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From the Firearms Policy Foundation . . .

President Biden and his administration have cemented themselves as authoritarians on the wrong side of history, tradition, and the Constitution. His proposals announced [this week] are another volley of shots aimed at undermining the fundamental right to keep and bear arms and putting more people in cages for exercising their rights.

While Bloomberg-funded extremists spin their ban policies as mere “regulations,” Joe Biden clarified today what we all knew to be true: He does indeed want to take your guns.

Biden’s use of incendiary terms like “ghost guns” has one purpose: cause undue fear and obfuscate the truth, a cheap tactic to force his policy preferences on the People. And we see through it.

Firearms Policy Coalition is committed to exposing anti-gun propaganda for what it is, and we will continue to open the eyes of our nation’s courts to the disingenuous strategies employed by unscrupulous lawmakers with regard to gun control the Second Amendment.

Just like we did in our historic victory challenging California’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” in Miller v. Bonta, and our recent petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review Maryland’s similar ban in Bianchi v. Frosh, FPC has and will continue to pursue all litigation options and take every possible action to block enforcement of any law restricting the right to self-manufacture one’s own arms for self-defense.

For those interested in learning more about the Second Amendment right to self-manufacture firearms that President Biden is working to infringe upon, FPC’s Director of Constitutional Studies and scholar, Joseph Greenlee, recently published “The American Tradition of Self-Made Arms.” Based on his original research, the paper casts a bright light on the Biden administration’s current and blatant disregard for the constitutionally protected American tradition to self-manufacture arms.


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  1. I can’t wait to read what Attorney at Law Lamp, BA, MBA, CPA has to say about this important matter.

    Just kidding. He’s a whelp!

    I’d also like to add that the 2nd Amendment is inviolate, except when it come to dangerous half wits like Lamp and his mentally deficient pal GTFP!

  2. Let’s get some things straight, it is NOT misinformation…’s an outright lie. Call it for what it is. Every time a leftist, democrat, or progressive straight up lies, it’s called “misinformation”. The misinformation is the media labeling it misinformation when it’s an outright abject lie.

  3. Fascism is rampant on the left thanks to corporate billionaires buying the left out. Communism was shot in the back of the head and buried in a mass grave.

    The nazis won.

    • Fascism is literally a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism. Far right, not leftist. Did you matriculate at the same imaginary institution as that half with Lamp?

      • Nameless, brainless troll,

        Please stop attempting erudition; you fail miserably. “Fascism” is neither right nor left (despite the lies your side loves to flog), but is a system of government-supported and sponsored oppression, which has been WIDELY used by both “ends” of the political spectrum, but primarily by the Left. The Nazis, the Soviet Union, Maoist China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Ceasecu’s Romania, the list goes on. You, however, are too stupid to read history, or learn from the constant revealing of your uneducated stupidity, so you keep repeating the same lies.

        I’m sure your high school “history” teacher in your failing public school probably told you this, before you flunked out, but if you’d bothered to pull your head out of your fourth point of contact and actually read a few books, you would have quickly learned how false that Leftist nonsense is.

        Go visit the cable. You are too stupid to insult.

        • Bahahahahaha it’s so easy to get you all riled up. And by the way, you’re still an idiot lol!

          Seriously, Lamp the convicted domestic abuser shouldn’t be allowed within 500 feet of gun, or an elementary school for that matter!

        • Nameless, brainless troll,

          You’re recycling material, and that not very well – it was neither funny, nor witty, the first time you used it.

          You would note, had you the wit (which you don’t) I try to insult you in new ways every time (and I get a chuckle out of the fact that most of them are far beyond your vocabulary or understanding – figured out Balaam’s off ass, yet?? ‘Course not, you’re a moron.), except of course, my closing injunction to you:

          Go visit the cable. You are too stupid to insult.

          Oh, keep trying – another ten or twenty years, you might land that GED.

        • to Lamp that went out in his head

          Sorry but your a damn liar about having even 1 degree from an institution of higher learning. Nazi Germany was as far right as you could ever get assuming you even know what Far Right is . You obviously flunked History classes big time. What a Moron.

          Like most of the Far Right you claim Hitler was far left when in actuality he inherited National Socialism from Bismarck and then set out to do everything possible to destroy it. Hitler attacked the workers Unions, He hated all minorities, and refugees, hated blacks, hated Jews and was xenophobic, was a war monger, privatized many public utilities and government institutions. That is a duplicate of what U.S. Far Right Republicans have been doing for decades. Hitler was paranoid over Communism and murdered the Far Left Communists in Germany when he rose to power and it was one of his primary reasons for the war with Russia.

          Stay out of History you flunked it in school.

      • foul for adverb usage, 10 point penalty….

        Traditionally in practice “Fascism” is “a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism” – not literally. Literally any political group can express and use fascist ideals, methods, and concepts – and the left is expressing and trying to use those methods and concepts while trying to shoehorn it into making it look like its not.

        • Yeah, .40cal, but that would require the ability of actual thought, which automatically eliminates the nameless, brainless troll. The only things he “knows” are the lies his high school teachers taught him before he flunked out.

        • The idea that Fascism and the NAZI party are right wing was a great success of Soviet Propaganda during and after WWII. They also claimed that the Mensheviks (Russia’s Social Democrats) were right wing as well.

      • peegee. You work for corporate billionaires in big pharma. Corporate billionaires that bought out the left are not communists. They are full on fascists. Why else would they have you on a pro gun site harassing pro gun people?

        Naturally you would be unemployed if you pointed that out to your masters.

        • I’m just surprised, mildly, that they haven’t fired it yet for being so bad at its job. I am assuming, of course, that what it does classifies as a ‘job’ for these… people, which itself is yet another loosely used term.

      • The Italian Fascist Party was founded by Benito Mussolini, formerly the Italian SOCIALIST party newsletter editor. Mussolini’s SOCIALISM was nationalistic rather than global in nature.

        The German National SOCIALIST Worker’s Party was founded by Adolf Hitler. Again, the party was National SOCIALIST.

        Actual history books – ink on paper – have not yet been burned. Wikipedia constantly burns books (“revises”) that don’t fit The Narrative.

  4. Nothing new here. Same old Liberal Anti 2nd A. diatribe to be followed by the same old Pro 2nd A. pissing and moaning. That’s been going on for the last 50+ years.

  5. Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.

    It is worth considering, as one data point in the pool of evidence about what sorts of gun control policies do and do not work, the experience of Australia. Between October 1996 and September 1997, Australia responded to its own gun violence problem with a solution that was both straightforward and severe: It collected roughly 650,000 privately held guns. It was one of the largest mandatory gun buyback programs in recent history.

    And it worked. That does not mean that something even remotely similar would work in the US — they are, needless to say, different countries — but it is worth at least looking at their experience.

    What they found is a decline in both suicide and homicide rates after the NFA. The average firearm suicide rate in Australia in the seven years after the bill declined by 57 percent compared with the seven years prior. The average firearm homicide rate went down by about 42 percent.

    • You’re also talking about a completely different culture. I lived in Madrid, Spain for a while. Madrid is about the same size as Chicago, many people own guns, handguns are restricted, but just about anyone can own a rifle or shotgun. Madrid is something like the 6th safest city in the world. There is very little violent crime there. I noticed some things: Everyone I ran into was extremely polite, at the time, they kind of had a state religion, and family is very very important to them. Divorce is frowned upon and the father is revered for providing and caring for his family. I was pretty young at the time and wanted to ask a Spanish girl out, but I was told I would have to talk to her father 1st and since I was an Americano, it wasn’t likely to be allowed.

      Contrast that to our inner cities where it’s “me first” and many households have no father present.

    • As usual, dacian the stupid, you are lying through your teeth. Like virtually ALL Western democracies (INCLUDING the U.S., until we got Gropey, Senile Joe and his idiots, along with BLM, running the country), Australia has had a generally declining rate of crime AND homicide for decades. The so-called “trend” you are lauding (based on a citation to VOX, FFS?????) doesn’t exist.

      Here is some real data, if you have the wit to interpret it.

      You are too stupid to insult.

      • Attorney Lamp, CPA is such a failure in life that he has to lurk on the TTAG message board looking to get the drop on his intellectual betters. You are such a loser you * almost * make your equally ignorant sidekick (and fellow prohibited person) GTFP look cool by comparison. Almost lol…

        • nameless, brainless troll,

          Well, if you want to talk about “intellectual betters” that clearly excludes you, and dacian the stupid.

          You are both too stupid to insult.

      • Never claimed to be a CPA, you brainless nitwit – I got an UNDERGRADUATE degree in accounting (and finance, which dovetailed nicely with my first undergraduate degree, with a major in Econ). Do try to keep up.

        You’re too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable.

        • No, you brainless nincompoop, I AM an attorney. Have been for over 40 years. Also hold a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance (hence the undergraduate accounting degree). But I’ve already told you this, and you think it somehow bothers me that some brainless, nameless Internet rando, who lack the wit to even come up with a decent insult, questions that. It doesn’t. My clients certainly have no trouble believing I’m an attorney, so I could give less than a s*** what a moron like you thinks.

          But I still like to mock you. Got your GED, yet?? Any chance you’ve figured out Balaam’s off ass?? Nah, you’re a moron.

          Go visit the cable. You’re too stupid to insult.

      • Hey you Moron. Southern double cross. Look at the graph in your own link you idiot. The graph shows an overall steady decline in homicides since Australia imposed gun control. And the 4 years mentioned above that graph show a decline in all but the last year.

        • Speaking of morons, exactly what was the point you just tried to enlighten us with? Could you expand it further, maybe? I mean, you usually try to…

        • dacian the stupid,

          As I told you in another thread, the chart clearly shows a trend going back WELL BEFORE the ban, continuing on almost an identical trend line during, until the last couple of years, where it shows an uptick.

          dacian the stupid, tell us you know nothing about statistics or data science without SAYING you know nothing about statistics or data science. Oh, that’s right, you just did.

          You are FAR too stupid to insult.

    • After you have outlawed all firearms, it is hugely embarrassing to have ANY firearm suicides, what is the excuse? Meanwhile, how did the SUICIDE RATE fare, since who the fuck cares how it’s accomplished? It has been regularly claimed (I sure don’t know!) that the actual rate does not change when guns are removed from the equation, I guess after outlawing firearms the next step has to be bulldozing all buildings over 2 stories, because if it saves one life, right? No more trains, no more bridges, no more automobiles, on and on. Because there are no Constitutional protections for ANY of those things. Then, once we’re back in the stone age, there will be so much mass murder by sword going on, no one will notice the suicides any more.

      • Lamp that went out in his head

        You are an idiot as there have been numerous studies including the latest one I posted last week here on T Tag that proved that suicides are more numerous when people own guns.

        Of course like most of the paranoid Far Right you scream “Do not confuse me with the facts when it goes against my pre-conceived notions”, especially when the studies are rooted in your arch enemy Science.

        • dacian the stupid,

          Jeebus, fool, you can’t even keep it straight which commenters on this blog you are TRYING to reply to. You posted one REFERENCE to a bogus, BS “study” from a discredited news source. A reference to a study ain’t evidence, fool. A link to the ACTUAL study MIGHT be evidence, if the study actually proved anything, and was conducted with statistical rigor. Your “study” failed both tests.

          Explain to me again, dacian the stupid, how it can be that Japan, with the kind of strict gun laws you Leftist/fascists have wet dreams over, has a higher suicide rate than the U.S. How Mexico, which has stricter gun laws than the U.S., has far higher crime/murder rates?

          Or are you just too stupid to understand reality?

        • To the Lamp that went out in his head

          You constantly ignore accredited studies when they do not fit your ignorance on gun control.

          And your comparison to Japan shows complete ignorance of the studies which show that when guns are present the suicide rates go up so if Japan permitted hand gun ownership the suicide rate there would be much higher than it is now but this is way over your head as you could not even read your own link which showed a graph proving gun violence and mass murder went way down after Australia passed its draconian gun bans.

          You mention Mexico. Again pure ignorance of Mexico and its drug trade which pay off the rulers of Mexico who work with the drug gangs and the billions of dollars the drug gangs pay them.

          But again what would you know about Mexico and its problems, obviously nothing.

        • dacian the stupid,

          “You constantly ignore accredited studies”. First of all, buttnugget, you haven’t cited an “accredited study” in all your many attempts to brainwash this blog. You have OCCASIONALLY given links to actual studies – that don’t say what you claim they say, or are mothodologically flawed, and have been debunked.

          USUALLY, your nattering, halfwit “comments” cite to some article at some REALLY RELIABLE news source like Axios, or Slate, or VOX, that “summarizes” some study, ineptly, and reaches an ideological conclusion that matches yours . . . therefore it is, to you, an “accredited study”. It’s called “confirmation bias” (which you’d know if you’d ever gotten an actual education).

          As for Mexico, child I’ve been to Mexico more times than you’ve had dates with actual women (Rosie doesn’t count). I know all about Mexico, but my point stands. You tout your jackass “solutions”, mostly unconstitutional “gun control” that will SOLVE ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS . . . and they don’t, and they haven’t, anywhere they’ve been tried.

          You REALLY need to go micturate up a cable. You are not only too stupid to insult, you’re too stupid to comment in a public forum. If only you were capable of embarrassment, you’d go hide your head in shame.

          Tell us, again, dacian the stupid, about your vast education. Or was it a “half-vast” education????

        • Suicide by gun *IS* more numerous when people own guns! Congratulations on your brilliance! DUH!! Otherwise, what makes you think so? As I mentioned, I do not know. You apparently think you do, somehow. So, HOW do you know? After that, you can mention *what* it is you pretend to know. Without that, you are simply a moron.

        • Larry,

          Let me make it easy for ya . . . dacian knows nothing, and he is a moron. Apparently, he had some “woke” high school teacher (before he flunked out) who blew a lot of Leftist/fascist smoke up his behind, and he believed every word of it, without examination. But he LOVES to tell us all how “educated” he is (but becomes remarkably silent when called out about it).

          So, yeah, he’s pretty much a moron.

      • to Larry in La la land in Texas

        quote————- It has been regularly claimed (I sure don’t know!) that the actual rate does not change when guns are removed from the equation,———–quote

        More than one study including the last one and the most recent one taken I might add which I posted this week on T Tag proved that when guns are less suicides decrease dramatically.

        • I’m in the nuclear age, and *I* have a sword, if we revert to the stone age, I will still have it, it does not run out of ammo. So there!

    • Hey Australia is an ISLAND with strict border control on all imports. This would never work in the US with our thousands of miles of porous land borders. Mexico has even stricter gun control than Australia. How is that working out for public safety there?

      • Yeah, right, like Europe is an island! Sorry, Australia is a continent, doofus! With thousands of miles of unguarded shoreline.

  6. History confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide. Such an agenda uses misinformation to cover its tracks.

    • Because they plan to do things, and probably already are, that we would most likely shoot them for. Simple, really.

  7. The troll can cite all the pseudointellectual claptrap he wants. As far as I can tell, nobody here is buying into his Pajama Boy soy drink rhetoric. Like many narcissists, he exists only to troll. On other sites he probably trolls the same way on different subjects, as long as it makes him feel superior. He has made this site most unpleasant.
    If you want to turn in your gun, please do. If you want to turn in MY gun, we have a problem. I will not comply and I will fight back. Then I will find the SOB who turned me in.

  8. The Australian murder/homicide rates are not relevant because the discussion here is about firearms and the rates are not broken down by method. The same goes for suicide rates. it’s been shown that in most cases where firearms have been restricted the suicide rates have not changed much. Suicide is not a “gun” problem. The same goes for homicide rates. Often data will show that the number of homicides and suicides involving firearms may be reduced (duh… fewer guns available) after gun restrictions but the overall number of homicides and suicides has not changed much. Firearms are not the cause of these events they are just often more effective tools. Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and very few firearms.

  9. Zho Bai-den is the same gun-grabbing, conservative-hating *ssh*le he’s always been, along with his whole gang. Can we even hear a man who is so corrupt and obviously the hand puppet of the red Chinese? I think not. Personal weapons are the last-ditch defense against a take-over by hostile forces. The red Chinese know this and reaiise that ultimately they must disarm the American public. Ronald Reagan, we need you! Just sayin..

  10. I remember in my early teens reading an article on Thompson Machineguns in Guns & Ammo. There was a picture of an ad for Thompson from early production days of a Cowboy on the porch of a Ranch House holding a Thompson with a drum magazine. The ad was about how great the Thompson was as a home defense arm. Biden needs to learn U.S. Firearms history. Of course being a member of the Democrat Crime Organization, they are always revising U.S. History to suit their agenda. They should be reminded first, the Founders all stated the Bill of Rights is a written documentation of GOD Given Rights no one shall infringe upon or tamper with. Secondly two statements the Founders were fond of repeating, Firearms in the hands of the citizenry are the teeth of Liberty, and An armed society is a polite society. Jefferson often said his pistols were constant companions on his walks.


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