any of these 800 people banned based on only behavior in the airport? If so, how did Delta ID them? Did Delta waste the time reviewing security video from the airport and then research to match these people with their passengers?
    Or, did they take the much simpler approach of only banning those who made asses of themselves on board the airplane?

    • The crew has access to a printed passenger list at boarding. Everyone who gets on the plane has an assigned seat cross-referenced by individual name. I realized this long ago when flying to the PI for a joint military exercise on a nearly empty 747. A flight attendant moved me from coach to the upper deck and addressed me by name. I didn’t know hers.
      Flight attendants get the list and, if need be, the captain can flag the whole aircraft.
      If you want to “stay gray” avoid the airlines and watch your personal behavior. The PC vindictive woke sh*t isn’t going to get better anytime soon and will probably devolve further.

  17. For those of you arguing that air lines have a right to restrict other rights.

    I guessing if they passed a rule saying you can not fly going some place to get an abortion.

    The government and many other organizations would be suing them shortly.

    But then communist’s are very good at promoting their agendas

  18. What if they took an alternative action and just reported any checked guns to the DC police, who would be waiting with welcoming smiles and shiny bracelets at baggage claim? Since we peons aren’t allowed gun in DC, they’re preventing passengers from breaking the law. FAA sets minimums for firearms transport, but the airlines can put their own riles and limitations in place. I haven’t bothered with Delta since they virtue signaled with a public announcement of cutting the NRA discount program after the Parkland shooting. I’d have be fine with it if it was made for business reasons at the end of a contract and not being lickspittles for the antis. If you really want to take your gun to DC, fly into MD or VA and drive a little.
    As for masks, lots of people have been put on airline no-fly lists before 1/6, and there will be plenty after. There’s no party affiliation there. You may find wearing a mask annoying and unecessary. My wife finds being topless prevents sweaty underboob, and I like to let my boys hang free, yet we still have to wear clothes in public.

    • You must be clothed because many sky daddy worshipers are offended by the beauty of the human body, just another form of Tyranny on the minds and bodies of Man.

      • Or, understanding our state of sin, God told us to be clothed since seeing naked adults often inspires lustful thoughts which often lead to reduced satisfaction with our spouses, adultery, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancies outside of marriage. (Note that all of those decrease our happiness in life.)

        It’s almost like God knows us better than we know ourselves and, because of his profound love for us, is trying to reduce our misery and increase our happiness — versus being a “wet blanket” and withholding “pleasure” from us.

        • “often inspires lustful thoughts which often lead to reduced satisfaction with our spouses, adultery, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancies outside of marriage”

          Is this why Donald Trump committed adultery three times, consorting with prostitutes and pornographic actresses?

          Did he just see too many naked people and that led to him covering another man’s wife?

          Or is the real problem his own unbridled ego gratification and lust for money and power?

        • Miner49er,

          Nice job avoiding my obviously correct assertion and failing to defend your obviously false assertion.

          For the record, I have never claimed that Trump was or is a paragon of virtue. All I have ever claimed is that the policies which he advocates will serve the good people of our nation far better than the policies which Biden and Harris advocate.

  19. If at all possible, I have avoided air travel for years. Initially to avoid the TSA charade, and the fact that I can’t possibly see how air travel is safe from the pandemic (yeah, right, they got filters) but additionally because I think they just don’t deserve my money. This just adds to the list.

  20. Flying might be worth it and maybe even enjoyable if you own something small like a Cessna. Outside of that, I’ll pass. The whole idea just ended up being too much a hassle after 911.

    • This.

      I flew because the military made me.

      I will never fly again unless I’m in the pilot seat.

  21. I flat refuse to get the GOLD STAR (Mark of the BEAST) on my Drivers License!! To me it’s like the Yellow Star the Jews wore in NAZI Germany………..

    • I’m assuming that NAM62 is the year you served? That was a rough year because nobody really knew what they were doing. Were you still there when LBJ sent a large contingency force of troops even though JFK was against it, but nevermind, LBJ kind of knew he wouldn’t be around too much longer to interfere with Military Industrial cash cow endeavor.

      I wrote an article a few years ago for an online survival magazine which included this use of your personal driver’s license for ‘specialty’ identification beyond the original purpose of simple vehicle operation was really about. Even today not many have heard about it or fully realize the ominous implications. It was called the ‘2005 Real I.D. Act’. And as is usual with sinister agenda based anti-Constitutional laws, it was passed in the late of night ot sneaked into a bigger bill as an add-on for obfuscation purposes when almost nobody was looking. I think the article title was “We Know Where You Live…” for in case anybody wants to know the dirty details. The Star, in the upper right corner of your license was only the incremental foot in the door. “Your Papers Please” universal Identification tracking is right up there after firearms disarmament of a populate intended to be tyrannized.

      The 2005 Real I.D. Act law didn’t come to full fruition until just recently by the finality date in the Bill for all states to ‘comply’ (seems almost conspiratorily suspiciously timed with the 2020 Marxist Corporatist election agenda to attain total Political Control and Complete unresistable Law Making Power). And yes, the Biblical religionists could definitely make the ‘Mark of the Beast’ comparison. Only the methodology is now much more ‘secularly’ advanced since 2005. It will be even better than the obcene ‘Ordwellianism’ of current Communist China. Because half of our entire American population have already been tricked into using too much of it as it is.

      When it comes down to the (barbed) wire, here’s a terse analogy that could be passed on to all the people you still talk to who fell victim to the flawed psychological marketing over the years that caused them to make such a bad decision–hopefully not for the rest of their lives’.

      Tell them, “…Look, the human behavioral situation in our country now can be compared with the way we treat the animals in the world, especially the cattle. In the beginning the herds were Free Ranging. The were on their own, free and clear to roam and forage and live without too much fear and stress outside of the basics of natural evolution. They survived and thrived and lived mostly in peace with other creatures in the world.

      Then came the god-men, known as people to convey their socialized manifestations throughout their conquereed and occupied territories. They began to hunt, capture, and corral defenseless animals and control all the herds for their own purposes only. Not careing much at all for the individual benefit of the herd. They identified and numbered and branded each individual head of cattle with impersonal numeric and monetized value and locked them up in a fenced in pasture. As the herds grew they used vehicles and cameras and now drones to keep an eye on them so they wouldn’t escape. Some even had GPS implants for tracking and immediate recorvery if they somehow desperately managed to escape to find the freedom they once loved but will never, ever have again. ”

      And then bid a friendly farewell. That won’t be as good as a 1300 calaorie toxic burger after a hard day of online gaming, but it might be food for thought to some extent without getting into big arguments with pre-programmed mental intransigence along with an unhealthy saturation of confirmation acting as Jailers in your mind prison, but it’s at least planting a seed.

      As far as any so called Trump ‘insurrection’ issue being so egregious (amazing how skilled the Leftist MSM propaganda experts are. They completely reversed the widespread and well evidenced election fraud issues and also the deadly Oregon/Washinton anarchy, and replaced these with a single outburst that also turned deadly like Seattle and elsewhere of a relative handful of mob activists, that almost couldn’t be avoided because of the dearth of effective security, just to try to bury Trump forever’?)

      So, I don’t think there will be anything huge at the inaugeration outside of being the new Police State’s first display of awesome government force against anybody that bugs them too much.

      Humans have an innate failsafe mechanism to take a lot of abuse until a breaking point is stretched. Which would have to be something like…oh, maybe they start making laws to more seriously restrict your property or privacy to a point of mandating absurd measures of restrictive licensing, taxation, and social behavior modification. I’m not saying that won’t be on their agenda, but there might be time enough to do something to stop that kind of insanity…if people saw something that outrageously shocking like that? Then everybody would probably get serious tommorrow about unifying with your neighbors about the next Congressional elections to get in egalitarian libertarian representatives and judges. Like our Constitution and the citizens it protected was made to have!

      Uh Oh. Wait! What the heck just blipped in on my news feed screen? I’m not believing what I’m seeing. I have to check this out. The other day I briefly thought i saw a male politician say something about ‘getting people re-programmed from their political brainwashing a couple of days ago.

      But why did i just get a news window popup of what appeaared to be AOC mentioning something very similar!

      Maybe it’s already too late.

      • Before domestication, herd animals lived free of stress and fear, at peace with the rest of nature? In a Disney movie, perhaps.

        • If you had a bit higher reading comprehension (the progressive educators want written language vocabulary and syntax to be kept at 6th grade level, which is where they want the populate dumbed down to to keep your knowedge and education minimal) you would have noticed that I qualified that statement with the adverb ‘mostly’ living in peace. Meaning natural survival of the fittest food chain manifestations notwithstanding the definition of peaceful wildlife integrations. IOW, they didn’t have everybody fighting and hating and depriving, and constantly fomenting needless and useless violence outside of predator or territory necessity. Like humans do with their deeply flawed emotional content Animals have a natural system of mutual respect for other life forms and didn’t start wars when they didn’t have to just because they can. They usually don’t bite or attack unless you threaten or fuck with them. And animals don’t wantonly violate each other’s rights, surveille each other to death, tax other herds out of existance, etc., etc.?

          To bad you missed the point. Especially since Disney and other animal movies aren’t all fun and fantasy kiddie cartoons. I’m happy you enjoy them. In the better educational animal documentaries, some of those hungry dinasaurs and monster Sharks just looking at you is enough to make you do Hershy squirts in your man diapers and piss down your own pants leg. But again, they rarely attack unless there’s something or someone seriously threatening them, and aside from that live in relative peaceful co-existence, not the extreme antagonistic social psychosis that humans ‘enjoy’.

  22. I used to be a Delta frequent flyer, raking up hundreds of thousands of miles. After I used all my miles on multiple trips to Hawai’i, I gave up on Delta because of very poor service. I came to the conclusion that Delta hates its customers. Now I know that I was correct. Thanks, Delta!

  23. Someone needs to write a catchy song about how private companies aren’t beholden to the Bill of Rights because I hear way too many of you all forgetting that.

  24. No one but the customers will ever hold the airlines accountable. Think about this for a moment. The “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA) REQUIRES public companies (like airlines) to make their businesses accessible to the disabled, or assist the disabled, and the businesses in question CAN’T inquire as to what the disability is.

    Now fast forward to the Covid-19 insanity, and you suddenly HAVE to wear masks on the airlines’ flights, or be banned FOR LIFE from flying with them. There are plenty of people who cannot breathe through a mask for more than a few minutes, let alone a few hours, yet I haven’t once heard the airlines make any exemptions for those customers, or assist them in any manner, and I’ve flown multiple times in 2020.

    The ADA doesn’t exempt airlines, even in times of “national emergencies”, and the FAA doesn’t have that authority. But the airlines get away with it.

    • The ADA doesn’t regulate air travel. You’re thinking of the Air Carrier Access Act. Under the ACAA, air carriers must provide a “reasonable accommodation” to people with disabilities unless it creates a safety or health risk to others.

      Right or wrong, governments all over the world have decided that going maskless poses a risk to others. The airlines are merely following suit, so airlines’ mask requirements are valid even if they discriminate against the disabled.

  25. So I can fly to BWI with a checked firearm? Can I fly to Philadelphia with a checked firearm? Can I fly to Dulles with a checked firearm? Am I barred from Regan National only? Can I fly to Richmond with a checked firearm?

    Philadelphia International is less than a 90 minute drive from DC. BWI is a closer drive to DC than is Dulles/ Richmond is about the same drive time to DC as is Phillie.

    This does not make any sense.

  26. Uh . . . neither Delta, nor any other airline, nor any other private corporation, nor any other private person can violate a constitutional right.

    Lord knows that Delta rightly can be criticized for its policy concerning firearms. But it’s not because Delta has violated the Fourth Amendment or any other Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

    These rights can be violated only by government actors. They do not bind private persons or corporations.

    So, please, if you’re going to write about constitutional rights, make sure you know what you’re talking about.

  27. Delta doesn’t have the right to try adding to the Amendments, in E legal efforts Delta is in violation of the Constitute, and should be Fined 100 million dollars per passage that was removed are not allow to board because of owning are carrying a Firearm, providing there were NO Theater’s, this is clearly a act of pure racist discrimination against Firearm owners, REAL TRUE Justice MUST be served, NOT THIS Fly By Night Justice our crooked up political Law maker’s passed For the Blacks and E-legals,But True Justice like the ForeFathers intended for justice to BE, Fair and the same for all regardless of race or gender, like or dislike, Rich or poor, punishment is to be the same, today’s Justice system is a Disgrace to God, and the good people of this nation.

  28. I put all commercial airlines on my No Fly List 20 years ago.. Grew tired of being locked in a metal tube with people I did not know and did not want to know. Only fly private when time is of the essence, but prefer to make it a road trip in my 45ft Tiffin diesel pusher tag axle with Jeep in tow.

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