Is Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell’s H.R. 7977 Another Bait And Switch Gun Control Bill?

Another Democrat, one Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell [FL-26], who apparently has no concept of the currently laws regulating firearms in this country, has filed a bill to criminalize dealers selling firearms to straw purchasers, the mentally ill, or drunkards. Florida congresswoman wants gun dealers held accountable for suspected straw purchases Brown said that when her organization […]

There Are a Lot of Places In This Country Where Rioting Just Won’t Happen

Three people were shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin Tuesday night, two fatally in what most mainstream media are still calling “mostly peaceful protests” (these criminal apologists would call the Battle of Stalingrad a “mostly peaceful border dispute”). The shooter has been arrested. Reportedly, the first person he shot was attacking him with an incendiary device. Then […]

Cincinnati’s Big Plan To Get Sued Into Oblivion

A group called Neighborhoods United Cincinnati has presented the Queen City with its grand plan to reduce “gun violence” (other forms of violence are apparently still cool). Those looking for a big payday probably hope the city actually tries to implement this part of the plan as summarized in the news story. Review, restructure, tighten […]

Why the Duncan v. Becerra Defeat is Far More Important Than Just Magazines

As TTAG has reported, a Ninth Circuit three-judge panel has upheld Southern District of California Judge Roger T. Benitez’s ruling against California’s ban on standard capacity magazines. Obviously, that is a very important development. But the panel didn’t merely uphold that; the panel upheld Benitez’s position that potential Second Amendment infringements must face strict scrutiny. […]

Fun With Data: More ‘Research’ Blames Mass Shootings On Those Who Didn’t Do It

It’s time to play “spot the lousy gun research” again! There’s yet a new “study” out that purports to link high rates of firearm ownership to higher rates of mass shootings. It’s economically entitled Comparing the Impact of Household Gun Ownership and Concealed Carry Legislation on the Frequency of Mass Shootings and Firearms Homicide, by […]

Inevitability, Then and Now

I remember when I was young and naive. Back then, the idea that a senile old man, who even forgets the existence of the administration he was part of, would be a credible presidential candidate would have been laughable. That same candidate adopting a platform plank of strip mining and polluting the planet to appeal […]

Federal Ban Bill Would Take Home Gun Manufacturing Back To The Stone Age

Back in May, one of the Senate’s most dedicated anti-gun members, Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal introduced S.3743, the Untraceable Firearms Act of 2020. The target, of course, is those scary objects of gun-grabbers nightmares…ghost guns. Blumenthal’s bill would, among other things, ban the possession of programmable manufacturing devices like CNC mills and 3D additive printers…unless you’re […]

Let’s Look at HR 719, the Oddball Federal Microstamping Bill in the House

Last year, Rep. Anthony Brown, [D-Maryland] filed HR 719, the MICRO Act. In typically brilliant legislative fashion, MICRO stands for “Making Identifiable Criminal Rounds Obvious.” I didn’t pay it too much attention to the MICRO Act, thinking it just another microcephalic microstamping requirement which I didn’t expect to go anywhere. Microstamping, after all, is a […]

Los Angeles County To Boost CCW Licenses

Oh, boy! Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he is willing to increase the number of concealed carry permits he issues by 400%. Sounds impressive, eh? Good news for gun owners in the state’s most heavily populated county. Not really. That would bring permits up from 19.3 per million residents to 96.5 per million. […]