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As we’ve noted before, at least some Antifa groups have realized that efforts by Governor Ralph Northam and his confederates in the state legislature to disarm Virginians impact their right to keep and bear arms, too. At least one Antifa group will be at Capitol Square Monday for the VCDL Lobby Day on Monday in opposition of the Democrats’ gun control schemes.

When gun lovers rally in front of the Virginia Capitol in Richmond next week, the local chapter of antifa will be there too. But their members won’t be wearing all black, and they don’t plan to douse right-wingers in milkshakes or Silly String.

Instead, local antifa will join thousands of conservatives who are expected to descend on Richmond that day in protesting pending gun-control legislation introduced by Democratic lawmakers.

Antifa Seven Hills, based in Richmond, are opposing the slew of gun bills introduced by the newly Democratic Legislature since November, because they say those types of laws are used primarily to criminalize poor people, minorities, and leftists — and to bolster law enforcement’s power.

“I think it’s been pretty important for us to focus on the fact that gun control in America has a legacy of racist enforcement,” said Antifa Seven Hills spokesperson James (who asked that his name be withheld to avoid getting doxxed online). “Like taking guns away from black people, because black people were perceived as a threat to property and the sanctity of the state.

– Tess Owen in Why This Antifa Group Is Siding With Thousands of Pro-Gun Conservatives In Virginia

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    • absolutely . they are publicizing this so they can go, create chaos and then say “We were just there to help, and have no Idea who started all the stone throwing… “

      • Found as repost from FB :

        From Senator Amanda Chase (very much on our side) from the past hour: Senator Amanda Chase· Sadly, I am posting this, knowing that the Governor of Virginia has declared a State of Emergency in our state.I want you to be aware of how we are being set up.Does the Patriot Act ring a bell?Does the National Defense Authorization Act ring a bell?If people show up wearing any kind of uniform, patch or other symbol on their clothing signifying they belong to a militia and something goes wrong, you could/will be held as a domestic terrorist.If anyone steps out of line, all it takes is one person, it may even be a government plant….if that plant does anything to disrupt the rally, you could/will be arrested as a domestic terrorist.The Governor, using the media has already set the stage for this to happen.He has already laid the groundwork to make the entire movement look like insurrection.It will be used to put the rest of the nation on notice of what will happen to you, if you resist.They have used the Southern Poverty Law Center over the last 15 years to lay the groundwork.They have labeled us as potential domestic terrorist for a long time now.Anyone who has ever related to the 3%er’s, a militia, or just belonged to any Patriot group…the groundwork has been laid to brand you as a domestic terrorist.They have gone out of their way since the Obama years to insure they had us labeled, but it didn’t start with Obama. It started with the Patriot Act under the Bush administration.We are being played by a well oiled machine, these things have been in the works for many years.They are kicking things into high gear. Military veterans were/are even listed as potential domestic terrorist.We were told not once, but several times by the current President, “It’s Not Me they are after, It’s You, The American People.“Their actions over the last three years have shown you he was right, they are coming after us full speed ahead and they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.
        Sic semper tyrannis, keep your head on a swivel and know what’s going on around you at all times, at Lobby Day 1/20/20.
        Everyone be safe out there….Thus always to tyrants.

      • “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””absolutely . they are publicizing this so they can go, create chaos and then say “We were just there to help, and have no Idea who started all the stone throwing… “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

        Northam’s plan is to entice the Far Right Paramilitary Lunatic Fringe to open fire on Left Wing Teenage Women with infants in their arms and holding signs “stop the carnage”. The Lunatic Far Right are always their own worst enemies. They will say “We have not had this much fun since Vietnam”.

      • I am hoping that the pro-gun people keep things calm. This includes the Antifa group that says they will show up to support self-protection accorded by the Second Amendment. If Antifa starts any trouble then I hope they get their butts kicked into 2030.

    • I personally like how antifa waves flags with a red background, with a black and white symbol on it, and also wear black uniforms and red arm and head bands. The irony of it all is beyond cosmic.

      • I was mocking the left and the media, Antifa is a terrorist organization but the media will portray any violence perpetrated by them in this demonstration as the right/VCDL/NRA rather than the real perpetrators

        • Well it’s right there in the name: Anti-fascist. See, they’re against fascism. It seems pretty admirable.

        • Except that they are fully fascist in their behavior. And who decides amongst them who are the fascist they target? So far all I’ve seen them do is brown shirt on people trying to exercise their right to free speech.

          Just a bunch of whites that think poc can’t prosper without the whites leading them.

    • Western Europe already knows they’re a socialist terrorist organization. The CIA and FBI do too. The fact they’re not officially recognized as such here yet despite the war on terror shows that they’re being used by the govt as a destabilizing force.

    • The difference between Antifa and Northam is that he wears a tie and doesn’t get his hands dirty.

  1. What !? Antifa,,, and gun rights? I thought they were one of the gangs that wants us disarmed. The few of them smart enough operate a firearm won’t be getting them legally anyway. I’m confused!🤔

    • Well (ahem) in social movement theory this is called “frame alignment”. It refers to a practice where activists representing an often completely unrelated political issue align their agenda with a more popular, issue—sometimes taking it over and making it serve their own ends. We saw this happen when Black Lives Matter successfully co-opted legitimate concerns over police militarization turning them into a “war on Black people”. Left-wing activists read the same books I read.

  2. Big mistake legitimizing antifa!!! They are the enemy of democracy, the communist/fascist used these types of groups to seize power. They should be denounced, then exterminated like the vermin they are.

    • While your enemy’s enemy could be be your friend, it is safe to assume they will become your enemy at some point.

  3. Antifa runs my state, the governor, mayor & the whole city council are scared to death of them.they even order the cops to stand down & let them harass citizens, destroy property & cause havoc when ever they want, don’t be fooled by these jerks.

  4. Those guys are NOT there to improve the situation. Watch them like hawks, put camera’s on them. They want the right to “keep and bare” so that they can “terrorize and Harm”.

    The happiest person to see antifa at the event is one Governor Ralph Northam

    • Yep. Make absolutely sure that if they pull any shit it is known and on video that it was Antifa doing it.

  5. Antifa are scum. I don’t care how pro-gun they are, they are evil, terrible people. They are 100% our enemies, just like the anti-gun Virginia government.

  6. Well regardless, Vlad will certainly be here shortly having an absolute internal conniption about this. Should be quite hilarious to witness.

    • Vlad may have had a ruff night and still asleep in his coffin or perhaps he didn’t make it back in before the sun rose.

        • How many times have I told to stop culturally appropriating my heritage.

          And Romania was voted to have the hottest female female military personnel. So there!

        • You do not have a monopoly on Romanian heritage. By the way I have been there and fk the military. Just go down to the colleges at lunch time and you will see more beautiful women there than anywhere else in the world, thousands of them. And as to be expected their culinary dishes rival that of France. You will never be able to or want to eat at McDonnald’s in Capitalvania again. Food in the U.S. is dog shit compared to good European cooking.

        • You have never been there and you are not of Romanian heritage. You know how I know that? Because you would know that Vlad was Prince of Wallachia and not some Transylvanian movie character.

        • to Power Brain

          “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””If you think French “food” is good you probably gargle with turpentine.”””””””””””””””””””””””””

          You just made a complete fool of yourself. I am really laughing over this one. In reality your brain has been pickled with turpentine.

        • to tiltbrain
          “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””You have never been there and you are not of Romanian heritage. You know how I know that? Because you would know that Vlad was Prince of Wallachia and not some Transylvanian movie character.

          Vlad Tepes had 3 castles one that is now buried and discovered in downtown Bucharesti and two more in Transylvania. When he became the supreme leader he fought and lived in many parts of Romania. He also lived in Brasov and his Bran Castle still stands there and surprise dear genius of Romanian History it is in Transylvanian.

          Try again your out of your league.

          Post script. If you were not so damned ignorant you would have known Bran Castle is one of Romania’s top tourist attractions and has Vlad memorabilia everywhere. You just made a complete fool of yourself.

          And by the way I was at Bran Castle with a hot Romanian Blond so eat your heart out.

        • I will give you another reason why I know you are not Romanian and have never been there. I forgot that you got doxxed, I never saw the post so I don’t know who you are but do remember that you are a 20 something. You can go and pretend that you are not but we know the truth. I do know that I have caught you out on some obvious lies, i.e., you have to be a youth in both the 50s and 70s.

        • TDI. I can’t use his real name cause vlad whined to DZ who threatened to ban me. But vlad is a college drop out in Canton Ohio. Likely never held a real job in his life. I’ve been to his facebook page. If he’s 30 I’d be surprised.

          I personally think he’s on a disability check for mental illness. He’s one sick puppy, that’s for sure.

  7. If true it doesn’t bode well for gov.Blackface and his totalitarians in the legeslature to have lost their brown shirts,only in this case black shirts.

  8. I read a NY Times article where it talked about “…a rally next week is expected to draw white supremacists and other extremists. Gov. Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency.” No mention of lawful gun owners demonstrating to protect the 2nd amendment.

    I am terrified that this will be ugly.

    • The Governor’s plan from the beginning was tricking the Far Right Supremacists into being violent to prove his point about the need for his gun control laws. So far its working just as planned.

      • He would be just fine with 2A organizations just standing down, and would declare victory for gun grabbers everywhere.

      • Not everyone who is against the proposals of the gun control ideas are far right supremacists. Many on the right believe in civil rights for all people, welcome legal immigrants and do not believe in racism or antisemitism.

        To place everyone under the same umbrella is in itself prejudice. People with prejudiced views on others are ignorant.

        You provide many prejudiced statements and exhibit the same behavior you accuse others of, just on a different manner.

  9. Avoid these people, they are nuts and likely to misbehave at the drop of a hat. Do not let them connect or be associated with the 2A supporters.

  10. @ Fred Philibert: “I am terrified that this will be ugly.” I mean no offense, Fred, but have you ever encountered a “white supremacist”? I haven’t (well, in truth, not for a long, long time, anyway) and, trust me, I pay a lot of attention to this kind of stuff. Nonetheless, I (we) continually hear the progressive press making noise about “white supremacists” as though the slavering red-neck, gun-toting, murderous, racists are hiding under every rock. White Supremacy is a catch-all term used to label, in this case, gun owners who are defending 2nd Amendment. If you are a political conservative who owns guns and supports the 2nd then you must also be a white supremacist. See how that works? I’ll bet you didn’t know that you along with TTAG was one. They’re may be “white supremacists” show up but in all likelihood they’ll most likely be crisis actors playing a role.

    • That was my point; to the NY Times we are “white supremacists and other extremists.” Apparently, that’s who they think is showing up at the rally.

      I hope that at least half of the people at that Rally have video cameras out to document whatever happens. I consider antifa the most dangerous terrorist group in this country.

      • I think you’re right. The one thing the progressive left and the gun-control movement can’t allow to happen is for the 2nd Amendment supporters to be successful in challenging this major gun-control victory. The 2nd Amendment sanctuary success caught the gun-controllers completely by surprise. They don’t know what to do about it and they are terrified that it might be even more successful than it already is.

        • We should never mistake Antifa for being anything other than the fascist-style shock troops that they are. They are employing the exact same street tactics that the Italian Fascist Black Shirts and Nazi Brown Shirts used in the formative phases of their political activism. If you know you’re history, you’ll know that we’ve seen all this before: Antifa is, in fact, fascist.

      • ==============That was my point; to the NY Times we are “white supremacists and other extremists.” Apparently, that’s who they think is showing up at the rally.======================

        Yes the New York Times is correct.

        ===================I hope that at least half of the people at that Rally have video cameras out to document whatever happens. I consider antifa the most dangerous terrorist group in this country.====================

        Yes it is correct Anti-Fa fought Hitler’s Nazi’s and today are fighting the Trump’s Nazi’s. Lets hope Anti-Fa is the most dangerous group in the country you have to be more dangerous than Far Right White Supremacist Trump Nazi’s.

        • Blaaa the impotent impaled from behind

          “”Yes it is correct Anti-Fa fought Hitler’s Nazi’s and today are fighting the Trump’s Nazi’s.”””

          funny My gramps or EVERY history book, movie or speaker on WW2 history did not mention skinny chicken legged hoodie wearing soyboi kids on the front lines in combat???
          and my gramps killed REAL Nazis! SS ones for nearly a full year!

          keep the lies coming in Blaaaaa boi

        • to Obob

          Like most Right Wingers you know zero about European History. Quit making an absolute fool out of yourself. And do not tell me about your Gramps or the Nazi’s, my old man Fought the Nazi’s alongside Patton.

        • to Obob

          Like most Right Wingers you know zero about European History. Quit making an absolute fool out of yourself. And do not tell me about your Gramps or the Nazi’s, my old man Fought the Nazi’s alongside Patton.

          well tell us what unit…I’ll wait here with my gramps in his 10th armd div group pic that fought under Patton and was IN Bastogne during the battle of the bulge BEFORE the 101st even got there!….next little soyboi?

        • ——————–well tell us what unit——————

          He fought with Pattons 3rd army, 7th Division

        • I have to Quote this sad shit

          “””Vlad Tepes says:
          January 17, 2020 at 16:48

          ——————–well tell us what unit——————

          He fought with Pattons 3rd army, 7th Division”””

          I hope you Mean 7th ARMD div

          because the 7th INF was in pacific?
          God you cant even get that right or type the name right…what other stuff do you fuck up on????

        • He is correct. It was the KKK in black on instead of white. Originally the Antifa wore “Brown Shirts”. They fit that color perfectly.

        • Of the combative, I was unable to tell one side from another, they all looked like bums, came with clubs and beat each other with gusto, and all those beaten deserved it. I agree with Trump that there were good people on both (actual) sides, the cameras never pointed in their direction.

        • “””””””””””””””””””””””””””” I agree with Trump that there were good people on both (actual) sides, “”””””””””””””””””””””””

          Yes we know where your sympathies rest, right along side the Nazi’s carrying torches at Charlottesville yelling Death to the Jews. God speed to the decent Americans (Anti-Fa) fighting the Nazi’s has been going on since WWII only now people like you have infested America.

    • So you believe all the white Supremus at the Charlottesville rally, chanting Jews will not replace us, are actually crisis actors?

      I would be very interested in seeing your evidence to support this claim, thanks!

      • It’s time for you to be honest. Sadly jews are in the leadership role in disarming the country. That is not a hateful statement. Check the J.P.F.O. website. I’ve been a member since 1994.

        • I attended UTR at Charlottesville. It was a trap, just like the boogaloo is a trap.

          I got doxxed, lost my job, and got divorced.

          Stay away. It’s not worth it. It will set the 2A movement back. Please- learn from my mistake. Now all I have left in life is trolling this board.

      • Miner49er, I watch news almost continuously, and I saw no such thing in coverage of Charlottesville, I think you are a liar. You want to post a video?

        • Ha, look Herr Hauptman you can google up the video of the March including the anti-Jewish chants plus the two storm troopers that stood outside a synagogue and terrorized an entire group of people inside it and also the horrible running down of the crowd by a lunatic Right Wing Nazi who killed a woman and injured dozens more.

          Check in and see a psychiatrist you really went over the top on this nut case post.

        • Lot of words no links at least Chief Censor will back up his argument with something. Up your game scrub.

  11. To all those wondering, “why would antifa do this?”, it’s because there’s a lot of cross over between them and other radical leftist groups like the SRA and the John Brown gun club, and they pretend to support gun rights, regurgitating the same old Marxist copy pasta of “under no pretext”, and yada yada yada. Don’t trust these people. Just because they support the 2A doesn’t mean they don’t want you dead.

  12. Let’s assume they’re legitimate this time. It it going to be AWFULLY awkward for everyone all around.

    Personally, I think Antifa will break rank and go bullshit the first time they see someone with any Pro Trump apparel. Which will cause a domino effect and spiral out of control.

  13. Heralding perhaps a shift from the traditional left/right political spectrum, to a more proper authoritarian/libertarian one in the RKBA movement. Regardless, never pass up an opportunity to use diplomacy to keep an eye on the neighbors.

  14. Any non-authoritarian should be supportive of gun rights (or at least against these grossly unilateral gun controls proposed in VA). The alignment between conservatism and a pro-gun stance and liberalism and an anti-gun stance is a construct that has little to do with run rights and more to do with in-group/out-group signaling.

  15. I support the right to bear arms by all law abiding citizens. That doesn’t mean we should welcome support of criminal organizations just because they agree with us.

    • You have got a lot of room to call us criminals when the majority of mass murders are committed by Far Right Wing Nut Lunatics.

      • That has been debunked a long time ago. The New Zealand and El Paso shooters had views held by Antifa and radical environmentalists. Most mass shooters are nonpolitical or hold leftwing views

        • Moron, that study has been debunked. They counted white supremacists who committed ordinary murder to get to that conclusion. NBC is more fake news than CNN.

          Now be a good lad and run off to NYC and join your buddies beating up Jews.

        • Hey Tiddel Brain

          ””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ NBC is more fake news than CNN.”””””””””””””””””

          You do realize educated people are laughing at you? To you everything is fake news except State Run News (Fox) the most laughed at news media in the world. Even R/T news gets it right more than Fox does and everyone knows what a propaganda machine R/T News is.

          If you were not so dam dumb you would be comparing all of the accredited news programs around the world such as NHK World, DW News, BBC, MSNBC, Frane24 and when all agree on the basics and Foxy News is the only one ranting in conjuncture with Putin’s R/T News even a dumb ass like you should be able to see the light on what a joke these two news medias are but you believe in them anyway.

          And by the way show me any of my posts that were derogatory against Jews. You a very deranged man suffering form projectionism.

      • The biggest mass murderers in the history of the Earth are Stalin and Mao. Tell us they weren’t leftists.

        • Like most ignorant Right Wing people you fail to differentiate a political system from an economic one. There have been and still are Dictatorships under both systems. But then again what would a Right Winger know about either History, Economics or Political systems.

        • You got to understand that Vlad thinks there is a right reason to kill Jews and a wrong reason. Right reason:. They are taking over Peoples of Color’s neighborhoods. Wrong reason: when white people say the same thing.

        • @vlad looks like you’ve sustained a concussion while shoving your head up your @$$ too fast. You’re pretty ignorant for such an experienced troll. There is no belief in political science that the left does not include the ideologies of socialism and communism. You’re an apologist for mass murderers with death tolls in the millions. Classy.
          New low? Or are you just showing us you have no real appreciation for human life?
          I know you’re a big abortion fan bro. Go ahead and hook yourself up. It’s never too late right?

        • to Tiddle Brain

          “””””””””””””””””””””””””””You got to understand that Vlad thinks there is a right reason to kill Jews and a wrong reason. Right reason:. They are taking over Peoples of Color’s neighborhoods. Wrong reason: when white people say the same thing.””””””””””””””””””

          Projectionism Tiddle Brain show me any of my posts that said that. There are none.

  16. The Far Right is so retarded that they can never bring themselves to believe that the Liberals own guns too. After all how do you think the Red Army Beat the White Army.

    Piss a Far Right White Army Conservative off buy a gun.

        • Perhaps your storm troopers will take care of Governor Klansmen themselves. You do know Hitler did have over 40 assassination attempts by other “Brown Shirts”?

    • You make a point that I’ve tried to make on a few occasions and been dismissed: Just because someone is a commie nutter doesn’t mean they can’t shoot straight. Lee Harvey Oswald is a notable example.

        • Oswald was a Right Winger working and paid by the CIA. He was one of their operatives in Soviet Russia.

        • “Oswald was a Right Winger working and paid by the CIA. He was one of their operatives in Soviet Russia.”

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……Wow, a commie comedian! Hard to believe, since we know libtards have NO sense of humor 🙂

          However, I will say that Vlad the Impaler did the right thing back in the good old days.

        • He defected to the USSR, before he realized what that was actually like and came back home. Then he tried to defect to Cuba but the Cubans wouldn’t have him. He hated JFK in part because JFK stood up to the communists, back when Democrats were still more American than not. Actually, Trump reminds me more of a JFK era Dem than anything else.

    • “The Far Right is so retarded that they can never bring themselves to believe that the Liberals own guns too.”

      We know they own guns, but they don’t dare tell their friends out of fear of being ostracized by them.

      Remember, *you* are the one claiming only about 30 percent of Americans own guns, son.

      It is a *lot* higher than that… 🙂

  17. I might be out outlier here but I don’t automatically have a problem with ANTIFA exercising their gun rights. Assuming their not using them to abuse other people and keeping their exercising their own rights. Which is of course is usually the whole problem with ANTIFA each time they have a ‘protest’.

    • To me it’s an insoluble problem in anything approaching a free society. Unless they have been convicted or actually commit an act of violence…not much you can do without gutting due process. Same with letting them speak freely. You know they will use those freedoms to gain power and deny others the same freedoms if they can. But if you treat them like they intend to treat you, you risk becoming the same monster (and that can help them win too). It sucks.

      • If someone on the street wearing a mask and screaming filth raises a club to me, I will shoot him a few times and disappear into the crowd. That is the solution to Antifa.

        • Congratulations, anyone murdered in the March and you will now be a person of interest.

          Your post is not surprising after all this is what Nazi’s do just like in Charlottesville.

        • Odd I don’t remember any reports of gunshot wounds just some old lefty kkk crazy shooting at the ground.

  18. Was that brown shirt in the lead photo shouting ‘Sieg Heil’ when he made that salute?

    We do not need the nazi antifa on our side.

    • A failure of the government school system. Your tax dollars at work. Or just going down the drain.

      • WWII?…nor so much…sure do seem to know a lot about “those alphabet people”, though…looks like the priorities have changed…

        • Defending the motherland, definitely NOT the U.S.. On the other hand, many Americans DID die assisting THEM. You sound like a product of current (mis-) education.

        • to Larry

          “””””””””””””””””””””Defending the motherland, definitely NOT the U.S.. On the other hand, many Americans DID die assisting THEM. You sound like a product of current (mis-) education.”””””””””””””””””””””””

          Only partially right. The Russians had to defend their country as it had been invaded. The U.S. on the other hand feared to lose its economic interests in Europe and the Far East so it had to do with the blind greed of the Capitalvanians. We could have stayed out of the war and the results would have been the same except the Russians would have controlled the economic interests of Western Europe and Japan. It was “all about the money”.

          The Russians were correct and still are correct. They did not need U.S. help and the U.S. war was a failure against the Germans. The air war was a total failure and the invasion of Europe was fought against second line shell shocked Germans that were being rested and trying to recuperate from fighting on the Russian Front. As a matter of fact German troops were so scarce that the soldiers killing Americans on “D” day were concentration camp survivors(mostly Russian prisoners of war) given a second chance at life by joining the German Army and in the East there were thousands of “volunteer troops” from all the countries of Europe which have become known as “Hitlers Forgotten Legions”(see the book by the same name). The troops that were defending Hitler in his bunker were actually French Foreign Legion troops who had volunteered to fight with the Nazi’s. WWII was far more complex than the Patriotic bullshit that you ignorant Right Wingers were brain washed with in school.

          Now you know why every child in the U.S. should be required to attend 2 years of college so the false patriotic brainwashing they get in grade school and high school can be cleaned out of their minds. Things have been changing though as more and more teachers even at the primary and secondary levels are refusing to go along with brainwashing their students.

        • most of the German army was tied-up on the eastern front…FDR knew it was vital to keep both Russia and China in the war…

  19. If any freedom loving , true American, think we want or need antifa thugs to back us in Virginia , or any other fight for our God given rights . THINK AGAIN !!

    • WHAT!? You don’t want other Americans to fight for God given rights? Isn’t the entire point to unite Americans?

      What an idiotic thought process.

      I guess you don’t want those Black Panther types helping you demilitarize the police. Everyone that is different than you should be opposed over pragmatism because apparently your group is the majority and can fend for themselves.

      You people need to understand Americans are not uniform and you are not the majority. You need every group when you can get them.

      Remember the Europeans asked the natives to help fight the crown?

  20. Amazing how the Liberals have always supported the Communists, the National Socialists and the KKK authoritarians to carry guns. While they march in jewish or black neighborhoods.
    But they have never supported the jews, blacks, or anyone else in carrying guns. I think that’s proof that Liberals are racist. As stated by President Bush.

  21. This odd “realignment” might become ugly, or it might prove to be beneficial. The politicians fear Antifa and they hate us. Maybe they should fear us too.

      • There’s a difference between hate and fear. If they really feared us, they would be far more solicitous of our concerns. Instead, the roll over us and treat us with contempt. That’s not fear.

  22. Stay away from this thing.

    I got my life ruined for attending Unite The Right in Charlottesville. I got doxxed. I lost my job at a tech company. I later got divorced.

    The jaaawwwish elites hate you just as much as the alt right. The media will portray you in the worst light. There will be Antifa there trying to stir up violence. The cops are not your friends here. There will be undercover cops walking around with you. I don’t think you boomers realize how hard z 0 g will come down on you.

    Please, please, please learn from my mistake.

    Stay away from this thing. It is a trap. It is counterproductive to saving guns rights. You will suffer if you attend.

    • If you do go:

      -do not talk to media
      -forget any notion of self defense (if you fire a round in any capacity, you will spend the rest of your life in prison)

      James field was chased by Antifa with an AR15, was surrounded, and drove through a crowd that was about to kill him. He got convicted of first-degree murder because some obese woman had a heart attack. They said posting a wrongThink meme showed premeditation. Let that sink in. The system is going to come down on you harder than you can imagine.

  23. When or if you get a hold of an Antifia member. Pull off their mask. That is what they fear the most.

  24. If Antifa is showing up, they’re showing up to cause problems. And if they’re peaceful while there, then they want it to look like a rally full of creeps.

    • You do realize that every type of group is going to be there because it’s lobby day? It’s not a pro gun day rally.


  25. Always keep in mind that the genesis of contemporary progressive politics is fascism. If you pay attention to your political history you’ll find that American progressives in the 20’s and 30’s—the same people that were involved in FDR’s “New Deal”— were much enamored of Italian fascism. Until he declared war on us, they thought Mussolini was cool. Although they no longer want to admit it, they still do. With this in mind we shouldn’t be at all surprised to find that Antifa is going to show up at the VA. demonstrations.

    Already the progressive media is preparing to label the pro 2nd. Amendment supporters as white nationalists or white supremacists (and we can assume, since the term is so ubiquitous, it will mean whatever the left wants it to mean). The role of Antifa, which will be tacitly in league with VA. progressive politicians, will be to pick fights with pro 2nd. Amendment supporters so thereby making the “responsible” gun-control politicians look good. What we’re going to see is political street theater where the progressive-fascist left tries to gain control of the narrative so as to discredit the 2nd. Amendment supporters. We saw a similar thing happen a few years ago in Charlotte where conservatives seeking to protect civil war monuments found themselves frame-aligned and then discredited through the efforts of “white supremacist” crisis actors.

    Sometimes, however, the expected narrative-capture can fail. We should not forget how easily Wayne Lapierre’s brilliant “Good Guy With A Gun” comment completely upended the gun control narrative after Sandy Hook. We can think the NRA’s very skilled copy writers for that perfectly crafted rejoinder to the intended gun-controller hysteria. Let us hope the 2nd Amendment supporters are equally well prepared to counter what the progressive-fascists have in mind for them when they come to defend our constitutional rights.

    • There was no crisis actors there. Those people were genuine white supremacists who tricked right wingers into joining them in fighting for white supremacy. Some of them got arrested, charged and convicted.

      The only pretenders there were the police. They acted like they supported civil rights while they allowed felonies to be committed in front of them. The same police will be at the capital to restrict human rights as ordered.

      • “Those people were genuine white supremacists who tricked right wingers into joining them in fighting for white supremacy.”

        It’s a point of contention whether the “white supremacists” were crisis actors or not. Their numbers are so vanishingly small that they could or could not be a hired cast. I grew up in the south, am intimately familiar with it’s history of racism, and have honestly never met a white supremacist in years. But, either way, the effect on those honest people wanting to defend historical monuments was the same: they got conned into participating in an agitprop event that used them as stage props. So, really, it doesn’t matter much whether there were real white supremacists or pretend white supremacists or specially hired (like Antifa) white supremacists , the effect was the same.

  26. It’s a trap, of course. Antifa will be wearing MAGA hats and cowboy boots. They will be positioned in front of the CNN cameras so the world can see the violent and racist Virginia 2A supporters wearing MAGA hats and cowboy boots.


    • Turn on your TV set and face the truth.

      And as the Ancient Greeks used to say “He who laughs last, laughs best”.

  28. Better watch out pwrserge. Trump’s FBI is monitoring and arresting people for wanting to kill Antifa and communists. They are not putting up with nationalists who believe minorities and leftists are a problem…

  29. What needs to be done is
    1) groups need to stay together
    2). Have several people with cameras to record the event
    3) If there is any disturbance record it while other members of the group enact a citizens arrest and deliver the offender to law enforcement with the video evidence.
    4). Return to your civic right of Peaceful Protest

  30. No one came back here to comment on the nothingburger this was? No one coming back to celebrate???

    Just about every time, it seems people want to play up the bad “what-ifs”. Been to events where people have carried openly and nothing happens, just like this one.

    The State of Virginia (We The People) are just fine. It is the government that is out of control.

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